The Khund Legionnaires

Post-Crisis, Legion 1.5
+ Bloodcloaw + Firefist + Flederweb + Veilmist

This page covers the Khunds who were briefly Legionnaires in the post-Crisis (Legion 1.5) era. They joined as part of a pact between the Legion and the Khund empire. Firefist was truly loyal to the Khunds, but the others were glad to serve the Legion and escape Khund tyrrany.

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In Legion of Super-Heroes, volume 4, four Legionnaires from Khundia joined the team. Tom Bierbaum described them thus:

"Bloodclaw and Firefist were intended to be examples of the overdone macho heroes of that day, and we felt we could kill them off with some impunity. … Fleiderweb was a chance to show that Khunds come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, and aren't an entire race of belligerent, over-muscled warriors. We thought of Fleiderweb as surviving in that warrior race through wits and an adherence to a higher, truer morality than the warrior code that did in some of his teammates. And with Veilmist, we had the fun of showing a scheming woman use the repressive rules of a male-dominated society completely to her advantage."


Name: Bloodclaw (Khundish language equivalent) of Khundia

First appearance & joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #44 (June 1993)

Death: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #46 (Aug. 1993)

The boy who would take the name Bloodclaw was born somewhat misshapen, with a primitive look about him. Fortunately for him, his odd musculature translated into a strength advantage, which he used to answer any taunts over his appearance in Khundia's challenge courts. He eventually gained such stature that he was allowed cybernetic enhancement, one of the highes honors a Khund can acheive. He chose a pair of mechanical hands with sharp claws, and, as Bloodclaw, he became one of the best fighters in the entire Khundish empire.

This led to his selection as one of the four Khundish champions to join forces with the Legion of Super-Heroes when the Khunds realized they needed the Legion's help to stop the undead army of Mordru. But his metal claws, which he believed to be his greatest asset, proved to be his undoing. When Mordru sent the corpses of dead Legionnaires to face the live ones, Bloodclaw ran afoul the corpse of Magnetic Kid, which used its magnetic powers to make Bloodclaw cut himself to death. Bloodclaw was buried with full Khundish military honors after Mordru's corpses stopped moving.


Name: Firefist (Khundish language equivalent) of Khundia

First appearance & joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #44 (June 1993)

While his fellow Khund Legionnaires all came from odd backgrounds, Firefist's story is a common one on Khundia. Through strength, rage, and excellent  marksmanship and leadership abilities (in a Khundish manner), the young Khund rose quickly through the army ranks, and was awarded the chance for cybernetic enhancement. He had his entire body mechanically enhanced for greater strength, speed and endurance, and had an energy-blaster built into the armor near his hand. Using his new abilities, he renamed himself Firefist and claimed as his wife the most beautiful female on Khundia, the teleporter Veilmist.

Firefist was among four Khund warriors chosen to accompany the Legion in their fight against Mordru, who threatened both the Legion and the Khundish empire. The deal between the Khunds and the Legion stipulated that he was to co-lead the team, but his aggressive nature caused so many conflicts that the Legion finally ignored him with the ultimatum take it or leave it. This hair-trigger temper was his downfall, as, in a fit of frustration during the assault on Mordru, he lashed out at Legionnaire Devlin O'Ryan, whose reflective powers apparently killed Firefist with his own blast. The Legion left him for the Khunds to bury.

But his cybernetic systems actually kept him alive, and the Khunds rebuilt him. He is back in the Khundish military, and has recently completed an assignment to kill Starfinger. He crossed paths with the Legion, and hoped to get revenge on them for what in his eyes was an abandonment, but was forced by the arrival of the cadets from the United Planets Militia Academy to make a retreat. He is currently loyal to the Khundish military, and had been involved in a plot to destroy Weber's World.

Firefist was killed by his own gunfire, when he fired at the Legionnaire Devlin O'Ryan. Devlin's powers reflected the energy back on Firefist, killing him instantly.


Tom Bierbaum noted, "It was definitely not our intention to "bring back" Firefist. The part of #48 that showed him being "re-assembled" was plotted completely without our participation or approval."


Name: Flederweb (Khundish language equivalent) of Aetia

First appearance & joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #44 (June 1993)

The boy who came to be known as Flederweb was born on Khundish-occupied Aetia, where he was chosen, like many other unfortunates, for Khundish biotechnology experiments. The scientists altered his muscles, skin and bone structure so that he had wings like a bat and could stick to walls. Against his will, he was inducted into the Khundish military service, where he was fitted with a mind-control device to ensure his obedience.

When Mordru raised the dead in an attempt to conquer the universe, the Khunds placed four members in the Legion, and he was one of them. He liked being treated as a person rather than a curiosity...and sought to stay with the Legion after Mordru was defeated. He was forcibly taken back by the Khundish army, but has been captured by the Legion during the Khundish attempt on the life of Starfinger. The Legion freed him from the mind-control device, and he helped them try to stop the Khundish destruction of Weber's World. (#57) Afterwards he helped free the Heroes of Lallor from similar devices and them in attempting to free their homeworld from the Khunds.


Name: Veilmist (Khundish language equivalent) of Khundia

First appearance & joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #44 (June 1993)

Death: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #58 (June 1994)

While male Khunds are bred for aggression, females are bred for breeding. In Khundish law, a woman is actual property of her husband, and if her husband is killed by an eligible male, he becomes her new husband.

While this system is repressive to most Khundish females, some have managed to use it to their advantage. One of these is Veilmist, a stunningly beautiful (by Khundish standards) woman, whose scientist father gave her the added bonus of teleportation powers. She has managed to seduce four Khunds into killing her previous husbands, each time rising several notches in Khundish status. The last in this series was Firefist, a cybernetically-enhanced Khundish warrior.

Her marriage to Firefist coupled with her teleportation powers brought about her selection as one of the four Khunds to join the Legion of Super-Heroes in their fight against the sorcerer Mordru. Upon meeting Jo Nah, she attempted to goad him into killing Firefist, but the job was done instead, accidentally, by Devlin O'Ryan. She attempted to attatch herself to him (until she could convince Jo to kill him) and stay in the Legion, a tactic the Legion tried as well, as she had saved the Legionnaires more than once during the battle. But the Khundish leaders pointed out that Devlin was, by Khundish law, too young to marry, and Veilmist could not be claimed as his property. Instead, she has now gone back to being property of the Khundish army, a situation which she is attempting to escape, but has been beholden not to, with Firefist having been revealed alive. When, during the Khundish attempt to destroy Weber's World, she offered to help the Legion if Jo would take her from Firefist, Firefist killed her for her disloyalty, dying for the teammates she preferred, on January 2, 2996.

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