The continuity of the Legion Retroboot continued more-or-less seamlessly from Legion of Super-Heroes volume 6 (which began before the New 52 reboot) into volume 7 (chronicled below).


Issue #

The New 52: Legion volume 7

After Chameleon Girl's breakup with Colossal Boy, she informs Captain Nathaniel Adym that she wants out of Echo (a division of the Science Police that monitors the Time Institute) -- she has been a deep cover agent the Legion. Adym says he has more than one agent in the Legion, and sends her into the past because they believe they have a rogue agent in the 21st century. They select her team. Echo has found Wildfire's 1000-years-old faceplate in the Arizona desert, and have a record of Tyroc's death in the 21st century. NOTES: Echo was first mentioned in Legion: Lost v.2 #9; Adym first appeared in Legion: Lost #0. Adym could be destined to become Harvest, and shares the same alias as Captain Atom.

Legion: Lost v.2 #13 (Dec. 2012)

After seven Legionnaires are lost and believed dead (see Legion: Lost), Chemical Kid, Comet Queen, Dragonwing, Glorith II, and Harmonia are admitted to the Legion. Quislet disappears.


A team on Panoptes (a watchworld against the Dominion) finds men in service to a rogue Daxamite, Res-Vir aka Renegade. Mon-El and Brainiac 5 install a memorial statue for Earth-Man. They discover that the "Flashpoint effect" has closed off time travel for them to the past. Colossal Boy resigns and joins Starfleet.

Legion v.7 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Res-Vir claims to want to "free" Daxamites from possible lead poisoning; he has a vial of Mon-El's anti-lead serum. Earth-Man is entombed on Shangalla. Polar Boy makes a failed pass at Comet Queen.

Legion v.7 #2 (Dec. 2011)

A team on Daxam is greeted by Ran Thal, who helps them learn about Renegade. Element Lad finds that Renegade's anti-lead serum uses something other than kryptonite; the villain is brought down by brute force. The Legion forces the Dominion into retreat but Chameleon Boy has stowed away.

Legion v.7 #3 (Jan. 2012)

Chemical Kid's power brings down the Renegade. The Legion discovers that he developed his anti-lead serum with help from the Dominators, using a kryptonite fragment found on Daxam.

Legion v.7 #4 (Feb. 2012)

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl settle in to life with the boys on Winath. Chuck and Luornu review new Academy candidates. Polar Boy and Comet Queen have a night on the town. Brainy works on a new Time Bubble to pierce the "Flashpoint barrier." Sun Boy witnesses Dreamy's vision: the winter solstice at Stonehenge.

Legion v.7 #5 (Mar. 2012)

Legionnaires visit China's Sea of Fire, which consumed Urumqi 300 years prior. They repair the technology that reduces pollution and reclaims energy. Dragonwing returns home to find her sister, Bao Pai had joined the Red Dragon gang and has been altered. Their leader, Phoenix, intercedes. First appearance of the Dominators' leader, the gargantuan Primus Dom.

Legion v.7 #6 (Apr. 2012)

The Dominion

The Dominators are building a cloned army with Daxamite DNA. Harmonia (in a new costume) defeats Phoenix, displaying elemental control over earth matter. Mon-El agrees to call a leader election.

Legion v.7 #7 (May 2012)

Invisible Kid foils four theives—Josi, Sitka, Jerl, and [three-eyes] at the medi-center on Zardon. They seek a Computo circuit used in Danielle Foccart's care. Someone wants it to recreate Tharok, and the Fatal Five. Imra and Garth drag Cosmic Boy out for some fun in Istabul; Night Girl is there. NOTE: Pencils by Steve Lightle.

Legion v.7 #8 (June 2012)

Dominion agents, Dys (who can nullify tech and powers) and Trog, arrive via teleportal and kidnap Brainy and Dream Girl. Trog self-destructs on interrogation. Luornu greets two new recruits: Otaki and Mwindaji. Mon-El and Earthgov prohibit the Legion from breaking their treaty and entering Dominion space. Star Boy is enraged and resigns.

Legion v.7 #9 (July 2012)

Cosmic Boy breaks into a Dominator embassy looking for clues. Mon-El addresses Councilor Fajardo at the U.P. assembly, to no avail. Star Boy recruits Duplicate Damsel, Mwindaji (Gahiji of Kirinyaga; long-range tracking), Otaki (Bina Nawoti of Earth; mindsense; studied with Dr. Aven), Comet Queen (who resigns), and Bouncing Boy for an undercover rescue. Dream Girl foresees one of the rescuers betraying them.

Legion v.7 #10 (Aug. 2012)

The rescue squad arrives on the Dominators' World as a rogue comet. Before they can leave, Brainiac 5 retrieves his force field belt: "the regalia of his line"; he manipulates it remotely. They're attacked anew and betrayed by Comet Queen, who appears confused.

Legion v.7 #11 (Sept. 2012)

The release their new Dominator/Daxamite hybrid. Star Boy stalls him by pushing him past all limits. Mon-El calls upon Sensor Girl to show the United Planets council proof of the Dominators' involvement, then heads to rescue them. Bouncing Boy takes out the "tree" holding more clones. After, Duplicate Damsel leaves Comet Queen sedated.

Legion v.7 #12 (Oct. 2012)

Cosmic Boy, Element Lad and Chemical Kid confront Braalian pirates, and Cos is injured. Mon-El orders Glorith to find the stolen Tharok chip, Tharok's master circuit (he was executed by the United Planets). The Persuader is at large.

Legion v.7 #13 (Dec. 2012)

When Element Lad is knocked out, Chemical Kid fights solo and successfully influences Jan's biochemistry. Night Girl, Shadow Lass and Lightning Lass join in time to clean up the pirates. Dr. Gym'll finds no ambient magnetic energies around Cosmic Boy. Brainiac 5 theorizes that Comet Queen meant to kill not the Legion, but him specifically. At a storage facility, M'wim shows the Persuader's axe to Phantom Girl and Sun Boy; they discover it has been replaced by a hologram.

Legion v.7 #14 (Jan. 2013)

Glorith is summoned to Barcelona where she causes a timestorm. Harmonia encourages her to sheild the world from herself, and things return to normal. Chameleon Boy investigates their failures to stop the Fatal Five.

Legion v.7 #15 (Feb. 2013)

The Legion elects Phantom Girl as their next leader—to her surprise. Harmonia is deputy leader (revealed in #18). Cham finds Validus missing from Takron Galtos. Star Boy returns to duty. Far away in space, the galaxy's power source, a quark relay, is disabled and hobbles legions of ships.

Legion v.7 #16 (Mar. 2013)

Phantom Girl's team crashes on a non-Interlac world and Sun Boy dies guiding their ship to a safe landing. Its inhabitants eat Dirk's body. The world is actually the dormant form of a Promethean Giant, which Tharok brings to life. Tharok visits the Persuader using his new, digitally-mobile form.

Legion v.7 #17 (Apr. 2013)

Harmonia and Dragonwing stave off protestors who blame the Legion for the power failures. Glorith reveals that to teleport, she must be unrestrained, and only to the Sorceror's World; she opens a portal there from Rimbor. The Legionnaires scramble together pre-quark technology to build a cruiser. As Legion HQ crumbles, they take off but Star Boy is left behind, presumed dead.

Legion v.7 #18 (May 2013)

Mon-El engages the Emerald Empress. Her final blow severs his arm. Element Lad imprisons her in inertron. Invisible Kid's latent teleportation abilities sweep he and Polar Boy away to the dream dimension. Tharok sends the Persuader to Earth. Validus emerges on the Sorcerers' World.

Legion v.7 #19 (May 2013)

Phantom Girl despairs and retreats to her home dimension. Glorith is reunited with Blok and the Black Witch. Validus pounds his way to the gem at the heart of the Sorcerers' World. Together, Mysa and Glorith (heir to the power of time) remove the planet from it's place in the universe. Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy are returned to Earth, greeted by the Persuader who stands over Duplicate Damsel's body. NOTE: Cover by George Pérez.

Legion v.7 #20 (June 2013)


Part 1: Tharok restores the quark relays to lure the Legionnarires back to Earth, where it looks as if the Persuader has killed Duplicate Damsel. Chemical Kid aids in sustaining Mon-El's internal chemistry. Invisible Kid and Polar Boy encounter the Legion's dead who warn them that when they return, death awaits them. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad return to help.

Legion v.7 #21 (July 2013)

Part 2: Tharok takes Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad to the Promethean Giant. Saturn Girl puts down the Empress and Sensor Girl manages to "awaken" the Giant. It defies Tharok, who is then frozen by Polar Boy. Luornu and Chuck move to bury her fallen duplicate. Karate Kid (Val Armorr) has returned to Projectra.

Legion v.7 #22 (Aug. 2013)

Part 3: Sun Boy is memorialized on Shanghalla; there is no body. Dream Girl confirms that Star Boy has died. Colossal Boy returns to pitch in. Bouncing Boy tries to show the Legionnaires something he's found: something about a speared shirt that worn by Superman. Shadow Lass takes Mon-El home to Daxam. The United Planets disbands the Legion and its members return home. Element Lad pursues a future with the Science Police. Bouncing Boy mentions that Superman was killed by Steppenwolf. NOTES: Final issue. The Steppenwolf comment refers to the death of the Superman of Earth 2, thus suggesting the Legion of the New 52 is also from Earth 2.

Legion v.7 #23 (Sept. 2013)

The "Adult" Legion

At the End of Days

Part 4: 3030 AD, Nugothrotropolis: The Legion works undercover in a world run by Universo. Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman, Lightning Man, Umbra, Shrinking Violet, Chameleon and Sensor (a snake, Wildfire also mentioned) break into their old headquarters after a Time Bubble. They are able to activate it for a one way trip. In the 21st century, Superman battles the Kryptonite Men and Xa-Du who says "the little man blames you for everying." Krypto comes to his aid. Jimmy and Lois save Mr. Triple X (aka Vyndktvx, son of Myxyzptlk) from an assassin. The little man unleashes Super-Doomsday.
2013: People gather in Metrpolis to welcome President Hiroshi Takaneda (Universo in disguise), who negotiated the end of the Antares War. They stop an assassin, Dolo Rol of Naltor who warns them about Takaneda, then commits suicide. Seven years later, Earth is under martial law. Two years after that worlds secede from the U.P. NOTE: Pencils by Chris Sprouse. Costumes do not match those from Legion: Secret Origin.

Action Comics #16 (Mar. 2013)

Part 5: The Legionnaires say their future happened because Superman died. They seek to prevent the Age of Universo by rewriting the past. They visit Mrs. Nyxly in the 21st century, looking for him, then go into the past. They are too late to save the Kents from a car crash caused by Vyndktvx.

Action Comics #17 (Apr. 2013)

Part 6: Mrs. Nyxly is Nyxlygsptlnz, the escaped wife of Vyndktvx. She escaped to the 2nd dimension using her blood, connected to the color red in Superman's 'S.' Susie returns with Captain Comet, who is mentor to the Wanderers, neo sapien super-warriors from half a dozen worlds. Based on the original team: Photine (Quantum Queen) channels energies, Elvith of Assassin's World (Elvar), Quiller with spikes (Dartalon), [birdman] (Aviax).

Action Comics #18 (May 2013)

After the cancellation of Legion volume 7, the team appeared sporadically in the 21st century and appeared in some stories about alternate realities.

In 2019, Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook created an all-new Legion. It is unclear whether there are other Legions in existence in the DC multiverse.