The Uncanny Amazers

Created by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, and Lee Moder

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #82 (July 1996)

Atmos •  Atom'x • Insect Queen •  Kid Quantum I •  Konk • Monstress
Insect Queen, Atom'x, Monstress and Kid Quantum II. From Legion v.4 #82 (1996); art by Lee Moder.

The world of Xanthu, like Earth, produces its fair share of super-powered residents. At some point, a government-sanctioned group of teens formed the planet's first line of defense: the Uncanny Amazers. Though Xanthu lies on the far reaches of the galaxy, interstellar travel eventually brought these heroes into frequent contact with the Legion. Too bad, as the Legion's lure of glory would steal no fewer than five of the Amazers' number! Initially, the Legion was meant to be composed of representatives from each member of the United Planets. Xanthu chose Kid Quantum as their representative. Quantum perished on his first Legion mission and Star Boy was sent to replace him. (Legion v.4 #62) But back home, Quantum's sister, Jazmin (Kid Quantum II) also succeeded her brother, among the Amazers. (En route to Earth, Star Boy, unwittingly ingested space whale meat, which gave him vision powers, flight, strength and invulnerability [Legends of the Legion #4])

A friendly rivalry developed between these teams when they first met. During this meeting, Star Boy was pressured to return to Xanthu and Kid Quantum became frustrated with the corruption of the Xanthan President. (Legion #82) During a grand battle with Mordru, the Amazers were further reduced when Atom'x was killed (Legionnaires #49) and Monstress also "defected" to the Legion. (#52) (Atom'x survived in energy form and merged with the hero Blast-Off to form Wildfire [#76]) Political relations grew tense when when Star Boy and Monstress next returned home. The young heroes uncovered a plot by the emerging Affiliated Planets to coerce Xanthu into defecting from the United Planets. Xanthu's refusal to acknowledge this subterfuge resulted in Kid Quantum's defection to the Legion. (Legion #101-103, Legionnaires #60) Xanthu eventually withdrew from the U.P. and joined the new A.P. Monstress, Star Boy and Kid Quantum were ordered to return home, but did not comply. (Legionnaires #65)

The Amazers continued to operate despite their dwindling numbers. Atmos and Insect Queen have remained their most loyal members, but Xanthu (and the U.P.) have recently suffered crippling attacks. First, the the Blight infected the galaxy and captured most metahumans. (Legionnaires #79) After this was overcome, Star Boy (and Dreamer) left the Legion to help the Amazers pick up the pieces. (Legion #124) Then Xanthu fell to the early advance of Robotica. This cybernetic commune invades destroyed Xanthu. The Amazers — joined by Dreamer, XS and the Khunds — managed to keep Robotica at bay long enough for its people to be transported off-planet. The Amazers and Dreamer accompanied the 8 million refugees to safety inside Khundia, but XS and Star Boy were left behind. (Legion Worlds #4)

After the Robotican threat was ended, the Amazers began working towards repopulating the planet. (The Legion #17-18)

This team was part of the universe of Earth-247, an alternate reality that was destroyed by Alexander Luthor in the second Crisis. (Infinite Crisis #6)


Name (Aliases) 1st Amazers app. Status & Notes
1. Atmos (Marak Russen) Legion v.4 #102 Active
1. Atom'x (Randall Burroughs; now Drake Burroughs/ERG-1/Wildfire) Legion v.4 #82 Active
1. Insect Queen (Lonna Leing) Legion v.4 #82 Active
1. Kid Quantum (James Cullen) n/a Killed by Tangleweb, Legion v.4 #62
1. Konk (unrevealed) Legion v.4 #82 Active
1. Monstress (Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III) Legion v.4 #82 Killed by the Progenitor, Legion: Lost #11
1. Star Boy (Thom Kallor) Legends of the Legion #4 Active in the Legion
7. Kid Quantum II (Jazmin Cullen) Legion v.4 #82 Active in the Legion
8. Dreamer (Nura Nal) Legion Worlds #4 Active in adventuring
8. Jork Legion Worlds #4 Deceased Legion Worlds #4
8. XS (Jenni Ognats) Legion Worlds #4 Active in the Legion

Appearances + References


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