The Workforce

+ Presidential Oversight Watch

Workforce: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #64 (Jan. 1995)
Presidential Oversight Watch: Legion Worlds #6 (Nov. 2001)

The Workforce on Planet Hell: Karate Kid, Spider Girl, Live Wire, Ultra Boy, Evolvo, Inferno. From Legion of Super-Heroesv.4 #65 (1995); art by Lee Moder.
The Workforce, ready for orders (Spider Girl, Karate Kid, Evolvo, Inferno). From Legionnaires #39 (1996); art by Jeffrey Moy and W. C. Carani.
The Presidential Oversight Watch: M'onel, Twine, Abyss, Mr. Venge and Brainstorm. From The Legion #1 (2001); art by Olivier Coipel and Andy Lanning.

When his rival, R.J. Brande formed the Legion of Super-Heroes, Leland McCauley formed his own group of lackeys to protect his own interests — the Workforce. Like the Uncanny Amazers, the Workforce has lost its share of members to the Legion itself. This began in reverse, when Live Wire was ousted from the Legion and joined the Workforce. (Legion v.4 #64) Soon thereafter, the Workforce trailed a band of arms thieves, which led them to Planet Hell and the Legion's struggle to save the prison asteroid. (#65, Legionnaires #21-22) A growing romance between Ultra Boy and Apparition was tested when she accompanied the Workforce on a mission (which ended in Live Wire's resignation). (Legionnaires #26) When Apparition was believed dead, Ultra Boy left too. (Legion v.4 #76)

Inferno's tenure ended abruptly when the Workforce and Legion fought the evil Dr. Regulus on Gallan. Leviathan's death resulted in Shrinking Violet's violent manifestation of the Emerald Eye. In the furor, Inferno was teleported to Earth, and further, was thrust into the 20th Century alongside half of the Legion. (Legionnaires #39) With their numbers reduced, the Legion held a massive applicant screening. McCauley struck gold in the Legion's rejected applicants; he offered positions to Blast-Off, Particon, Radion and Splitter (though he apparently did not stay with them). (#43)

The two teams clashed often, and joined forces to overthrow Mordru. During this fight, Blast-Off was killed, and Radion's face was injured. When R.J. Brande saw how callously McCauley regarded the Workforce's losses, he bought out Radion and Particon's contracts, thus freeing them from Workforce service. (Legionnaires #49-51) Evolvo's super-brain helped draw McCauley into alliance with the new Affiliated Planets (and the Dark Circle). Evolvo was able to harness the energies of a space-time anomaly, and use them for teleportation. McCauley then sold this technology to the A.P. Karate Kid quit over this, for ideological reasons, and sought asylum with the Legion. McCauley also became partners with the Khund female, Amilia Crugg at this time. (Legion #103-104) At the end of the Dark Circle conflict, the space anomaly was shut down, but McCauley was apparently able to invent a way to duplicate its teleportational potential.

Blast-Off • Particon • Radion • Lori Morning

After the Dark Circle battled the Legion's young ally, Lori Morning, grew angry with her friends. She stole back her H Dial and accepted the offer to join the Workforce. (Legionnaires #69) She grew close to Amilia (#77), but the team was severely crippled when the Blight invaded the galaxy. (#79) After this disaster, McCauley terminated Spider Girl and Evolvo's employment (Legion #124) and reformed the team with new operatives Repulse, Amber and Dune joining Lori and Amilia. (#81)

The Presidential Oversight Watch

After McCauley was murdered and replaced by Ra's al Ghul, the Workforce became known as the Presidential Oversight Watch. (The Legion #3) Gone were Amber and Dune; this team added the unwitting M'onel along with Repulse, the villainous Mr. Venge, Brainstorm, Twine and Abyss. (Legion Worlds #3) The Legionnaires discovered the corpses of McCauley and Amilia Crugg's and helped to expose Ra's. (#2) Mr. Venge disappeared while the remaining Oversight Watch members surrendered. (#8) Venge was ultimately revealed as Computo itself; in his evolution, Computo became enlightened and left Earth in peace. (#14)

Name (Aliases)



—. Leland McCauley, financier Legion v.4 #64 Deceased, revealed The Legion #2 (2001)
1. Spider Girl (Sussa Paka of Earth) Active
1. Karate Kid (Val Armorr of Earth) Active
1. Ultra Boy (Jo Nah of Rimbor) Active
1. Inferno (Sandy Anderson of Earth) Active
1. Evolvo (of Lallor) Active
6. Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Active
7. Blast-Off (Jahr-Drake Ningle; now Drake Burroughs / Erg-1 / Wildfire) Legionnaires #43 Became the Legionnaire Wildfire
7. Particon Active
7. Radion Active
10. Amilia Crugg (of Khundia) Legion v.4 #104 Deceased, revealed The Legion #2 (2001)
11. Lori Morning (of 20th Century Earth) Legionnaires #69 Active
12. Amber of Dendron Legionnaires #81 Active
12. Dune of Mica Active
12. Meta of Daxam Active
12. Repulse of Braal Active
16. Abyss Legion Worlds #3 Active
16. Brainstorm Active
16. Mr. Venge (Computo of Robotica) Active
16. M'onel (Lar Gand) of Daxam Active in the Legion
16. Twine of Rimbor Active in villainy

Appearances + References



  • Legion v.4 #64-65, 72, 103-108, 124
  • Legionnaires #21-22, 26, 39, 43, 49-51, 62-65, 69, 77, 79, 81

Oversight Watch

  • Legion Worlds #6
  • The Legion #1-3, 6, 8


  • none