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Part 9: 2994–Zero Hour (Legion vol. 4)

Pinup from Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #13 (1990); art by Keith Giffen and Al Gordon.


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Legion Time Comments Issue + Date
2994: Legion vol. 4
Oct 23 Reep Daggle meets with Rokk Krinn on Braal and announces his intention to reform the Legion. Cham meets Rokk's friend Loomis and bribes the Imskian occupation forces to let Rokk leave Braal. Salu Digby is dishonorably discharged from the Imskian army. Dominator agents arrange for Roxxas to be released from Labyrinth and hire him to kill the former Legionnaires. First appearance of Probes, a series of eyeless, blue-skinned, humanoid androids used in a variety of administrative, service, and support roles. NOTES: It's not clear how much independent intelligence the Probes possess. Their early appearances suggest that they're essentially walking, talking personal digital assistants, but later issues imply a greater degree of autonomy. Legion vol. 4 #1 (Nov. 1989)
Nov 2 Earthgov holds its first elections since 2991. Tayla Wellington is reelected President. (Legion vol. 4 #30, June 1992)
Lydda Jath resettles on Kathoon. On Rimbor, Kaston and Algronsk, cybernetic assassins hired by the Khunds, kill Jo Nah's girlfriend Ginny and try to kill Kono (Brita An'nan) and Jo. On Earth, Circe, commander of Science Police Earth and Dirk Morgna's lover, searches for incriminating evidence on Shvaughn Erin. Salu Digby joins Ayla Ranzz on Winath. NOTES: The eternally polite (though vicious) Kaston and Algronsk are clearly inspired by Alphonse and Gaston, the title characters of the turn-of-the-century Frederick Burr Opper comic strip of the same name, who also inspired Mac and Tosh, Warner Bros.' comically polite cartoon gophers. (Special thanks to Don Markstein's Toonopedia for their history.) Legion vol. 4 #2 (Dec. 1989)
Nov 21 POST-CRISIS: Roxxas murders Blok on the Puppet Planetoid and delivers his body to the Ranzz farm on Winath. On Tharn, Rond Vidar is captured by Mordru and his vampiric servant Vykros. Mordru destroys Rond's Green Lantern ring. Cham and Rokk Krinn join Jo Nah, Kono, and Furball (who they are unaware is actually Brin Londo) on Rimbor and decide to free Mysa Nal from Mordru, who has been secretly tapping into the Probes in order to spy on his one-time enemies. On Shanghalla, the Time Trapper revives Mon-El.
GLORITH REALITY: Valor is not dead, nor does the Legion know of the Time Trapper's existence at this time.
Legion vol. 4 #3 (Jan. 1990)
POST-CRISIS: Mon-El travels to Talok VIII to find Tasmia Mallor. He warns her that he now knows he is a pawn of the Time Trapper. Together, they seek out Brainiac 5, who discovers that the Time Trapper and Eltro Gand's personalities both reside in Mon-El's mind. The Trapper eradicates Eltro's personality and draws Mon-El into the Pocket Universe, where Mon-El seemingly destroys the Trapper, causing the Legion's timeline to cease to exist.
GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. The Legion is not aware of the Time Trapper's existence at this time. NOTES: Eltro Gand, Lar Gand's 30th century descendant, first appeared and died in Action Comics #384 (Jan. 1970), apparently sacrificing himself to resurrect Mon-El. This story establishes that Mon-El was not actually dead when Eltro attempted to revive him and attributes Mon-El's erratic behavior in some later stories to the overlay of Eltro's personality onto Lar's. As revealed in the second text page in Legion vol. 4 #6 and the 2995 Sourcebook, in the Glorith Reality, Brainiac discovered this in February 2988, not 2994, and Lar was able to displace Eltro's personality at that time, allowing Lar to recover from his injuries. Valor did not "die" in 2989 as Mon-El did in the post-Crisis timeline.
Legion vol. 4 #4 (Feb. 1990)
Nov 29 A new timeline is created in which the Legion never formed. In its absence, Mordru conquered the galaxy in 2977. A group of conspirators led by Rond Vidar enable Glorith of Baaldur, in this timeline one of Mordu's wives, to cast a spell causing her to take the place of the lost "Puppet Master." History is recreated with Glorith now playing the Time Trapper's role in the previous timeline. NOTES: The events of this story result in the beginning of the Glorith timeline. All subsequent events are part of that timeline unless otherwise noted. Legion vol. 4 #5 (Mar. 1990)
Glorith Reality
As Earth's Dominator "allies" scramble to cover their tracks after a Daily Planet story links Roxxas to an Earthgov-controlled bank account, Dirk Morgna hires private investigator Celeste Rockfish (Celeste McCauley) to track Roxxas down, ostensibly so the killer can be prosecuted for the murder of Blok. Accompanied by Daily Planet reporter Devlin O'Ryan and Bounty II, Celeste travels to Trom to enlist the help of Jan Arrah. Meanwhile, Cham, Rokk Krinn, Jo Nah, Kono, and Furball attempt to free Mysa Nal from Mordru, and Laurel Gand prepares to rescue Rond Vidar. NOTES: The second text page in this issue describes the Glorith-reality version of Lar Gand's history since Legion vol. 3 #50 and indicates that Dev-Em is a Daxamite in the Glorith timeline, albeit still originally from the 20th century. The Daily Planet story, written by Iris Allen (widow of Flash II) and Devlin O'Ryan, appears as the first text feature in Legion vol. 4 #10 (Aug. 1990), although it was published prior to the events of this issue. Legion vol. 4 #6 (Apr. 1990)
Laurel Gand rescues Rond Vidar from Vykros, who is seemingly destroyed by Mysa Nal. Rokk Krinn persuades Mordru to let them go and take Rond and Mysa with them. In a fit of pique, Mordru strands them on Grocz, on the fringes of U.P. space. Meanwhile, Bounty, Celeste, Devlin, and Jan set out for Winath, followed by a mysterious green energy burst. Legion vol. 4 #7 (May 1990)
Marla Latham narrates the story of his first meeting with the Durlan who would become R.J. Brande and the founding of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Rokk Krinn learns that Laurel and Rond have a baby daughter, Lauren Gand. NOTES: This story contains the first references to Lar Gand's role as Valor, although he appears only as an image. Legion vol. 4 #8 (June 1990)
Roxxas reviews the origin of Laurel Gand. NOTES: The flashback story contains the earliest chronological appearance of Eltro Gand. Legion vol. 4 #9 (July 1990)
Brainiac 5, Bounty, Celeste Rockfish, Cham, Furball, Jan Arrah, Jo Nah, Kono, Mysa Nal, and Rokk Krinn join Garth, Imra, Ayla, and Mekt Ranzz, along with Vi (Salu Digby/Shrinking Violet) on Winath, where they are attacked by Roxxas. Bounty, Celeste, Cham, and Mekt Ranzz are badly injured and Jo Nah is apparently disintegrated. His friends are unaware that Roxxas's "chronal howitzer" has actually thrown him back in time. The green energy arrives on Winath, somehow cloaking itself from sensors as it descends through the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Bismollian Senator Tenzil Kem and his assistant Taryn Loy (Calorie Queen) arrive on Earth. NOTES: Calorie Queen first appeared in Superboy vol. 1 #212 (Oct. 1975). Legion vol. 4 #10 (Aug. 1990)
Dec 5 Tenzil Kem unearths the ruins of the Batcave for the first of a series of increasingly ludicrous TV specials, which are actually a pretense to enable Tenzil and Taryn Loy to rescue Brek Bannin. With the help of Shvaughn Erin, Tenzil arranges for Brek to finally have a trial, represents him in court, and manages to embarrass an Earthgov judge into releasing him. Meanwhile, on Winath, Brainiac 5 treats the victims of Roxxas's attack and Roxxas attempts to seek medical treatment for his own injuries, which leave him badly scarred. Elsewhere, Jo Nah finds himself on Dominion-occupied Khundia, in the distant past. NOTES: The remains of the Batcave previous appeared in Adventure Comics #341 (Feb. 1966). Legion vol. 4 #11 (Sept. 1990)
Dec 5 On Winath, the mysterious green energy heals the mortally wounded Celeste Rockfish, although it temporarily turns her green. "Furball" temporarily returns to a more human-like form. Roxxas is captured by Ayla, Vi, and Jan Arrah and admits that he was hired by Earthgov to kill the former Legionnaires. NOTES: This issue reveals that Celeste is the cousin of Leland McCauley IV and that the green energy is somehow connected to a dead Green Lantern that she had previously encountered. Legion vol. 4 #12 (Oct. 1990)
Dec 10 On Quarantine, former Legionnaire Kent Shakespeare (Impulse) clashes with the Persuader, who is trying to kill Char Burrane Jr., son of Char Burrane (Starfinger II). Gim Allon, who is now a Science Police captain, prepares to intervene. NOTES: As mentioned in the previous section, Molock Hanscom is presumably Molock, the crimelord who first appeared in Adventure Comics #320 (May 1964). The second text feature in this issue establishes that Molock is the brother of Lars Hanscom, the original Starfinger original Starfinger's brother. Molock's motivation for ordering the murder of the Burranes is to avenge Char Burrane's murder of Lars Hanscom in 2986 (Legion vol. 3 #29, Dec. 1986) and capture the ring used by Starfinger II. Legion vol. 4 #12 (Oct. 1990)
Dec 14 Chameleon Boy officially reforms the Legion of Super-Heroes. *
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  Kent Shakespeare and Gim Allon defeat and arrest the Persuader. Kent leaves Quarantine for Winath to rejoin the Legion, forcing him to leave his young friend Ivy behind. On Earth, Circe warns her Dominion superiors that the capture of Roxxas is going to make it difficult to keep the Dominion's involvement in Earthgov secret much longer. In the Darzyl system, Mano is forced to tell his new boss, Molock Hanscom (Starfinger III), that the Persuader has failed to kill Char Burrane Jr. On Winath, Furball returns to the Ranzz farm and Vi finally talks to Rokk about Venado Bay. On Baaldur, Glorith confronts the Time Trapper in the remains of the Pocket Universe. She consumes his essence, leaving her with full knowledge of both her timeline and the one that went before it. Thus armed, she sets out to conquer the universe. Elsewhere, Jo Nah remains lost on ancient Khundia. NOTES: A pinup in this issue depicts the new membership of the Legion, including Celeste McCauley, Kono, Devlin O'Ryan (who joined later) and Ivy (who never becamke a member). Molock Hanscom is the crimelord who first appeared in Adventure Comics #320 (May 1964). Legion vol. 4 #12 (Oct. 1990) established that Molock was the brother of Lars Hanscom, the original Starfinger original Starfinger's brother. A text feature in this issue (a memo from Marla Latham to Cham) mentions that Lallor, Sklar, Tsauran, and Rann have all been conquered by the Khunds. Legion vol. 4 #13 (Nov. 1990)
Dec 15 Monica Sade is captured by Science Police Earth and the Dominion after trying to assassinate the Dominion ambassador to Earthgov. *
Dec 27 To placate his daughters Stiletta and Styx, who want to meet a Legionnaire, Prince Evillo has Tenzil Kem, Taryn Loy, and Brek Bannin taken by force to Tartarus, which is now a member of the U.P. There, Tenzil encounters Saturn Queen, who is now Evillo's 12th wife, and gets himself sent to Evillo's "underworld" along with Evillo's ex-wives and former Devil's Dozen member Sugyn. With Sugyn's help, Tenzil destroys the underworld dimension and frees its prisoners. While he's gone, the government of Bismoll, believing him dead, appoints Calorie Queen to take his seat in the Senate. Evillo, now hounded by his understandably vindictive ex-wives, hires Brek to tutor Stiletta and Styx in the use of their powers and Tenzil sets out to rejoin the Legion. Legion vol. 4 #14 (Jan. 1991)
Dec 27–28 Garth Ranzz offers Cham a new site for the Legion headquarters: a space station on the asteroid Talus, which the Ranzz family now owns. Unfortunately, Loomis quickly discovers that the station's previous tenants had turned it into an interstellar truck stop and brothel that will need quite a bit of work. NOTES: Talus first appeared in Action Comics #386 (Mar. 1970). Legion vol. 4 #14 (Jan. 1991)
Jan 3 Tenzil Kem joins the reformed Legion. *
Jan 12 Brainiac 5 deduces that Jo Nah is not dead, but lost in time. Orando, Venegar, Talok VIII, Preztor, and other U.P. planets are attacked by the Khunds, who are armed with the Red Terror. Projectra is captured. The Legion agrees to help the U.P. forces. Vi loses her leg in the battle on Venegar, but Cham manages to obtain a sample of the Terror from a Khundish spy, Orlak. The U.P. Militia Academy on Xolnar is attacked. Chuck and Luornu Taine, and instructors Jed Rikane (Power Boy) and Berta Haris (Nightwind) join the battle; Berta is killed. Valor and Shadow Lass come to the defense of Talok VIII. On Earth, there are widespread protests following the revelation that Roxxas was hired by Earthgov, prompting the Dominion to desperate action. Elsewhere, Jo realizes that he's 5,000 years in the past. Legion vol. 4 #15 (Feb. 1991)
Feb 4 Sade is transferred to the Weisinger Chambers. *
Brainiac 5 discovers that the Khunds are using lost technology from the Great Wars of the 28th Century. Mysa Nal and Kent Shakespeare are sent to Xolnar to help Chuck and Luornu Taine. Vi gets an artificial leg. The Legion discovers that Glorith is posing as the Khunds' "Demon Mother" and that the invasion is a cover for her to obtain mystical artifacts. On Earth, Jacques Foccart's resistance fighters, including Tyroc and former Substitute Heroes, ally themselves with Universo and his henchman Grinn. Legion vol. 4 #16 (Mar. 1991)
Mar 13 On Xanthu, Roon Dvron arrests Sussa Paka (Spider Girl) for trying to steal the Stancio Dazzle Gem. Sussa claims to have been framed by Benn Pares, her former partner. (Legion vol. 4 #23, Oct. 1991)
Mar 22 Jed Rikane dies on Xolnar. Mysa Nal casts a spell to protect the survivors on Xolnar from the Khunds. On Khundia, Laurel Gand and Vi defeat Glorith with a chronal howitzer, trapping her at the end of time. Legion vol. 4 #17 (Apr. 1991)
Mar 29 Earthgov executes Don and Dawn Allen for their alleged complicity in the destruction of the Quebec City powersphere in October 2993. NOTES: The text feature in this issue contains the first reference to Don's son Barry Allen II, a.k.a. Bart Allen (Impulse II). Legion vol. 4 #17 (Apr. 1991)
Mar 30 Dominator scientists test B.I.O.N. (the Biological Intelligence Organic Nexus unit), an android based on Computo that possesses the powers of all the Legionnaires, by sending it to kill Atmos. NOTES: The meaning of the B.I.O.N. acronym wasn't actually explained until the letters page of Legion vol. 4 #32 (Aug. 1992) (Legion vol. 4 #21, Aug. 1991)
On Orando, the Dark Circle attempts to assassinate Projectra. Valor and Shadow Lass dismantle the Dark Circle cult on Orando and Carggg. Vi gets a Probe leg. Universo provides the resistance with a list of underground Dominator installations, which he believes may be the Dominion's true objective on Earth. Meanwhile, still lost in the past, Jo Nah makes his way to Earth. Legion vol. 4 #18 (May 1991)
Apr 11 Time and Time Again Phase 7: Dev-Em, now thoroughly insane, clashes with Vi, Laurel Gand, and Garth and Imra Ranzz on Earth's moon. A time-lost Superman arrives on the moon and meets the Legionnaires, who tell him the fate of Superboy. Dev-Em discovers a secret Dominator lunar installation, which a dying Dominator scientist tells the Legion contains the control mechanism for the Dominion's "Triple Strike" contingency program. Superman, Laurel Gand, and Vi manage to defeat Dev-Em and stop him from initiating the program, but the Linear Man appears and triggers it anyway, claiming it was destined to occur. The explosion hurls Superman back through time to the 20th century. NOTES: Saturn Girl relates the Glorith-reality version of the Legion's encounter with Superboy, including the Legion's belief that the Time Trapper they encountered in 2987 was Glorith in disguise. This story implies that Dev-Em (who bears no resemblance to his original incarnation) has only recently arrived from the 20th century. While Dev-Em's actions can be attributed to his psychological breakdown, the Legion seems curiously unfamiliar with him, which appears to be the result of an editorial miscommunication regarding his history in the current timeline. Adv. of Superman #478 (May 1991)
The explosion of Luna destroys Medicus One, killing Dr. Gym'll, and causes massive devastation on Earth, compounded by the destruction of a Dominion warship in the upper atmosphere. The Triple Strike program continues unchecked, detonating every fusion powersphere on Earth. NOTES: Although it's not mentioned in this story, the 2995 Sourcebook notes that Jaxon Rugarth was still a patient of Medicus One when it was destroyed and thus probably also perished when it was destroyed. Circadia Senius is apparently among the casualties in this issue, but he reappears in Legion vol. 4 #57 (May 1994), so he presumably was able to escape the destruction of his facility. Chameleon Boy's confusion in this story about Superman's involvement suggests that he has not yet talked with Garth, Imra, Laurel, or Vi about what happened on the moon. Legion vol. 4 #19 (June 1991)
Apr 12 After Jo Nah is manipulated into falling in love with a Lord of Chaos in human form, Nabu the Wise sends the time-lost Legionnaire back to 30th century Winath, the point from which Jo originally disappeared. Legion vol. 4 #19 (June 1991)
Apr 13 With the U.P. unable to intervene without violating Earthgov's nominal sovereignty, two Dominion fleets led by Pinnacle Command are sent to pacify Earth. The Dominion begins openly executing Science Police Earth officers as SPE units revolt against their masters. Dirk Morgna is hideously burned by his own powers, Devlin O'Ryan is exposed to null radiation, Marella Tao is killed when her studio is destroyed, and an explosion accidentally releases a youthful duplicate Legion, Batch SW6, from the Dominators' underground chambers. Circe turns against Earthgov. Meanwhile, Rokk Krinn recalls the events at Venado Bay, Mysa Nal is contacted by the spirit of Amethyst, Char Burrane Jr. (son of Starfinger II) is found dead, and Garth and Imra's children Dacey and Dorrit Ranzz are born on Winath. NOTES: Char Burrane's body is found missing a finger, implying that Molock Hanscom has finally succeeded in capturing the ring once used by Starfinger II. Legion vol. 4 #20 (July 1991)
  The Quiet Darkness Part 1: Brainiac 5 and Furball travel to Zuun, which is now under martial law. Furball saves Aria Campbell and her friend Lori from being captured by mercenaries hired by Darkseid, who is working with Aria's father, Francis Campbell, on a mysterious project involving Aria's brother Coda. Frustrated, Darkseid sends Lobo after the girl. On Earth, the Dominion institutes martial law and reviews the files on its new champion: B.I.O.N.. Devlin O'Ryan meets the duplicate Legion's Shrinking Violet. NOTES: A Dominion holotape in this story reveals that B.I.O.N. has previously killed Atmos. According to the 2995 Sourcebook, that occurred about two weeks prior to this issue. Lobo first appeared in Omega Men #3 (June 1983), although the post-Crisis Lobo bears only a vague resemblance to his original counterpart. This is his first 30th century appearance, although issue #24 reveals that he is actually a Probe duplicate, not the real Lobo. Legion vol. 4 #21 (Aug. 1991)
Apr 17 The Quiet Darkness Part 2: Kent Shakespeare, Jo Nah, and Celeste McCauley travel to Zuun to see what happened to Brainiac 5 and Furball. Darkseid and Francis Campbell discuss their mystery project -- the "Gemini Matrix" -- and Furball and Aria contact Brainiac 5 for help. Brainy tells Aria that Furball is really Brin Londo. On Talus, Kono discovers that Nura Nal has been trying to reach Mysa, who has been ignoring her messages. In the Altair sector, Valor discovers Dark Circle files concerning Operation Doppelganger, a plan to clone the Legion. Valor speculates whether the Legionnaires are themselves clones. NOTES: The plans Valor discovers are dated August 20, 2977, through August 31, 2978. Legion vol. 4 #22 (Sept. 1991)
The Quiet Darkness Part 3: Skan'l-la, new governor of the Zuun sector, attempts to arrest Jo Nah, Kent Shakespeare, and Celeste McCauley. Celeste manifests green energy powers, although she knocks herself out (and temporarily turns transparent) in the process. Lobo subdues Brainiac 5 and captures Aria. Brainiac 5 realizes what Francis Campbell is trying to do and that Darkseid is involved. Meanwhile, Valor heads for Earth, Laurel Gand and Bounty confer with Circe, and the SW6 Shrinking Violet takes Devlin O'Ryan to meet her friends. NOTES: This issue includes the first appearance of what was presumably Kent Shakespeare's original Impulse costume. The first text feature indicates that Rehnt Ustin (Visi-Lad) is now living in Istanbul and has apparently suffered mutations due to null radiation exposure. Legion vol. 4 #23 (Oct. 1991)
The Quiet Darkness Part 4: Brainiac 5 explains that Francis Campbell is seeking the Gemini Matrix, a formula for the Life Equation. Brainy, Jo Nah, Kent Shakespeare, Furball, Lori, and Celeste McCauley (now recovered) pursue Lobo, who delivers Aria to Darkseid. Francis complete his experiment, merging Aria and her brother Coda into a being called Gemini. Darkseid destroys Lobo (who is actually a Probe duplicate), restores Furball to human form, and goads Gemini into apparently erasing Darkseid from existence. On Earth, B.I.O.N. attacks Laurel Gand, mistaking her for her SW6 counterpart, and Devlin O'Ryan meets the SW6 Legionnaires (first full appearance). NOTES: This story and Brainy's journal (the first text feature in this issue) imply that Francis Campbell made a deal with Darkseid 13 years ago, before Aria and Coda were born, but that would put their bargain prior to Darkseid's revival. Legion vol. 4 #24 (Dec. 1991)
The Dark Circle reviews its own history and the life and career of Valor. Legion vol. 4 Annual #2 (1991)
The SW6 Legion is forced to seek help from Universo. Devlin O'Ryan's exposure to null radiation causes him to manifest energy-reflection powers. Legion vol. 4 #25 (Jan. 1992)
The Terra Mosaic: Universo convinces the resistance forces to attack the chambers, hoping to claim them for himself. B.I.O.N. pursues Laurel Gand to Talus. Ron-Karr and the former Substitute Heroes discover that the chambers are far older than expected. NOTES: This issue is Tayla Wellington's first on-panel appearance. Legion vol. 4 #26 (Feb. 1992)
  The Dominators struggle to recapture the Weisinger Chambers the resistance has captured, particularly assassin Monica Sade. Jacques Foccart and Tenzil Kem discover the existence of the SW6 Legion. On Talus, B.I.O.N. is defeated by Kono after badly injuring Laurel Gand. Back on Earth, Spider Girl escapes from SPE custody carrying a mysterious cannister. NOTES: The chamber occupants who have been mind-wiped are listed as Absorbancy Boy, Black Mace, Caress, Chocheta Drisden (daughter of Grimbor), Flynt Brojj, Myg (Karate Kid II), Polecat, and Squire Burroughs (brother of Drake Burroughs, Wildfire). Those listed as not mind-wiped are Crystal Kid, Quake Kid, Radiation Roy, Sade, and Visi-Lad. Legion vol. 4 #27 (Mar. 1992)
The Subs discover the horribly burned Dirk Morgna in a Dominator pod. Dirk is tormented by flashbacks of his life. Legion vol. 4 #28 (Apr. 1992)
Apr 30 On Talus, Brainiac 5 studies B.I.O.N. Valor suggests that the adult Legionnaires may be clones. On Earth, the Dominators unleash four mind-wiped occupants of the chambers against the resistance fighters: Flare, Elasti-Kid 5, Alloy 12, and Ghost 6. Grinn frees Monica Sade, whom Staq Malven convinces to ally herself with the resistance. Devlin O'Ryan tries to convince the SW6 Legionnaires to beware of Universo. Meanwhile, a Dominator soldier kills Earthgov President Tayla Wellington during a live holovid broadcast after she tries to warn the galaxy of the Dominators' reign of terror. The Dominators hastily name Wellington's aide Arlington Morse the new president of Earth. Legion vol. 4 #29 (May 1992)
In the wake of Tayla Wellington's on-air assassination, the U.P. Council finally decides to intervene. Pinnacle Command, weary of bungled subterfuge, begins orbital bombardment of Earth's angry mobs, leading to an orbital stand-off with the U.P. fleet. On the surface, the SW6 Legion learns that Universo was planning to turn them over to the Dark Circle and the Subs and Sade defeat the four mind-wiped chamber occupants, killing Elasti-Kid 5 and Ghost 6. Meanwhile, the Khundish empire, realizing the Dominion is moving its forces to reinforce its control of Earth, prepares to invade Elia, the Dominion homeworld. NOTES: The text feature in this issue includes a chronology of Tayla Wellington's life and career, including recent events on Earth. Legion vol. 4 #30 (June 1992)
Apr 30 Aria tries to take the dying Brin Londo back in time to prevent his father from administering the first Zuunium injection, but accidentally dumps them both in the 20th century, transforming Brin into an intermediate form between his human and "Furball" states. Brainiac 5 determines that Brin is lost in time and that he is now living out a historical role that makes it dangerous for the Legion to intervene. The other adult Legionnaires attend the christening of Dacey and Doritt Ranzz on Winath. Nura Nal meets Thom Kallor's wife, Yvyya Val, and Vi finally reconciles with Yera Allon. NOTES: This story is the first vol. 4 appearance of Nura Nal, Tellus (Ganglios), Yera, and Thom Kallor. Legion vol. 4 Annual #3 (1992)
May 2 Ayla Ranzz learns that Garth is really Proty, inhabiting her brother's re-animated body. A group of other Proteans ask Proty/Garth to go with them on a vital journey, but he refuses. Rokk Krinn and Lydda Jath's son, Pol Jath Krinn, is born. Ayla warns Garth that he needs to tell Imra the truth, but for the moment, he decides not to.NOTES: The letters page of issue #37 credits the idea of Garth actually being Proty to Margie Spears Saaski, who had suggested it in Legion Outpost #5 back in 1973. Legion vol. 4 Annual #3 (1992)
May 2 Jan Arrah returns to Earth to find Shvaughn Erin, who reveals that she born Sean Erin; she transitioned in 2977 using a drug called Profem. With Profem no longer available, she once again becomes Sean. Meanwhile, the SW6 Element Lad accidentally kills several Dominion soldiers, Valor meets his SW6 counterpart, and Leland McCauley IV contemplates his latest toy: the Emerald Eye of Ekron. NOTES: The drug Shvaughn uses to reverse the effects of Profem in this story is called Rokyn, which in original continuity was the planet on which the Bottle City of Kandor was eventually enlarged. Legion vol. 4 #31 (July 1992)
May 15 On Talus, Cham investigates the whereabouts of R.J. Brande. On Earth, the SW6 Brainiac 5 manages to overcome the Earthgov jamming that has prevented the young Legionnaires' flight rings from working. Bounty and Circe form an uneasy alliance with Spider Girl deep within Science Police Earth headquarters, which is destroyed by the SW6 Legion. The SW6 Legionnaires also help the Subs and the resistance escape from the chambers, but before departing, Grinn arms the chamber's self-destruct mechanism, causing a chain reaction that destroys nearly all the chambers and kills the SW6 Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid, and Princess Projectra. Meanwhile, the Dominators lose contact with their homeworld. Legion vol. 4 #32 (Aug. 1992)
King Jonn turns down the Legion's offer of assistance on Earth. (Legion vol. 4 #34, Oct. 1992)
Cham and a group of six Proteans set out to find R.J. Brande, who is on Yal, searching for the Soul of Antares, the legendary secret of the Protean race. The Dominion hires the Hunter to find Brande for the same purpose. On Yal, Cham and his father discover former Legionnaire Kid Quantum (James Cullen), who reveals that he is actually the Soul of Antares. Cham defeats the Hunter and Kid Quantum agrees to return with Brande and the Proteans to Antares, but their ship's pilot changes their course at the order of the Emerald Eye. On Earth, the surviving SW6 Legionnaires rescue Bobb Kohan (Crystal Kid), April Dumaka (Catspaw), Danielle Foccart (Computo), and Xao Jin (Dragonmage), who have survived the destruction of the chambers. NOTES: Danielle Foccart's first appearance was in Legion vol. 2 Annual #1 (1982). Although this was Kid Quantum's first appearance, a text feature in this issue explains that in the Glorith Reality, he was the ninth Legionnaire, admitted and apparently killed early in the group's history. Legion vol. 4 #33 (Sept. 1992)
Leland McCauley IV offers to help the U.P. break through Dominion jamming to communicate with the citizens of Earth. On Earth, Sade kills Grinn for destroying the chambers and Universo kills his Dark Circle contact. Within the ruins of SPE headquarters, Circe unleashes a computer virus that destroys the Dominators' data files. In orbit, the Dominion armada positions itself so that the U.P. fleet cannot fire without risking accidentally bombarding Terran cities. Dirk Morgna escapes from his chamber, Jacques Foccart prepares to liberate Metropolis, and the SW6 Laurel Gand captures Pinnacle Command. Meanwhile, the Dominators' supreme council abandons the forces on Earth to focus its remaining military resources on defending Elia from the Khunds. Legion vol. 4 #34 (Oct. 1992)
May 17 As battle rages in orbit and across the surface of the Earth, the SW6 Legion captures Arlington Morse, acting president of Earth. In Metropolis, the SW6 Sun Boy encounters his older counterpart, severely burned and half-mad. Meanwhile, the U.P. uses McCauley Ominicoms to send a message to Earth, promising an end to Dominion rule and warning that the Dominion itself has fallen. Jacques Foccart offers to allow the remaining Dominion forces to return to defend Elia if they will agree to an immediate ceasefire. Across the globe, the Dominators begin to surrender. Pinnacle Command, still a captive of the U.P. Militia, reluctantly orders the armada to do the same. The liberated Earth becomes a U.P. protectorate with Jacques Foccart as its president. On Gallan, Universo and Leland McCauley IV raise a toast to their imminent conquest of Earth. Legion vol. 4 #35 (E Nov. 1992)
May 19 As the two Brainiac 5s argue about which Legion is the duplicate, Circle and Bounty clash over the fate of Dirk Morgna. Bounty stalks off in disgust and runs into Monica Sade, who she immediately remembers has a massive price on her head. In the ensuring fight, Sade is injured, but she manages to severely wound Bounty before Valor intervenes. The Bounty entity flees its host, who the Legionnaires belated discover is Dawnstar. Circe, despondent over Dirk's hopeless condition, kills him and then takes her own life. NOTES: This was the final part of the "Terra Mosaic" storyline. As confirmed by this issue (and the 2995 Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook), Brainiac 5 had known Bounty was Dawnstar for months, but didn't know she was possessed and decided not to say anything, assuming she had a reason for adopting her new role. It is unclear if the Bounty entity had any connection to the Bounty from Superboy & the Legion #234 (Dec. 1977). Legion vol. 4 #36 (L Nov. 1992)
On Naltor, Thom Kallor (Star Boy) coaches the Naltor Dreamers through the final game of the Galaxy Series while dealing with advances from High Seer Nura Nal (Dream Girl) and attempts by Starfinger III to fix the game. On Winath, Imra Ranzz is kidnapped by a mysterious armored figure. On Earth, the SW6 Valor attempts to return to 2978 to discover the true origins of the SW6 Legion. His time bubble vanishes in a flash of lightning. NOTES: The SW6 Valor appears next in Valor #17 (Mar. 1994). Legion vol. 4 #37 (E Dec. 1992)
Jun 4 The Great Terran Disaster. Internal damage created by the destruction of the chambers and the landfills of unstable 28th century proton jelly waste they were originally created to house leads to the Earth's cataclysmic destruction. A massive evacuation effort raises 102 cities into orbit, protected by environmental domes, although six are destroyed in accidents. The 94 surviving cities are temporarily moved to the Bgztl Buffer Zone, allowing them to survive the ensuing catastrophe, which kills two billion people. Legion vol. 4 #38 (L Dec. 1992)
Earth's surviving cities become New Earth, located in Luna's former orbit. On Gallan, Leland McCauley IV adds Cham, R.J. Brande, Kid Quantum, and the Proteans, frozen by the Emerald Eye, to his "collection," which also includes Dev-Em. McCauley's father, Leland McCauley III, manages to summon the SW6 Legion for help. The SW6 Legionnaires rescue McCauley's captives, although they're forced to sign nondisclosure agreements to avoid trespassing and assault charges. R.J. Brande vows to rebuild the Earth. NOTES: This was the final issue of vol. 4 co-plotted by Keith Giffen, who departed along with editor Michael Eury, marking a significant change in the creative direction of the series. Legion vol. 4 #39 (Jan. 1993)
  On New Earth, Devlin O'Ryan joins the Legion and the adult Legionnaires meet the SW6 Legion. Universo frees the mind-wiped Dominator agents — including Karate Kid II, Cocheta Drisden, and Squire Burroughs, brother of Wildfire — from their Dominion programming. Mysa Nal returns to the ruins of Zerox, searching for the spirit of Amethyst, and Nura Nal sends J'Onn J'Onzz to help her. Legion vol. 4 #40 (Feb. 1993)
Jun 11 Jacques Foccart resigns the presidency of New Earth to rejoin the Legion. Vice President Troy Stewart (Tyroc) becomes president. Sean Erin becomes chief of the Science Police for New Earth. Reep Daggle resigns from the adult Legion to work with the SW6 Legionnaires, as Chameleon, now based in the rebuilt, original Legion clubhouse in New Earth's Metropolis Dome. Catspaw (April Dumaka), Dragon Mage (Xao Jin), and Computo II (Danielle Foccart) join the SW6 Legion. The SW6 Invisible Kid meets his deceased counterpart's parents and the SW6 Duo Damsel discovers that she has all three of her bodies. Some of the SW6 Legionnaires adopt new code names: Alchemist, Andromeda, Apparition, Ferro, Gossamer, Inferno, Leviathan, Live Wire, Triad. The older Brainiac 5 confirms that the younger Legionnaires are not lost in time. Legion vol. 4 #41 (Mar. 1993)
Jun 13 The Legionnaires are deputized by Earthgov and the United Planets. Computo II stops the Djakarta dome from colliding with the Melbourne dome. Cosmic Boy is elected leader and names Computo deputy. The Legion battles Mano. Legionnaires #1 (Apr. 1993)
The Legionnaires defeat Mano. X-Bomb Betty, Cera Kesh, and Plaid Lad apply for membership in the SW6 Legion. On Takron-Galtos II, Leland McCauley IV and a new Emerald Empress (Ingria Olav) release the Persuader's Atomic Axe. The Legionnaires battle Mordecai. Legionnaires #2 (May 1993)
The Legionnaires battle Mordecai, who disappears before he can be subdued. The Atomic Axe frees the Persuader from Takron-Galtos II and the Emerald Eye transforms Cera Kesh into Emerald Empress III. Legionnaires #3 (June 1993)
The Persuader frees Mano to join Leland McCauley's new Fatal Five along with Mordecai, Emerald Empress II, and a revived Tharok. Meanwhile, Cera Kesh attacks the Legionnaires with her Emerald Eye. Legionnaires #4 (July 1993)
The Legionnaires meet the U.P. vice-chair and battle the new Fatal Five. Emerald Empress III (Cera Kesh) kills Emerald Empress II (Ingria Olav). Legionnaires #5 (Aug. 1993)
Luornu Durgo, Rond Vidar, and Brainiac 5 are kidnapped by the same armored figure who kidnapped Imra Ardeen. The figure is Luornu's second body, regrown as a servant of Glorith. Luornu discovers that Brainy has given her force field powers. She defeats Glorith and reclaims her second body. Legion vol. 4 #42 (Apr. 1993)
July 29 Drura Sepht-Foccart (Infectious Lass) moves in with Jacques Foccart on Talus. Spider Girl seeks the Legion's help with the package she stole for Starfinger. Jacques tries to convince the Legion to adopt new uniforms and codenames, with little success. J'Onn J'Onzz joins Mysa Nal in the ruins of Zerox, where she is possessed by what she believes is the spirit of Amethyst. Despite J'Onn's efforts to stop her, she attacks Mordru on Tharn. Legion vol. 4 #43 (May 1993)
  Mysa Nal is defeated by Mordru, who reveals that her newfound power is not Amethyst's, but Mordru's, enabling him to regain his full power. The spirit of Andrew Nolan warns the Legion as Mordru begins raising the dead, including the fallen Legionnaires buried on Shanghalla. The Khundish warlord Galmark asks the Legion for help, but demands that they accept four new Khundish members: Firefist, Veilmist, Blood Claw, and Flederweb. J'Onn J'Onzz brings the real spirit of Amethyst to Talus, where Amethyst possesses Kono. Legion vol. 4 #44 (June 1993)
On Daxam, Valor, Tasmia Mallor, and Harlak manage to protect most of the dead Daxamites from being reanimated by Mordru. While Mordru's zombies attack Talus, Jacques Foccart and Rond Vidar accidentally bring Timber Wolf back to the 30th century, accompanied by the annoying Jamm, who uses his newfound mind-control powers to wreak havoc. Tasmia finally convinces him to go back to his own time and try to use his powers responsibly. NOTES: This Bloodlines: Earthplague crossover was published circa Legion vol. 4 #47, but takes place contemporaneously with #44. Legion vol. 4 Annual #4 (1993)
The Legion heads for Sklar, which is overrun by Mordru's undead legions. Tenzil and J'Onn J'Onzz bring Kono to Nura Nal on Naltor while Roxxas uses Mordru's spell to resurrect the dead inhabitants of Trom. The Legion faces off against the reanimated dead Legionnaires. Legion vol. 4 #45 (July 1993)
  Blood Claw dies fighting Mordru's zombies only to become one of them. Jan Arrah escapes from Trom and defeats the resurrected Trommites on Pasnic by transforming all of them into tsarin crystal. Mordru's spell is broken on Sklar. Legion vol. 4 #46 (Aug. 1993)
  The Legion faces Mordru on Tharn. Firefist is accidentally killed by Devlin O'Ryan. On Pasnic, Roxxas seeks medical help for Jan Arrah, who has collapsed after stopping the Trommites. J'Onn J'Onzz, Tenzil Kem, and Nura Nal arrive on Tharn with Kono, who is still possessed by Amethyst. Projectra and Brainy manage to free Mysa from Mordru's mystical union, but she is unable to defeat him. Mordru buries the Legion alive. Legion vol. 4 #47 (Sept. 1993)
Mysa Nal defeats Mordru with the help of Devlin O'Ryan and Amethyst, stripping Mordru of most of his power in the process. Roxxas tends to the injured Jan Arrah on Pasnic. Veilmist and Flederweb are forced to return to the Khundish Empire. Elsewhere, Firefist is "rebuilt." Legion vol. 4 #48 (Oct. 1993)
On New Earth, the Legionnaires defeat the Fatal Five, while Gossamer, Dragonmage, and Triad confront Leland McCauley on Gallan. Emerald Empress III seizes control of both Emerald Eyes and frees the Fatal Five. Legionnaires #6 (Sept. 1993)
Vacationing in Atlantis, the Legionnaires encounter the long-lost Devil-Fish. Legionnaires #7 (Oct. 1993)
The SW6 Brainiac 5 leaves the Legionnaires to join the Coluan government — which refuses to let him leave when he changes his mind, claiming he is the property of Colugov. Legionnaires #8 (Nov. 1993)
On Tartarus, Prince Evillo finally captures the Hypno-Stone, seizing complete control of his world. Tenzil Kem, summoned by a telepathic call for help from Saturn Queen, rides to the rescue only to learn it's a trap set by Evillo, who uses the residual Miracle Machine energies in Tenzil's body to create an unstoppable warrior. Tenzil being Tenzil, that turns out to be a gigantic duplicate of Eyeful Ethel. Tenzil is rescued by Evillo's daughters Styx and Stilleta, Sugyn, Brek Bannin, and Brek's new group of would-be heroes (including Policy Pam, Spaceopoly Lad, and Echo-Chamber Chet). Together, they defeat Evillo, destroy the giant Ethel, recapture the Hypno-Stone, and rescue Saturn Queen. Legion vol. 4 #49 (Early Nov. 1993)
  Rokk Krinn offers J'Onn J'Onnzz membership in the Legion, but J'Onn declines. On Shanghalla, Drake Burroughs possesses Dirk Morgna's body, although he conceals Dirk's ravaged features with a containment suit. Meanwhile, Tenzil Kem and Evie Aries return the Hypno-Stone to Titan, where Eve asks Tenzil to marry her so she can maintain her throne. Kono's mother invites her to join a Sklarian pirate crew, Dawnstar is returned to her parents, and Imra Ranzz learns that her newborn children are telepaths. Jan Arrah nearly dies, but the souls of fallen Trommites send him back. He is reunited with Sean Erin. B.I.O.N. is accidentally revived and runs amok on Talus, but is finally driven off by Wildfire, who rejoins the Legion. Meanwhile, Universo accuses the adult Legion of collaboration with the Khunds and the Time Trapper watches events unfold, waiting for his opportunity. Legion vol. 4 #50 (Late Nov. 1993)
Several SW6 Legionnaires battle the Khunds. In Metropolis, Cham holds a recruitment drive and rejects Accordian King and Barber Boy. Inferno cozies up to Legion groupie Sadi. While quelling food riots in Acapulco, Live Wire accidentally fries Cosmic Boy. Legionnaires #9 (Dec. 1993)
Tom McGraw begins as writer (Legion)
Grimbor attempts to rescue his daughter, Cocheta Drisden, from Quarantine and is defeated by Ivy's "Lil Legion": Garridan Ranzz, Ivy, Lynk, Mara Williams, Scales and Spunge. Legion vol. 4 #51 (Early Dec. 1993)
Timber Wolf reflects on his past and the events of Black Dawn. The Legion goes to Baaldur to confront Glorith. The Khunds continue to invade neighboring worlds. NOTES: This issue presents the first full explanation of Black Dawn and the apparent demise of Wildfire. The flashback sequences include a number of discrepancies from the previously established "Five Year Gap" timeline, although since the flashbacks are presented as Timber Wolf's recollections, any discrepancies may reflect lapses in Brin's hazy memory rather than actual continuity errors. Legion vol. 4 #52 (Late Dec. 1993)
The Legion battles Glorith on Baaldur. Brainiac 5 is aged by Glorith while Devlin O'Ryan, Kent Shakespeare, Mysa Nal, and Ayla Ranzz are made younger. Celeste McCauley is apparently killed. Afterwards, Glorith is attacked and nearly destroyed by the Time Trapper, who has been able to reassert himself following the death of Valor in the 20th century. Meanwhile, the U.P. Council misinterprets holo-vid footage that implicates the Legion in aiding the Khunds and calls for the Legion's arrest. Legion vol. 4 #53 (Jan. 1994)
On Antares II, some of the Legionnaires defend the Proteans from the Khunds and discover that the Khunds are holding Kid Quantum. In Acapulco, the SW6 Brainiac 5 resuscitates Cosmic Boy and a boy named Mayf ("Kid Psycho II"). Kono joins Cham to stop the Sklarian pirates whose raids sparked the food riots. Legionnaires #10 (Jan. 1994)
The Legionnaires learn that Kid Quantum's original purpose was to safely house all but seven Protean souls. Dragonmage helps the Proteans revive Quantum, restore the Proteans, and internalize Quantum's time-stasis powers. He easily defeats the Khunds and returns with the Legionnaires to New Earth. Mayf manifests bizarre powers. Legionnaires #11 (Feb. 1994)
Kid Quantum joins the SW6 Legion, which combats anti-alien riots in Paris only to be nearly killed by a super-powered Dominator girl. Saturn Girl breaks up with Livewire. Cham assigns Matter-Eater Lad to help Kono infiltrate the Sklarian raiders. Legionnaires #12 (Mar. 1994)
Celeste McCauley returns as a green energy form. Spider Girl joins the Legion. Vi becomes the leader. Rokk Krinn gets power gauntlets to restore his magnetic powers. Universo's accusations force the Legion to disband and take new codenames: Virus (Vi), B-5 (Brainy), Pulse (Ayla), Polestar (Rokk), Green Dragon (Jo), Wave (Sussa), Neon (Celeste), Jewel (Mysa), and NRG (Wildfire). NOTES: This issue features a foil enhanced cover and "see through" window. The image parodies the famous Giant Size X-Men #1. Several of the Legion's new codenames were suggested by Jacques Foccart in Legion vol. 4 #43 (May 1993). Legion vol. 4 #54 (Feb. 1994)
The disguised Legionnaires fight the Dragins. On Starhaven, Dawnstar defeats the Bounty entity. Legion vol. 4 #55 (Mar. 1994)
Invisible Kid confronts "Kid Psycho's" reality-warping powers. Matter-Eater Lad is infected with Grandin Gender-Reversal Disease; he infiltrates the Sklarian Raiders as a girl. The SW6 Legionnaires discover Grimbor is behind the trouble in Paris. Legionnaires #13 (Apr. 1994)
The Dominator girl helps the SW6 Legionnaires defeat Grimbor. Matter-Eater Lad (Lass?) is exposed as a spy by the Sklarians. The Legionnaires are ensnared by "Kid Psycho." Legionnaires #14 (May 1994)
The Legion reveals that Rimbor's chairman has sold out to the Khunds. Rokk Krinn's power gauntlets make him mentally unbalanced. Nura Nal dreams that the Time Trapper has returned. Legion vol. 4 #56 (Apr. 1994)
On Xolnar, Chuck and Luornu Taine train new Militia recruits: Mara Williams, Jagged, Dragonfly, R327, and Ringtoss. Porcupine Pete, Visi-Lad, Color Kid, Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad, Stone Boy, Ronn-Karr, Crystal Kid, Lamprey, Shift (Yera), Tiger Girl and Xera also enlist. The Legion fights the Kunds on two fronts: In the Darzyl system, they battle Chameleon Chief, the Heroes of Lallor, Garak, Ramjet, and Cupid, all apparently mind-controlled, but are unable to prevent Firefist, Veilmist, Flederweb, and a new Blood Claw [III] from assassinating Starfinger III. On Weber's World, Khundish ambassador Pantok meets with Chairman Relnic while Khundish agents plant a bomb. Ringtoss is killed and the Legion learns that Universo and Chameleon Chief framed them for treason. On Daxam, Valor, Laurel Gand, and Tasmia Mallor clash with Dev-Em and experience bizarre time fluctuations — Dev-Em is inexplicably replaced by his original counterpart. Rond Vidar and Circadia Senius discover that the time stream is unravelling. NOTE: This story confirms that Starfinger III did succeed in capturing Starfinger II's ring, although it isn't enough to save him from the Khunds. Legion vol. 4 #57 (May 1994)
  Dawnstar returns to the Legion, which races to find the Khunds' bomb on Weber's World. Laurel Gand is badly injured by the bomb. On Tharn, Glorith strikes an alliance with Mordru and restores his power. Firefist kills Veilmist when she attempts to rebel. Legion vol. 4 #58 (June 1994)
Vi reads Ayla an Elseworlds tale of the Legion of Oz. Legion vol. 4 Annual #5 (1994)
"Kid Psycho's" powers force the Legionnaires to confront their worst fears, but they manage to subdue him and bring his powers under control. Legionnaires #15 (June 1994)
The older Rokk Krinn battles the Khunds near New Earth. Time distortions cause new "SW6" versions of Bouncing Boy, Dream Girl, and Star Boy to materialize. The SW6 Legion discovers historical anomalies related to Valor. Legionnaires #16 (July 1994)
D.O.A.: A group of SW6 Legionnaires travel back to Valor's time to find the source of the temporal anomalies. They witness Valor's death from lead poisoning. The SW6 Valor appears out of the timestream and is forced to take his younger self's place. The SW6 Legionnaires return to the 30th century with no memory of what has happened. Notes: These events take place contemporaneously with Legionnaires #16 (July 1994). Valor #13–18 (Nov. 1993–May 1994)
  Valor and Shadow Lass rejoin the Legion, which is cleared of treason charges. Infectious Lass captures Universo. Laurel Gand apparently dies of her injuries. The SW6 Legionnaires try to stop Rokk Krinn from endangering New Earth while the adult Legion goes to Shanghalla to mourn Laurel. The time anomalies get worse: Circadia Senius vanishes and Celeste Rockfish becomes a Darkstar. Jo Nah takes a time bubble to search for Tinya Wazzo in the 20th century. Legion vol. 4 #59 (July 1994)
An Elseworlds tale of the Legion. Legionnaires Annual #1 (1994)
Zero Hour: END OF AN ERA
  Part 1: Time anomalies create problems at Laurel Gand's funeral on Shanghalla. Glorith and Mordru attack the Legion with villains from "lost" timelines: Satan Girl, Urthlo, Cosmic King, Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Beauty Blaze. Rokk Krinn is kidnapped by Glorith and Mordru. Dawnstar ceases to exist. NOTES: The cover incorrectly identifies this as the conclusion of "End of an Era." Legionnaires #17 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 2: R.J. Brande tries to replace the destroyed Earth with its Pocket Universe counterpart, but the Pocket Universe Earth proves unstable. Catspaw, Tyroc, and Computo disappear. Valor #22 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 3: Mordru and Glorith reveal that Rokk Krinn's destiny is somehow linked to the Time Trapper. They trap him in Glorith's Infinite Library on Baaldur and attack Talus to capture the Legion's Time Beacon. Mordru and Glorith summon the Infinite Man and divide his power between them. The SW6 Leviathan is killed, causing the older Gim Allon to vanish. Spider Girl and Kid Quantum disappear. Legion vol. 4 #60 (Aug. 1994)
  Part 4: Mysa Nal separates Glorith and Mordru and then disappears. Over untold years, Rokk Krinn studies Glorith's Infinite Library and ultimately comes face-to-face with the Time Trapper. Kono, Devlin O'Ryan, and Timber Wolf disappear. Legionnaires #18 (Sept. 1994)
  Part 5: Valor defeats Glorith with the help of Superboy. Mordru is vanquished and entombed beneath the Pocket Universe Earth. A moment later, Valor does, too. The Time Trapper explains to Rokk Krinn how he created the SW6 Legion — and reveals that he is Rokk! Superboy rallies the Legion and then disappears. Shadow Lass disappears. NOTES: This was the final issue of Valor. Valor #23 (Sept. 1994)
  Part 6: The surviving Legionnaires and SW6 counterparts are reunited. Lydda Jath disappears. The Time Trapper restores Tinya Wazzo. The Legionnaires allow the Trapper to merge them with their temporal duplicates in hopes of saving the universe. The Legion ceases to exist. The 30th century fades to white. Legion vol. 4 #61 (Sept. 1994)
Sep 1 Zero Hour: The Time Trapper is stripped of his power and slain by Parallax (Hal Jordan). The universe is recreated at the Dawn of Time, resulting in a new 30th century timeline. Zero Hour #1–0 (Sept. 1994)


Keith Giffen said that "Five Years Later" was "the one story I wish I could have finished up right." He intended to reveal the SW6 Legionnaires as the real Legion, while the adults would be revealed as clones. The creators had planned a "hat trick" in which the writers would randomly select some characters (as if drawn from a hat) to die in a massive battle involving both Legions against a common enemy. The adult team would then have left United Planets space and dubbed themselves the Omega Men, getting their own spin-off book.

Keith Giffen discussed his abortive plans for the Legion in his interview in Glen Cadigan's Legion Companion from TwoMorrows.

Where Next?

When the Original Legion was brought back into DC universe, the foregoing continuity was more-or-less restored — with the exception that the events of Legion vol. 4 (the Glorith Reality) were ignored.

This new era is referred to as the "Retroboot" — read all about it here…