• Legionnaires Cloisonne pin, comic store giveaway, 1994.
  • Legionnaires pinback, promo/giveaway, 1997.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring, retail, 1997. Original price: $55. Original solicitation for the ring:

LEGION RING $54.95 Long desired by LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES fans, this 14K gold-plated ring is a replica of the flight rings that enable the greatest heroes of the 30th Century to take to the air. (Note: These rings will not enable the wearer to fly, as that technology is not yet available.) Available in sizes 6-13 (whole sizes only).

Slurpee Cups by 7-11 (1973)

The six Legionnaire Slurpee cups.

Sixty DC characters were featured on 7-11 stores' collectible Slurpee cups in the early 1970s. Cups like these can easily have become worn from washing. The back sides feature text that names the Legionnaires' real names and a brief bio. The Legion subset included:

  1. Brainiac 5
  2. Chameleon Boy
  3. Cosmic Boy
  4. Lightning Lad
  5. Mon-El
  6. Saturn Girl
  7. Superboy (unofficial)
  8. Supergirl (unofficial)


  • Death of Superman (Graphitti Designs, 1992): Superman's funeral poster reprint
  • Legion vol. 4 (Graphitti Designs, 1993): starfield
  • Legion vol. 4 (Graphitti Designs, 1995): Future Tense (Superboy crossover)
  • Legionnaires (DC, 1996)
  • Legion logo (DC, 1997): red, big logo on back
  • Legion Archives cover (Graphitti Designs, 1999): Frank Miller reprint

DC Comics Classic MicroJustice Pins (2017), from Fansets

Character pins are about 2 inches high. Legion characters have included:

  • Brainiac 5
  • Bouncing Boy
  • Cosmic Boy
  • Dream Girl
  • Lightning Lad
  • Mon-El
  • Saturn Girl
  • Shadow Lass
  • Timber Wolf
  • Wildfire


Legion posters are comparitively uncommon. Most of the ones you find on ebay are competitively bidded.

Other posters on which the Legion appears:

  • History of the DC Universe (reprint of hardcover foldout poster; 1987)
  • Superman funeral poster (Jurgens/Breeding ??, Legion cameo at funeral; 1992). Original price: $4.95 ??
  • Zero Hour poster (features Andromeda; 1994). Original price: $4.95 ??
  • Kingdom Come poster KCP1 (Justice League members, features Starman VII; 1996). Original price: $5.95 ??
  • Kingdom Come poster KCP2 (reprints covers 1-3, features Starman VII; 1996). Original price: $5.95 ??
  • Kingdom Come poster KCRP (reprint of TPB cover, features Starman VII; 1997). Original price: $5.95 ??
  • Faces of the DC Universe. Original price: $5.95 ??
  • "Strength in Numbers" (Warner Bros. stores ltd. ed. print of 250) (Ordway/Kesel, 1998). Original price: $300.00
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths (Ross, 1999). Original price: $24.95
  • DC Universe (Warner Bros. stores litho) (Deodato, 2000). Original price: $95.00
  • Starman Legacy (Harris/Ross, 2001). Original price: $10.95
1978, retail (15" x 20") • See Notes, below (HAVE IT)

Legion long poster. Art by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt. 275 characters (1984). Original price: $4.00

1984, promo. Cover of Legion vol. 3 #1. (HAVE IT)

1985, promo. Watercolored Cover of Legion vol. 3 #17. (HAVE IT)

1986. Mayfair Games promo
5 Years Later Poster, Immonen Legion vol. 4. (22" x 34"); By Stuart Immonen and Ron Boyd. (1992). Original price: $4.95 (HAVE IT)

1997 promo.

19??, L.E.G.I.O.N. retail??

Legion vs. Fatal Five poster. 22" x 34". By Stuart Immonen and Mark Farmer.

(1997). Original price: $5.95 ??

Legion of Super-Heroes, sold by Warner Bros. stores. Limited edition print of 500. Art by Alex Ross (1999). Original price: $575.00
2007, promotional (11" x 17"). Artist uncertain. (HAVE IT)

20?? HeroClix Starter Set promo poster.

2006 retail. By Adam Hughes. This was the cover of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23.

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book.
Quirk Books (2010). This book contains 100 two-sided posters (10" x 14") and includes two Legion related covers: Adventure Comics #247 (1958) and Action Comics #863 (2008). Another "collage poster" features the White Witch drawn by P. Craig Russell??.

2002 promo (11" x 34"). By Olivier Coipel. (HAVE IT)

2004 promo (11" x 34"). By Barry Kitson. (HAVE IT)

2007 promo (11" x 34"). By Francis Manapul. (HAVE IT)

"Super Heroes and Super-Villains" Poster Package (1979)


An 8-poster portfolio (or set) from 1979 (I bought the Legion poster alone, on ebay). The Legion poster reprints art from the cover of Superboy & the Legion #250 ($3.95). Published by Golden Books. 15" x 20". Includes:

  • Wonder Woman by Dick Giordano
  • Superman by Neal Adams
  • Batman, Robin & Batgirl by Neal Adams
  • The Flash by Jim Aparo
  • Captain Marvel and Billy Batson by C.C Beck
  • Aquaman by Jim Aparo
  • Superboy & the Legion by Joe Staton
  • Batman Super-Villians group poster with the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul.

Promotional Materials (posters, etc.)

  • Superman Club/DC Superstars Society poster (1980)
  • Secrets of the Legion promo sticker (1980)
  • Legion vol. 2 promo poster for vol. 2 #293 (reprint of cover)
  • Legion vol. 2 promo poster for Giffen/Mahlstedt long poster
  • Legion vol. 3 promo poster for vol. 3 #1 (reprint of cover; 1984)
  • Legion vol. 3 promo poster for vol. 3 #17 (reprint of cover; 1985)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (reprint of cover; 1985)
  • Mayfair "Legendary" Superman RPG poster
  • Mayfair Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook II (Worlds) poster (Larocque?, reprint of cover, 1986)
  • Mayfair Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook II (Worlds) Legion Constitution excerpt (1986)
  • Legion vol. 3 promo poster for 30th Anniversary (reprint of cover to vol. 3 #45 and Adventure 247 on outside, Levitz essay inside; 1988)
  • Legion vol. 4 promo poster (Giffen/Gordon, Flight Ring Village, promo for upcoming vol. 4 #1; 1989)
  • Superman's Funeral poster (Jurgens/Breeding [?], reprint of retail poster; 1992)
  • Valor promo poster (Bright; 1992)
  • Armageddon: Inferno promo poster (1992)
  • Darkstars promo poster (1992)
  • Valor/Eclipso promo poster (1992)
  • Legionnaires #1 promo poster (1993)
  • Final Night calendar-style preview (1996)
  • Inferno #1 promo poster (1997)
  • Genesis promo poster (1997)
  • Genesis preview (1997)
  • Legion "relationships" flow chart promo poster (1997)
  • Legion "Sold Here" promo poster (1997)
  • Legion "head shot" sticker page based on "relationships" poster (1997)
  • Comic Shop News #503 (Legion of Super-Heroes/Legionnaires cover) (1997)
  • Legion PVC Figures promo poster (1998)
  • Warner Brothers Gallery newsletter 9/98 ("Strength in Numbers" poster ad)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 poster (1999, came with Crisis slipcase ed. and available 1 per store, as an apology for misprinted pages in the original version of the slipcase ed.)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 poster (1999, came with Crisis slipcase ed.)
  • Warner Brothers Gallery newsletter 4/99 (Ross Legion poster ad)
  • Postcard of Alex Ross Legion Poster, from Warner Brothers Stores (1999)
  • Warner Brothers Gallery News: vol. 6 #2 (April 1999, ad for Ross poster)
  • "Strength in Numbers" promo poster (1999)
  • Comic Shop News #651 (Legion of Super-Heroes/Titans cover) (1999)
  • Heroes @ Your Library bookmark (reprint of segment of "Strength in Numbers" poster; 2000)
  • Warner Brothers Gallery newsletter 6/00 ("DC Universe" poster ad)



These were a retailer's incentive shipped along with Legionnaires #50 (1997). This was the double-sized finale of the "wedding" of Mordu and Emerald Violet.

Vs. System: Legion of Super-Heroes (Game/Trading Cards)

Set of 220. 110 Common Cards + 55 Uncommon + 55 Rare. 24 packs per box, 14 cards per pack I own: Whole set

These fantasy game cards are made to work with other sets of the Vs. System. The Legion set was also sold alongside a play mat (above). Inever played the game but loved the original art on these cards. Complete sets are rarely sold since the game is still being played. The game was discontinued by Upper Deck Entertainment in January 2009.

This was considered an "expansion set" and cards had the prefix "DLS" (DC Legion Super-heroes).

Alternate "stacker" cards were designed to form a triptych (above). These versions are as rare as a foil version of the same card. Every card in the set has a rarer, alternate foil version.

The set was rounded out by a fair number of Teen Titans and other team-related cards.