The Threeboot Legion: New Legionnaires of Earth-Prime

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Dream Boy


NAME + ALIASES: Rol Purtha of Naltor
FIRST APPEARANCE: Supergirl and the Legion #18 (July 2006)

Dream Boy is one of the Legoin's most mysterious members. Few other Legionnaires even know much about him. He appeared at Legion HQ just after the death of his predecessor, Dream Girl. (#18) At first, it was assumed that he was sent by Naltor's High Seer as Nura's replacement. However, he later made a cryptic comment, claiming that he wasn't sent by Naltor. (#24)

Along with Brainiac 5, Dream Boy received one of the first visits from Dream Girl in his sleep. (#28) He was the first to then reveal to the Legionnaires the nature of Dream Girl's new existence; essentially, she lived only in an ethereal state, in dreams. (#30)

For unexplained reasons, Dream Boy is now listed as "off duty." (#39)



NAME + ALIASES: Giselle Smith of Triton
KNOWN RELATIVES: Godric and Miranda Smith (parents)
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #37 (Feb. 2008)

The Legionnaires first met Giselle Smith on a mission to her home moon of Triton. In the 31st century, this moon of Neptune is a popular ski destination. All Tritonians are the product of genetic engineering which has allowed them to tolerate a colder climate. Giselle, however, was born with genetic anomalies that altered her appearance and gave her further control over her metabolism. Unlike her race, she could also accelerate her metabolism and achieve super-speed and strength.

When the Legion first found her, Giselle was being beaten by a mob of teenagers. (Legion vol. 5 #37) She soon proved that she was no punching bag and helped the Legion defeat alien destroyers that appeared on Triton. (#38) After the battle, Giselle disappeared and Invisible Kid visited her parents to inquire about her. (#40) Soon after this, the United Planets formed their own broup of young heroes called the United Planets Young Heroes. Giselle had been recruited to join them, and she took the codename Gazelle. (#41)

Gazelle joined the Young Heroes only because the U.P. had promised to cure her of her powers, but she was deceived. When the Legion held its own tryouts, she applied and was admitted by majority vote. (#48)

Giselle's father, Godric, mentioned that he was once saved by Lightning Lad.

NOTES: Giselle was not named until Legion #38.

As time went by, Giselle's look became increasingly more human. Originally she had more alien features yet "Caucasian skin," and her people had pale blue skin. Francis Manapul explained this on the Legion of Substitute Podcasters #51 (2009), explaining that Giselle "was supposed to look human" but because of a lack of communication between he and Jim Shooter, he interpreted her incorrectly at first.

Powers: Conscious metabolic control. She can speed or slow her body's normal abilities to the extremes. At the high end, it she can achieve super-speed and strength. At the low end, she can simulate death and survive extreme conditions. Her energy output is limited to her body's available muscular glycogen.


Legion Business Manager

NAME + ALIASES: R. M'Rissey of Earth
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #38 (Mar. 2008)

R. M'Rissey is a precocious entrepeneur who is gifted in applied operational calculus. He first encountered the Legion as an applicant for membership. He and other young heroes were presented to the Legion by Zilya Popoff of the United Planets. Popoff hoped to pressure the Legion into admitting Legionnaires from United Planets worlds, but Lightning Lad dimissied all of them outright. Most were incompetent, but M'Rissey set about proving him wrong. (Legion vol. 5 #38)

While he had been in Legion headquarters, M'Rissey was able to figure out the access codes to the building, and even absonded with a flight ring! Behind the scenes, he began his power play by approaching Caulfield Zander, CEO of Intergalacticorp, with an offer—he sold Galacticorp the rights to manufacture a stripped down toy version of the Legion flight ring. (#41)

He continued to visit Legion HQ, doing "good deeds" in secret. He aided the Legion in various administrative capacities, and the Legionnaires were mystified when they were suddenly provided with new costumes. (#42)

M'Rissey waited until the Legion was vulnerable to make his move. When the Science Police raided Legion HQ and confiscated some of Brainiac 5 things, M'Rissey approached Brainy with an offer to become the Leigon's business manager. (#43) Brainiac 5 agreed instantly and M'Rissery wasted no time uncovering legal bases to free the Legion from all its entanglements. (#44)

Before the Legion would help President Kin'thea Kieselbach, he coerced her into agreeing to release Princess Projectra from custody, clear all remaining charges against any Legionnaires, and buy the Legion's freedom from the U.P. with threats of legal action. (#45)

NOTES: M'Rissey is named in honor of well-known Legion fan writer, Rich Morrissey, who died in 2001. His character, according to Jim Shooter, was based on Paul Levitz.


Legion Reservist

NAME + ALIASES: Teela Spuunvll of Abaddonus
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #45 (Oct. 2009)

Not much is known about Sizzle. She initially came to Metropolis as an applicant for the United Planets Young Heroes. (#45) When that didn't pan out, she applied for Legion membership. Although she was rejected because she relies on external energy sources to fuel her own powers, she was granted reserve member status. (#48)

Powers: Sizzle can absorb and transform energy between various forms. She cannot, however, generate any energies by herself.

Notes: According to Jim Shooter: "Sizzle is … very short—about five feet tall. Sizzle can transform energy from one form to another—sound into light, gamma rays into electricity, etc. Normally, she has red skin, like Sinestro, but when she’s using her power (“sizzling”), her skin color changes from red to orange to yellow to yellow-white, depending on how “hot” she gets—that is, how much energy she’s processing."


Legion Reservist

NAME + ALIASES: Bogdan Tarka of Doopa
FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #45 (Oct. 2009)

Not much is known about Turtle. He initially came to Metropolis as an applicant for the United Planets Young Heroes. (#45) When that didn't pan out, he applied for Legion membership. Although he was rejected because of his lack of offensive abilities, he was granted reserve member status. (#48)

Powers: Turtle possesses "extreme durability," moreso than others of his race.

Notes: According to Jim Shooter: "Turtle is from planet Doopa, a humanoid, same as the tourists, CHWALIBOG and JADWIGA, who appeared at the end of issue # 40 and the beginning of #41— designed, unfortunately, by Lopresti, before you got to them in your issue. Sigh. Anyway, Turtle is an attractive one of his kind, a little shorter than average height, heavyset, strong-looking, solid and sincere. He wears clothes of the same general style as Chwalibog and Jadwiga’s."