Legionnaires of Legion v.4

Celeste Rockfish + Devlin O'Ryan + Impulse + Kono + Spider Girl

This following five Legion members were active during the post-Crisis era, in Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 series (herein referred to as Legion 1.5). All Legion history from this era is invalid on any parallel Earth.

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Celeste Rockfish

Name: Celeste McCauley of Earth, aka Neon

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #6 (Apr. 1990)

Joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #12 (Oct. 1990)

Legion 1.5: Post-Crisis

If Celeste McCauley would have taken any lessons from her childhood, one of them might have been "Money isn't everything...it's the only thing." After all, her uncle is Leland McCauley III, who was the second richest man on Earth until the rise of R. J. Brande, and was obsessed with regaining that status almost to the point of murder.

But instead, she decided on altruism as a life-philosphy, and even adopted the pseudonym of "Rockfish" to avoid using the McCauley name to achieve special favors (the secret, though, was not very zealously guarded, and she ended up getting them anyway). She studied for a career in civil service, at the Science Police Academy. When the Science Police on Earth split off from the main organization and became more insular, she chose to become independent rather than leave Earth. She opened up the Rockfish Detective Agency in Metropolis, and placed a classified ad for a partner. Through this, she met Bounty.

Her first contact with the Legion was a paternity suit that she was hired to investigate against Dirk Morgna. It was this that brought her to Morgna's mind when Earthgov needed an investigation to cover up their hiring of Roxxas the Butcher (Morgna was unaware that it was actually true). Her search led her to Winath, where she played a major role in the re-forming of the Legion, and confronted Roxxas directly, almost dying as a result.The fact that she didn't die is a testament to her belief that a good deed is its own reward. Several years earlier, during a vacation on the planet Twilo, she witnessed the crashing of a Darkstar, and tried to help him out. Although she had been unable, the uniform "remembered" her, and its energy followed her all over the galaxy for a while. It finally caught up with her as she lay dying on Winath, and it healed her. It also gave her some powers, like the ability to discharge energy (presumably the same type employed by Darkstars) for a variety of effects, an act which turns her transparent. She has uncertain control over this power, a fact which makes Brainiac 5 very nervous, which is fine with her, as she doesn't like him very much, anyway. She became a full-fledged member of the Legion, a very handy position, since her partner has just been rendered inactive - and revealed to be former Legionnaire Dawnstar.

On the other hand, being a Legionnaire has its liabilities as well, such as having to face down foes like Glorith in battle. During this fight, Celeste's body was aged to the point of death...but as it turned out, the body was only being kept alive by the energy anyway. Free of the burden of a physical body, the energy has become her body, and she went on the run with the rest of the Legion, using the code-name Neon.

Amid the time fluctuations of Zero Hour, Celeste's identity inexplicably changed from her Neon form, to that of a Darkstar. Soon thereafter, she disappeared from exitence completely.

Celeste is a character who has not been introduced in any other Legion continuity.


Tom Bierbaum noted that inker Al Gordon created Celeste.

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Devlin O'Ryan

with some text from Who's Who #16 (1992)

Name + aliases: Devlin O'Ryan of Xanthu, aka Reflecto II

Known relatives: Megan O'Ryan (mother), Ethan O'Ryan (father), unnamed siblings

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #6 (Apr. 1990)

Joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #40 (Feb. 1993)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

Devlin O'Ryan grew up in an upper-middle class New Killarney district on Xanthu, where he nursed a dream of someday becoming a reporter. His mother, Megan, was the Xanthu bureau chief for the Daily Planet, and she delegated most of the domestic authority to her star columnist (and husband), Ethan, and Devlin's four older sisters. At age ten, Devlin talked his way into a copy boy's position at the Planet. He excelled at that job, raced through his required studies, and began digging up and reporting stories in what passed for his spare time. Within four years, the remarkable boy had accumulated enough credits and experience to earn himself a Journalism degree from Xanthu's prestigious Inishmurray University, and a cub reporter tryout at the Planet's home office on Earth.

As soon as he was old enough, he applied for an internship at the Interstellar Press's Earth office, based in the Metropolis offices of the Daily Planet, where the Planet's star reporter Iris West noticed the young man's enthusiasm and took him under her wing. O'Ryan and West were the first to acquire elusive information that exposed the Dominion's covert takeover of Earthgov.

The story led him to a closer look at detective Celeste Rockfish, who had been hired by Earthgov to quiet the public's fears. Devlin elbowed his way into her investigation and he found himself on Winath where the re-forming Legion was on the trail of Earthgov's agent, Roxxas the Butcher. His on-scene presence gave him and Iris the inside scoop when Roxxas was captured and revealed the Dominion control of Earthgov. (Legion v.4 #6-7, 12)

Devlin returned to Earth, now a trusted ally of the Legion. Soon civil government completely collapsed and he found himself hunted down by the Dominators. His escape led him into first contact with an odd group of experimental Dominator subjects—replicas of the teen Legionnaires!

O'Ryan was on Earth when the Dominator Triple Strike operation detonated fusion powerspheres all over the globe. This released null radiation, a catalyst for triggering metahuman powers. Indeed, he found his own metahuman gene activated. When the young "SW6" Legionnaire, Lightning Lad blasted him, Devlin's powers completely reflected the energy. He also became enamored of the young Shrinking Violet, who nicknamed him "Reflecto," after Stig Ah, a Rimborian hero of similar powers, but the name didn't stick. (#20-25)

When the war to liberate Earth ended, Devlin accepted Rokk Krinn's invitation to join the adult Legion, making the false assumption that Violet would agree to go with him. (#40) While she did love him, she decided she'd rather stay with her friends on New Earth, and the two have agreed to a long-distance relationship. Devlin, ever a man of his word, kept his commitment to the older Legion, and served with them. He has recently proven his value to the team by facing down Mordru at the height of his powers... and winning, saving the Legion from suffocation at Mordru's hands. During this battle, however, the Khund Legionnaire, Firefist was accidentally killed by Devlin's powers. (#47-48)

A similar circumstance resulted in defeat against Glorith, but turned him several years younger, removing him from active duty with the team. (#53) He was called back into service when Rokk Krinn was kidnaped by Mordru and Glorith, but his role in this mission was aborted when, amid flucuations in the space/time, he disappeared from existence. (Legionnaires #18)

Devlin is a character who has not been introduced in any other Legion continuity.


Tom Bierbaum noted that Devlin was his creation, adding, "I think it's fair to say Devlin never really caught on with the fans, he did serve a function for me, being a teen-ager and a very upbeat and idealistic person who injected some good, old-fashioned Legion spirit into the proceedings as far as I was concerned."


Devlin possesses the reflexive ability to repel any object or force that approaches him at aspeed of more than about ten miles per hour. Though Devlin may never master all the subtleties of the power, through great concentration it could the­oretically be used to repel such forces as light and gravity. Devlin currently has no exceptional powers or fighting skills.


It is possible that Devlin's creators, Keith Giffen, Tom, and Mary Bierbaum, invented Devlin O'Ryan to serve as Glorith Reality analog for Jimmy Olsen in Legion continuity (just as Laurel Gand was for Supergirl, and Kent Shakespeare for Superman).

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From Who's Who #8 (1991); art by Chris Sprouse.

Name: Richard Kent Shakespeare of Earth

First appearance:Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #12 (Oct. 1990)

Joined: Original undepicted, during the "Five Year Gap." Rejoined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #13 (Nov. 1990)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

Richard Kent Shakespeare grew up in the wealthy New Rochelle neighborhood of Metropolis. He was attending the University of Metropolis medical school when he was accidentally exposed to an experimental virus. He fell into a coma and didn't recover for months, but no one could figure out exactly what was wrong with him.Then his case was taken over by Brainiac 5. Brainiac discovered that the virus, rather than damaging Kent, was improving him, substituting itself for Kent's less efficient human organs. When Kent woke up, he was surprised to find himself in a body possessed of superhuman strength, speed, durability, and recuperative abilities. Brainiac 5 proposed him for Legion membership, and he was accepted, using the code-name "Impulse."

The Legion was the perfect place for an idealistic person like Kent, but his membership was extremely rough, due to the Legion's strained relationship with Earthgov at the time. The charismatic Earthling Legionnaire was deemed to be a great threat to the Dominators' covert control of Earth, and he was therefore hounded at every turn, until in late 2991 he was forced to flee his home planet. He escaped Earthgov with the help of many former Legionnaires on other planets, including Rokk Krinn, the former Cosmic Boy. He was with Rokk on Braal when the war with Imsk broke out, and he served in the Braalian army, getting caught in the massacre at Venado Bay. He sustained little injury, since the Imskian damper only affected Braalians, but he was forced to flee Braal when the war ended in Imskian occupation of Braal, bringing about the danger that the Imskians might inform Earthgov of his location. He finally settled into a job as a paramedic on the medical planet Quarantine, keeping an eye on Garridan Ranzz for his parents and befriending an odd little girl named Ivy.

Despite his happiness there, he missed the good that he was able to accomplish while with the Legion, and when the opportunity presented itself in late 2994, he rejoined his friends in the re-formed organization. This lasted until a confrontation with Glorith in late 2995, which youthened him to childhood, sending him off the team. He now spends his time with the children on Quarantine as one of their own.

Kent is a character who has not been introduced in any other Legion continuity.


Tom Bierbaum wrote credited inker Al Gordon with Kent's creation, and added:

"The original idea was that he was a descendent of Superman (a perfectly reasonable idea for traditional DC — lots of Legion characters were descendents, and there was even a well-established Superman descendent, Laurel Kent). But the Superman people quite appropriately felt that … firmly establishing that Superman would have any offspring at all was something beyond what the Legion series should be doing. But between the name of the character and his Clark Kent-ish appearance, certainly readers could guess that he was a descendent."


Name: Brita An'nan of Sklar

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #2 (Dec. 1989)

Joined: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #12 (Oct. 1990)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

Brita An'nan, is, depending on who you ask, is either a free-spirited teenager or a pain in the neck. The latter assessment generally comes from other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, among whom she has taken residence.

And then there's the opinion of the Khunds, which is that she's a dangerous enemy of the state. This assessment is based on an unfortunate encounter with her when she was five, and her mother, a Sklarian technology pirate, took her on a raid. Her mother had once saved the life of Mysa Nal (then known as the Hag) and was rewarded with a daughter–Brita–with the power to shift mass through time to make things more or less dense. The Khunds attacked the Sklarian ship and threatened to kill all aboard. Brita used her powers to render all Khund clothing immaterial, providing much embarrassment to the Khunds and a rallying point for the Sklarians. This won her few Khundish friends, and the feeling is quite mutual.-

Fleeing from the Khunds, she ended up on Rimbor, where she took to smuggling the government-controlled substance Silverale. She enjoyed the freedom and hedonism of Rimbor, especially the parts of it which disregarded laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors. It was here that she developed a great fondness for Kono ale, a fact that has stuck to her as a nickname.Her smuggling operation was in opposition to that of Jo Nah, formerly Ultra Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Rather than fight her, Jo took her under his wing, and when Chameleon Boy re-formed the Legion, Jo suggested her for membership. She stayed with them for a while, which has proven fortunate on a number of occasions...and very annoying on others. After a visit from her mother, she decided that the time was ripe for her to assume her traditional Sklarian duties, and, certain that Jo was well "cared for" by Spider Girl, left the Legion. She returned to help the younger Legionnaires crack a ring of Sklarian food-pirates, and later went to help rescue Rokk Krinn from Mordru and Glorith, a fight during which Zero Hour caused her to disappear.


Tom Bierbaum noted that Devlin was Mary Bierbaum's creation, adding,

"Some people saw her as an intended replacement for Tinya, but that was never our intention. Mary thought of an interesting power that happened to have some similarities to Tinya's and I think Keith just coincidentally put her on Rimbor as a shady Sklarian pirate-type, she was a natural for Jo's band of smugglers. And her uppity feminist point of view worked well with Jo, a very formidable male but also someone who had no trouble getting along with very assertive women. When Mary came up with Kono, I don't think we had the slightest hint that she'd be teamed initially with Jo."

Legion 2: Earth-247

There was a Kono on Earth-247 who no longer exists, as that universe was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis. She first appeared Legion v.4 #104 (May 1998)

Spider Girl

Spider Girl fails in her application for Legion membership. From Adventure Comics #323 (1964); art by Sheldon Moldoff.
Spider Girl and Radiation Roy join the Legion of Super-Villains. From Adventure Comics #372 (1968); art by Curt Swan.
From Who's Who #3 (1990); art by Keith Giffen.

Name: Sussa Paka of Earth, aka Wave

First appearance: Adventure Comics #323 (Aug. 1964)

Joined the Legion: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #54 (Feb. 1994)

Legion 1: Earth-0

Spider Girl's villainous career began like many others: she was bitter about having been rejected by the Legion. Her power, bestowed upon her by genetic experiments by the matriarchs of Taltar, enabled her to control her hair and use it like a limb. The Legionnaires were unimpressed. Neither did her charm and good looks help, as Saturn Girl was presiding over the try-outs that day. (Adventure #323)

Upon this rejection, she was recruited by the Legion of Super-Villains, and she trained in their academy, becoming very proficient in the use of her powers. (#372) Since then she has continued to be a team player for their side, joining the LSV twice more. (Superboy #208, Legion v.3 #1-5)

More recently, she shone as a member of Earth-Man's so-called Justice League of Earth. She and others who were both Earth natives and Legion rejects banded together to sow the seeds of xenophobia across the globe. The Justice League were global heroes until the Legion rallied back to expose their lies. (Action #859-863) Immediately after this, she joined Superboy-Prime's massive new Legion of Super-Villains. (Legion of Three Worlds #2)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity of Legion v.4 (no longer valid), Spider Girl actually went on to become a Legionnaire and was romantic with Ultra Boy.

Sussa eventually struck out to try her luck as a freelance thief. She was arrested on Xanthu for trying to steal the Stancio Dazzle Gem. Naturally, she claimed that she was framed by Benn Pares, her former partner. (Legion v.4 #23)

This led to her being hired by Molock Hanscom (Starfinger III) to steal a canister from the headquarters of the Science Police on Earth. (#27) This, too, was a badly timed misadventure; she arrived in the middle of Earth's revolt against the Dominators. Quite by accident, she found herself allied with Science Police chief Circe and the Legionnaire Bounty. Sussa made it out alive, and learned how to contact the Legion (if it ever became necessary). (#32)

It did, shortly after the destruction of Earth, when it became clear that the canister she had yet to deliver was making her a target. She stole into the Legion's headquarters seeking their help just before Mordru made his move for universal conquest. (#43) Once again, she was roped into the good fight, and actually stayed on with the Legion for a disastrous mission against Glorith. She was formally invited to join the Legion, and accepted, if only to better flirt with Jo Nah. The team was forced into exile with the rest of the Legion due to the machinations of Universo. As a disguise, she has dyed her great locks blue and called herself Wave. (#54)

Sussa's relationship with Ultra Boy never really took off, and she eventually urged him to go through time to try to find her. (#59)

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