Legion 4: Introduction

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Superman v.5 #14 (Oct. 2019)


First glimpse of the realigned team, presented by Brian Michael Bendis on Late Night with Seth Myers on 25 July 2019; art by Ryan Sook.
The Superman family meets the Legion for the first time. Left: From Superman #15 (2019); art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Right: From Supergirl v.6 #33 (2019); art by Kevin Maguire.
Left: Original cover preview for Superman #15 (2019). Right: Revised art. Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.
Left: Unfinished artwork for variant wraparound cover for Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 (2019). Right: Finished artwork. Art by Ryan Sook.
Left: Original cover preview for Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2 (2019). Right: Revised artwork. Art by Ryan Sook.

Behind the Scenes




This chronology is edited assuming:

  1. The Legion's first meeting with Superman and Superboy was Superman #14 (Oct. 2019). Superman did not have a youthful history with this Legion.
  2. Prior to this, Legion visitors from parallel universes (most notably the Saturn Girl of Earth-0) did also appear.

Chronology Conventions

  1. Color Codes:
    A new member joins the Legion.
    A Legionnaire dies.
    Major storyline.
  2. Issue information in parentheses indicates one of two things: (a) the tale was retold/corroborated in additional stories, and/or (b) the tale was told as a flashback. Certain events that have never been fully chronicled in print use asterisks (*) in place of issue numbers and cover dates.
  3. Characters' first appearance IN PRINT is bolded. This often differs from …
  4. Characters first CHRONOLOGICAL appearance is italicized.
  5. When the placement of a tale within continuity is in question, the event is usually placed in the most recent possible time.
  6. Most 30th Century dates come from 2995: The Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook and/or Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 4).
  7. Only the inheritors to a title display the level of succession. Example: "Invisible Kid II" (for Jacques Foccart), but just "Invisible Kid" (no "I" for Lyle Norg).
  8. Consideration for inclusion is based on an event's relevancy to the Legion, its members and their legacy. This includes major Legion series and key issues from other DCU series.
  9. Comics book titles have been abbreviated: