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Part 7: 2987-2993 (Legion of Super-Heroes volume 3)

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Legion Time Comments Issue #
Part 1: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, and Saturn Girl wake up to find themselves prisoners on an unknown planet along with other heroes, including Gas Girl, Energax (Hisshkul of Chisshagh), Mibel, Silver Sword (Trebia Rijleigh of Buenapar), Xera (Xera Kharindot of Manna-5), and a Green Lantern from Xudar. Meanwhile, Universo seizes control of Earth and disbands the Legion. Legion vol. 3 #32 (Mar. 1987)
Part 2: The Legionnaires free their fellow prisoners, including Atmos, from Universo's control and stage an escape. Ambassador Relnic, also under Universo's control, tries to provoke a war between the U.P. and the Dominion. Legion vol. 3 #33 (Apr. 1987)
Part 3: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Dream Girl, and Saturn Girl return to Earth and discover Universo's plot. Mon-El, Ultra Boy, and Blok are returned to Earth from Dominion space. Legion vol. 3 #34 (May 87)
Mar 26 Part 4: The four Legion escapes are forced to fight their comrades, all of whom are under Universo's domination. Saturn Girl singlehandedly defeats Universo, breaking his hypnotic control. She rejoins the Legion. Legion vol. 3 #35 (June 1987)
Legends: POST-CRISIS: Attempting to return home from their ill-fated vacation in the 20th century, Cosmic Boy and Night Girl find themselves at the End of Time, where they narrowly escape the minions of the Time Trapper. The Trapper lets them return to their own era, but warns them that "the next occasion when a Legionnaire dares break the time barrier will be the last." GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. The Legion is not yet aware of the Time Trapper's existence. NOTES: These events directly follow those of Cosmic Boy #3 (Feb. 1987), which is set in the 20th century. This story was the first to reveal that Superboy and Krypto were pawns of the Time Trapper in post-Crisis continuity. Cosmic Boy #4 (Mar. 1987)
Apr 21 POST-CRISIS: Saturn Girl reveals that Universo planned to attack Oa with a super-powered army. Element Lad resigns as leader; Polar Boy is elected in his place. Brainiac 5 mourns the apparent death of Rond Vidar while Quislet teaches Wildfire how to contain his energy without his suit. Cosmic Boy and Night Girl return from their 20th century "vacation" with grim news: the Time Trapper has apparently altered 20th century history so that Superboy never existed. First appearance of Metropolis Tonight holo-vid reporter Marella Tao.
GLORITH REALITY:The Legion is not yet aware of the existence of either Superboy or the Time Trapper.
Legion vol. 3 #36 (July 1987)
Jul 4 GLORITH REALITY ONLY: Superboy appears in the 30th century and meets the Legionnaires, who have never seen him before — their history has no record that Superman ever was Superboy. Superboy is admitted to the Legion. NOTES: These events were never depicted in an actual story. They were shown briefly in flashback in this issue and described in the 2995 Sourcebook. (Adv. of Superman #478, May 1991)
POST-CRISIS: The Legion attempts to break through the Iron Curtain of Time to confront the Time Trapper. They are instead shunted back to the Pocket Universe in the 20th century, where Superboy attacks them.
GLORITH REALITY: Superboy invites the Legionnaires back to his own time, where he ambushes them.
Legion vol. 3 #37 (Aug. 1987)
Blok, Brainiac 5, Invisible Kid, and Sun Boy escape Superboy's time and try to return to the 30th century for reinforcements, but are instead diverted to the real universe in Superman's time. Superman vol. 2 #8 (Aug. 1987)
The Legionnaires and the real Superman appear in Smallville, where Superman clashes with Superboy and Krypto. Superboy confesses that he has been forced to cooperate with the Time Trapper. NOTES: This story first revealed how the Trapper created the Pocket Universe. Action #591 (Aug. 1987)
Jul 20 POST-CRISIS: Superboy & the Legionnaires confront the Time Trapper. Superboy sacrifices himself to save the Pocket Universe. He dies in Mon-El's arms after returning with the Legion to the 30th century. His funeral is attended by billions.
GLORITH REALITY: This is the Legion's first encounter with the Time Trapper. They believe him to be Glorith in disguise. NOTES: Saturn Girl describes the Glorith-reality version of these events in Adventures of Superman #476 (May 1991).
Legion vol. 3 #38 (Sept. 1987)
POST-CRISIS: Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl form an honor guard to transport Superboy's body to Shanghalla for interment. They agree that the four of them will avenge Superboy's death by destroying the Time Trapper once and for all.
GLORITH REALITY: No similar events.
(Legion vol. 3 #49, Aug. 1988)
Gigi Cusimano is promoted to chief of the Science Police's Mars detachment and recalls her Academy days with Gim Allon (Colossal Boy). Legion vol. 3 #39 (Oct. 1987)
Cosmic Boy organizes a new Legion of Substitute Heroes, including Bouncing Boy, Comet Queen, Duo Damsel, Myg (now Karate Kid II), and Night Girl. They thwart a Dominion plot to destroy Weber's World. First appearance of Visi-Lad (Rhent Ustin of Earth), the Westerner (Timthy Santoza of Earth), and several unnamed Academy students. Legion vol. 3 Annual #3 (1987)
Legion headquarters is attacked by Starfinger II. Legion vol. 3 #40 (Nov. 1987)
The Legion clashes with Starfinger II and his super-powered minions, Starlight and Starbright. Colossal Boy is wounded. Legion vol. 3 #41 (Dec. 1987)
Millennium: Laurel Kent reveals herself to be a Manhunter android, intent on destroying the Chosen selected in the 20th century as the next step in mankind's evolution. Legion vol. 3 #42 (Jan. 1988)
Millennium: Laurel Kent self-destructs after learning that there is no longer any trace of the Chosen on Earth. Chameleon Boy disguises himself as Rimborian Mo Seh and sets out to infiltrate Starfinger's organization. Atmos tries to join the Legion. Legion vol. 3 #43 (Feb. 1988)
Oct 27 Sussa Paka (Spider Girl) is released from Labyrinth. *
Jan 1 GLORITH REALITY ONLY: Glorith wipes out the entire population of the planet Daxam to ensure that no one else will enslave its inhabitants as Darkseid did. Laurel Gand, Valor, and Dev-Em are among the few surviving Daxamites. NOTES: Glorith refers to a recent Dominion plot to mind-control the inhabitants of Daxam; that plot was not mentioned in any other story. (Legion vol. 4 Annual #1, 1990)
Atmos demonstrates his powers for the Legion. Wildfire and Quislet visit Quislet's native dimension, Teall. Wildfire learns how Quislet came to Earth and discovers that Quislet is now a wanted criminal in Teall, both for the theft of the exploration ship and for displaying a socially unacceptable degree of individuality. They manage to escape back to Earth. Meanwhile, on Ventura, the Luck Lords monitor the Ranzz family. NOTES: Bogus Luck Lords appeared in Adventure Comics #343 (Apr. 1966). This was the first appearance of the genuine article. Legion vol. 3 #44 (Mar. 1988)
The Luck Lords review the ill-starred life of Garth Ranzz and manipulate Lightning Lord into trying to kill him. The Legionnaires review Atmos's application for membership and Brainiac 5 works on a mysterious project. Legion vol. 3 #45 (Apr. 1988)
POST-CRISIS: Still disguised as Mo Seh, Chameleon Boy joins Starfinger's gang. Atmos is rejected by the Legion. Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl organize a conspiracy to avenge Superboy.
GLORITH REALITY: Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Laurel Gand, Saturn Girl, and Valor conspire against Glorith to avenge the destruction of Daxam.
Legion vol. 3 #46 (May 1988)
On Rimbor, Chameleon Boy gets closer to Starfinger. Tellus warns Magnetic Kid and Sensor Girl of the conspiracy within the Legion. Sensor Girl confronts Brainiac 5 about it. Legion vol. 3 #47 (June 1988)
The Wanderers are murdered by the deranged wife of the Controller Clonus and her mutated clone children. (Wanderers #5, Oct. 1988)
The Controller Clonus discovers the dead bodies of the Wanderers. He creates clones of all of them except Celebrand, each possessing the memories of the originals, but with upgraded powers. Some of them adopt new identities: Dartalg becomes Dartalon, Elvo becomes Elvar, Immorto becomes Re-Animage and Ornitho becomes Aviax. Re-Animage becomes the group's new leader. Wanderers #1 (June 1988)
Chameleon Boy discovers Colossal Boy trying to infiltrate Starfinger's lair. On Earth, Brainiac 5 nearly destroys Legion HQ when he tries to power his experiment with a tiny white dwarf star. Legion vol. 3 #48 (July 1988)
Starfinger attempts to destroy the Legionnaires through their flight rings. He discovers Chameleon Boy and Colossal Boy in his headquarters. Sensor Girl, who recognizes the goal of the Legion conspiracy, discovers that Rond Vidar is still alive.
POST-CRISIS: Rond Vidar joins Brainiac 5's efforts to break the Iron Curtain of Time and attack the Time Trapper.
GLORITH REALITY: Rond joins the conspiracy against Glorith.
Legion vol. 3 #49 (Aug. 1988) (Legion vol. 4 Annual #1, 1990)
Lightning Lass, Wildfire, and the White Witch meet the new Wanderers. Wanderers #3 (Aug. 1988)
Feb 4 POST-CRISIS: Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar turn Jaxon Rugarth back into the Infinite Man, hoping to use his power to break the time barrier. Although Brainiac and several other Legionnaires argue that Rugarth is clinically brain dead anyway, the White Witch is appalled by their actions and resigns in disgust.
GLORITH REALITY: Brainiac 5, Rond Vidar, and the White Witch manage to separate the Infinite Man from Jaxon Rugarth and banish the Infinite Man into the time stream, although Rugarth remains unresponsive and apparently brain-dead. The Witch resigns from the Legion due to the growing atmosphere of mistrust created by the conspiracy against Glorith. NOTES: The Glorith-reality version of these events is recounted in a brief entry in the 2995 Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook and alluded to in Legion of Superheroes vol. 4 #60 (Aug. 1994), when Brainiac 5 and Rond Vidar refer to the Infinite Man as having been lost in time.
Legion vol. 3 #50 (Sept. 1988)
Feb 6 POST-CRISIS: Using the Infinite Man's power, Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Mon-El, Saturn Girl, and Rond Vidar break through the Iron Curtain of Time to confront the Time Trapper at the End of Time. The Trapper incapacitates Saturn Girl, kills Duo Damsel's second body, severely wounds Mon-El, and is only momentarily distracted by Rond Vidar, who reveals that he is now a Green Lantern. The Infinite Man carries the Time Trapper back through the Dawn of Time to his apparent destruction.
GLORITH REALITY: Brainiac 5, Duo Damsel, Laurel Gand, Saturn Girl, Valor, and Rond Vidar confront Glorith to avenge destruction of Daxam. Glorith reduces Duo Damsel's second body to and ages Valor almost to the point of death, but the sorceress, distracted by her belated realization that Ultra Boy manipulated her into her earlier clash with Mordru, is wounded by Laurel Gand and forced to retreat into the timestream. Glorith vows revenge on Jo Nah. NOTES: The Glorith-reality version of these events is shown in flashback in Legion vol. 4 Annual #1.
Legion vol. 3 #50 (Sept. 1988), (Legion vol. 4 Annual #1, 1990)
The Wanderers solve the mystery of their own murders. They are deputized as agents of the United Planets. Wanderers #5 (Oct. 1988)
Feb 12 GLORITH REALITY ONLY: Brainiac 5 discovers that the personality of Eltro Gand still exists within Valor's mind, causing much of Valor's recent erractic behavior. Valor regains control of his own mind, greatly improving his morale and health. NOTES: Eltro's mind was overlaid on his cousin's when he sacrificed himself to "resurrect" Lar in Action Comics #384 (Jan. 1970). (Legion vol. 4 #6, Apr. 1990)
Feb 15 POST-CRISIS: Brainiac 5 is tried for violating the Legion Code in the apparent destruction of the Time Trapper and the Infinite Man. Although he is ultimately acquitted, he resigns anyway. Before returning to Colu, he creates a new humanoid body for Computo (which looks unnervingly like a miniature Validus) and gives Luornu Durgo his force field belt. Meanwhile, Shadow Lass departs for Daxam in search of medical help for Mon-El, Grev Mallor leaves the Legion Academy to return to Talok VII, Lightning Lass and Magnetic Kid capture a renegade Khund called Garak of the Glow, and Phantom Girl (sporting a new costume) organizes a group to search for the still-missing Chameleon Boy.
GLORITH REALITY: Brainiac 5 is tried for insubordination for his attack on Glorith. He resigns in disgust after secretly imbuing Luornu with force field powers. His relationship with Laurel Gand comes to a messy end when she refuses to return to Colu with him.
Legion vol. 3 #51 (Oct. 1988)
Feb 29 POST-CRISIS: Polar Boy asks Dream Girl to take Brainiac 5's place as the Legion's "chief scientist," but she refuses. Doctors on Daxam manage to stabilize Mon-El's condition, but are unable to reverse the damage to his invulnerable body. Shadow Lass marries him in a Talokian ritual, amputating the tip of her left pinky finger. On Earth, Blok gets a new costume, laments being perhaps the last silicon-based intelligence left in the galaxy, and makes a mysterious new friend. On Braal, Magnetic Kid, Tellus, and Lightning Lass investigate mysterious quakes caused by a Gil'dishpan called Hywyndr. Lightning Lass flirts aggressively with Magnetic Kid, who is flustered by her advances.
GLORITH REALITY: Shadow Lass marries Valor, who has fully recovered from his injuries. NOTES: These events take place contemporaneously with the first story in Legion vol. 3 Annual #4.
Legion vol. 3 #52 (Nov. 1988)
Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, Invisible Kid, and Shrinking Violet search for Chameleon Boy, unaware that he and Colossal Boy have been captured by Starfinger II. After deliberately re-injuring Colossal Boy's wounded leg, Starfinger reveals that he is really Char Burrane, a petty criminal Gim Allon and Gigi Cusimano had arrested as Science Police cadets. Burrane explains how he discovered the ring and the hidden world within it and murdered the previous Starfinger. His operation is subsequently destroyed and Cham and Colossal Boy rescued by the Legionnaires and the Science Police, but Starfinger escapes by disappearing into his ring, which is impounded by the Science Police. Meanwhile, Dream Girl takes a leave of absence to go to Xanthu with Atmos, with whom she has become inexplicably infatuated. NOTES: Gim and Gigi's arrest of Char Burrane was recounted in the flashback story in Legion vol. 3 #39 (Oct. 1987). The origins of Starfinger's ring were never revealed; Starlight and Starbright, Starfinger's two female servants, were apparently djinn-like beings existing within the ring. Legion vol. 3 Annual #4 (1988)
Lighting Lass, Magnetic Kid, and Tellus prevent Hwyndyr from reshaping the planet Braal. Shadow Lass and Mon-El leave Daxam and are attacked by Khundish warriors. Garak of the Glow is transported to Labyrinth.
GLORITH REALITY: Shadow Lass and Valor are attacked by Khunds.
Legion vol. 3 #53 (Dec. 1988)
Polar Boy distributes new uniforms. The Legionnaires are dispatched to Labyrinth to stop a mass prison break engineered by Garak of the Glow, but while they recapture escaped members of the Legion of Super-Villains, Garak manages to escape with the Emerald Empress. Legion vol. 3 #54 (Win. 1988)
On Zerox, the White Witch declines the Teachers' request to carry a message to Earth, sending Sarvisa and his familiar instead. She agrees to train Harlak, a young Khundish apprentice. On Colu, Brainiac 5 learns that the government will not permit him to continue his experiments with time travel while on Xanthu, Dream Girl finds herself more and more captivated by Atmos. Meanwhile, as Blok finds his body changing in unexplained ways, he is captured by his new friend, who is actually a servant of the Inquisitor. NOTES: Coluans' average lifespan is said to be 600 years. The "house" of Brainiac is said to be a noble lineage on Colu, a sharp contrast with Brainy's early appearances, where he was ashamed of his villainous ancestor. Legion vol. 3 #55 (Hol. 1988)
POST-CRISIS: As the Legion pursues the Emerald Empress on Manna-8, Shadow Lass travels to Verzwei in search of a miracle cure for Mon-El. She and Mon are also captured by the Inquisitor, who is searching for the secrets of immortality. They escape with Blok's help. Meanwhile, Dawnstar and Wildfire attempt a physical relationship, but find that Dawnstar still cannot touch Wildfire's new energy body without suffering burns.
GLORITH REALITY: Valor is not injured.
Legion vol. 3 #56 (Jan. 1989)
The Inquisitor is slain by the Emerald Empress for his failure to help her become immortal and free herself from the Emerald Eye. She continues her quest on Earth, where she attacks the Pan-African University and clashes with Invisible Kid II. In Metropolis, Sarvisa leaves an urgent message with Antonio Stefanacci of the Museum of Mystic Arts, as Wildfire and Dawnstar decide to once again go their separate ways. Legion vol. 3 #57 (Feb. 1989)
Jan 1 Despite his still-injured Leg, Colossal Boy returns to active status as the Emerald Empress battles the Legion to a standstill on Earth and Trom. Quislet manages to stymie her by possessing the Emerald Eye, but she retaliates by destroying Quislet's ship, forcing Quislet to return permanently to Teall. The Empress confronts Sensor Girl and begs for her to free her from the Emerald Eye. Sensor Girl blinds the Eye to Sarya's existence and the Empress immediately dies, apparently of extreme old age. NOTES: Quislet's ultimate fate was never established. Since Quislet was a wanted criminal in its home dimension (as established in issue #44), Wildfire feared, perhaps rightly, that Quislet would be executed by its people after returning home. Legion vol. 3 #58 (Mar. 1989)
Jan Medical student Richard Kent Shakespeare is exposed to a mutagenic virus, causing him to develop superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. He is treated by Brainiac 5 on Colu. NOTES: It is unclear if Kent Shakespeare existed in post-Crisis continuity; he may have existed solely in the Glorith Reality. Shakespeare's appearance and powers seem intended to recall the Golden Age Superman, although his history is otherwise unrelated. (Who's Who #8, Apr. 1991)






Mekt Ranzz returns to rehabilitation on Labyrinth. (Legion vol. 4 #10, 8.90)
The Wanderers create a clone of Celebrand, but vanish into a mysterious space-warp before the clone matures. They are never seen again. Wanderers #13 (Apr. 1989)
Sensor Girl, acquitted of any culpability in the Emerald Empress's unexpected suicide, is elected leader; Timber Wolf becomes deputy. Sensor Girl recalls an old adventure of the late Chemical King and the original Invisible Kid. Legion vol. 3 #59 (Apr. 1989)
Part 1: Gigi Cusimano becomes the new chief of Science Police Earth and Wildfire finds that with Quislet gone, he is no longer able to maintain his energy body. As the Archmage stirs deep within Zerox, bizarre events occur across the galaxy, including the appearance of previously mythical creatures. Antonio Stefanacci discovers that he now possesses real magic powers. Sarvisa's familiar delivers the Teachers' warning to Sensor Girl, confirming what she has already realized: Science is failing in favor of magic. NOTES: "Archmage" is hyphenated in the 2995 Sourcebook and several other references, but is spelled as one word in the original story. Legion vol. 3 #60 (May 1989)
Part 2: POST-CRISIS: Widespread rioting breaks out on Earth and elsewhere as technology begins to fail. In Legion headquarters, Computo's new body explodes. At Sensor Girl's direction, Sarvisa and Antonio Stefanacci use their magic to temporarily stabilize the laws of science on Earth, but in deep space, Mon-El apparently dies when his life support equipment loses power. Sensor Girl attempts to commune with the spirits of the dead (including the ghosts of Val Armorr, Lyle Norg, Andrew Nolan, and Condo Arlik), but the Emerald Eye destroys her Orakill ability in retaliation for her having assisted Sarya's suicide. On Zerox, the Archmage emerges from its imprisonment.
GLORITH REALITY: Valor remains alive and well.
Legion vol. 3 #61 (June 1989)
Jun 20 Part 3: Weber's World is evacuated as its systems fail. Ambassador Relnic warns that without its administrative center, the United Planets may not remain united much longer. On Colu, whose technology has almost completely collapsed, Brainiac 5 reclaims his flight ring and calls for help. The Legion travels to Zerox in search of answers and find the Sorcerers' World surrounded by a mystic barrier that can only be broken at the cost of a human life. Magnetic Kid sacrifices himself to break the barrier, unleashing the Archmage. Legion vol. 3 #62 (July 1989)
Jun 23 Part 4: On Xanthu, Dream Girl realizes that Atmos has been exerting some unnatural mental influence on her and that her infatuation with him was not of her own will. She knocks him senseless and returns with Star Boy to the Legion. The Legionnaires, also rejoined by Brainiac 5, arrive on the surface of Zerox, which the Teachers are evacuating, leaving only Harlak and the White Witch. With Blok's help, the Witch contacts the spirit of Amethyst, who is now the soul of Zerox, and then allows the Archmage to destroy the planet — thereby causing himself and his magic to cease to exist. Sensor Girl commits the Legion to fixing the galactic upheavals the Archmage has caused. NOTES: This was the final issue of Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3. The Gemworld and Amethyst first appeared in the Amethyst preview in Legion vol. 2 #298 (Apr 1983). The fact that the Gemworld later became Zerox was first established in Amethyst vol. 3 #1–4 (Nov. 1987–Feb. 1988). It was never established whether Atmos was actually manipulating Dream Girl's mind, or if so, how he managed it; there was no indication in his previous or subsequent appearances that he possessed any sort of mental powers. His entry in 2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook implies that he did, although it's not reflected in his game statistics. Legion vol. 3 #63 (Aug. 1989)

After the end of Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3, the title went dark for a few months. It returned, completely reinvented by Keith Giffen.