The Reboot Legion (Earth-247): Chronology

Part 3: 31st Century

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

The Legionnaires find six members of the Titans in suspended animation in Egypt. On Titan, Brother Blood establishes a new cult and a partnership with Universo.

Titans/Legion #1 (2000)

Saturn Girl relates the origin of Universo — her cousin Sarmon Ardeen. The Titans fall under Universo's thrall. Starfire encounters her sister Blackfire. Cosmic Boy and Argent meet the Devil Fish (not given a name in this story).

Titans/Legion #2 (2000)

Blackfire explains how she bargained with the H'san Natall (alien Titans foes) to have longevity and the power of flight. Some of the Titans are freed from Universo's control using Brainiac 5.1's blocking device.

Titans/Legion #3 (2000)

Saturn Girl and Omen return to the 20th century and prevent the final defeat of the Titans. Subsequently, the 30th century returns to the way it had been, with Universo still imprisoned on Titan. Supposedly all participants forget the event.

Titans/Legion #4 (2000)

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (DnA, writers) and Olivier Coipel (artist) begin
Read interviews with: Abnett and Lanning Olivier Coipel

Cosmic Boy, Brainiac, Monstress and Apparition are stranded near Xanthu just as the Blight strike Earth, disabling all stargates.

(Legionnaires #78, Dec. 1999)

Attacking via stargate, the Blight infect Earth within 5 hours. Most Legionnaires (and Amazers and Workforce) are captured. Cosmic Boy's team begins a series of hyperspace jumps back to Earth.

(Legionnaires #79, Jan. 2000)


Part 1: Most Legionnaires having been possessed or captured by the Blight, a splinter group aides President Brande in protecting refugees. Chameleon is the only Legionnaire to escape them. After a month's journey, Cosmic Boy's team arrives on Earth.

Legion vol. 4 #122 (Dec. 1999)

Part 2: XS frees herself and Saturn Girl from the Blight's "Stem."

Legionnaires #79 (Jan. 2000)

Part 3: The origin of the Blight and their leader, Atrophos. M'onel manages to briefly break free; Atrophos reveals that M'onel is the key to eliminating all life in the universe.

Legion vol. 4 #123 (Jan. 2000)

Part 4: Saturn Girl releases the Doda (the Blight's energy conduit) from their control, breaking the Blight's hold on all enslaved worlds. All the Legionnaires are returned to normal, but faced with a world to rebuild.

Legionnaires #80 (Feb. 2000)

Widening Rifts 1: As the formerly Blighted Legionnaires suffer lingering psychological trauma, the United Planets Council questions R.J. Brande about his responsibility to stargate security. McCauley terminates all Workforce members except Lori and Amilia. Star Boy decides to leave with the Amazers for Xanthu, taking Dreamer with him.

Legion vol. 4 #124 (Feb. 2000)

Widening Rifts 2: First appearance of the new Workforce: Repulse, Amber, Dune, Meta and Lori as Helios. Meta sets off a shock wave in the stargate which threatens to become a black hole. Thunder resigns, returning to the future.

Legionnaires #81 (Mar. 2000)

Widening Rifts Conclusion: As the tear in space expands, the Legion sends three of its own into its midst to attempt a solution. For his efforts, ERG-1 is awarded membership. Thinking they've failed, the Legionnaires evacuate the Outpost. Those who do not make it are thrown (with the Outpost) outside of the known boundaries of the universe. Those remaining on Earth believe that the lost Legionnaires are dead. Though Gates is also lost, he is not with the others in the Outpost; he is presumed deceased.

Legion vol. 4 #125 (Mar. 2000)

Year 3: Legion Lost

Element Lad seals his teammates in Tromium, effecting a suspended animation. He eventually succeeds in returning the Outpost to normal space/time, but into a "Second Galaxy." He himself is thrust billions of years into the past and drifts for eons, eventually becoming the Progenitor.

Legion: Lost #11 (Mar. 2001)

Seeking haven from the xenophobic Progeny, the "pathfinder" Shikari stumbles across the Legion Outpost. There she awakens the Tromium-encased Legion, who help her. Unbeknown to the other Legionnaires, Saturn Girl creates a convincing mental duplicate of Apparition because she fears Ultra Boy will come unbalanced. The Legionnaires are unaware that they have been in suspended animation for billions of years. NOTE: Shikari appears to be the counterpart to the original Legion member, Dawnstar. Her people are called the Kwai.

Legion: Lost #1 (May 2000)

The Legion free themselves from the Progeny and procure one of their ships. Monstress relates her origin: she was physically altered by a gene bomb as a child. NOTE: The letter column prints a table for the Interlac alphabet.

Legion: Lost #2 (June 2000)

Shikari's people lead the Legion to discover the discorporated ERG-1; they build him a new containment suit. When the Legion saves Shikari's people from the Progeny, she vows to stay with the team, repaying the debt owed by her people. First appearance of Enkenet, the Kwai matriarch.

Legion: Lost #3 (July 2000)

Nerves begin to fray among the Legionnaires. Brainy catapults the team 16 light years, but their warp drive is subsequently destroyed. Shikari inadvertently dubs ERG-1 "Wildfire," a name he chooses to adopt. NOTE: The Earth-247 Wildfire first appeared in Legion vol. 4 Annual #7.

Legion: Lost #4 (Aug. 2000)

The team narrowly escapes the powerful Omniphagos, whose prison contains a means for finding their way home.

Legion: Lost #5 (Sept. 2000)

The menacing spirits of her ancestors drive Umbra to the breaking point; she steals a cruiser, forcing the team to follow her to a nearby planet. There she is intercepted by its protector, Singularity. First appearance (shadowed) of the Progeny's leader, the Progenitor II. NOTE: The first Progenitor was the Lord of Time, in Justice League of America #245.

Legion: Lost #6 (Oct. 2000)

Now completely unbalanced, Umbra hobbles Ultra Boy and Monstress. Just as the rest of the team prepares to come to their aid, Cosmic Boy, Element Lad and others appear claiming they'll at last be taken home.

Legion: Lost #7 (Nov. 2000)

The Legionnaires reveal to the Singularity that the world he protects is an illusion; he departs, confused and angry. When Umbra and Saturn Girl are cured of their ailments, they discover that the Legion rescue squad (and Apparition) were in fact Saturn Girl's powerful mental creations.

Legion: Lost #8 (Dec. 2000)

Saturn Girl attempts to make amends with her teammates. Inexplicably, she and Ultra Boy nearly kiss but are interrupted by an entire fleet of Progeny vessels on their tail.

Legion: Lost #9 (Jan. 2001)

The Legionnaires are overwhelmed by the Progeny and taken to the Progenitor — who turns out to be Element Lad!

Legion: Lost #10 (Feb. 2001)

The Progenitor tells the Legionnaires of his surprising history. The Legionnaires are suspicious of him and plan an escape back home. When the Progenitor realizes their plan, he kills Monstress.

Legion: Lost #11 (Mar. 2001)

Still reeling from Monstress' murder, Saturn Girl and Chameleon take on the Progenitor face-to-face. The others free the Omniphagos to distract him, then head for the dimensional doorway to home. When the Progenitor and Omniphagos merge, Live Wire sacrifices his life to stop it from following them through the portal. He and the Progenitor apparently perish.

Legion: Lost #12 (Apr. 2001)

The "One Year Gap"

Leland McCauley is murdered and replaced by Ra's al Ghul.

The Legion #3 (Feb. 2002)

Following the Great Rift Disaster, President Brande is impeached and removed from office. Leland (Ra's) McCauley is unanimously elected as President of the United Planets (Winema Wazzo is Vice President). R.J. Brande leaves Earth and entrusts his business operations to Luornu Durgo (Triad). He secretly begins building a new hidden Legion headquarters and urges the Legionnaires to keep their spirits. President "McCauley" disbands the Legion. He abducts the Vyrgan population and cross-breeds them with Carggites to create and enslave a new species that can power space travel. Kinetix joins the Science Police. M'onel is approached by Chief Presidential Advisor Mr. Venge. Invisible Kid deduces that Apparition is pregnant.

Legion Worlds #1, 6 (June, Nov. 2001)

Earth: M'onel, as a member of President McCauley's Presidential Oversight Watch, encounters a newly-enhanced Tharok. M'onel recognizes the technology is that of Robotica. He destroys a Robotica probe in orbit. He and Triad memorialize the lost Legionnaires one the one-year anniversary of their disappearance—just as they return home! NOTE: The Oversight Watch also includes Repulse, Mr. Venge, Brainstorm, Twine and Abyss. First appearance of reporters Trudy Trusoe and Vigo Toosalembi.

Legion Worlds #1 (June 2001)

Winath: Ayla Ranzz returns to Winath, where she foils a sabotage operation among the local farmers. Her brother Mekt nearly reforms until word of the lost Legionnaires' return again angers him. NOTE: Contains a backup story drawn by Darwyn Cooke.

Legion Worlds #2 (July 2001)

Braal: New Science Police officer Dyrk Magz comes up against vigilantes who are later revealed as Cosmic Boy and Leviathan. They're joined by Invisible Kid and Chuck Taine, who call themselves the "Subs" (Legion Subterfuge Team). They seize a Braalian ship and head for Earth. First appearance of the Bouncing Boy, Taine's bouncing ship. On Titan, telepaths have devised a form of interstellar mental communication. Winema Wazzo employs the alpha-grade Titanian Orla Eidoor, to communicate with U.P. officials. Orin Fex informs her that they have withdrawn the planet Colu to isolation. NOTE: This is Chuck Taine's first appearance as a Legion member. Colu's withdrawal was foreshadowed in the (Elseworlds) Superboy's Legion.

Legion Worlds #3 (Aug. 2001)

Xanthu: Robotica invades Xanthu. As a member of the Affiliated Planets, the Khunds offer Xanthu their military assistance. They have recruited Star Boy, XS, Dreamer and Xanthu's Amazers for the war. At the cost of sleep, Dreamer has honed her powers to enable total command of her future-visions. Dreamer accompanies 8 million refugees to safety inside Khundia, but XS and Star Boy are left behind. The Khund Jork gives his life. First appearance of the Khund commander, Q'Bahl. NOTE: Art by Duncan Rouleau.

Legion Worlds #4 (Sept. 2001)

Steeple: Karate Kid and Ferro have begun a spiritual journey. While on Steeple, Ferro reveals his true face to Val. They must decide whether to leave, however, as the planet will have "limited and hazardous" access for 10 years. While in iron form, Ferro is critically injured in battle with Nadir; he remains comatose in iron form. Both heroes are stranded when the Ophiuchi black hole rages into activity. On Earth, the Presidential Oversight Watch stops Cortex and his gang (Emerita, Razorsoul, Gangster, Bronto, Pollen) from acquiring the ancient remains of Warworld. NOTE: Nadir was first mentioned in issue #3. Art by Steve Dillon.

Legion Worlds #5 (Oct. 2001)

Rimbor: Apparition travels to Rimbor to deliver news to Ultra Boy's family: she is pregnant. Upon her arrival, she saves the life of Brin Londo, Timber Wolf. He and his gang (Crody, Hubble, Rn'drr, Mash and Rac) protect her from her mother's bounty hunters until she gives birth to a boy, Cub. Bounty hunters include Xoth, a Dominator, Swool of Hykraius and Kuga of Cargg. After the birth, they learn of the lost Legionnaires' return and Brin accompanies Tinya to Earth. NOTE: First appearance of Jo Nah's (unnamed) mother. Backup story art by Mike McKone.

Legion Worlds #6 (Nov. 2001)

Year 4: One Year Later

M'onel aids the lost Legionnaires' ship's reentry to Earth. Before long, they solve a hostage situation at U.P. Congress, disarming the hostile group from Corvan IV (led by Izaard and Vanquo). The Legionnaires are then escorted by the Oversight Watch to a transport, which blows up en route to a debriefing. Shikari is taken into quarantined custody.

The Legion #1 (Dec. 2001)

In the sewers, the Legion discovers the remains of the real Leland McCauley and Amilia Crugg. They're eventually found by Cosmic Boy and other former teammates, who have also rescued Shikari. Umbra discovers her powers are gone, hinting at some fateful event on her home planet.

The Legion #2 (Jan. 2002)

The lost Legionnaires are reunited with their former teammates and benefactor. R.J. Brande reveals Legion World — a planet built by Gear and hidden by Sensor. With Shikari to navigate, Brainiac 5 develops new teleportation technology based on the team's return from the "Second Galaxy." They use this to retrieve Spark from Winath. A team then travels back to the Second Galaxy in search of the Kwai, who they hope will agree to serve as navigators for the new teleporters. "McCauley" reveals his true form: Ra's al Ghul. Shikari officially joins the Legion. First appearance of McCauley's "Footstep Drive" teleportation technology. NOTE: This is Gear's first appearance as a Legion member.

The Legion #3 (Feb. 2002)

Gates is rescued; he and other Vyrgans had been used by Ra's al Ghul to power the Footstep Drive teleportation technology. In Kwai-space, a team is confronted by Kwai warriors. On Xanthu, XS and Star Boy continue to fight Robotica. Umbra adopts a new costume in light of her missing powers. Ra's reduces M'onel's invulnerability by using a red sun ray, then shoots him.

The Legion #4 (Mar. 2002)

The away team are greeted by Leos and Herros of the Kwai, who take them to their leader, Enkenet. The Kwai's township has become a huge refugee camp for those displaced by the Progenitor — including some of the Progeny themselves. Invisible Kid is forced to call Saturn Girl on her hateful attitude towards the Progeny, and the Legion come to conflict with a hate-group, Credo (Rayl, Nox, Brek, Kusp, Ngangan). The Credo return to their base, joined by Herros. Their leader is revealed as the Singularity. NOTE: The language in the Kwai's galaxy is called Proverso. Art by Peter Snejbjerg.

The Legion #5 (Apr. 2002)


Part 1: The Legionnaires find M'onel and stabilize his injuries. As Ra's transforms the moon into his "Engine of Change," the public learns of the Legion's return to activity. Meanwhile, Kinetix encounters Ra's' bombs in Metropolis and is transformed into a Terrorform. Robotica inexplicably abandons Xanthu.

The Legion #6 (May 2002)

Part 2: By exposing the human race to "extreme, extinction level conditions," Ra's initiates "Hypertaxis": one in one-hundred thousand people spontaneously evolve into Terrorforms to protect the species. The newly-transformed Kinetix aids her former comrades. Dreamer and the Khunds witness Robotica heading for Earth. Kinetix differs from the other Terrorforms because she is alien and linked to mystical energy.

The Legion #7 (June 2002)

Part 3: To quicken the Hypertaxis, Ra's draws the moon towards the Earth. The Legion stop this by teleporting Legion World into Earth's orbit. It acts as a counter-gravitational force and pulls the moon back. Kinetix heals M'onel, who then confronts Ra's and they discover that Ra's is only one of an army of clones; Ra's goes into shock and is easily defeated. Mr. Venge disappears and the remaining Oversight Watch members surrender. The Kwai agree to lend their pathfinding abilities for threshold travel.

The Legion #8 (July 2002)

Apparition and Timber Wolf are stranded en route to Earth when their ship's drive is damaged by the passing of Robotica. They discover that the ship's footstep drive was powered by a strange Carggite/Vyrgan hybrid. Upon freeing it, it dies. Meanwhile, Apparition's son grows at a faster-than-normal rate and exhibits the powers of both his parents.

The Legion #9 (Aug. 2002)

Kid Quantum is elected as new Legion leader. She appoints Triad as deputy leader. Star Boy and XS are retrieved from Xanthu. As Robotica approaches, Mr. Venge frees Tharok. Umbra leaves for her homeworld. Spark delivers news of her brother's death to her family. She adopts his codename, becoming Live Wire II. First appearance of Coluan Sharn Nux. Winema Wazzo becomes acting President of Earth and the United Planets. Romantic sparks fly between Kid Quantum and Cosmic Boy. In a matter of moments, Robotica leaps past Earth's military, transforms the Earth and erects an impenetrable force field.

The Legion #10 (Sept. 2002)

Mr. Venge is revealed as Computo; Robotica is its "progeny." M'onel leads the Legion to Pluto and the remains of Warworld. Apparition arrives on Earth. Note: Shikari reveals her surname: "Lonestar."

The Legion #11 (Oct. 2002)

Warworld manifests solid light avatars of the ancient JLA. Gear is able to converse with the planet and convinces it to help save Earth. Dreamer arrives to help. Tinya intercepts a misleading note from Ultra Boy to Saturn Girl. Sharn Nux reveals the secret Coluan agenda: to destroy Robotica no matter the expense.

The Legion #12 (Nov. 2002)

Warworld bombards the Robotican shield to no avail. R.J. Brande invites Timber Wolf to join the Legion. Kinetix and her Terrorform brethren begin to manifest machine components. In the Kwai galaxy, Psiclone, a member of the Septenary's Hyperguard is slain by the Singularity and his Credo followers.

The Legion #13 (Dec. 2002)

Kinetix uses her new robotic form to let the Legion through Robotica's shield. Brainy helps Computo undergo its final metamorphosis; as he knew it would, Computo becomes an enlightened higher life form and departs in peace. Sharn Nux tries to destroy Computo but disappears inside it. The remaining Roboticans restore the Earth and adopt Warworld as its home in Pluto's orbit. Ultra Boy finally meets his son and reunites with Apparition. NOTE: Last Olivier Coipel pencils.

The Legion #14 (Jan. 2003)

Memorials are held for Monstress, Live Wire and Element Lad. Ayla returns to her "Spark" code name. The Fatal Five return to reclaim the imprisoned Tharok. Tensions build between Apparition, Ultra Boy and Timber Wolf.

The Legion #15 (Feb. 2003)

The Fatal Five free Tharok, whom they need to help them unlock a secret artifact. They are ultimately defeated by Timber Wolf (on his first mission). NOTE: First time The Empress is actually called the Emerald Empress.

The Legion #16 (Mar. 2003)

On Xanthu, the Legion attempts to "regrow" dormant Earth people using Hypertaxis energy from the Terrorforms. This works, and reverts the Terrorforms to human. But a dormant Robotica drone attacks, killing many and critically injuring Sensor, who begins to mutate. M'onel requests aid from Ra's Al Ghul, who commits suicide once he reaches Legion World. R.J. Brande plans a mission to the "Second (Kwai) Galaxy." CAMEO: The Uncanny Amazers.

The Legion #17 (Apr. 2003)

Ra's al Ghul decides to help the Legion instead of carrying on a rivalry with M'onel. When Sensor emerges from her cocoon, her upper torso is transformed into a humanoid form, while the bottom remains snake-like.

The Legion #18 (May 2003)

Chris Batista begins as penciler


Part 1: Dreamer ventures to Titan where she hopes to link her abilities with the Titanet telepathic network. There she receives a glimpse of Darkseid, secretly planted in her head by Universo. Apparition places her son, Cub, in one of Kid Quantum's force fields to retard his accelerated growth. Brainiac 5 and Shikari succeed in contacting Karate Kid on Steeple. Star Boy's powers once again begin to go awry.

The Legion #19 (June 2003)

Part 2: Universo takes control of Saturn Girl. She dreams about a life as a waitress, where she comes into contact with various Legionnaires. She is then led to believe that she has woken up in the Second Galaxy, before the end battle with the Progenitor.

The Legion #20 (July 2003)

Part 3: Dreamer alerts the Legion to what she believes is the threat of Darkseid. This is a ruse by Universo, who then makes the Legionnaires believe they are battling Darkseid's Parademons. Star Boy's powers malfunction and produce a black hole. Sensor and Shikari escape to Steeple, hoping to retrieve Ferro and Karate Kid. Jo and Tinya's son ages several years.

The Legion #21 (Aug. 2003)

Part 4: Universo uses the Titanet tower to gain control of the entire United Planets. Shikari and Sensor succeed in retrieving Karate Kid and Ferro. But despite their protective equipment, they also fall to Universo's mind control. Ferro has been cured, but is permanently stuck in his metallic form.

The Legion #22 (Sept. 2003)

Part 5: Sensor tricks Universo and frees Saturn Girl and Dreamer. Universo is momentarily weakened by the power of Apparition's son, and Saturn Girl seizes the opportunity to subdue him. Universo is taken to Steeple, on the other side of a black hole for safekeeping by the Halpashar. Dreamer joins the Legion.

The Legion #23 (Oct. 2003)

Umbra returns home to Talok VIII, to discover that the U.P. fleet are fleeing from a rogue Shadowforce which has encased the entire planet in darkness. Tasmia meets her mentor, the Shadow Maven, who tells of the Talokians secession from the U.P. They believed she was dead and so used McCauley technology to help Tasmia's distant cousin, Grev, become the Shadow Champion in her stead. The force killed Grev and went out of control. Upon her arrival, the Shadowforce recognized Umbra and returned to her command. NOTE: Pencils by Steve Lightle.

The Legion #24 (Nov. 2003)

While on a date with Wonder Girl, Superboy is shunted into the 31st century. He has no memory of how or when he left.

Teen Titans vol. 3 #16 (Late Nov. 2004)


Part 1: The Legion Cadet Program is established. Among the cadets are Polar Boy, Comet Queen, Babbage, Retro (Deen Toro) and Amp Girl (Ming Sul). The 21st century Superboy (Kon-El) is found drifting in space near Braal; he has no memory of his recent past. Mekt Ranzz expresses remorse for his past and for his brother. Live Wire returns to life, but his mind has imprinted on the former crystalline body of Element Lad! Inhabitants of Apokolips abduct 15-year-old Clark Kent from the 20th Century. NOTES: Special-sized anniversary issue with pencils by Dave Cockrum. First appearance of the Legionnaires' personal identification symbols, used to track away teams. Kent Shakespeare may another one of the cadets.

The Legion #25 (Dec. 2003)

Part 2: Weeks later, Superboy and the revived Live Wire still struggle to assimilate to all that has happened to them. Superboy dons Superman's costume. Dark versions of the 21st Century's most powerful people (Superman, Orion, Green Lantern, Lobo, Firestorm, Barda, a White Martian, Hawkwoman) set about reviving the dark lord of Apokolips — Darkseid. Kid Quantum begins experiencing time anomalies. First sign of a romance between Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum. Umbra returns to active duty.

The Legion #26 (Early Jan. 2004)

Reporter Trudy Trusoe is led through an exclusive tour of Legion World. Darkseid's followers begin abducting heroes from the 21st century. NOTE: This story describes Chuck Taine and Superboy as only Honorary Members, and affirms Kinetix's active status.

The Legion Secret Files 3003 (Jan. 2004)

Part 3: Darkseid's minions attack the Time Institute in Metropolis and begin using the old stargates to drain dark matter from the universe. NOTE: This story contains a controversial moment where, in joy, Brainiac kisses Invisible Kid briefly on the cheek. Some awkwardness followed the moment, which is attributable more to Brainy's usual lack of emotional expression, than to any gay subtext.

The Legion #27 (Late Jan. 2004)

Part 4: Young Clark Kent shakes his possession by Darkseid. The Legionnaires discover that Darkseid is channeling matter 10 years into the past. They arrive on Apokolips in time to see the 30th century Darkseid greet his much younger self from the past... NOTE: I own a piece of original comic art from this issue.

The Legion #28 (Feb. 2004)

Part 5: The young Darkseid's absence from the timestream results in the steady erasure of history. By siphoning 30th Century matter into the recent past, the matter would act as a breakwater; the past would be gone, and the future all Darkseid's. But the younger villain rejects the elder's plan to merge their selves and uses Orion to destroy him.

The Legion #29 (Mar. 2004)

Part 6: A team of Legionnaires rushes into the past to prevent the murder of the elder Darkseid. They push the younger back to his own time, and as the elder's powers wane, his minions return to their own times. Ultimately, Clark Kent batters the dark god back into his former stasis.

The Legion #30 (Apr. 2004)

Chuck Taine and Gear unwittingly unleash cleaning nanites into Legion World which grow into a malevolent sentient being. They eventually use Superboy, whose 21st century germs destroys them. They discover Brainiac 5's secret picture collection of fellow female teammates. NOTE: Pencils by Keith Giffen.

The Legion #31 (May 2004)

Live Wire visits Dr. Gym'll; he is essentially "a sentient electrical charge inside the crystal debris of the Progenitor." The Credo follow M'onel back to Legion World via threshold. They believe this "First Galaxy" is tainted by the Progeny. M'onel's Legion goodwill mission, led by RJ Brande, was captured by Singularity on Amshana. The Legion fail to negotiate their release, so Live Wire (in the Credo's enemy's — the Progenitor's — body) surrenders to Singularity. NOTE: M'onel dons a uniform much like his pre-Crisis one.

The Legion #32 (June 2004)

Singularity refuses to release Brande and his team, but the Espionage Squad frees the Legion from the Credo. Then the whole Legion attacks. To win, the Singularity prepares to sacrifice all Credo members on the planet. This alienates a large number of their members and Live Wire turns the Singularity into inert crystal. Live Wire and Saturn Girl reunite but agree to take it slow. NOTE: Last issue by Abnett/Lanning/Battista.

The Legion #33 (July 2004)

On Qward, which is devastated by civil war, Lord Thalon has found a way to tap energy from Wildfire. Thalon rebuilds and is revered as a god and savior. Brainiac 5 traces the energy drain and assembles a Legion "Stealth Squad" to travel to Qward. Thalon's son, Vox, alerts his father to the Legion's presence, but when Vox discovers the truth behind his father's power, he releases Wildfire. Brainy discovers that Wildfire's energy is finite, and running dry. NOTE: Chameleon takes the form of the pre-Crisis Tellus. By Keith Champagne and Steve Lightle.

The Legion #34 (Aug. 2004)

Gail Simone (writer) and Dan Jurgens (artist) begin


Part 1: While most of the Legion tries to stop a civil war on Karahdia, the remaining attend an unveiling ceremony for a new monument honoring the Legion. Dreamer is kidnapped by Devil, part of a terrorist group modeled after ancient Justice League members: Canary, Arrow and Lantern. It seems Dreamer's power can amplify Canary's. Canary delivers a pulse that disables all technology. Brainiac 5 starts to experience mental imbalance, as his implants usually keep his personality "under control." President Wazzo is shot by Devil's cohort, Arrow. Karate Kid escorts Pinter DeRoy, the Ogan Thief to Oasis One prison. He meets the Persuader's daughter, Lialla. NOTE: By Gail Simone and Dan Jurgens.

The Legion #35 (Early Sept. 2004)

Part 2: Apparition recruits reporter Trudy Trusoe to help as Brainy struggles to keep sanity. Karate Kid tries to quell the prisoners as Oasis One begins crashing to Earth. Chuck calls in Legion Cadets for help (Nightwind, Infectious Lass and 2 others). Arrow shoots Dr. Gym'll. Devil stabs Timber Wolf with her trident. NOTE: Infectious Lass is masked and first appeared nameless among applicants in Legionnaires #43. She also appeared inexplicably as a child in Legends of the Legion.

The Legion #36 (Late Sept. 2004)

Part 3: Infectious Lass and Nightwind help to turn the tide, taking out Arrow and Lantern. Timber Wolf heals quickly.

The Legion #37 (Early Oct. 2004)

Part 4: Ultra Boy offers sacrifices himself to the Organ Thief to save the President. Dreamer turns Canary against Devil and induces pain in herself to short-circuit Canary's power. The rest of the Legion win their battle when the Karahdians hyper-evolve themselves into extinction. Trudy reveals her real name: Hanna Wells. NOTE: The DC editorial page in this issue says `"that's it for the Legion as you've come to know it" and to watch out for a new 'Number One.'

The Legion #38 (L10 2004)


21st Century: Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 becomes bitter about his fate, trapped in "heaven," and begins coercing the Superboy of Earth-Prime to pummel against its crystalline barrier. He finds that the post-Crisis "unified" Earth has not settled into its proper place, and each blow alters its history.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files #1 (Apr. 2006)

21st Century: Alexander Luthor unleashes a beam of energy at Superman-2 which rebirths a multiverse. This Legion now becomes only one possible future for Earth.

Infinite Crisis #5 (Apr. 2006)

After five months in the 31st century, Superboy finally recovers his memory of the time he left. He returns to the past to recruit the Titans to help the Legion against a massive multi-reality Fatal Five. The Persuader follows him and the Titans enter a portal to the future. They meet the Legion. Dreamer predicts that neither team will return home after their upcoming battle. NOTE: The teams do not recall their previous meeting (Titans/Legion: Universe Ablaze) because their memories of that event were erased. This issue was published fan in advance of Infinite Crisis. It was written by Geoff Johns, one of the architects of the new multiverse.

Teen Titans vol. 3 #16 (Late Nov. 2004)

Tharok has used the Persuader's axe to carve into other realities and assembled a Fatal 500 from a hundred other timelines. The Legion and Titans convene at the Legion's old headquarters in Metropolis. Andromeda rejoins them to help. Kid Flash is reunited with his mother, who is with the Science Police. Brainy devises a plan to use the speedsters' powers to create the vibrational frequencies to return the villains to their realities. As a side effect, the Legion is disconnected from their own reality. Invisible Kid notes that it's the result of another force (Superboy Prime) "pounding against reality." The only tether to their reality is the Persuader's axe, which Superboy holds. He decides to try to return all the heroes to the 21st century, but the Persuader grabs his axe and sends them reeling. The Titans return to a time one decade ahead of when they left. The Legion is lost again in Limbo; only Shikari is thrust back into "reality" where she witnesses the new Earth-Prime, which is the home of a new, more rebellious Legion. NOTES: By Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Meloni Thawne calls her son "The Flash." First appearance of the Legion of Earth-Prime, all of whom are unnamed except for Lyle Norg.

Titans/Legion Special (Nov. 2004)

21st Century: In Alexander Luthor's temporary new multiverse, this Legion's Earth becomes "Earth-247." The Legion finds itself back home, fighting chaos, and Shikari reunites with them at last. Superboy dies in battle with Superboy Prime, but their battle shatters Luthor's tower and the infinite Earths reassemble into one. Earth-247 ceases to exist, and this Legion is thrust again into Limbo. They become an anomaly, trapped outside reality. NOTE: First mention of the name "Earth-247." The new mainstream Earth is referred to as "Earth-0." It has a different future.

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)

When Alexander Luthor's multiverse collapses, the leftover energy spawns a new multiverse — 52 identical universes. These parallel universes are each surrounded by a Source Wall, and there is "anti-life" between Walls.

Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006), 52 #52 (May 2007)

Rip Hunter, Booster Gold and Daniel Carter follow Mr. Mind through the new multiverse, where Mind demonstrates his new ability to "eat" time — to consume events from the past, space and time. Each time he does so, a universe completely changed and reconfigured, becoming distinct from Earth-0. NOTE: Earth-247 is not among these recreated universes.

52 #52 (May 2007)

Limbo: Still navigating through Limbo, Shikari and Dreamer catch glimpses of Legions from parallel universes. They eventually make contact with Legionnaires from Earth-0, who guide Shikari to their world. NOTE: The White Witch's seance is an homage to the cover of Justice League of America #21, where the Justice League contacted their counterparts on Earth-2. This Legion is pulled to Earth not long after being flung into Limbo in Titans/Legion Special.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (Dec. 2008)

Earth-0: The Legion enters the battle on Earth-0 against Superboy Prime. The Brainiac 5 of Earth-0 uses his lightning rod to amplify Live Wire's powers, which enables him to transform himself back to his original body. Brainiac 5 reveals that XS and Impulse were born on Earth-0 but migrated to Earth-247. The lightning-based heroes provide power to XS while she uses a Cosmic Treadmill. Upon surpassing the speed of light, Brainiac 5 uses the lightning rod to free its inhabitant—Bart Allen. NOTE: This issue provides the first real explanation of the Legions' first meeting, over the fate of the Tornado Twins.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 (Dec. 2008)

Earth-0: The Mordru of Earth-0 kills and "absorbs" Kinetix. As she dies, she utters "Leviathan," as if seeing Gim in the afterlife. Afterwards, Mordru has a vision of the Legion's victory over the LSV. In the remains of the Fortress of Solitude, the Brainiac 5s complete the plan to restore Conner Kent (Superboy) to life. They unearth the Kryptonian regeneration chrysalis and uses Lex Luthor's DNA to complete the process. The Time Trapper steals Superman and the founders away to the end of time and reveals himself—as Superboy Prime! NOTE: Kinetix's death was foreshadowed in Legion vol. 4 #91.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 (June 2009)

Earth-0: Legionnaires from all realities are brought to the End of Time to pummel Prime. Brainy deduces that the Time Trapper is more an entity rather than one single person: a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours." The White Witch sacrifices herself to stop Mordru. By uttering "aufero magus infusco," she absorbs him completely (along with others he'd absorbed, including Kinetix) and she becomes the Black Witch. When the Time Trapper makes contact with his younger self, he disappears. He finds himself home at last, in 21st century Earth-Prime, where events of the DC universe happen only in comics. Brainiac 5 confirms that Earth-247 no longer exists. This Legion decides, at Shikari's behest, to pursue evidence of other lost survivors in the multiverse. They will be new Wanderers. XS and Gates elect to remain on Earth-0. Superboy and Kid Flash are reunited with the Titans in the 21st century.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 (Sept. 2009)

The Legion’s Future

3004: The Legion teams with Young Justice, the Fatal Five, Mordru and Universo to stop Imperiex. To add inspiration, M'onel assumes the uniform of Superman. Brainiac 5 also works with Brainiac 13. NOTE: This event is now unlikely to occur since Brainiac 13 and and Imperiex were destroyed in the 21st Century.

Young Justice: Our Worlds at War (Aug. 2001)

75th Century

Legends of Dead Earth: 4500 years after the formation of the Legion, the immortal Legionnaire, Wildfire, survives to continue the Legion. With members Graft, Phase II, Nervosa, Membrain and Mentrox, he fails to stop a sun-destroying cannon; all except Membrain perish. Back at HQ on Rimbor, he staffs his next group with Magno-Boy, Lodestone, Triad III, Triplicate, Argent, Silverwing, Shape and Shift. They succeed. NOTE: Reflecto, Galaxy (Andromeda?) and Gates are shown as deceased Legionnaires. This story parallels the foreshadowing of the Silver Age "Adult Legion" stories.

LSH4 Annual #7 (1996)

90th Century

Legends of Dead Earth: When uttering the name "Captain Marvel," Cecebeck of Binderaan becomes Thunder. Her mentor is the original Marvel, Billy Batson. NOTE: In Legion vol. 4 #110, Thunder says she's from 6,000 years in the future.

Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996)

100th Century

Legends of Dead Earth: XS meets Avatar, Metallica, Behemoth and Ultra-Man. At the Vanishing Point, the Time Trapper reveals his/her hand in bouncing her through time.

Legionnaires #Annual #3 (1996)

853rd Century

DC One Million: Maintaining an exclusive affiliation, the United Planets is home to the Justice Legion L: Cosmicbot, The Umbra, The Chameleon, Titangirl, Implicate Girl, The M'onelves, Brainiac 417 and Dreamer II. Using the Wildflame for guidance, they reach back to bring the Superboy of the 843rd Century to help them keep the planets from drifting apart.

Legionnaires #1,000,000 (Nov. 1998)

DC One Million: Titangirl is revealed as a separatist saboteur, acting on behalf of her people on Titan. She is destroyed.

Legion vol. 4 #1,000,000 (Nov. 1998)

863rd Century

DC One Million: In the hermetic, xenophobic Earth Tesseract 63060, three youths, Dav, Vara, and Chec learn of the Legion's legacy, and are granted powers by the Wildflame, which has been imbued with the memory of Titangirl's perfection.

Legion vol. 4 #1,000,000 (Nov. 1998)

The End of Time/The Omega Point

First appearance of the Time Trapper. NOTE: This Trapper appears as the adult Lori Morning (Glorith) in Legionnaires #64.

Zero Hour #0 (Sept. 1994)

Sharn Nux arrives at the Omega Point from the 30th century and is greeted by an unknown entity.

The Legion #14 (Jan. 2003)

Dangling Plot Threads:

  • Was R.J. Brande the Martian Manhunter?
  • Where was Apparition's third body?
  • Was Kinetix created only to become the Legion's greatest tragedy (like Phoenix)? Will she become "Galaxy"? Her name, "Zoe," means life and her brother's, "Thanot," means death; is this significant?
  • What important role was XS destined to play in the Legion's future (as hinted by the Time Trapper)?
  • Will Legion creators let Invisible Kid "come out"?
  • What of Dreamer's visions of Star Boy's death?