Created by Gerry Conway and Joe Staton

Some parts based on C. Keller's Legion Help File



None (his cohorts in the League of Assassins were described as his "cousins")

League of Assassins, Legion of Super-Heroes

Superboy and the Legion #253 (July 1979)

Original Blok

Blok at the moment of his defeat. From Superboy & the Legion #254 (1979); art by Joe Staton.
Blok tells his fellow Legion applicants about his homeworld, Dryad. From Legion of Super-Heroes #272 (1981); art by teve Ditko and Frank Chiaramonte.
The 2010 "deluxe" trade paperback for The Great Darkness Saga featured Keith Giffen's model sheets — sketches for new Legionnaire uniforms.
legion 312
Bloks injuries from the battle with Omen. From Legion v.2 #312 (1984); art by Keith Giffen.
… and reinventing himself. From Legion v.3 #13 (1985); art by Steve Lightle.
blok white witch
Blok is transformed by his love, Mysa. From Adventure #4 (2010); art by Clayton Henry.
blok white witch
Blok moves with Mysa to the Sorceror's World. From Adventure Comics #523 (2011); art by Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning.

No human settlement effort had ever previously encountered a lifeform that was not based on carbon. So the humans who settled Dryad could hardly be blamed for thinking it was uninhabited. Only after observing them for a while did the silicon-based natives of the planet reveal themselves to the settlers. The young Blok was one of those creatures. The silicons and carbons lived in harmony for a while until it was discovered that Dryad's core was unstable and that the planet would soon explode. Six members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were dispatched to aid in evacuation efforts, but they weren't the only ones. Blok and five humans with whom he was friendly were "rescued" by the Dark Man. He convinced the six that the Legionnaires had been responsible for the planet's destruction, gave the five humans super-powers, and sent the group against the Legion as his League of Super-Assassins.

But while the humans were completely filled with hatred toward the Legion and attacked them enthusiastically, Blok was somewhat ambivalent. The Dark Man's mental powers, which were used on the six, were not very effective on silicon-based lifeforms. So when the Assassins were defeated and the Dark Man decided to manipulate the Fatal Five into attacking the Legion, Blok was willing to put his rock-like strength and invulnerability to the Legion's use against his former master. He joined soon after the completion of that adventure. He became one of the Legion's most dependable members, becoming well-versed in Legion history, and making close friends of Timber Wolf and the White Witch.

During a battle against the being called Omen, Blok was seriously injured and disfigured. The forces he endured melted and pocked his stony skin. (Legion v.2 #310)

When Earth Man created a culture of xenophobia on Earth, Blok was one of many Legionnaires to be captured by Earth Man’s so-called “Justice League.” (Action #859)

Once freed, Blok wasted no time in trying to free his love interest, the White Witch, who had also gone missing. She became the prisoner of her old nemesis, Mordru. They were successful, but Mysa’s destiny was tainted by the efforts taken to defeat Mordru. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2) When she absorbed his essence—and its black magic—she retreated to the Sorceror’s World. (#5) Once again, Blok followed her there. The battle with Mordru also left Blok's outer "shell" ravaged. But when Mysa touched him, his devotion acted to mitigate the dark forces within her. Simultaneously, her power healed his shell and he was remade with a smooth new ebony "skin." At last, Mysa wholeheartedly accepted Blok's love, and he chose to remain with her on Sorceror's World. (Adventure v.2 #4)

Legion v.4

In the Glorith Reality continuity, Blok went on to suffer a horrific fate at the hands of the villain Roxxas.

blokIn that timeline, Blok began to experience his race's equivalent of puberty. Having no one of his race for guidance, he ran off to search for other silicon-based races. After running afoul of the Emerald Empress, he returned to the Legion, but his changing body affected the performance of his Legion duties. After the disaster dubbed "Black Dawn," he found the pressures on the Legion too much and he resigned to meditate on the secrets of his race on the Puppet Planetoid.

His peace lasted only three years. When the Dominator-controlled Earthgov sensed the impending re-formation of the Legion, they hired Roxxas the Butcher to prevent it. Roxxas decided to kill one Legionnaire, then finish the rest in one fell swoop when they attended his funeral. He chose Blok as his target and the huge, half-sleeping Legionnaire was too slow to avoid Roxxas's weapons, nor could his normally invulnerable body stand up to weapons designed specially for it. Blok would have been pleased to know that Roxxas's plan failed. Instead of preventing the Legion from re-forming, Blok's death accelerated it, and the assembled Legionnaires captured Roxxas before planning his funeral. The eventual revelation that Earthgov hired Roxxas was a major factor in the exposure and downfall of the Doniminion's control over Earth. Blok was buried with honors on Shanghalla.


Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Blok: Naive, mixed up, but with a good heart. Seeking answers that were beyond his comprehension. —Interlac (2000)

Other Versions

Blok has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths. In the Reboot continuity (destroyed in the Infinite Crisis), the planet Dryad was destroyed by the Elemental named Brika (Rrox), in Legionnaires #71-72 (1999). No other Dryad natives were introduced.

On Earth-Prime, Blok has never appeared, although he made a prominent appearance on the cover of Legion v.5 #15 (2006). The appearance was a red herring; the tales in this issue were "imaginary."

Blok was a minor member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.

There are several 21st century individuals known to come from Blok's home world, Dryad. His ancestor, Strata was a member of the L.E.G.I.O.N. She married another Dryadian, Garv, and they had a son, Rocky. The 20th century Green Lantern, Brik, was also from Dryad. She first appeared in Green Lantern v.3 #12 (1991).


Blok is impervious, an immovable object. His tough outer shell has proven capable of withstanding great force, but it has twice been fractured by mystical energies. He also has empathy with others of his kind. He can sense whether such beings are present, but has only demonstrated this ability once.

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