Legion 2: Introduction

The Legion of Earth-247 (Post-Zero Hour)

What follows in this section concerns the Legion of Earth-247, which ceased to exist in Infinite Crisis #6-7.
Special thanks to the editing of Brian Mendus.

Art by Chris Sprouse.

The Legion of Earth-247's publishing history spans 1994-2004. It began in the wake of the Zero Hour event, and was discontinued around the time of the Infinite Crisis. Earth-247 was destroyed in that series.

This Legion is alternately referred to as L2, the "Zero Hour" Legion, and the "Archie Legion" (because of the simple tone of its early stories).

+ Assumptions

This chronology is edited assuming:

  1. Earth-247 was an alternate timeline, but it does not currently exist as an alternate Earth. This is because...
  2. Earth-247 was destroyed by Alexander Luthor's Infinite Crisis. Upon this event, this Legion was lost in a void until summoned by the Legion Earth-0.
  3. This Legion essentially shares its 21st century history with Earth-0. This is because while it existed, Earth-247 was the future of Earth-0. As it now stands, Earth-247 was only one possible future. Certain things are quite different now, like the history of Mon-El/Valor.
  4. All of the their time travels into the past are remembered on Earth-0. Earth-0's Brainiac 5 stated in Legion of Three Worlds #3, "you interacted with our Earth's history ... on many occasions."
  5. Several members have ties to Earth-0. XS, Conner Kent (Superboy), Ferro, and honorary member Bart Allen (Impulse) were all born on Earth-0. It is also plausible that Inferno still lives there.
  6. This Legion was inspired by the legacy of Superman and the Justice League, but Clark Kent was ever invited to be a member.
  7. Not unlike Power Girl and Superman of Earth-2, this Legion is now forever trapped outside their original home, drifters.

+ Conventions

  1. Color Codes:
    A new member joins the Legion.
    A Legionnaire dies.
    Major storyline.
  2. Issue information in parentheses indicates one of two things: (a) the tale was retold/corroborated in additional stories, and/or (b) the tale was told out of chronological order. Certain events that have never been chronicled in print (the five-year gap, Kid Quantum's admission and "death", etc.) use asterisks (*) in place of issue numbers and cover dates.
  3. Characters' first appearance IN PRINT is bolded. These instances refer to the first appearance a character in this timeline. For example, the Legion's 1st app. is listed as Legion of Super-Heroes #0, not Adventure Comics #247.
  4. When the placement of a tale within continuity is in question, the event is usually placed in the most recent possible time.
  5. Only the inheritors to a title display the level of succession. Example: "Kid Quantum II" (for Jazmin), but just "Kid Quantum" (no "I" for James).
  6. Consideration for inclusion is based on an event's relevancy to the Legion, its members, and their legacy. This includes major Legion series and key issues from other DCU series.

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