+ The Tornado Twins (Dawn & Don Allen)

Tornado Twins created by Jim Shooter and Win Mortimer
XS created by Mark Waid and

Jenni Ognats of Aarok

Jeven Ognats (father), Dawn Allen Ognats (mother, deceased), Barry Allen (Flash II, grandfather, deceased), Iris West Allen (grandmother), Don Allen (uncle, deceased), Bart Allen (Impulse, cousin)

Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-247 and Earth-0)

Legionnaires #0 (October 1994)

Legion of Super Heores v.4 #62


Whipping up the Legion.
From Adventure #373 (1968). Art by Win Mortimer.

The Allen Family welcomes newborn Jenni.
From Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995). Art by Stuart Immonen.

Three Legions help the Allens save Jenni and Bart.
From Legion of Three Worlds #3 2009(). Art by Georg Pérez.

From Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995). Art by Stuart Immonen.

The Tornado Twins: Earth-0

Donald and Dawn Allen were the twin children of Barry Allen—the second 20th century Flash—and his wife Iris West. Iris met Barry just as he was beginning his career as the Flash, in the second great age of super-heroes. (Showcase #4) They married not long after meeting. (Flash v.1 #165) In that time, Barry also took on a sidekick, Iris’ nephew Wally West, who became the first Kid Flash. (Flash v.1 #110)

The couple chose not to start a family, and it looked as if they never would when Iris was murdered by his arch enemy, the Reverse-Flash. (Flash #275) After grieving for his wife, Barry learned a shocking truth: Iris was actually from the 30th century. At the moment of her 20th century death, Iris’ soul returned to the 30th century, where her parents were waiting to restore her to life. When she was well enough, she returned to the past and reunited with Barry. They both chose to relocate to the 30th century. (#350, Flash Secret Files #1)

After only a month of happiness, Barry Allen disappeared into the timestream, never to return. He never learned that Iris was pregnant. (Crisis #3) Barry died in the first epic Crisis, in battling the Anti-Monitor. (#8) Iris bore twins, whom she named Donald and Dawn.

Barry and Iris’ twins did not naturally manifest the speed powers of their father, but the potential was in their genes. Their connection to the so-called “Speed Force” was artificially unlocked one day for a celebration dedicated to the Flash. The Allens called themselves the Tornado Twins, and met the Legion of Super-Heroes, whom they beat to many emergencies. The upstaging led to a little animosity until they revealed that they were part of the Flash's family. They had no intention of making a career out of super-heroism. (Adventure #373) They became friends with the Legion, even attending the wedding of Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy. (Superboy #200)

Upon maturity, both twins married at about the same time. Dawn Allen married Jeven Ognats and they bore a daughter, Jenni Ognats. Soon afterwards, Don Allen married Meloni Thawne (a descendant of the Reverse-Flash) and bore a son, Bart Allen. (Legion v.4 Annual #6)

Once, the twins were targeted for murder by Professor Ivo, an enemy of the Flashs, from his days as a member of the Justice League of America. They were saved by the Legionnaires. (Legion v.3 Annual #1)

Even though Barry was dead, the Reverse-Flash would not leave the Allen family alone. Though the Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) was of the 25th Century, he was a savvy time traveler. He learned that his own descendant, Meloni, had married into the Flash family and was enraged. Thawne launched a campaign against the Tornado Twins, and forced them to recruit help from parallel universes. The Twins used the Cosmic Treadmill to tear open the barriers between universes and bring three Legions to their aid. The Legions forced Thawne into retreat. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3)

Afterwards, the three Brainiac 5s created a new suit for Star Boy which was essentially a map of the multiverse. (#2) Star Boy used the suit to relocate the Twins and their mother Iris to an alternate Earth (designated Earth-247). (#3) Even this could not bar the hatred between the Allen and Thawne clans. Shortly after migrating to Earth-247, Dawn and Don Allen were killed by Dominator agents under the guidance of Meloni's father, another sworn enemy of the Allens. (Flash Secret Files #1)

Jenni and Bart were taken by the Dominators. The alien scientists were fixated on the chidrens' metahuman lineage. Within days, both children were artificially accelerated into their teens. (Legion of Three Worlds #3) Iris Allen managed to kidnap her grandson Bart and returned to the 20th century with him. There he became the young hero called Impulse. (Flash v.2 #92)

Legion 2: Earth-247—XS

Eventually, Jeven Ognats also freed Jenni from the Dominators as well. They hid away on his home planet, Aarok but the Dominators caught up to them again. The scientists tried in vain to trigger her super-speed abilities, succeeding only after threatening Jeven with torture. Her latent powers kicked in, and she swiftly rescued her father. The government of Aarok then began a more humane program to test Jenni's abilities. (Legion v.4 Annual #6)

When the Legion of Super-Heroes (of Earth-247) was formed, Jenni was drafted to join them as XS. (Legionnaires #0, Legion v.4 #62) She was timid at first, but the Legion’s leader, Cosmic Boy, inspired her to face her fears rather than run from them. (XS developed a crush on Cos which was never reciprocated.)

On a time-travel mission to the 20th century, Jenni got lost and fell prey to the time-hopping super-villain, Chronos. (Legion v.4 #75) When she escaped, she found her way to the 20th century Flash family. She met her cousins her cousin Wally West and Bart Allen, now known as Impulse. (Flash v.2 #109-112, Impulse #9-11) She returned to the 30th century with the aid of the 27th century Flash, John Fox. Also during her time travels, she met the Legion of an alternate future, in the 100th century. (Legionnaires Annual #3)

Jenni once also had an interesting encounter with the Time Trapper, who claimed that XS' "ultimate role is yet to be unveiled." (Legion v.4 #105)

Back home in the 30th century, she found no rest, as she arrived in the midst of the Legion's great battle against the Fatal Five. (Legionnaires #35)

XS grew to become one of the Legion’s most courageous members. When the universe fell to the Blight, she rescued Saturn Girl and changed the tide of battle. (Legionnaires #79) This led to further galactic decay, and XS joined Star Boy and Dreamer on the planet Xanthu to combat a bloody invasion by Robotica. (Legion Worlds #4, The Legion #10)

Not long after this, universe-247 was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis. XS and her fellow Legionnaires escaped its fate by retreating into Limbo, where they were found by the Legion of Earth-0—XS’ home universe! (Legion of Three Worlds #2) During this mission against Superboy Prime, XS learned the details about her past. At the conclusion of this case, XS elected to remain on Earth-0. (#5)

Presumably, Jenni’s father perished along with Universe-247. Her cousin Bart, and grandparents Barry and Iris Allen all live in the 21st century on Earth-0. The current fate of Meloni Thawne is unknown. She last appeared in the 31st century, on what would be considered Earth-247. (Titans/Legion Special) This was just before the destruction of universe-247. In the newly-realigned multiverse, it is possible that Jeven Ognats and Meloni Thawne now survive on Earth-0.


In their original appearance, (Adventure #373) Dawn and Don were called descendants of the Flash, but it was not established that they were his children until Legion v.4 #17 (1991).

Jeven Ognats first appeared in Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995); Meloni Thawne in Impulse #23 (1997).

The rivalry between the Allens and Thawne’s is a modern concoction. This originated from the creation of Barry Allen’s long-lost evil twin brother, Malcolm Thawne. Malcolm became the villain Cobalt Blue, and spawned a dynasty of Flash-haters. (Speed Force #1, 1997) The Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom) first appeared in Flash v.1 #139 (September 1963).

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), the Tornado Twins suffered a similar fate as in current continuity…

Iris Allen wrote a series of articles exposing the Dominators' covert domination of Earth and campaign to wipe out former members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. In revenge, and to prevent others from doing the same, the Dominators fabricated evidence that implicated the twins in the explosion of the Quebec fusion powersphere and had them executed for the crime (Legion v.4 #17) Dawn died unmarried; Don was survived by his wife, Carmen Johnson, and his son Barry II, or "Bart", who had inherited his grandfather's super-speed and was brought by his grandmother to the twentieth century, where he became the super-hero Impulse.

+ Powers

XS was born with a latent link to the speed-force, inherited from her grandfather, Barry Allen (Flash II). This allows her to travel at speeds nearing the speed of light.

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