Karate Kid II


Created by Paul Levits and Greg Larocque

Myg of Lythyl


Legion of Substitute Heroes, Legon of Super-Heroes, United Plantes Council

Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #13 (July 1984)

JOINED: Undepicted, referenced in Legion of Three Worlds #1 (Oct. 2008)

Myg meets the Sensei and Timber Wolf on Lythyl. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #13 (Aug. 1985); art by Steve Lightle and Larry Mahlstedt.
From Legion Annual #3 (1987); art by Larry Malstedt.
Valiant to the finish. From Legion of Three Worlds #3 (2009); art by George Pérez.
Myg's apprentice. From Legion of Three Worlds #5 (2009); art by George Pérez.

Lythyl is a lawless world where a person is either a slave or a master, depending on his or her ability to fight. Myg is one native who learned this quickly and well, and by his early teens became one of Lythyl's three judges, a title reserved only for the elite. He was satisfied.

His life on Lythyl changed with the arrival of the Legion's Timber Wolf and the Sensei, who taught the original Karate Kid, Val Armorr. This pair came to Myg's world to fulfill a stipulation in Karate Kid's will. Myg was their guide; he was intrigued by the honor in their mission to Lythyl and learned some of their way of life. Sensei and the Legionnaire were forced to knock Myg to unconsciousness, and Sensei decided to bring the boy back to Earth, as he saw potential in Myg.

Myg later visited Karate Kid's grave and learned about Val's legend. Myg was inspired to take the mantle of the "Karate Kid" and he vowed to become worthy of Karate Kid's name. (Legion v.2 #13, 15)

Myg enrolled in the Legion Academy, where he remained until being admitted to the Legion as Karate Kid II.

His tenure on the primary team was also rather short-lived. He left when the original Karate Kid, Val Armorr, was brought back to life. After his resignation, he returned to Lythyl as a force of positive change, becoming a diplomat and their liaison to the United Planets. (Legion of 3 Worlds #1)

Glorith Reality (Legion v.4)

After several years in the Academy, during which he was part of the short-lived second Legion of Substitute Heroes, he was admitted to the Legion as Karate Kid II. Myg made a fine Legionnaire, but had the misfortune of being part of the team when the Dominators took control of Earthgov and started hounding the Legion. Myg's shady past made him an easy target for the harrassment campaign, and after Black Dawn he was framed by Earthgov for crimes and forced to flee the Legion.

The Dominators eventually captured Myg and experimented on him in their underground chambers, where they discovered and released the latent sonic-projection abilities he didn't know he possessed. The Dominators brainwashed him, making him a perfect soldier for the Dominion. The Dominion was forced off Earth before this came to pass, and Myg is now in the Legion's custody, where they are trying to deprogram him.



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