Timber Wolf

aka Lone Wolf aka Wolfpack

Created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte

Brin Londo of Zuun, aka Lone Wolf

Marr and Kana Londo (parents, deceased)

Legion Academy, Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #327 (Dec. 1964)

JOINED: Adventure Comics #372 (Sept. 1968)

Timber Wolf II

Brin Londo of Rimbor, aka Wolfpack


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion Worlds #6 (Nov. 2001)

JOINED: The Legion #13 (Dec. 2002)

Timber Wolf III

Brin Londo of Zuun


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes v.5 #5 (June 2005)

JOINED: Before Supergirl & the Legion #16 (May 2006)

Timber Wolf's origin. From Adventure #327 (1964); art by John Forte.
Soothing the savage beast. From Adventure #327 (1964); art by John Forte.
New look, new attitude. From Superboy #197 (1973); art by Dave Cockrum.
Timber Wolf exhibits his agility. From Legion v.2 #295 (1983); art by Keith Giffen.

Timber Wolf's origin was rewritten in 2012's Legion: Lost #0. There are significant enough differences between this and his original story from Adventure #327 that it must be considered a "retcon."

In the original tale, Brin Londo was the child of the planet Zuun's most dedicated environmentalist and its greatest research scientist, destroying Zuun's environment? He spent the early part of his life with his mother in the jungles of his native planet, but when she died, he was taken in by his father, and his life took a turn for the worse.

Brin's father, Mar Londo, was a leading inventor of android technology, and many of his androids were quite intelligent. The smartest of them, Karth Arn, was hoping that Mar would test his Zuunium-based strength and agility augmenting treatments on him. (Zuunium was a rare metal.) But when Brin came to live with Mar, he received this "favor" instead. Although the treatments did increase Brin's strength, speed and agility, they also caused him almost constant pain, about which he was too proud to complain. It altered his mind, causing him periods of paranoia, alienation from others, and schizophrenia. When Mar Londo died, Karth simply brainwashed Brin into thinking that he was the android and Karth the human. Believing himself doomed to eternal loneliness, Brin took to wandering, and calling himself Lone Wolf.

In the new tale, reconstructed for the New 52, Brin Londo is the son of scientists Marr and Kana Londo. His father worked for the nefarious Lord Vykor, who sponsored his work in developing a "codent" which gave creatures risistance to disease, accelerated healing, and enhanced physical capacity. After a demonstration, Vykor demanded the formula immediately, but Marr resisted. Vykor killed his wife in retaliation and gave Marr a month to perfect it. But when it was time, he injected both himself and Brin with the serum. Marr was killed by Vykor's men and Brin was forced to flee into the streets. Years passed as he grew into a fierce hunter. When he met Vykor and his son, Tor, had also taken the serum. Brin's experience prevailed and justice was finally served. The Science Police who aided him suggested that he join the Legion. They called him a "lone wolf" but Brin having seen timber wolves on exhibit from Earth preferred Timber Wolf. (Legion: Lost #0)

The origin switch calls into question his first meeting with the Legion. In it, the Legionnaires monitored a series of odd robberies which could only have been committed by an android took place on Zuun. The Legion looked suspiciously at Lone Wolf, but the Legionnaire Light Lass fell in love with him and refused to believe he was guilty. After an encounter with the supposed Brin Londo, the Legion realized the switch that the android Karth Arn had made ... and Brin, secure in the knowledge of his humanity, vowed he'd never be a Lone Wolf again. (Adventure #327) He became romantically involved with Light Lass, joined the Legion Academy, and eventually, the Legion, as Timber Wolf. (Adventure #371-372)

But though his body had settled down, his mind hadn't. Ayla helped him overcome a briefly addiction to the Lotus fruit. (Action #378) Then he was apparently killed on Asteroid X52. In truth he was kidnapped by the Legion's enemy, Tyr, who brainwashed him. When Brin resurfaced, his physical appearance had changed, he was now more feral. Tyr attempted to use Timber Wolf to kill the President of Earth, but the Legion uncovered the plot. Though Brin's mind was restored, his physical form continued to change due to the degenerative effects of the zuunium radiation which gave him his powers. (Superboy #197)

Ayla Ranzz remained by Brin's side through all these trials. She eventually convinced him to undergo cosmetic treatments to regain a more human appearance. The procedure was successful, though Brin still manifests some feral traits when angered. (Legion v.2 #284)

Not long after this, Ayla decided to resign from the Legion. She hoped that Brin would join her, but he found that the Legion had also become his family, and his commitment to the team was stronger that to her. (#295) Ayla returned home to Winath and they did not see each other again until the Legion was attacked by the Legion of Super-Villains. After this, Ayla returned to active duty, but has been cool towards Brin. (Legion v.3 #6, 24)

Also in the aftermath of the Villains' campaign, Brin discovered that the deceased Karate Kid had left him as the executor of his estate. (Legion v.3 #9) Brin was obliged to fulfill Karate Kid's last wish, to plant a seed (a sign of hope) on the planet Lythyl, where Val had been raised. There Brin met the young martial artist, Myg, (#10, 13, 15) who eventually came to Earth, entered the Legion Academy and became Karate Kid II. (Legion v.3 Annual #3)

Timber Wolf was among the Legionnaires who volunteered to sacrifice his life on a mission to 21st century. Upon his arrival in that era, he lost his memory and lived for a time in Gorilla City. He returned alive and successful from this mission. (Justice League of America v.2 #8-10)

NOTES: Timber Wolf's parents are Dr. Mar Londo and naturalist V'Layla Keely of the planet Zuun. His real name, planet of origin, and his father's name were revealed in Adventure Comics #327 (Dec. 1964). In that story, the name of the planet was spelled "Zoon."

Jim Shooter on Timber Wolf: Second to Ultra Boy as the Legion's leading fruitcake. He is probably as neurotic as is Ultra Boy, but exclusively about his own identity. He covers his interior uncertainty with coldness and hostility. Fortunately, Light Lass is enough of a romantic to be turned on by this aloof stance. Ultra Boy thinks he knows himself while Wolf knows he doesn't. This alone makes Wolf a more palatable personality, He is the type who will make wisecracks and noise to hide his inward uncertainty. He wants their approval and acceptance. Actually, being a goody-goody Legionnaire is hard for him, because he is more of the James Bond type, just a little visious and nasty even though he's with the good guys. I think Light Lass had to lead him by the hand to bed, but thanks to her, he undoubtedly does well there now. —Interlac (1976)

Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Timber Wolf: Our idea for Brin was that his Zuunium treatments were a kind of super-steroid, giving him powers, but also warping his mind. We thought the look of his Cockrum appearance was by far Brin's best and tried to establish that as his actual native appearance, but never got that story published. —Interlac (2000)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In the history that unfolded after the first Crisis (no longer valid),

When he finally did so, though, Ayla decided it was time for her to leave the Legion. Brin, having finally gotten himself comfortable, begged her to stay rather than go with her. This made her angry, and therefore, even when she returned to the Legion, she refused to return to him.

But in time, he adjusted, taking up with a new girlfriend, newsperson Marella Tao and being elected the Legion's deputy leader. He even became leader for a brief period, until Black Dawn's radiation reacted with the Zuunium in his system, causing him to change into a huge, inarticulate, animalistic creature. He was kept on Medicus One for a while, the Legion getting few details of his condition due to Earthgov obstruction, until Jo Nah got wind of it and smuggled him off the satellite to his native Rimbor. In one of his periods of humanity, Brin made Jo promise not to tell anyone of his plight. Jo worked the enormously strong creature into his smuggling operation, where he became known as "Furball".

As Furball, Brin joined the Legion when it re-formed in 2994. In early 2995, Brainiac 5 (who deduced Furball's identity on his own) took him to Zuun for some tests, where they got involved in Darkseid's chase of a young girl named Aria, and her subsequent tranformation into the powerful entity Gemini. Darkseid turned Brin back into a human being, but without his stronger form, Brin would die of the radiation poisoning from Black Dawn. While laying on his presumed deathbed, he was visited by Aria, who felt responsible for his plight and tried to fix it with her Gemini power, but he found out that the Zuunium in his system prevented this. She then tried to go back in time to prevent the Zuunium from first being administered, but Brin grabbed her, and, since his presence during his own past would have been impossible, the two of them were bounced back one thousand years, to the late twentieth century. There Brin took on another form: large, strong and hairy, but possessed of intelligence and prone to feral rages. Timber Wolf and Aria hooked up with a governmental department called Point Force, and resigned themselves to life in a new era.

This wasn't necessary. Brainiac 5 put together a theoretical computer program to find Brin in time and retrieve him, and it was accidentally triggered during a fight at the Legion's headquarters. He, a murderous alien he was trying to stop, and its would-be victim were transported to the thirtieth century, where Brin was badly injured by the alien. He underwent a period of rehabilitation for his injuries, and has re-joined the Legion and made his peace with Ayla. He went on the run with the rest of the Legion, even though he had not been implicated in the crimes they have been accused of. During this time Mysa Nal grew extremely attatched to him...a fact he's somewhat uncomfortable with.

Legion 2: Earth-247

The Timber Wolf of universe-247 (which was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis) remains with that team, wandering the multiverse.

Brin Londo was raised on the rough-and-tumble world of Rimbor. Like many of his contemporaries, he became involved in gang activity during his adolescence, taking the street name Wolfpack. As fate would have it, Brin's path was changed when it crossed with Tinya Wazzo (Apparition). Tinya was the wife of another former gang member, the Legionnaire Jo Nah (Ultra Boy). Tinya had come to Rimbor to tell Jo's mother that she was pregnant.

In their first encounter, Tinya saved Brin's life. He was indebted to her, which was ironic because his gang, the Wolf Gang, was bitter rivals to Jo's Emerald Dragons.

Meanwhile, Tinya's mother was also searching for her. She sent a group

It took some time before Tinya and Brin returned to Earth. (The Legion #11) The Legion was embroiled in an invasion by Robotica, and as Brin watched from Legion World he met the group's founder, R. J. Brande. Brande took a liking to Timber Wolf and offered him the opportunity to make a difference. he gave Brin a Legion flight ring and sent him off into the battle. (#13)

Afterwards, adjusting to a new, more social and cooperative way of life was not easy. In his first days as a Legionnaire, Brin found it difficult to integrate with his fellows. Worse, his old rival, Ultra Boy was jealous and angry that Brin had protected Tinya for so long. (#15)

Timber Wolf proved his mettle soon enough on his first real Legion mission. His group was escorting the cyborg, Tharok, to the prison planet, Takron Galtos. They were attacked by Tharok's own teammates, the Fatal Five, who needed Tharok to retrieve some of their wealth. As the Legionnaires fell one by one, Brin used his cunning and stealth to take down all of the Fatal Five in kind. (#16)


Andy Lanning on Timber Wolf: Timber Wolf is a member of a rival gang [to Ultra Boy]. We haven't yet said where Wolf's 'powers' come from. But he's a noble guy with a strong sense of honor, and maybe sees his link to the Legion as a means of getting out of the criminal underworld he comes from. … Brin's a little rougher and 'nastier' than most Legion members. A loose cannon. They may not approve of his methods." —Comic Book Resources

Legion 3: Earth-Prime

Brin Londo is a mystery man and lone wolf. All that is known of him is that he comes from the planet Zuun. He has helped the Legion in the past and dated Light Lass and Princess Projectra. He recently joined the team as Timber Wolf.

Part 5: The S.P.'s Gen. Toling4rd and the U.P. council disagree over the Legion. On Rimworld 19, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl meet Timber Wolf, a Legion ally. They tell the locals a tall tale of the "Bizarro Legion." Agents of Lemnos, Terror Firma, attack (Elysion, Gron, Kynda, Phren, Zepha, [green-pointy-head-guy]. The Legionnaires manage to send them packing and Timber Wolf follows them. Ultra Boy's powers go out of control. NOTE: Gron and Kynda are not named until Legion #10. There are scores more members of Terror Firma. (#5

Timber Wolf joins. NOTE: One year later, he's shown as a full member. *

one year later art 6: Timber Wolf takes a radioactive blast from E.R.G.-1. Atom Girl prevents E.R.G. from killing the President of Lallor. She rides the phone line back to his brother Randall, taking him out. E.R.G. Brainiac 5 encourages her to bring E.R.G. back as a potential member. Supergirl, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad clash with Evolvo-Lad (Sev Tcheru) in the Gobi Rainforest. (#35 (Dec. 2007) Part 7: Inside Evolvo-Lad's compound, Supergirl finds a version of Brainiac 5's Chronexus, and views the 21st century. Evolvo-Lad was working with Brainy to lure Supergirl there; they've modified the machine to be able to send her home. In her absence, Lightning Lad becomes leader. Saturn Girl returns to headquarters and enters Brainy's mind while he's sleeping. She discovers that Dream Girl lives on in his mind. Brainy admits to having manipulated everyone into clearing Cosmic Boy's name, framing Mekt, saving E.R.G.-1 and boosting Timber Wolf's powers. (#36

In the Orando embassy, Sydne Ardeen warns Projectra to behave. She goes on to steal a bracelet from a jewelry store. On Triton, Saturn Girl is forced to use her powers against Timber Wolf's rage. A team encounters a gang beneath New Beijing: Min and Kubla. Someone secretly manipulates the duty roster. Light Lass hits on Karate Kid. Dream Boy is listed as "off duty." (#39 (Apr. 2008) ENEMY RISING Part 1: On Talok VIII, Brainiac 5 helps Shadow Lass against the strange alien invaders. He uses new teleportation tech using wormholes. Lightning Lad is forced to discipline both Saturn Girl and Timber Wolf for the incident on Triton. Projectra learns she's being sued by Orando's creditors. When she leaves the lawyers, she's angered and accosts tourists. Lightning Lad decides to stay on as leader. Invisible Kid visits Giselle's parents. NOTE: Projectra's full name is stated as Vilamena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall. (#40

Other Versions

Timber Wolf was also a featured member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.

Timber Wolf with Phantom Girl. From "Cry Wolf," Legion of Super-Heroes Season 2, Episode 3.


Brin has above average strength, speed and agility. The origin of these abilities is unknown.

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