Legion Links

Ain't It Cool News: Interview with Mark Waid (unpublished online; read it here)
Waid elaborates on the circumstances surrounding the creation of the "Threeboot" Legion.

Bits o' Legionnaire Business. Great blog with the Legion completist in mind.

Bits o' Legionnaire Business (Facebook). Great Facebook page with frequent Legion pics and discussions.

Comic Book Resources articles:

DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain!: Superboy Index
A great barebones list in the style of the official 1980s' Index series.

DC Comic.com: Legion of Super-Heroes Election. It looked like this.

Eric and the Legion Podcast

Fanzing Issue #35 covering the Legion
This online zine is now archival, but stores awesome fan fiction and artwork!

Get a Life-Boy's Legion of Super-Heroes Site
Get a life indeed! This site rivals my own in insane investigative comic-digging. Includes great stuff like a story index, alternate-universe Legions, "lost issues" from the five-year gap and a Legion Cruiser history!

io9: Paul Levitz Returns To The Future With Legion of Super-Heroes(January 2010)

It's OK I'm a Senator
Navigate to find a host of recollections by Legion volume 4 writer, Tom Bierbaum.

KC Carlson Column: LLL! The former Legion editor speaks.

Legion Abstract: Legion of Super-Heroes analysis and commentary
Really great, dedicated blogging on Legion-related matter.

The Legion of Substitute Podcasters
Super ultra geeky chats! Sometimes with the creators. Notable episodes:

The Legion of Super-Bloggers! A great collective of bloggers under one site.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Complete Guides. A great archival site with examples of collectibles from across the team's entire history.

Legion of Super Heroes TV Show at TV.com

Legion of Super-Heroes Help-File (Chaim Keller)
Over 1842 Legion-related entries and topics for pre-Zero Hour and reboot Legions, in a Windows Help file interface. Full search capabilities for info on the Legionnaires, supporting characters and villains. Someone should "webify" this.

The Legion of Super-Heroes Online Companion
This contains brief information on the Legion's Adventure Comics days.

The Legion of Super-Heroes Time Bubble
This site is a hidden gem honoring the Adventure era. It's got some great scans from those issues and fun profiles to read.

The Legion Outpost 2 Zine (John Censullo)
Download Word files of the exhaustive Legion resource. Hidden gems! <http://www.infiniteearths.org/LSH/outpost2.htm>
This site was inspired by the old Legion fanzine, the Outpost, some of which has been collected in print as The Legion Companion, Glen Cadigan, Two Morrows Publishing (2003). The story behind the stories.

Legion "Photo Manipulations"—some enterprising people take it upon themselves to recreate super-heroes in a more 3D form:

Renderings of the Legionnaires in Lego!

LLL! Legends of Lost Legionnaires
Articles mostly about the "vol. 4" Legion, after the Five Year Gap.

Newsarama Articles:

Paul and John Review (blog)
Paul and John have written a fantastic series of articles on Legion Rejects:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12

Superman Homepage: Legion of Super-Heroes Episode Guide
Oddly, this web site has one of the best sections for DC's cartoons.

Wikipedia:  Legion  •  Legion Animated

Wikipedia: Legion Animated  

The World's Finest:
Tucker Discusses "Legion of Super Heroes" History & Finale,
by James Harvey (4 April 2008)
Torres Discusses His Run on Legion of Super Heroes In The 31st Century, by James Harvey (17 September 2008)

More DCU links can be found in my master list.