Created by Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez



Legion Academy, Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #523 (Apr. 2011)

Legion of Super-Heroes v.7 #1 (Nov. 2011)

The evil Glorith, from Adventure #338 (1965); art by John Forte.
The all-new Glorith phones home, from Adventure #523 (2011); art by Phil Jimenez.

The young woman called Glorith is the second to bear that name. The first Glorith a one-time Legion foe who was recruited by the Time Trapper from a time millions of years in the future. He sent her to assail the Legion using a special "devolutionary" hourglass (and the gloves to protect her from its power). When she failed, the Trapper tricked her into touching the hourglass and she devolved into protoplasm. (Adventure #338) Under unexplained circumstances, she or another woman named Glorith also later fell prey to the master magician, Mordru. He called her name among other mages who were supposedly deceased. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2) In Legion volume 4, Glorith had a much larger role; that is out of continuity. See below.

The curent Glorith is a young woman whose background is still a mystery. She has said that she was "chosen as a babe to serve the light" and has no memory or images of her parents. She first appeared under the wing of the Black Witch and Blok, on the Sorceror's World. The Black Witch claimed that Glorith had an important destiny and as such, deemed it necessary that she study at the Legion Academy on Earth. Glorith was a simple girl who'd never traveled the stars and marveled at Earth's technology. She disliked the lack of ritual and courtesy there. On Sorceror's World, she became good friends with fellow student, Harlak, and wrote to him often about her new adventures. (Adventure #523)

On a mission to Phlon with her classmates, Glorith and the others fell to Alchemical Girl. The Black Witch sensed this and at great expense, "sent" Glorith extra magical energies to help defeat her foe. (#525) Glorith successfully used the genetic material from the original Chemical King to reverse the genetic modifications that empowered Alchemical Girl. (#526)

Whether ready or not, Glorith was awarded Legion membership after only a brief time at the Academy. This came in response to the Legion's massive loss of members when seven Legionnaires were lost in time. Glorith was still reeling from having witnessed the death of the Academy student, Variable Lad (#529), but she was ready with a spell to aid Brainiac 5 in his laboratory. Afterwards the scientist pondered whether her magic might be able to solve their way around the barriers in time, if science could not. (Legion v.7 #1)


Paul Levitz remarked to Newsarama: "She's an apprentice of the White Witch, from the Sorcerer's World. It's a young woman who has never really been anywhere or had any experience outside that strange and isolated planet. And Glorith will be a mystery character for a while, as we learn what her back-story is. But also, in some ways, she'll experience the mystery herself, because she's seeing a whole different set of human relationships than she was used to seeing on that planet of hers. And she'll become the narrator of a lot of it too, in letters home."

Artist Phil Jimenez described her look to CBR: "She's a mix of Amethyst and Starfire and all these other alien race ideas. ... The idea is that each of their costumes says something about them was important to me."

Legion 1.5

In the continuity stemming from Legion v.4 (no longer in continuity), the original Glorith became the Legion's primary adversary. Originally she had been a servant of the Time Trapper. In this continuity, she replaced the Time Trapper, killing him in an alternate reality then gaining his omnipotent powers over time. She used this power to affect every era of the Legion's development.

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Legion 2

The Legion of Earth-247 befriended a young girl named Lori Morning, whose powerlust eventually led her to manifest the same appearance as the original adult Glorith.


Glorith's magical abilities are still under development, but she appears confident and prepared with a stable of spells to aid in a variety of situations. Her most frequent construct is magical shielding.

Appearances + References


  • Adventure Comics #338, 523-529


  • Legion of Super-Heroes v.7, current (2011-)