Dream Girl

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Nural Nal of Naltor

Kiwa Nal (mother, deceased), Mysa Nal (White Witch, sister)

Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion of Substitute Heroes

Adventure Comics #317 (Feb. 1964)



Nural Nal (née Schnappin) of Naltor


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super Heores v.4 #84 (Sept. 1996)

JOINED: The Legion #23 (Oct. 2003)

Nural Nal of Naltor


Legion of Super-Heroes

Teen Titans/Legion Special (2004)

The menace of Dream Girl. From Adventure #317 (1964); art by John Forte.
Dream Girl and Star Boy return to the Legion. From Adventure #351 (1966); art by Curt Swan.
Throwing her hat into the ring. From Legion v.2 #291 (1982); art by Keith Giffen.

The world of Naltor is inhabited by prophets and run by prophecy. It is inhabited by settlers from the Sorcerer's World, a fact that would make most people assume it is a backward place, but rather, it is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the United Planets.

Into this world was born Nura Nal, whose mother was Naltor's High Seer. Nura was born with greater prophetic ability than any known Naltorian, and was expected to succeed her mother in that post. But Kiwa Nal died while her daughters were young, and Nura was unwilling to assume the mantle of leadership just yet. Instead, she preferred to have a little fun, something that came very easily to one of her great beauty, and little danger to one who could forsee any potential threat.

During this time, she toyed with the idea of joining the Legion of Super-Heroes, but decided to wait until her powers told her they needed her. Such an occasion presented itself when she thought she foresaw seven Legionnaires get killed in a spaceship explosion. She joined the Legion and had each of those seven members expelled under various trumped-up circumstances, including apparently removing Lightning Lass's powers. When she found out that what she had actually seen was a rocket filled with decoys, she left to further refine her power, joining the Legion of Substitute Heroes for that purpose. She also revealed that she ahd used Naltorian bio-science to change Lightning Lass's powers to gravity-canceling powers so that she could retain her membership eligibility, and that she someday hoped to return to Star Boy, who had fallen in love with her. (Adventure #317)

Her love for Star Boy briefly took a turn for the tragic when a suitor who she jilted for his sake, Kenz Nuhor, attacked Star Boy, who killed him in self-defense and was expelled from the Legion for the act. The two used this to their advantage, and Star Boy joined the Substitute Heroes to be together with Nura while he couldn't be part of the Legion. (#342)

They got their chance to return to the Legion when a cloud of kryptonite radiation covered Earth. This forced Superman to leave the to leave the team, and he proposed Nura and Thom as his replacements. Because of the stigma against them, Superman dressed them in lead suits and ordered them not to reveal their identities. They rejoined the Legion as "Miss Terious" and "Sir Prize." Once the cloud was removed, so were the lead suits. In the time they'd been away, the Legion's membership had changed enough that the vote swung in their favor and Dream Girl and Star Boy were offered membership again. (#351)

The two served faithfully for years until Nura began defying expectations and asserting her intelligence more (few realized that she was Brainiac 5's primary lab assistant). She ran for Legion leader and was elected; of course, she foresaw this. (Legion v.2 #291) Dream Girl led the Legion during their darkest hour, against the god of death, Darkseid. (#292-294) During this battle, her sister Mysa — the White Witch — played a pivotal role in Darkseid's defeat and joined the team afterwards. (#294) Though she ran for leader again the next year, she lost out to Element Lad. (#306) Star Boy made no effort to hide his satisfaction about this result. During her stint as leader, their relationship suffered.

Several times during her active duty, Dream Girl foresaw the death of a Legionnaire. Most of the time, this turned out to be a misinterpretation of her vision. But while taking a well-deserved vacation on Ventura with Star Boy, Nura caught a glimpse of another Legionnaire's death. (Legion v.3 #1) Nura's visions rarely come at will, but they do come to pass. There was no way for her to know that her teammate Karate Kid would truly be the one to fall. (#4)

NOTES: Jim Shooter on Dream Girl: I never believed that she scientifically changed Light Lass' power. It could only have been White Witchcraft—and for some reason W.W. didn't want the Legion to know about her. Dream Girl is dumb. Her power is more or less hit or miss in value (though it is always accurate) and I'm sure her main service to the Legion is in her quarters after dark. She needs constant reassurance of her value, and since her Legion career has been less than stellar, the only way to get psychologically stroked is to allow herself to be physically stroked. By anybody. She has a need for love, adoration and reinforcement of her narcissistic self-image. Star Boy is either too dumb to realize this, or has resigned himself to it. His most fervent wish is to get her off to some godforsaken observatory somewhere, alone. Forever. —Interlac (1976)

Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Dream Girl: Formidable. Her sexuality is a force on par with Brainiac 5's intellect, Mon-El's strength, Cosmic Boy's dedication. In part because of her power and in part because she's a very smart cookie, she can see many more moves ahead in the chess game of life than anyone else. And that's pretty useful when you can turn any corruptible male into your pawn. Luckily, she works for the good guys. —Interlac (2000)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In the history that unfolded after the first Crisis (no longer valid), Nura returned to Naltor and became High Seer…

She started flirting more in the public eye, and Thom, upset at this, didn't even tell her when he decided to return to his home planet, Xanthu. Then came the incident on and after her imprisonment on Universo's prison planet with Atmos, who practically rubbed Thom's nose in this. Thom, realizing that she was bored with him, sadly broke off their romance, and looked for greener pastures.

Other than a brief leave of absence, Dream Girl served with the Legion until 2991, when the collapse of the galactic economy and Earthgov's hostility toward the Legion made her return to Naltor to be its High Seer. She steered Naltor successfully through the troubled times, and its is now, under her leadership, one of the most stable economies in the United Planets.In early 2996, after a flash of light that seemed to indicate some sort of time-flux, an SW6 version of Dream Girl appeared. All Legionnaires except for Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Live Wire and Invisible Kid seem to think that she was part of the team the entire time...but she wasn't, and her existence, which remained stable until she joined with her adult countepart and disappeared at the end of the universe, was a blip in time cause by Zero Hour.

Legion 2: Earth-247

Narcolepsy strikes! An unsuccessful tryout. From Legionnaires #43 (1996); art by Jeff Moy.
Post-bimbo. From Legion Worlds #4 (2001); art by Rick Leonardi.

The Nura Nal of Universe-247 calls herself Dreamer. This universe was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis. She continues to roam the multiverse with her Legion…

Nura Nal (née Schnappin) is a young woman who has dreams and visions of the future—the first such person to be born on her home planet, Naltor, in seven generations. (Legionnaires #43) Unfortunately, she could only receive these visions while asleep, and suffered from a form of narcolepsy. Nura first came in contact with the Legion when the team was possessed by the Emerald Eye of Ekron. She had foreseen a terrible explosion, but she was brushed off by the Legion's handler, Marla Latham. (Legion v.4 #84) After this incident, she applied for membership as Dreamer, but her narcolepsy was considered too much of a liability. (Legionnaires #43)

Star Boy, however, had become smitten with her, and the two went out on a date during which she had another premonition of danger. (#45) The dreams persisted and Star Boy alerted the Legion's leader, Invisible Kid. (#46) Dreamer also predicted the Legion's battle with Mordru. (#49-50)

Nura became a frequent visitor to Legion headquarters (#56, 59, Legion #103), and a more frequent companion to Star Boy after his suspension. (#68, 70-72, 74, 77)

These happy times turned sour when Dreamer began seeing the impending arrival of the Blight on Earth. (Legion #121) Once these aliens arrived, they caused Dreamer to have extreme, horrible nightmares, even after the Blight were defeated. Star Boy arranged for medical treatment on his homeworld, Xanthu, and accompanied her to supervise her recovery. (Legion v.4 #124, Legionnaires #81)

Dreamer, along with the Khund and Xanthu survivors eventually made their way to Earth, just in time to help fight Robotica there. (#12) She was relieved to be reunited with Thom, but was disturbed by her confusing visions of Thom's death. (#13)

She soon accompanied Saturn Girl home to Titan, where they were ensnared by Universo. (#19) After Sensor helped them shake off Universo's mind-control, Dreamer became instrumental in defeating the villain and was awarded Legion membership at last. (#22)

NOTES: Unlike her Earth-0 counterpart, this Nura Nal is not related to the White Witch of her universe.

Legion 3: Earth-Prime

On Naltor, natives are gifted with the ability to see the future. But where others see 20 seconds ahead, Nura Nal saw 30 seconds. This led her into law enforcement, but she left her training as a Precommando to join the Legion. On Earth, her fellow Legionnaires regarded her as somewhat of an airhead because her visions often left her oblivious to her present surroundings.

Dream Girl returned to Naltor with a group of Legionnaires when thousands were driven mad by "dream deprivation." The Legion noticed that only "underagers" were affected and soon uncovered the truth. The Public Service technology used to monitor underagers was itself negatively affecting Naltor's youth. While on Naltor, Nura received a particularly disturbing vision of great catastrophe. Naltor's High Seer had seen it as well, and sought to spare his people from experiencing the vision. (#2)

Dream Girl's began to encounter blackness in her visions. Part of her knew what this meant. When the Legion's battle with Lemnos came to a head, the villain sent suicide bombers into the Legion plaza and headquarters. As the building collapsed, Dream Girl guided others to safety, but perished hersef when the it fell. (#10)

Brainiac 5 had always acted as though Dream Girl were an anomaly or an annoyance. In truth, he was in love with her. Upon her death, he acted immediately to preserve her body—and, he hoped, her soul. He deduced that a person's soul was merely energy and he housed Nura inside one of his force fields to keep hers from escaping. Her body remained in suspended animation until he could finalize his plans to resurrect her. (#11, 13) Her fellow Legionnaires held a special memorial where one Legionnaire at-large, Reflecto, was delusional that she'd been his girlfriend. (#14)

Brainiac 5's plan involved using the powerful mental powers of their former foe, Lemnos, to restore Dream Girl's psyche and soul to her body. Brainy told few of his plans and soon absconded with Dream Girl's and Lemnos' bodies. (#19) He piloted an ancient L.E.G.I.O.N. craft into space along with Light Lass and Element Lad and Atom Girl, all of whom were drafted to help him reanimate his love. (#20) Using the power of a pulsar star plus Lemnos and the Legionnaires ... something happened. Dream Girl's body disappeared. Brainy was furious. But later, while sleeping, Dream Girl visited him. She was fully cognizant but now existed only on this metal/astral plane. Truly, a "dream" girl. (#21)

Meanwhile, Naltor's High Seer was demanding the return of Nura's body and Dream Boy (Rol Purtha) arrived to replace Nura in the Legion. (#18) Dream Boy was the first to learn Dream Girl's new state of existence when he receivede a visit from Dream Girl in his sleep. (#28) He soon revealed this to others, including Brainy. (#30) Brainiac 5 kept this a secret, but Dream Girl was not limited to visiting him. Saturn Girl also discover her presence when she was forced to enter Brainy's mind in his sleep. (#36) Phantom Girl also received a vision from her. (Brave & Bold #5)

In this spectral form, Nura could easily have chosen to move on the afterlife, but remained tethered by her love for Brainiac 5. Querl found a medium named Meander to serve as a host body for Nura, so that they could enjoy an date in the flesh. While inside Meander, Nura was without her powers and failed to "see" and attack from Princess Projectra. Projectra needed to eliminate Dream Girl in order to carry out a plot of vengeance against the Legion. She freed some of the baser aspects of Brainiac 5’s psyche, which manifested as demons that attacked Dream Girl. This, just as Querl proposed marriage to her. Nura survived but was left blind—in both sight and foresight. Querl encouraged her to enter the beyond, but she refused, agreeing to marry him instead. (#47)

Other Versions

Dream Girl was also a member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.


Dream Girl possesses the highest level of precognition on her homeworld of Naltor. Where others see ten seconds into the future, she sees twenty. While receiving a premonition, Dream Girl loses consciousness to the real world. While waking visions are common, but short, greater visions come during full sleep.

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