The Threeboot Legion (Earth-Prime): Chronology

Part 2: 31st Century

Timber Wolf joins. *
Ambassador Ardeen notifies Lightning Lad about an unidentified celestial object heading for earth. Above Earth, they dismantle, but cannot stop it completely. Just short of impact, it's stopped by Supergirl, whom locals recognize from legend. As she talks with Cosmic Boy, she asserts that the Legion doesn't really exist; they're only a dream. Supergirl & the Legion #16 (May 2006)
Bionic life forms (widely mistrusted) are found attempting to summon a leader. Supergirl rescues Legionnaire at-large, Seiss, who doesn't realize he's causing an earthquake. (Afterwards, Seiss is recruited by Mekt Ranzz to join the Wanderers.) Cosmic Boy proposes making Supergirl an honorary member because they have no spare flight ring for her. The three founders discuss it and officially offer her membership anyway. Atom Girl steps in and offers her a ring from Brainy — Dream Girl's. The Dominion reveal a plan of revenge against "the Fifffdee-Tu." The meteor that Supergirl stopped contained a techno-organic weapon from the Dominion. NOTE: Mekt is shown in shadow only. The Wanderers are not named until #25. Supergirl & the Legion #17 (June 2006)
Chameleon reveals he's been moonlighting as an S.P. officer. Brainy asks the Imskians to mine Lemnos' powers as part of a plan to restore Dream Girl to life. He claims to have saved her soul after her death. Meanwhile, Naltor's High Seer demands the return of her body and a replacement Legionnaire arrives: Dream Boy (Rol Purtha) who joins. Supergirl & the Legion #18 (July 2006)
Masquerading as a Science Police officer, Chameleon investigates a traitor among the S.P.'s who was found and killed. Titanian Jeyra Entinn is brought in to help. She teams with Cham and they check out the robots beneath Metropolis. When Cham realizes Jeyra is the murderer, she frames him and he is jailed. He ultimately outwits her. In Legion plaza, Supergirl seeks Theena's help to find Seiss. Brainy disappears with Dream Girl's and Lemnos' bodies. NOTES: Jeyra might be an homage to Ambassador Jeryl, a love interest of Cham's from Superboy/Legion #249. The armor of Robotman is among the robots' bounty. Theena was fused with her psychic symbiote when little, it saved her life. Supergirl & the Legion #19 (Aug. 2006)
Earthgov unveils the new Legion HQ, which is greeted with disbelief by Legionnaires at-large. Brainy pilots an ancient L.E.G.I.O.N. craft into space with Light Lass and Element Lad, where he makes them and Atom Girl help him attempt to revive Dream Girl. He intends to use Lemnos' mental abilities and Dream Girl's perfectly preserved body plus the power of a pulsar to reconstruct her. Giants (unnamed) of Colossal Boy's race are recruited by Mekt Ranzz and begin causing trouble across the globe. Supergirl & the Legion #20 (Sept. 2006)
In Big City, Colossal Boy helps jail the delinquents, but they're freed by a mystery band of phony S.P.s: Polar Boy, Seiss as Kid Quake and Nemesis Kid (Wanderers). Some Legionnaires try to jolt Supergirl back to reality. After Brainiac Five's procedure, Dream Girl's body disappears and he lashes out in anger. Later, in his sleep, he receives a visit from her — which is her new state of existence. Cosmic Boy opens Legion leader elections to all Legionnaires at-large. NOTE: Unlike parallel Earths, Nemesis Kid is orange-skinned and Polar Boy green skinned. Nemesis Kid mentions their coordinator, Tarik, who is never shown. Supergirl & the Legion #21 (Oct. 2006)
Shadow Lass asks for Karate Kid's help rid Ultra Boy's of his jealousy of Supergirl. In a faux mission, Val pairs Jo with Supergirl on a red sun world, and he has to send her back. The ploy gives Jo confidence. 1st app. (Radiation) Roy, a Legionnaire at-large. Lyle reveals a crush on Supergirl. On Narchus III, Sun Boy leads his team of former Terra Firma agents (Gron, Zepha, Kynda, Staci and 5 others) to investigate a devastated Dominion colony. They're taken prisoner by a new kind of "Super-Dominator" and the Dominators begin extracting the heroes' powers. NOTE: The unnamed members of Sun Boy's crew were first seen in issue #13. Supergirl & the Legion #22 (Nov. 2006)
The Legionnaires fear that Supergirl will become a danger if she doesn't accept reality, so they subdue her with kryptonite and take her to Kandor, which now resides on the planet, Rokyn. There Saturn Girl senses the presence of Mon-El in the Phantom Zone. They run into the Wanderers (still unnamed: Jeyra, Plant Lad, Polar Boy, Inferno, Grav and Thoom) who plan to steal the Phantom Zone projector. Atom Girl accompanies Shadow Lass to Talok VIII. Tasmia spars with her brother, Grev to defend her title as planetary champion. Shady contemplates running for Legion leader and meets Plant Lad (Ral Benem, a Wanderer) beneath Metropolis. NOTES: Comes in a variant cover of Supergirl by Adam Hughes. This was the first hint, in post-Infinite Crisis continuity, that Kandor had returned to being a Kryptonian city shrunk by Brainiac. Plant Lad is counterpart of the Earth-0 Chlorophyll Kid. Supergirl & the Legion #23 (Dec. 2006)
The Wanderers fail to take the projector. The Kandorians chose not to expand the city because they'd become accustomed to living with limited resources. According to law, Kara must either stay there forever or leave forever; the Legionnaires choose to take her back to Earth. There, Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl merge to enter the Phantom Zone and speak to Mon-El. He tries to warn them of the Wanderers' pending attack — which they do by the dozens. Dream Boy says he wasn't sent by Naltor. Supergirl & the Legion #24 (Jan. 2007)
The Wanderers (now named), led by Mekt Ranzz, surround Legion HQ. With the help of the White Witch, they seal it off. They abduct four Legionnaires whom Mekt believes will follow him. Brainiac 5 synthesizes an antidote from kryptonite for Mon-El (who's gone berserk with pain) . Once recovered, Mon-El is teleported away by Mekt. 1st app. Micro Lass and Vrax Gozzl (a Coluan, named #33). NOTE: The Roll Call names several Wanderers for the first time: Inferno of Mercury, generates heat and light; Grav of Galda, antigravity acrobat; Thoom of Urikka-3, super-strength, Plant Lad of Mardru; White Which of unknown; Micro Lass of Earth; Polar Boy of Tharr. Supergirl & the Legion #25 (Feb. 2007)
The Legion quickly locates Mekt, who convinces them the robot threat is dire. Supergirl and Mon-El use x-ray vision to find suspicious activity in Megatokyo. They fail to stop a huge Dominator-robot from delivering its payload into the atmosphere. Ayla warns the Wanderers that Mekt may be taking them on a suicide mission. Supergirl & the Legion #26 (Mar. 2007)
When Invisible Kid uses his flight ring, Dominators blow his arm off. The Wanderer Kromak attempts to heal him. Brainy argues with Vrax Gozzl (a mere 10th-level Coluan) while Plant Lad covers them. Theena is the only non-technological conduit of visual info. Cosmic Boy rescues the U.P. delegates and orders Brainy to open a portal to save them, but it explodes. Some delegates die and Cosmic Boy is captured. NOTE: A backup feature salutes Dave Cockrum, narrated by Legionnaires in garb from his era, and showing his Legion artwork. Several Wanderers have speaking parts: Physo (elf-like boy), a wasp-like girl, a reptilian and a dark-diamond-eyed boy. Supergirl & the Legion #27 (Apr. 2007)
Dream Boy receives a visit from Dream Girl in his sleep. Mon-El begins to suffer again from lead poisoning. Cosmic Boy is tortured for the location of the resistance's rendezvous. He and Triplicate Girl play out a ruse that looks like she is betraying him. Their ruse lures the Dominators into the Legion's trap. They use the Dominators' own portal to bring the fight directly to Dominion homeworld. After Luornu's is tortured, she discovers she can't triplicate. NOTE: A floating telekinetic Wanderer has a speaking part. Supergirl & the Legion #28 (May 2007)
The Dominator combat technologist, tells Sun Boy how he created their genetically modified soldiers. Sun Boy frees himself and his team just as the Legionnaires arrive on the Dominion homeworld. NOTE: Roll call mistakenly prints Inferno as from "Winath" and "nullifies gravity," which is obviously the description for Light Lass and contradicts issues #25 & 27. Supergirl & the Legion #29 (June 2007)
Cosmic Boy decides the the Dominion homeworld must be removed as a threat completely, and sets Brainy to making a "bomb." Dream Boy reveals Dream Girl's new state. Mon-El gets weaker but Cosmic Boy asks him to deliver the bomb — which is actually a Phantom Zone projector — to its core. This returns Mon-El to the Zone, but everyone believes that he and the planet are destroyed. Cosmic Boy decides to tell the core team later. He later says Legionnaires number over a quarter of a million. Theena tallies the ongoing election results; Brainy, Ultra Boy and Invisible Kid get significant votes. Mekt and Garth catch up. Invisible Kid has a new alien arm. Triplicate Girl and Element Lad connect. Public opinion favors the Wanderers. Supergirl begins to look for a way home. Cosmic Boy is visited by three teens from a thousand years in the future — the Knights Tempus. They take him to join their team; they say his destiny guides them. His memorabilia shows old Legion comics that are different from any published. Roll call depicts floaty bug, finhead, wasp. NOTE: The inclusion of comic books is the first sign that this universe was intended to be the new version of "Earth-Prime." In the original pre-Crisis multiverse, Earth-Prime was "our" Earth, where heroes only existed in comic books. It first appeared in Flash #179 (1968). Supergirl & the Legion #30 (July 2007)
Brainiac 5 constructs the Chronexus which can view into the past. Supergirl chooses to look at Superman's history. The device scans all universes, showing a "Golden Age" then a "Silver Age" Superman, a version with Titano and others. They zero in on Earth-1, which matches Kara's exact chrono-signature and witness Kal-El's birth. After moving to Metropolis, Superman mentions that he hasn't seen the Legion in quite a while. Supergirl implores Brainy to help Superman against Blackstar and he sends her brainwaves back in time, where she assumes control of her cousin. NOTES: This story is careful not to confirm whether Supergirl and this Legion are from the same Earth. Their time-viewing spans the multiverse, of which the Legion has knowledge. Action Comics #850 (Late July 2007)
Tony Bedard begins as writer
Part 1: Supergirl wins the Legion leader election. She saves Tenzil Kem from falling debris. He is a special prosecutor with the U.P. Dept. of Justice and intends to bring suit against Cosmic Boy for the destruction of the Dominion. Back at HQ, she addresses the Legion and Wanderers (whom she offers Legion membership). Brainy proposes three places they might find Cosmic Boy and teams search. Mekt joins the team on Winath. In the Gobi Rainforest, Evolvo-Lad (Sev Tcheru) awaits the second team. Randall Burroughs monitor's the third team's arrival on Lallor. NOTE: Evolvo-Lad's name is given in Legion #36. Supergirl & the Legion #31 (Aug. 2007)
Part 2: Tenzil greets the team on Winath, who discover evidence of a "Lord Validus," a god who lives in the storm clouds. Tenzil is coaxed by mysterious children into a trap and the Legionnaires are attacked by the Cult of Validus, who also command lightning. Supergirl & the Legion #32 (Sept. 2007)
Part 3: Tenzil and the Star Boy deduce that Mekt has mind-controlled the Cult, which includes his parents. When Mekt opposes Tenzil, the "matter eater" bites off his finger. Upon word of Mekt's capture, the Wanderers flee. Brainiac 5 unearths evidence that Mekt had planted the idea to destroy the Dominion homeworld in Cosmic Boy's head. Cosmic Boy is cleared of charges. Sun Boy returns to active duty and requests Legion membership for his band of former Terror Firmans. 1st app. of E.R.G.-1, on Lallor. NOTES: Coluan Wanderer Vrax Gozzl is named for the first time. Supergirl & the Legion #33 (Oct. 2007)
Part 4: The Legion must stop E.R.G.-1 (Drake Burroughs) from killing the President of Lallor, a world at civil war over the prospect of joining the U.P. Lallorian rebels hired E.R.G. and his brother Randall — who keeps Drake's disembodied energies safe. Supergirl & the Legion #33 (Oct. 2007)
Part 5: On Lallor, Shadow Lass uses her position as Planetary Champion to smooth over tensions. E.R.G. arrives to kill the President and tells the Legionnaires he once applied for membership. Supergirl & the Legion #34 (Nov. 2007)
Part 6: Timber Wolf takes a radioactive blast from E.R.G.-1. Atom Girl prevents E.R.G. from killing the President of Lallor. She rides the phone line back to his brother Randall, taking him out. E.R.G. Brainiac 5 encourages her to bring E.R.G. back as a potential member. Supergirl, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad clash with Evolvo-Lad (Sev Tcheru) in the Gobi Rainforest. Supergirl & the Legion #35 (Dec. 2007)
Part 7: Inside Evolvo-Lad's compound, Supergirl finds a version of Brainiac 5's Chronexus, and views the 21st century. Evolvo-Lad was working with Brainy to lure Supergirl there; they've modified the machine to be able to send her home. In her absence, Lightning Lad becomes leader. Saturn Girl returns to headquarters and enters Brainy's mind while he's sleeping. She discovers that Dream Girl lives on in his mind. Brainy admits to having manipulated everyone into clearing Cosmic Boy's name, framing Mekt, saving E.R.G.-1 and boosting Timber Wolf's powers. Supergirl & the Legion #36 (Jan. 2008)
Supergirl returns home
From The Brave and the Bold #4 (2007); art by George Pérez and Scott Koblish.
The Lord of Time recruits the Fatal Five to help him acquire a weapon called Haruspex for victory over the Amazon Galaxy. NOTE: This occurs after Supergirl's time in the 31st century, and before "The Lightning Saga." Brave & Bold vol. 2 #3 (June 2007)
The Fatal Five awake back in their cells in the 31st century, where the Legion checks in on them. Brave & Bold vol. 2 #4 (Aug. 2007)
The Legion discovers that Tharok is merged with The Batman of Earth-1. Brainiac 5 successfully separates them. The Legion tells him they have not mastered time travel and cannot return him home. The presence of chronal energy in Batman's body creates dangerous temporal rifts, but the Haruspex fails fire and send Batman home (it only fires at a perceived threat). He takes the weapon and flees using Brainy's flight ring. He eludes the Legionnaires and spars with Karate Kid. Phantom Girl catches up to him receives a visit from Dream Girl, who has stepped through a time rift. The Luck Lords intervene, possessing the Book of Destiny, and claiming the Haruspex. Brave & Bold vol. 2 #5 (Sept. 2007)
The Luck Lords kill the Legionnaires and reveal how they've prolonged the Rann/Thanagar War in order to reap the benefits of its weapons. Batman is retrieved by his friends in the 21st century, where they prevent the Lords from possessing the Book of Destiny. After this, the future is restored to normal. Brave & Bold vol. 2 #6 (Oct. 2007)
Jim Shooter and Francis Manapul begin as writer & artist
Lightning Lad is overwhelmed by leadership duties and sends various members on inappropriate missions. He learns that they are to review seven "pre-approved candidates." Karate Kid injures himself saving Triplicate Girl from aliens; Phantom Girl rescues them. Another team goes to Triton (a ski destination) to warn of an attack and meets City manager Winch Boone. They also meet Giselle, whom Invisible Kid saves from a beating by cruel teens. Projectra meets with Nimra C. Lafong, UP Secretary of Diplomacy, and Sydne Ardeen to discuss her status. She is told that she no longer has special status, as Orando doesn't exist. NOTE: Giselle is named in Legion #38. Legion vol. 5 #37 (Feb. 2008)
Giselle helps the Legion defeat the aliens, despite her disdain for the U.P. Lightning Lad fields (and rejects) applicants (Fruit Boy, Sludge, Virus, Spy, Sonar, Voice and M'Rissey), presented by U.P. official Zilya Popoff. Legion vol. 5 #38 (Mar. 2008)
In the Orando embassy, Sydne Ardeen warns Projectra to behave. She goes on to steal a bracelet from a jewelry store. On Triton, Saturn Girl is forced to use her powers against Timber Wolf's rage. A team encounters a gang beneath New Beijing: Min and Kubla. Someone secretly manipulates the duty roster. Light Lass hits on Karate Kid. Dream Boy is listed as "off duty." Legion vol. 5 #39 (Apr. 2008)
Part 1: On Talok VIII, Brainiac 5 helps Shadow Lass against the strange alien invaders. He uses new teleportation tech using wormholes. Lightning Lad is forced to discipline both Saturn Girl and Timber Wolf for the incident on Triton. Projectra learns she's being sued by Orando's creditors. When she leaves the lawyers, she's angered and accosts tourists. Lightning Lad decides to stay on as leader. Invisible Kid visits Giselle's parents. NOTE: Projectra's full name is stated as Vilamena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall. Legion vol. 5 #40 (May 2008)
Part 2: Projectra crosses the line and is arrested for accosting a civilian. M'Rissey approaches Caulfield Zander, Intergalacticorp CEO, with an offer. The Legionnaires spy on the governments dissection of the alien destoyer. They discover that Earthgov has hired the Legion's recently rejected applicants. This group is introduced to the public as the United Planets Young Heroes. Giselle joins them as Gazelle. NOTE: Chameleon takes the form resembling Shvaughn Erin. Contains a back-up feature about the Legion Flight Ring. Made of Nth Metal, they protect from the elements, speed healing, and increase wearers' strength. They were invented by Invisible Kid using an alloy called Valorium. They can also be customized with special adaptations for the Legionnaires' unique powers. Legion vol. 5 #41 (June 2008)
Part 3: In secret, M'Rissey provides the Legionnaires with new costumes. Saturn Girl leads a team to Rimbor, after the alien destroyers. Invisible Kid's father (Lon) springs him from jail; they reconcile. Zilya Popoff serves a warrant to search Legion headquarters. Legion vol. 5 #42 (July 2008)
Part 4: The Science Police raid Legion HQ, confiscating Brainiac 5's intel on the destroyers. When they leave, M'Rissey approaches and makes a deal with Brainy. On Velmar V, the Ikonns (Ikilles, Cazhmir) overtake the planet's rulers, the Peril Men. When the S.P.s intervene, the Young Heroes are captured and the Legion attempts a rescue. While there, Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl are recruited for a strange mission by visitors out-of-time. The Rimbor team is attacked by S.P.s. Legion vol. 5 #43 (Aug. 2008)
Part 5: Ikilles kills Cazhmir, favoring Light Lass instead. M'Rissery takes over as the Legion's business manager. He finds legal basis to free the Legion from affiliation with the government, and from its debts. Transmatter access is restored and the away teams are brought back home. Karate Kid left a sign reading "OKKK." They receive a distress call from President Kin'thea Kieselbach. Legion vol. 5 #44 (Sept. 2008)
The solar system is jeopardized by the presence of a "guest planet." Brainiac 5 uses Star Boy and Light Lass's powers to neutralize its affects. M'Rissey convinces the President to release Projectra. After an argument with Garth, Imra succumbs to Ultra Boy's advances; they're discovered by Invisible Kid. Colossal Boy comforts Atom Girl, who wants revenge on her tormenter. Applicants gather to apply for Young Team membership. 1st app. Night Girl, Sizzle, Turtle, the Bludgeon Brothers. Legion vol. 5 #45 (Oct. 2008)
Phantom Girl consoles Projectra by reading her an ancient comic about Superman and Brainiac. Projectra is approached by Shaman Henrik and other Orandan survivors who plot vengeance. Her powers are due to increase with her accession to the "throne." Ultra Boy batlles Young Hero rejects Bloodbat, Flea, Radiant, Sister Scrap Iron, Slugg, Steel Squid, Visegrip and Zaphammer. Brainy excises a replica of an alien weapon from Chameleon's arm. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl call it quits. NOTE: The comic book is Action Comics #242. Legion vol. 5 #46 (Nov. 2008)
Projectra strikes at Dream Girl to stop her foreseeing her actions. Brainiac 5 seeks the help of a psychic, Meander, who serves as a host for Dream Girl. Projectra attacks Dream Girl on the astral plane, blinds her and removes her powers. Regardless, Brainy and Dream Girl engage to marry. Legion vol. 5 #47 (Dec. 2008)
The Legion holds tryouts. Pre-screened candidates include Gazelle, Night Girl, Sizzle and Turtle. Sun Boy also returns. He and Gazelle are admitted and the others become new Legion Reservists. Sun Boy says his former Terror Firman followers have been jailed. Brainy deduces that the alien weapons are "scanning" reality into another dimension. When used on a person, it steals their soul. Legion vol. 5 #48 (Jan. 2009)
Projectra's powers grow, drawn from the spirit world. Timber Wolf begins tracking her. Brainiac 5 leads a team to the new planet and data-rip everything they find. Projectra critically wounds Phantom Girl then draws Saturn Girl onto the astral plane; she then alters both their memories. Element Lad dates a girl named Honey. Ultra Boy receives flowers from "Norima." He claims he and Imra never touched, that their connection was mental only. NOTE: Last Manapul pencils. Legion vol. 5 #49 (Feb. 2009)
Brainiac 5 "downloads" a group of Legionnaires into the Destroyers' realm. They discvoer Nimra Lafong who tells them the aliens are an ancient race who essentially escaped from the physical world. When Lafong tries to warn the Legion, their Majestrix "deletes" her. While away, the Legionnaires' bodies are killed. Brainiac 5 clones new bodies for them and "uploads" them back into physical reality. At the same time, he also downloads Dream Girl from his own mind into a new body. Gazelle finds herself attracted to Lyle. NOTE: Final issue. This story arc was originally planned to run through issue #54, but the series was canceled. Read about Jim Shooter's plans at his blog. This issue's script was credited to a pseudonym, "Justin Thyme." Legion vol. 5 #50 (Mar. 2009)
The Legion is contacted by Legionnaires from a parallel world — Earth-0 — who bring the entire Legion to that world. NOTE: The White Witch's seance is an homage to the cover of Justice League of America #21, where the Justice League contacted their counterparts on Earth-Two. Gazelle is not among the Legionnaires. Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (Dec. 2008)
Superboy Prime kills Sun Boy. Brainiac 5 of Earth-0 reveals the circumstances of the Legions' first meeting. The lightning-based heroes provide power to XS while she uses a Cosmic Treadmill. Upon surpassing the speed of light, Brainiac 5 uses his lightning rod to free its inhabitant—Bart Allen. Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 (Dec. 2008)
Element Lad creates kryptonite that harms Superboy Prime (Prime had previously been immune to all forms). Prime retaliates and kills Jan. In the remains of the Fortress of Solitude, the Brainiac 5s completes a plan to restore Conner Kent (Superboy) to life. The Time Trapper steals Superman and the founders away to the end of time and reveals himself—as Superboy Prime! NOTE: The creation of kryptonite that could harm Prime was the second clue that this was the Legion of Earth-Prime. Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 (June 2009)

Legionnaires from all realities are brought to the End of Time to pummel Prime. Brainy deduces that the Time Trapper is more an entity rather than one single person: a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours." When the Time Trapper makes contact with his younger self, he disappears. He finds himself home at last, in 21st century Earth-Prime, where events of the DC universe happen only in comics. Brainiac 5 confirms that the "L3" Legion is from Earth-Prime. They return home via Time Treadmill. Superboy and Kid Flash are reunited with the Titans in the 21st century. NOTES: No explanation is given for Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl's mission. Nor is it clear why Gazelle was not on this mission.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 (Sept. 2009)

Blackest Night: When Superboy-Prime violates his "house arrest" in the 21st century, an alarm alerts the Legion. Brainiac 5 tries to uncover more ancient comic books. If they'd read them earlier, he reasons they might have anticipated the deaths of their Element Lad and Sun Boy.

Adventure vol. 2 #4 (Jan. 2010)
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