DC Universe Trading Card Sets

The series listed here are either JLA-themed or older/broader DC-themed sets. For the most part, Superman- or Batman-only sets are not included.

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1962 • Topps Superman Tattoo Bubble Gum

  • Set of at least 73  
  • I own: A couple
  • Checklist

The first big trading card set from DC/National was a set of 72 Superman cards, released in 1940 (they were reprinted in 1984). They feature art by Joe Shuster and sell for fairly high prices.

This 1962 set of tattoo cards from Topps extended the subject a little bit to include the Superman family, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern.

These tattoos are highly collectible and can go for top dollar, especially if they are unused. If buying, make sure you do not confuse these with 1967 tattoos, below, which are reproductions of this set. The wrapper (which is the reverse of the tattoo) will easily identify the set of origin.

A lot of 43 sold for over $500 in 2012, ebay. The clipped ones below (upper right) sold in a lot for $51 in 2016.

1966 • Topps Comic Book Foldees

Foldees are bubble gum cards with three perforated panels that can be folded over in various combinations to produce humorous results! DC super-heroes are on one side, and other characters on the reverse.

Unfolded cards are more desirable and rarer. They are sold rarely as sets, I assembled mine with pretty reasonable per-card prices, and a little patience. Many of my Foldees cost me $5–20 each.

In 2006, the Topps company began auctioning off the original art and some master sets which have appeared on eBay.

Note that there are near-identical careds, a set of 43 cards from Topps Canada that is slightly larger in size (2-1/2" x 4-3/4"). In my collecting, I have also acquired one European card that is multilingual.

I have a number of duplicates if somebody is trying to complete their set.

1967 • Topps Comic Book Tattoos

  • Set of at least 57
  • I own: Several
  • Checklist

All of these are reproductions, a subset of the 1962 Superman tattoo cards. The tattoos are on the reverse side of the wrapper, so it is easy to identify the set of origin. In this set, the wrapper, was produced in four varieties: Superan (orange), Batman (red), Wonder Woman (blue) and Aquaman (yellow).

Tattos from this set appear for crazy, unjustified prices. I have seen these listed for as much as $200 each. Mine were under $20.

1969 • Fleer Justice League of America Tattoo Gum Cards

  • Set of 28  
  • I own: Whole set + header card + 2 unopened

This cool set features all the JLA members through Hawkman (which was correct for 1969).

The outer wrapper was printed in two varieties, white and yellow (both bear "©1969"). Unlike previous tattoo series, the tattoos in this set are not printed on the reverse of the wrapper, they are a separate thing inside the wrapper.

These are usually competitive auctions. I hate to say what I paid for a set of ten, but some auctions can bid up; a Wonder Woman single went for around $50!

1970 • Topps DC Comics Cover Stickers

  • Set of 44  
  • I own: One wrapper only  
VERY RARE. Colorful stickers featuring DC Comic book covers. Some are full-sized on the card alone and others are in groups of 4 to a card. Major heroes as well as horror, war and romance titles are highlighted. These are super rare, probably because they were used as stickers, and usually sell for top dollar.

1974 • Wonder Bread Promotional Stickers

  • Set of 30 (11 DC stickers + 19 Looney Tunes)  
  • I own: All 11 DCs
  • Checklist

These were unnumbered and had a mini-comic on the back of each card (right).


1975 • Wonder Bread Super Friends Puzzle Cards

  • Set of 20 (6 DC + 14 Warner Bros.)  
  •   I own: One

The Aquaman Shrine filled in a few more gaps in the story of these cards, and displayed some more of the Super Friends themed ones. Other than that, they are a mystery to me.

1977 • Russell's Color-A-Deck Card Game

  • 6 variations: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Shazam, Flash

These are not technically trading cards, and it's unclear where or how one was supposed to "color," as the cards depicted are printed in color, not like a coloring book.

1978 • Bread Company Promotional Stickers

  • Set of 30
  • I own: 2 whole Taystee sets  
  • Checklist

These stickers were printed in sets bearing the Sunbeam, Taystee and Langendorf Breads company logos, and one logo-free set as well. Cards can be quite discolored if they were exposed too long to the moisture in the bread package. Printed by Arnold Harris Association.

1979 • Cracker Jack Stamp Cards

  • Set of 20 stamp-size (1.29" x 1.75"), adhesive-backed cards
  • I own: Whole set

These were also issued in Canada in Hostess potato chips. These sets come up for auction relatively frequently.

1987/1989 • Great Heroes & Great Moments in Comics

  • Series 1: #1-48
  • Series 2: #49-120 (Series 2 back side erroneously reads "Collect All 48")
  • I own: Whole set plus some unopened comic packs 
  • Gallery  
  • Checklist

RARE. These cards were distributed in sets of 8, and formed a 'backing board' for comics sold in 3-packs. They feature surprising array of characters and DC covers. Each multi-pack of comics included 3 consecutive issues of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. They were shrink-wrapped on a "trading card" backing board.  Each board contained 8 trading cards.  Most comics were not first printings. Each series bears a different background design.

1991 • Impel DC Cosmic Cards Inaugural Edition

  • Set of 180
  • 10 hologram cards
  • 36 packs per box
  • 10 cards per pack
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist

I like this set a lot. It was done by DC themselves and it reminds me of what I'd have loved as a kid. Also, they got tons of top-rate talent to work on the project, lots of legends like Murphy Anderson, Joe Kubert and Gil Kane. It's notable that there are no Batman-related cards in it, as the character must have had exclusive rights elsewhere. Cheap on eBay.

1993 • Skybox Cosmic Teams

Yes! This is what inspired the name for this web site. I liked how cheesy it sounded. And I wanted to cover teams.

This fun set has Team Triptychs and individual cards for entire rosters of the JLA, JSA, Legion, Titans and others.

Most cards were drawn by each team's then-current artist (JLA = Dan Jurgens; JSA = Mike Parobek; Legionnaires = Chris Sprouse; L.E.G.I.O.N. = Barry Kitson).

  • Set of 150
  • 10 holograms
  • 8 cards per pack; approx. 4 holograms per box.
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist  

1993 • Bloodlines by Skybox

81 cards + 5 Bonus Cards  •  I own: Whole set  • Checklist

A truly wretched set. Thankfully I only paid $1.00 on ebay. I was led to believe there was a JLA component to the set, but it's all about the lackluster Bloodlines characters.

Some of the more "memorable" Bloodline heores

The JLA and Team Titans cards

1993 • SkyBox DC Skycaps

  • 54 caps
  • 6 foils
  • I own: Whole set; need foils F1, F2, F6  
  • Checklist

It's rather rare to find larger sets of these "pogs" for sale. I've been looking for my remaining foil 'caps for years and never seen them for sale. I was lucky to buy a near complete set originally.

1994 • Skybox DC Master Series

  • 90 painted cards
  • 4 Foil Cards
  • 5 Double-Sided Spectra Cards 1 SkyDisk
  • 6 cards per pack
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist

This set epitomizes what was bad about comics in the '90s. We were supposed to believe that paintings adorned with foil were automatically desirable. I can't recommend this set at all because the paintings are low quality. There's no sense of design for the most part (with the exception of the Green Lantern cards done by Tony Harris).

1994 • Skybox DC Stars

  • Set of 45
  • 9 puzzle
  • 4 foil
  • 18 packs per box
  • 5 cards plus 1 puzzle card per pack
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist

Produced exclusively for sale at Walmart. Some of the art is recycled from the Cosmic cards. Fairly easy to assemble a set.

1995 • Skybox DC Legends Powerchrome

  • Set of 150 chromium cards
  • 6 Battlezone
  • 3 Legacy
  • 9 cards per pack
  • I own: Whole set  • See a few  
  • Checklist

This set is nice enough, but the artwork is not original. It's borrowed from existing DC art. Characters run a surprising gamut.

1995 • SkyBox DC Villains: Dark Judgment

  • Set of 90 foil cards
  • 9 Spectra
  • 3 Embossed
  • 1 Skymotion
  • I own: Whole set
  • Checklist

This set is beautiful, lots of dark imagery. Spooky paintings by Bisley, Sienkiewicz, Harris, et al.

1995 • Fleer/SkyBox DC versus Marvel Comics

  • Set of 100
  • 4 Amalgam Previews
  • 18 Impact cards
  • 12 Holograms
  • 2 mirages
  • 36 packs of 10 cards
  • 1 Amalgam Preview Card per box
  • I own: All but the Mirage (super rare and expensive)  
  • Checklist

Pretty generic artwork. There's not a lot of "versus" in this set, as many cards are single-character. Decent artists, but hasty execution.

1996 • Fleer/SkyBox DC Outburst Firepower

  • Set of 80 embossed cards
  • 20 foil embossed
  • 2 holograms
  • 36 packs per box
  • 6 cards per pack
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist

This set was supposed to be used as a game. Artwork is typical '90s mass production, even by good artists.

1996 • Fleer/Skybox Amalgam

  • Set of 90
  • 24 packs per box
  • 7 cards per pack
  • Approx. 5 Power Blast cards, 5 Canvas cards and 2 Holopix cards per box.
  • I own: Whole set
  • Checklist

These were released to coincide with DC and Marvel's "Amalgam" collaboration, where characters from both universes were merged into one.

1997 • Fleer/Skybox OverPower Card Game

  • The JLA expansion set contains 197 cards:
    • 20 characters
    • 134 specials
    • 1 power card
    • 15 universe cards
    • 14 tactic cards
    • 1 mission of 7 cards
    • 6 events
  • Sold in 15-card booster packs
  • I own: Whole Superman/Batman and JLA sets

Overpower was a large game enterprise that included Marvel sets. The first DC set was a massive Superman/Batman collection. The JLA set served as a "booster" to those. Some of the rarer cards seem to come down in price as people stop playing the discontinued game.

1997 • Skybox Kingdom Come Xtra

  • Set of 50
  • 16 sketch cards
  • 6 creator cards
  • 3 Kindom Classics cards
  • I own: Whole set  
  • Checklist

Despite my reservations about Alex Ross, this is a gorgeous set of cards. Yes, there's a lot of recycled artwork from the series, but it's nice to have some extras thrown in here, like the promotional artwork and the foldout cards that tell you who's who. You can actually learn a lot of deatils behind the story.

2003 • Inkworks Justice League Premium Trading Cards

Front and back sides of the Justice League sketch cards. Redeemed if you submitted the SR-1 card. Also shown: the Bruce Timm autograph redemption card.
  • 81 standard
  • 18 foil cards
  • 9 World's Greatest Heroes
  • 7 Lenticular
  • 1 Autograph Card
  • 7 cards per pack ($1.99), 36 packs per case
  • Friends and Foes Foil Cards (1-per-pack)
  • I own: Whole set and full set of sketch cards (at least one from each artist)
  • Checklist

Five types of Sketch cards (SK-1 thru SK-5, each ) were produced, each drawn by one five different Korean animation artists (and each artist sketched about 500 cards). You could get a Sketch card only if your pack contained a Redemption Card (SR-1, 1:100 packs); you could select the artist whose sketch you wanted.

These are really fun and feature characters from the Justice League animated series. One could also buy a 3-ring Justice League collector album and a limited, numbered uncut mini-press sheet of "World's Greatest Heroes." Only 199 sequentially numbered uncut mini-press sheets made.

2004 • PostopiaJustice League (KF Holdings/Post Cereal)

  • Set of 7
  • Distributed in plastic wrappers, inside Post cereal boxes
  • I own: Whole set

Very similar to the Inkworks cards above, but a bit smaller and featuring different signature art for each of the seven members.

Set of 7 Postopia promo cards.

2005 • Upper Deck Entertainment DC Vs System: JLA Trading Cards Game

  • Set of 220
  • 110 Common Cards
  • 55 Uncommon
  • 55 Rare
  • 24 packs per box
  • 14 cards per pack
  • I own: Whole JLA and Legion sets  
  • See the cards

These fantasy game cards are made to work with other sets of the "Vs. System." The JLA set was sold alongside collector’s edition Deck Tins, featuring four different designs by Alex Ross. I couldn't care less about the game, I love the cards. Complete sets are rarely sold since the game is currently being played. From one booster box, I got 42% of the rare cards and nearly 100% of the rest.

2007 • Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy

  • Set of 50-Card base set
  • 50 Gold Parallel Cards (1:6 packs)
  • 9 First Title Covers (1:12 packs)
  • 9 DC Gallery (1:24 packs)
  • 6 Legendary Heroes (1:48 packs)
  • 1 hand-drawn colored Sketch Card per box
  • I own: Master set (minus any sketch cards) 
  • Checklist

Legendary DC characters as they have appeared in comic books from the 1930s to the present. Limited product run of 10,000 boxes. ($84.00 each). Sort of fun. Not as rotten as the next set...

2009 • Rittenhouse Justice League Archives

  • 72-card base
  • 18 Super Friends Cards
  • 7 Founding Members
  • 6 Other Earths Cards
  • Each case includes an autograph card signed by Murphy Anderson
  • Incentives:
    • Every 3 cases = one hand-painted card by Felipe Massafera.
    • Every 9 cases = one hand-painted card by Bard
    • Every 18 cases = you get an "Archive Box" containing one sketch card from each of the 39 artists
  • 5 cards per pack, 24 packs/box, 12 boxes/case
  • Each box features a hand-drawn, hand-colored sketch card from one of 39 different artists.
  • Series limited to 6,000 boxes. ($84.00/box)
  • I own: Mini-master set (all but sketch cards) 
  • Checklist

This set is only for suckers like me... Some production people + licencing fees + Photoshop skills = very pricey, not very special cards. There is no real value-added text on these cards, just reproduced artowrk. An historical retrospective on the JLA, this set covers the team's history from 1960–69.

2012 • Cryptozoic DC Comics Deck Building Game

This DC Comics deck-building game by Cryptozoic Entertainment Features had "packs" dedicated to the JSA and to Legion. Crossover Pack 1: JSA DC Comics Deck Building Game. Crossover Pack 3: Legion of Super-Heroes.

  • Contains 6 Oversized Super-Hero Cards
  • 22 Game Cards
  • Set of rules
  • All-new Super-Villains, Equipment, Hero, Villain, Super Power, & Location Cards
  • This is not a stand-alone deck. A copy of DC Comics Deck Building Game is required to play
  • Base Set of 63
  • 9 lenticular Work In Progress set (1:12 packs)
  • 9 foil, die-cut Lanterns set (1:12 packs)
  • Sketch cards (1:24 packs)
  • Custom binder features 9 exclusive promotional cards
  • 5 Cards per pack, 24 packs per box
  • $3.50 per pack
  • I own: None 
  • Checklist
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