Kid Flash II

Created by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo

Bartholomew "Bart" Allen

Don Allen (father, deceased), Meloni Thawne (mother), Barry Allen (The Flash, grandfather), Iris West Allen (grandmother)

Young Justice, Teen Titans

Flash #92 (July 1994)

Brown Grandson to Barry Allen (Flash II) after he and and his wife travelled to the 30th century, Bart inherited a mega-metabolic activity along with his super-velocity. That meant that his body grew at a too high speed, looking like a 12 year old boy while he was only 2. The only way of stopping that abnormal growth was to attach him to a virtual reality machine, where he created his own world of fantasy and lived in it, stopping him at

Some time later, the machine got disconnected, and Bart would have died as an old man, if not for his grandmother, who took him with her to the 20th century, leaving him with Wally West , the current Flash. Wally taught him how to control his powers, slowing his growth, learning to vibe through solid objects, running on different surfaces ... Wally believed that he was going to die and wanted Bart to be the new Flash, but as he survived, Bart had to look for a place to live, receiving a new identity and going to Max Mercury's house. Pretending to be his uncle, Max tried to get a normal life for the kid, though Bart thinks that life in Manchester, Alabama, is tooooooo slow for him.

 Bart is now attending the Manchester High School and trying to integrate there, for, although his mind is that of a 14 year old boy, living all your life into a virtual world doesn't give you a very precise picture of real life. The most dangerous thing for him is having no sense of risk, since every time he died in his virtual world, he could start again, and so, his behaviour is giving Max many headaches

Bart is also a former Titan, under the leader ship of Arsenal, and is no currently serving as a member of Young Justice.

Lately, Impulse/Bart has become more adapt to his powers.  Recently, Impulse's evil half twin brother "Inertia" came back in time to kill his twin.  Inertia is the last remaining Thrawne and believes that the Allen family.  Inertia unfortunatly underestimated his brother and was beaten, only to return back to the future to plot again for another fight. Impulse recently impersonated Inertia when "The Composite Young Justice" was on the edge of defeating Young Justice.


Impulse, is part of the living embodiment of the Speed Force, letting him traving a great speeds. Impulse also has the abilitity to modify his individual body parts to vibrate at great speeds.

Impulse also carry's a "Flash Ring", which like his grandfather, carries Impulse's costume within the ring.

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