Saturn Girl

Created by Mort Weisinger, Otto Binder, Curt Swan and Al Plastino

Imra Ardeen Ranzz of Titan

Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad, husband), Graym (son), Garridan (Validus, son), Dacey and Dorritt (daughters), Imra (aunt), Ayla Ranzz (sister-in-law), Mekt Ranzz (brother-in-law)

Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #247 (Apr. 1958)

SW6 version: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #24 (Dec. 1991)

Retroboot: Action Comics #859 (Jan. 2008)

Saturn Girl is a classic, founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and possibly the most-featured Legionnaire in the group's history. She is a strong, versatile character that has appeared consistently since 1958, a founder in every incarnation of the Legion, and also a staple in the the team's appearances in other media.

While he was writing Doomsday Clock (2018–19), in DC's "Rebirth" era, writer Geoff Johns gushed:

"Saturn Girl is the heart and soul of the Legion of Super-Heroes. … She knows everyone's deepest darkest secrets. If she has faith, then at the base level, human beings and aliens and everybody can reach that goal, can reach achievement and have that goodness inside them. I believe her. I'm with her. And that's why Saturn Girl is so important to the Legion. She's at the epicenter of truth for the entire universe for me."

Johns' love for the character didn't save her from another reboot during this time. Still, in the new Legion created for the "Rebirth" era, Saturn Girl acted as the group's frontperson, a herald to life in the 31st century.

Original Saturn Girl

Imra Ardeen's early days on Titan. From Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (Jan. 1981); art by Jim Janes and Frank Chiaramonte.
Saturn Girl's first appearance in print, when the Legion teased Superboy before admitting him to the Legion. From Adventure Comics #247 (Apr. 1958); art by Jim Janes and Frank Chiaramonte.
Saturn Girl frees Mon-El with a special serum to temporarily counter his lead poisoning. From Adventure Comics #300 (Sept. 1962); art by George Papp.
Saturn Girl, on her way to becoming re-elected leader. From Adventure #323 (1964); art by John Forte.
Saturn Girl debuts a new costume on a case to test Princess Projectra. From Action Comics #392 (Sept. 1970); art by Win Mortimer and Jack Abel.

The Legion might never have been founded without Imra Ardeen. She was born on Titan, a moon of Saturn, and named in honor of one of her aunts. (Legionnaires 3 #2) On Titan all people possess telepathic abilities, but her family was known to be exceptionally strong and young Imra excelled early. She became Titan's top telepath and found herself participating in her world's peacekeeping forces. This led her to enroll in the Science Police Academy; she set out for Earth. (Superboy vol. 1 #147, Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1) Notes: Saturn Girl's real name was revealed name and homeworld were revealed in Superman Annual #4 (1961). Her parents first appeared in Adventure #356 (May 1967), but their names were never revealed.

Imra shared her flight with fellow teenagers Garth Ranzz and Rokk Krinn, and billionaire R. J. Brande. As fate would have it, Imra intercepted the thoughts of an assassin who was targeting Brande. She alerted Ranzz and Krinn, who acted in time to save Brande's life. After the assassin was taken into custody, Imra's career took a different path: at Brande's urging, she joined Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy as Saturn Girl, the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. (Superboy vol. 1 #147)

Saturn Girl was a prominent member from the start, on hand for almost every mission. She participated in the Legion's trips to the 20th century where they recruited both Superboy (Adventure Comics #247) and Supergirl (Action Comics #276) to join the team in the 30th. Note: In Saturn Girl's first appearance, Adventure #247, the three founding Legionnaires wore costumes that were never used again. The Legion's origin story was not told Superboy vol. 1 #147 (May/June 1968).

Imra was an adept scientist as well. She invented Serum XY-4, which allowed Mon-El to temporarily leave the Phantom Zone. (Adventure #300)

Arguably, no Legionnaire has served with greater distinction. Just prior to one of the Legion's first leadership elections, she heard a prophecy that a Legionnaire would die repelling the Khundish fleet of Zaryan the conqueror. She decided to sacrifice herself, and so she mentally forced the other Legionnaires to vote for her. She then ordered them not to use their powers, to assure that she'd be the only one to confront Zaryan. Only the indirect interference of Superboy and the love of Lightning Lad saved her life — but Garth defied her orders and was the one to die instead. (Adventure #304)

Before his death, Imra had been merely amused by Lightning Lad's affections. After his sacrifice, she understood the depth of his devotion, and committed to restoring him to life. She was prepared to give her life again, in a ceremony to revive Garth. This time it was Proty, the telepathic pet of Chameleon Boy, who stepped in. Proty loved Saturn Girl and he tricked her and took her place. Garth was restored to life and the two gave in to their mutual attraction. (Adventure #312) Her position as Legion leader, incidentally, was allowed to stand despite her manipulations. She earned a second term the following year. (#323) Note: In Legion vol. 4 Annual #3 (1992), it was revealed that when Lightning Lad was revived, it was with Proty's consciousness, not Garth's. This accounted for the perception by some that Garth's personality seemed changed.

Starting a Family

Saturn Girl returns to Titan, where she and Lightning Lad submit to a mental test. From Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes #236 (Sept. 1970); art by James Sherman and Joe Rubinstein.
Imra and Garth make a good team against his brother, the Lightning Lord. From Legion vol. 2 #302 (Aug. 1983); art by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.
Darkseid steals the Ranzz's second son, transforming him into Validus. From Legion vol. 3 Annual #3 (1984); art by Keith Giffen.
Imra singlehandedly disables two of the most powerful Legionnaires, and takes on Universo. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3 #35 (June 1987); art by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo.
Profile illustration from Who's Who #20 (Oct. 1986); art by Curt Swan and Karl Kesel.

Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad once pretended to marry, in order to leave the Legion and foil some infiltrators (a Legion rule forbade married members from serving). (#337) After many years of courtship, Garth proposed marriage. Imra balked at first, as they would be forced to resign for real. She consulted with her mentors on Titan, and decided to take the plunge anyway. (Superboy & the Legion #236) The two were peacefully wedded (Limited Collector's Ed. #C-55) and resigned immediately. (#237)

Their retirement was short-lived because scant months later, Mordru manipulated several parties into war against Earth. The Legion called in their reserves and Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad were key to victory because all active Legionnaires had been captured by Mordru and the Earth was overrun by Khunds. Saturn Girl's powers enabled the Legionnaires to communicate and coordinate their freedom, which led to Mordru's downfall. After the Earthwar, the Legion repealed the rule against married members, and they rejoined the team full-time. (#245)

Imra and Garth were the foundation of the Legion, but after his own stressful term as Legion leader, Garth's health and sanity began to fail him. (Legion vol. 2 #290) Saturn Girl nursed him back to health and soon the they were pregnant with the Legion's first babies. (#307) Initial tests indicated that Imra would bear twins, the genetic default among Garth's people on Winath. But the birth was marred by a sinister darkness created by the villain Darkseid, Imra bore only one child, Graym. The couple thought nothing of it, assuming it must have been an error in the tests. (Tales of the Legion Annual #3)

In truth, Darkseid had kidnapped Graym's twin, transformed the infant into a monster, and sent it back in time as Validus — the murderous member of the Fatal Five who had killed the Legionnaire Invisible Kid! (Superboy #203)

Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad retired from the Legion to raise Graym, but she remained actively involved in the Legion's affairs. (Legion vol. 3 #12) Imra convinced the Legion to accept the Sensor Girl as a member "no questions asked" (#14) (as she had for Element Lad years earlier).

In time, Saturn Girl realized the truth about her missing son. She faced Darkseid directly and plead for Validus's return to normal human life. The New God actually conceded and their son was returned to them, seemingly normal. (Legion vol. 3 Annual #2) He was named Garridan.

When Universo took control of the Earth in early 2987 and hypnotized and imprisoned many heroes, including her, her powerful mind broke free on its own, and enabled her to free the others. It was she who finally broke Universo's hold over Earth and forced him unconscious. It was then that she realized how much the Legion was in her blood, and she rejoined — this time without Garth, who enjoyed his life as a father and househusband. (#32-35)

When their old friend Superboy died fighting the Time Trapper (#38), Saturn Girl joined several other Legionnaires is a secret plot to take down the villain. (#46) Imra escaped injury but Duo Damsel lost her second body, (#50) and Brainiac 5 was expelled from the Legion for his role. (#51)


Jim Shooter on Saturn Girl: "An organizer, a businessman-like, clever, smart competent women's libber who scared away every guy she met until Lightning Lad with his overwhelming ego treated her like a lady, and she loved it. She is a wild, wild woman in bed, who undoubtedly has occasionally accompanied Lightning Lad on his forays into Dream Girl's boudoir." —Interlac (1976)

The character's iconic "pink bikini" costume was designed by a fan, K. Haven Metzger, and colored red in its first appearance, Action Comics #392 (Sept. 1970).

Glorith Reality (Legion vol. 4)

On Winath, Imra balances her duties with the Ranzz plantation and motherhood. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #3 (Jan. 1990); art by Keith Giffen and Al Gordon.
Garridan Ranzz meets Ivy. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #13 (Nov. 1990); art by Keith Giffen and Al Gordon.
At the end of an era, the SW6 Legionnaires and their adult counterparts are all that remain of their timeline. From Zero Hour #1 (Sept. 1994); art by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway.

When Earthgov was secretly infiltrated by the Dominators, Earth became hostile to the Legion. Meanwhile on Winath, Brainiac 5 discovered that Garridan carried a deadly disease, the Winathococcus Validus, or "Validus plague." Imra returned to care for her family; Garth was crippled by the disease and Garridan was sent to the medical world called Quarantine. (Legion vol. 4 #3) Garridan, who also inherited his father's lightning powers, made friends on Quarantine with other super-powered children. They were protected from the Persuader by the former Legionnaire, Kent Shakespeare. (#13, 51)

On Winath, Imra busied herself with running the Ranzz family business, the profitable Lightning Ring Plantation. (#10) The plantation was the site of the Legion's reformation (after a brutal battle with Roxxas). The Ranzzes helped their friends but did not rejoin. (#11-13)

Their family expanded with the birth of daughters Dacey and Dorritt (#20), who exhibited telepathic powers. (#50)

Imra was kidnapped by a mysterious figure (#37) who turned out to be Luornu Durgo (Duo Damsel), under the control of Glorith. All of the people who had formed Legion "conspiracy" were taken and it was revealed that Glorith had actually rescued Luornu's second body from death. (#42)

Saturn Girl II: SW6 Legion

Around this time, the Legion learned of a doppelganger Legion, one created by the Time Trapper decades prior and kept in stasis on Earth. (Legion vol. 4 #24) This teen Legion was instrumental in taking down the Dominators on Earth and they reestablished their own organization afterwards. (#40-41)

The Saturn Girl of "Batch SW6" was still young in her relationship with Lightning Lad (now going by "Live Wire"). Imra was somewhat insecure about their love and even chafed against Garth's behavior at times (this Garth did not have the personality of Proty). They even broke up! (Legionnaires #12)

The teen Saturn Girl noticed when the time distortions of "Zero Hour." She, Cosmic Boy and Live Wire traveled into the past to investigate their origins and wound up fighting alongside the 20th century's heroes. (Zero Hour #3-1) They returned to the 30th century believing they had stopped the disaster, but found their reality crumbling instead. The Time Trapper urged the two sets of Legionnaires to essentially merge with one another in order to repair the time stream. The SW6 Saturn Girl joined hands with her elder counterpart, and her best friends (both versions) and bid their reality farewell.


Tom and Mary Bierbaum on Saturn Girl: "Tough, dedicated and self-disciplined, but not the iron-butt some of her teammates regard her as. She's built many emotional barriers around herself because she's all too familiar with and vulnerable to the intense personalities that surround her. When it's needed (and she knows when), she's the most empathetic and supportive of the team, as every Legionnaire who's gone through a real crisis knows." —Interlac (2000)

The Retroboot

Young Saturn Girl covers up her shame. From Adventure Comics #517 (Oct. 2010); art by Kevin Sharpe and Marlo Alquiza.
A retro portrait of Saturn Girl adorns the variant cover of Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 6 #1 (July 2010); art by Jim Lee.
The Ranzz family rescues Graym and Garridan from the Servant of Darkness. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 6 #4 (Oct. 2010); art by Yldiray Cinar and Wayne Faucher.
Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad on Winath. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 7 #5 (Mar. 2012); art by Walt Simonson and Dan Green.
Batman takes no notice of "Jane Doe," aka Saturn Girl. From Batman vol. 2 #9 (2016); art by Mikel Janin.

The original Legion was forgotten until the time of Infinite Crisis, which gave rise to a new DC multiverse. In this continuity, most original Legion events remained in continuity —  except for the events of Legion vol. 4. This meant that there had been no "Validus plague," and the Ranzz family had not had a second set of twins. Curiously (and unexplainedly), even though both of their sons were shown, there was also a Validus roaming the universe.

In this era of DC publishing, the Legion's origin story was also retold, in Adventure Comics (2010) and Legion: Secret Origin (2011). The broad strokes of the Legion's formative year were kept intact, but Retroboot updates were made to the Legionnaires' costumes (they resembled those of the Reboot Legion). A significant detail was revealed about young Saturn Girl's story: shortly after the formation of the Legion, she spent a night in bed with Cosmic Boy. She felt so much guilt about it that she removed the memory from Rokk's mind and vowed celibacy. (Adventure Comics #517)

When the Legion returned to the 21st century, it was again to recruit Superman's help. Saturn Girl had rejoined with her fellow founders to rally the Legion against Earth Man and his "Justice League" — made up of vengeful Legion rejects. (Action Comics 859-863)

Once the status quo was restored, Garth and Imra relinquishing full-time membership again, leaving the Legion in Cosmic Boy's hands. Saturn Girl returned to Titan to visit her mentor Doctor Aven, and to collect her thoughts. While she was there, scientists at the Time Institute (which had moved there from Earth), unleashed catastrophic forces that destroyed the environmental controls on Titan. Saturn Girl rushed to save her sons, but when she reached them, they vanished. She took one of the Institutes's Time Bubble's to find them, just as the moon exploded. (Legion vol. 6 #1)

Saturn Girl followed a clue to her sons' location. (#2) Notes: Aven was a character from the Reboot Legion; this was his first appearance with the original Saturn Girl. In Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, Validus was still active, but Legion vol. 6 depicts him as the boy, "Garridan."

Garth and his sister, Lightning Lass, joined the search, which led to a world called Avalon. The Legionnaires uncovered a Darkseid cult led by the Servant to the Darkness and his lackey, Zeemith. The Servant was empowered by a stone imbued with Darkseid's power and intended to sacrifice the Ranzz twins to draw his master's attention. Lightning Lass managed to dispatch Zeemith into an Omega beam, and Saturn Girl severed the Servant's link to the stone, which turned him to dust. (#4)

Afterwards, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad took a leave of absence from the Legion, (#6) and settled into life with the boys on Winath. (Legion vol. 7 #5)

But when the new Fatal Five launched a galactic offensive, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad returned to help. (#21) Tharok takes Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad to the Promethean Giant. Saturn Girl puts down the Empress and Sensor Girl manages to "awaken" the Giant. It defies Tharok, who is then frozen by Polar Boy. (#22)

When Rebirth Is the End

After the end of Legion vol. 7, DC's "Rebirth" initiative omitted the team. Instead the Legion made only a series of disjointed appearances. Saturn Girl emerged as the team's savior, again in the 21st century, on a mysterious mission. She turned up as a patient at Arkham Asylum known only as "Jane Doe." (DC Universe: Rebirth, Batman vol. 2 #9)

Saturn Girl stated that she was "sent her to help cleanse the time stream of an unknown anomaly that threatens [Superman]." (Doomsday Clock #7) She was instrumental in collecting some key players toward this end, including Rorschach II (#4) and Johnny Thunder. (#7) Their adversary was Doctor Manhattan, who had altered Superman's timeline (again). (#9-10) Manhattan ultimately faced Saturn Girl and made her realize, "you're no longer part of this timeline. You just didn't realize it." She ceased to exist, but her Legion flight ring remained behind. (#11) When Dr. Manhattan restored the history of the Justice Society, the universe reset once again, resulting in another all-new Legion. (#12)

The conclusion of Doomsday Clock clarified that every era of history was valid... somewhere in the multiverse. At this same time, Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook created an an all-new Legion.


Saturn Girl has the natural telepathic abilities of all Titanians, and her powers are among the most powerful on Titan.

Several times, the strain of using this power has resulted in poor judgment and a retreat from reality.

Note: Unlike her appearances in other media, she has never exhibited telekinetic powers.

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Saturn Girl III

Imra Ardeen Ranzz of Titan

Bertor and Sydne Ardeen (parents), Jancel (sister), Sarmon Ardeen (Universo, cousin)

Science Police, Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super Heroes vol. 4 #0 (Oct. 1994)

Reboot: Saturn Girl of Earth-247

Science Police recruit Ardeen shows promise. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #0 (Oct. 1994); art by Stuart Immonen and Ron Boyd.
Saturn Girl sacrifices her own sanity to take down the Composite Man. From Legion vol. 4 #69 (June 1995); art by Lee Moder and Ron Boyd.
Everybody realizes that Saturn Girl has been using her powers improperly. From Legion vol. 4 #90 (Mar. 1997); art by Lee Moder and Ron Boyd.
Saturn Girl apologizes to Ultra Boy about her manipulation. From Legion: Lost #9 (Jan. 2001); art by Pascal Alixe and Andy Lanning.
Teamwork with Sensor and Dreamer defeats the powerful Universo. From The Legion #23 (Oct. 2003); art by Chris Batista and Mark Farmer.
Live Wire returns to life in the body of Element Lad. From The Legion #33 (July 2004); art by Chris Batista and Jay Leisten.

After the moon of Titan finished a war against the planet Braal, a peace treaty was signed and the two worlds joined the United Planets. But people were mistrustful of Titanians' mental powers, so a condition was made that required Titanians to wear a Saturn-shaped badge when traveling off-world.

Imra Ardeen was born into this world. She was the most powerful telepath in decades, trained by Titan's best teachers, and she was allowed to join the Science Police. Imra was on her way to Earth to begin her career when she "overheard" the thoughts of two assassins gunning for Stargate magnate R. J. Brande. Two boys, Garth Ranzz and Rokk Krinn used their own super-powers to stop them. The three of them went their own ways, but Imra was disappointed by her duties with the Science Police. She decided to accept an offer from Brande to join his new Legion of Super-Heroes as Saturn Girl. (Legion vol. 4 #0)

Imra was invaluable to the team, but on multiple occasions her high power levels combined with her heightened sensitivity led her to make less-than-ethical decisions. When she entered the mind of her teammate, Chameleon, his Durlan mind overwhelmed her abilities and she found began to question herself. She overcompensated by shutting down the mind of the evil Composite Man, an act which drove her mad. (#69)

She was restored with the help of Micah Aven, her teacher from the Titan Institute (who secretly placed blocks on her abilities). (Legionnaires #26) Live Wire (Garth) was there to help her recover; he was falling in love with Imra, and the feeling was mutual. (Legion vol. 4 #70) Her ordeal had actually strengthened her powers and she helped defeat at attack by the White Triangle Daxamites. (Legionnaires Annual #2)

When Shrinking Violet was possessed by the power of the Emerald Eye of Ekron, a blast of its power tossed Saturn Girl and a group of Legionnaires back to the twentieth century. (Legion vol. 4 #84)

While stranded there, Saturn Girl's behavior was influenced by some mental blocks built by Aven. Imra became romantically involved with Cosmic Boy (Rokk), and after an encounter with Doctor Psycho, (#89–90) she and Cos became engaged to marry. (#94) However, on their wedding day, everybody discovered that Imra had unconsciously used her telepathic powers to influence his behavior. This came to light on their wedding day, when she confessed that she was still in love with Live Wire. Cosmic Boy was selflessly understanding. (#96)

When her team finally returned to the thirtieth century, she confronted Aven about the mental blocks that led to her vulnerability. (Legionnaires #57) Saturn Girl was appointed as the Legion's leader (she had been the deputy leader) by Invisible Kid, who resigned. (Legionnaires #59)

She excelled as leader, which was tested greatly when Earth was attacked and overtaken by the Blight. (Legionnaires #79-81, Legion vol. 4 #122–124) Saturn Girl was once again one in a group of Legionnaires who disappeared through a rift — to another galaxy. (Legion vol. 4 #125)

This was an extraordinary ordeal for her as leader and like the time before, she compensated for her team's trauma by using her mental abilities in less-than-ethical ways. For example, she chose to make the team believe that Apparition was with them so that Ultra Boy would remain sane. Her charade was amplified during an encounter with Umbra's fearful subconscious. Saturn Girl responded by creating the illusion that other Legionnaires had come to rescue them. Brainiac 5 discovered the truth: that Saturn Girl's powers had manufactured all of these things. (Legion: Lost #8)

She handed over the reins of leadership to Live Wire (#9) — who died at the end of this mission. Saturn Girl helped him as much as she could, using her powers to enter the mind of the omnipotent Progenitor (the former Legionnaire Element Lad). (#12)

Imra's cousin, Sarven Ardeen, was also a high level telepath — so much so that he was imprisoned to prevent the misuse of his powers. When he broke free, he became known as Universo, and used his powers to take over the galaxy. He was defeated by the combined resources of Legion and the 21st century Titans, and reimprisoned. (Teen Titans/Legion: Universe Ablaze #1-4)

After Saturn Girl's return from the so-called "Second Galaxy," Imra went to Titan for some telepathic rest. She was accompanied by the Legionnaire Dreamer to also explore the possibility of creating an advanced warning system for the United Planets. (The Legion #19) Imra fell prey to her evil cousin, a powerful telepath known as Universo. (#20-22) Vidar was taking over the entire moon and the Legion but the combined powers of these heroines, plus that of Sensor, led them to victory over Universo. (#23)

The team was shocked when Live Wire reappeared, alive — his mind had imprinted on the former crystalline body of Element Lad! (#25) Imra had trouble reconciling her feelings for Garth while he was in this form. They eventually reunited but agreed to take things slowly. (#33)

The universe of the Reboot Legion was entirely destroyed when Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three recreated the multiverse. (Infinite Crisis #6) The entire core team of Legionnaires became lost in a limbo outside of mainstream reality until Shikari's powers led them back to Earth-0. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2) During this battle against Superboy Prime, Brainiac 5 transformed Live Wire completely back into his original self. (#3) At the conclusion of this case, Saturn Girl and the rest of the team decided to explore the greater new multiverse. (#5)


Olivier Coipel on Saturn Girl: "Saturn Girl is too stiff, like Cosmic Boy, and she is too polished, too perfect: not a fun girl at all!" —Comic Book Resources


Saturn Girl is a top level telepath from Titan. She can read minds, of course, but her powers can also alter others' entire perceptions of reality, even for months of time.

Her powers were deemed so threatening that her mentors have been known to inhibit them with mental blocks. Time and again, Imra has broken through these blocks, conquered her weaknesses and limitations, and achieved even higher levels of power.

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Saturn Girl IV

Imra Ardeen Ranzz of Titan

Sydne Ardeen (mother)

Legion of Super-Heroes

Teen Titans/Legion Special (2004)

Threeboot: Saturn Girl of Earth-Prime

Saturn Girl takes control of members of Elysium. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #5 (June 2005); art by Barry Kitson and Art Thibert.
Saturn Girl makes a questionable move during a conflict by forcibly restraining Timber Wolf. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #39 (Apr. 2008); art by Francis Manapul and John Livesay.

Imra Ardeen of Titan-Prime comes from a race of telepaths who have no vocal chords, an evolutionary trait resulting from the organ's lack of use. Because of this, the Titanese are considered somewhat suspect by people on Earth and Saturn Girl can seem aloof.

She was involved with the founding of the Legion and early on, she became romantically involved with Lightning Lad. Her mother was a member of the United Planets Council.

When Saturn Girl sensed the presence of Mon-El, a 21st century hero, in the Phantom Zone, a group called the Wanderers attempted to steal the Phantom Zone projector. (Supergirl and the Legion #23) She later merged with the Legionnaire Phantom Girl to enter the Phantom Zone and spoke to Mon-El, who warn them of the Wanderers' pending attack. (#24)

Saturn Girl also discovered that their late teammate, Dream Girl, was "living" (in a sense) inside the mind of Brainiac 5. (#36)

While Imra is a strong young woman, her personal moral code is still developing. On Triton, she used her powers against the raging Timber Wolf. (#39) Leader Lightning Lad was forced to discipline both of them for the incident. (#40)

Saturn Girl showed leadership potential of her own, taking a team to Rimbor after alien destroyers. (#42)

In a moment of passion, Saturn Girl shared an intimate moment with Ultra Boy, but they were interrupted before things could go further. (#45) She admitted the indiscretion to Lightning Lad and the couple decided to call it quits. (#46)


Saturn Girl is a telepath who can read and sense the thoughts of most sentient beings, and control others' behavior.

People of her race have no vocal chords, so they must communicate nonverbally.

Appearances + References


  • The Brave and the Bold vol. 3 #4-5
  • Teen Titans/Legion Special #1


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5, 50 issues (2005–09)


Saturn Girl V

Imra Ardeen of Titan

Unnamed parents

Legion of Super-Heroes

Superman vol. 5 #14 (Oct. 2019)

Rebirth: Saturn Girl

Imra Ardeen learns she has been selected for participation in the United Planets "youth delegation." From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #4 (Apr. 2019); art by Mikel Janin.
Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad battle the Horraz. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #1 (Feb. 2019); art by Ryan Sook and Wade Von Grawbadger.

On Saturn's moon, Titan, people enjoy a communal lifestyle where family units are intimately linked by their minds; Titanians never leave Titan. But young Imra Ardeen disguised the desire to break away from this collective. She applied for a mentorship in a new program, the United Planets' youth delegation. Her family were surprised to learn she was accepted, and Imra traveled to Daxam to meet President R.J. Brande.

En route, she met Garth Ranzz and Rokk Krinn. Brande called the three together for their power, counsel and perspective amid growing discontent in the U.P. When Brande was attacked by the alien Horraz, Imra and the others leapt to her defense. (Legion vol. 8 #4)

As Saturn Girl, Imra was a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She was first to address Superboy in the 21st century when the Legion invited him to join them. (Superman vol. 5 #14-15) She returned by herself to escort Superboy to the 31st century and gave his father, Superman, a device to call him back home. (#16)

The bewildered young hero was overwhelmed by the future of Earth. Saturn Girl attempted to calm his fears with an orientation presentation but Superboy was too distracted. (Legion vol. 8 #1)


Saturn Girl has telepathic powers.

Appearances + References


  • Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #2
  • Supergirl vol. 7 #33
  • Superman vol. 5 #14-16


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8, 12 issues (2019–2021)


In Other Media

Saturn Girl on the day the Legion was formed, with R.J. Brande, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad. From "In the Beginning," Legion of Super-Heroes season 2, episode 9 (8 Mar. 2008).
Saturn Girl in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five (2019).
From "Legion," Smallville season 8, episode 11 (2009).

In cartoons, Saturn Girl is usually one of the first three Legionnaires who make contact with heroes in the present time.

The Legion's first animated appearance, Superman: The Animated Series (season 3, episode 3, 31 Oct. 1998), Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Chameleon Boy came to meet Superman.

Saturn Girl was a prominent cast member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon, which lasted for two seasons.

In the movie Justice League vs. the Fatal Five(2019), she, Brainiac 5 and Star Boy were the main Legionnaires left to fight the Fatal Five.

And in live action television, Imra Ardeen (played by Alexz Johnson) appeared along with Rokk and Garth on television's Smallville, in season 8, episode 11 (2009).

Imra (not called "Saturn Girl") is a character played by Amy Jackson on TV's Supergirl. She first appeared in season 3, episode 9 (4 Dec. 2017), when a spaceship containing several Legionnaires was unearthed. Imra was freed along with Brainiac 5 and Mon-El — Imra's husband. Imra appeared in nine episodes during that season.


Saturn Girl was one of six Legionnaires to appear on 7-11 Slurpee cups.

Pork Chops the Legionnaire? Preposterous! This rarity was the only card from the 1966 Topps Foldee set (of 44) that featured a Legionnaire. Read more about Foldees and how they work.