The Reboot Legion (Earth-247): Chronology

Part 1: Pre-30th Century

This chronology has no relation to current DC universe continuity. At the time of its publication, the Reboot Legion's adventures were the canonical future of Earth — the only Earth in a single timeline.

After Infinite Crisis and the recreation of the DC multiverse, the 20th century events here were considered to have happened on Earth-0 — meaning that the Legionnaires crossed the boundary between universes every time.

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Ten Legionnaires are thrust outside the known boundaries of the universe. Element Lad seals his teammates in Tromium, effecting a suspended animation. When he reenters material space, he arrives billions of years before his birth, in a "Second Galaxy." He drifts for eons and eventually hones his matter transmuting powers to godlike proportions. He both creates and destroys the life in this galaxy and forgets about his fellow Legionnaires. His creations call him the Progenitor.

Legion: Lost #11 (Mar. 2001)

In the planetary crisis which wiped out the dinosaurs, the extreme evolutionary pressures force a small number of humans to evolve into "Terrorforms," paving the way for the rise of the human species.

The Legion #7 (June 2002)

1,300 Years Ago: The newly named Darkseid of Apokolips is transported by his much older self to the 30th Century. When the younger god is returned, he seeded with a hatred for the Legion.

The Legion #28 (Feb. 2004)

The 20th Century

1943: The Time Trapper sends a team of Legionnaires into World War II, where they have no powers.

Legionnaires #54 (Nov. 1997)

1958: The Time Trapper transports the amnesiac Legionnaires to a small town of the 1950s. NOTE: Their art teacher, Mr. Swan is an homage to Curt Swan, who'd recently died. 1958 was the year of the Legion's debut.

Legion vol. 4 #92 (May 1997)

With the help of Flash John Fox, The infant Iris Russell is sent back in time by her parents in the 30th century. She is adopted by the West family. NOTE: Iris is the grandmother of the Legionnaire XS. Fox’s involvement was revealed in the 80-Page Giant.

(Flash vol. 1 #203, 2.71), (Flash 80-Page Giant #1, 1998)

Foundations Part 1: In Smallville, 15-year old Clark Kent is taken to 31st Century Apokolips by three young teens impersonating Legionnaires.

The Legion #25 (Dec. 2003)

The "Silver Age"

The public debut of the Flash II, Barry Allen. NOTE: He is the grandfather of the Legionnaire XS.

Showcase #4 (Sept. 1956)

Robby Reed discovers an alien artifact and in decoding the Interlac on it, learns to Dial H for Hero. NOTE: The Dial survives to the 30th Century where it is used by Lori Morning.

House of Mystery #158 (Jan. 1966)

1980: Andrew and Douglas Nolan are born. NOTE: Age based on Legion vol. 4 #93 tombstone.

Legion vol. 4 #93 (June 1997)

17 Apr. 1984: Lori Morning is born. NOTE:Based on birthday in Legionnaires #44.

Legionnaires #44 (Jan. 1997)

Iris West marries Barry Allen (the Flash).

Flash vol. 1 #165 (Nov. 1966)

Iris Allen, in the body of juror Nathan Newbury, aids her husband, the second Flash, in clearing his name. Following his trial for the murder of Professor Zoom, Barry Allen is transported to 2957 A.D. and is reunited with Iris after her psychic self is returned to her own body.

Flash vol. 1 #350 (Oct. 1985), (Flash Secret Files #1 (Nov. 1997)


On Qward, Flash II (Barry Allen) manages to destroy the Anti-Monitor's cannon at the cost of his own life. Straining his speed to its limits, he ricochets backwards through time before he dies. NOTE: Because of this, Allen is seen by this friends repeatedly in the years to come.

Crisis #8 (Nov. 1985)

The Matrix, an artificial life-form from an alternate Earth, assumes the identity of Supergirl and contacts Superman for help.

Superman vol. 2 #16 (Apr. 1988), #21 (Sept. 1988)

First app. Vril Dox (the original Brainiac).

Adventures of Superman #438 (Mar. 1988)


It is unclear how the events of the L.E.G.I.O.N. relate to the Reboot Legion (Earth-247). When they spent time in the 20th century, Brainiac 5 met his ancestor, and Apparition reunited with her long-lost twin. See also the L.E.G.I.O.N. Chronology

The Dominators and Khunds, fearing the unpredictability of the human metagene, decide to destroy the Earth. As a test, they open fire on a group of humans, seven of whom survive (one of these is Snapper Carr). Joining their Alliance are the Thanagarians, the Daxamites, the Gil'Daan, Durla, Okaara, the Citadel and the Psions. On the Starlag, Adam Strange is imprisoned with Vril Dox II (Brainiac 2) & Garryn Bek and the Omega Men. On Earth, the Daxamites discover they have super powers in the absence of red sunlight. NOTES: Vril Dox II is the ancestral grandfather of the Legion's Brainiac 5. The first historical app. of the Dominators was Adventure #361, the Khunds in Adventure #346.

Invasion! #1 (1988)

The Daxamites are poisoned by the lead in Earth's atmosphere. One of them, Kel Gand, sacrifices himself to send a message back to Daxam convincing them to join Earth against the Alliance, effectively ending the invasion. First app. of the Durlan, Lyrissa Mallor and Strata. Primus of the Omega men dies.

Invasion! #2 (1988)

First app. of the Computer Tyrants of Colu. Seeking to free his people from the Tyrants and repay the debt owed Colu by his traitorous father, Vril Dox II leads a team of former Alliance prisoners into the Tyrant's headquarters. First app. Stealth. Coluan bioscans identify Strata as "male" and Stealth as as "unknown." NOTES: Lyrissa Mallor is Umbra's ancestral grandmother. Stealth is Brainiac 5's ancestral grandmother. See also the L.E.G.I.O.N. Chronology.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #1 (Feb. 1989)

Without the Tyrants to guide it, Coluan society self-destructs. In orbit, the Tyrants assume a humanoid form and begin planning revenge. To prevent them from returning, Dox blows up the old mainframe.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #3 (Apr. 1989)

First app. Phase (one of Apparition's three selves), who materializes at the L.E.G.I.O.N. HQ on Cairn. At the same time, the Durlan disappears; his whereabouts remain a mystery.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #10 (Nov. 1989)

L.E.G.I.O.N. first encounters the Emerald Eye of Ekron, which adopts Garryn Bek as its Beholder.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #11 (Jan. 1990)

Pulsar Stargrave kidnaps Lyrissa's daughter Lydea Mallor.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #13 (Mar. 1990)

Stargrave ages Lydea Mallor, transforming her into his pawn, Lydea Darkstar.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #15 (May 1990)

First app. Lar Gand, for whom Vril Dox develops an anti-lead serum; he joins the L.E.G.I.O.N.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #16 (June 1990)

The Emerald Eye adopts Marij'n Bek as co-beholder.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #17 (July 1990)

Lar Gand, Phase and the L.E.G.I.O.N. visit the planet Poriaxus.

Legion vol. 4 #119 (Sept. 1999)

Lar Gand leaves the L.E.G.I.O.N.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #19 (Sept. 1990)

The Emerald Eye permanently abandons the Beks.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #26 (Apr. 1991)

Time and Time Again 1: Bouncing through time, Superman meets Cosmic Boy, "Lightning Lad" and Saturn Girl in the 30th Century. NOTE: It is later suggested (in Legion vol. 4 #105) that these Legionnaires were those of the Reboot Legion, temporarily altered by the Time Trapper.

Adventures of Superman #476 (Mar. 1991), Legionnaires #61 (June 1998)

Lar Gand becomes the legendary hero named Valor.

Eclipso: Darkness Within #2 (Oct. 1992), Valor #1 (Nov. 1992)

Timber Wolf and Thrust strike an uneasy alliance to rescue Aria, who has been kidnapped by the government agency Point Force and a group of renegade Dominators. NOTES: At the end of this story, Aria was left in the 20th Century. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Timber Wolf #1-5 (Nov. 1992-Mar. 1993)

Superboy, a teen-aged clone of Superman, is created by the Project.

Adventures of Superman #500 (Early June 1993)

Phase unwittingly helps her ancestor Bgztl and his people colonize the "Phantom" dimension. This dimension itself will be named "Bgztl," the home of her own race.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #60 (Nov. 1993)

Iris Allen returns from the 30th Century with grandchild Bart (Impulse, first app.). First app. of Iris and Barry's twin children, Don & Dawn Allen (the Tornado Twins) NOTES: Don is Impulse's father. Dawn is XS's mother.

Flash vol. 2 #92 (June 1994)

Phase meets an Ultra Boy from another reality. NOTE: It is suggested (in Legion vol. 4 #105) that this Ultra Boy was from pocket universe created by the Time Trapper.

L.E.G.I.O.N. #69 (Aug. 1994), Legion vol. 4 #100 (Jan. 1998)

Brainiac 5 successfully travels to the 20th Century, appearing at the opening of Warriors.

Warrior #29 (Mar. 1995)

Valor comes to earth, amnesiac from lead poisoning, and is found by the crime lord Gamboli (sometime before Superboy #18). Gamboli uses Valor (called Champion) to attack Superboy. Valor's ship, Babbage, arrives and reveals Champion's true identity to Superboy and Knockout, who help Valor escape lead poisoning by projecting him into the "Stasis Zone." Babbage is destroyed. NOTE: This event can no longer exist on Earth-247 because the history of Lar Gand was changed.

Superboy vol. 3 #19 (Sept. 1995)

Future Tense 1: The Legionnaires' first visit to the 20th Century; they seek Superboy's help to rescue Valor. They bring Superboy with them to the 30th century. NOTE: This was the Reboot Legion's first visit to the past. Per post-Infinite Crisis continuity, they do not realize they are crossing over to Earth-0.

Superboy vol. 3 #21 (Oct. 1995)

Underworld Unleashed: Vril Dox II sells the soul of his descendant to Neron: "I persuaded Neron to attach the debt to my bloodline. It comes due in, oh, about 1000 years." NOTE: It appears that the curse affects the evil Brainiac 4 in the 30th century.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #13 (Nov. 1995)

Underworld: XS encounters Chronos and Lori Morning in the timestream. He takes XS back to his base in 1995, then escapes with Lori into the future.

Legion vol. 4 #75 (Dec. 1995)

XS, lost in time-travel finds her cousin Bart in the 20th Century.

Impulse #9 (Dec. 1995)

Dead Heat: XS aids the Flash in the 20th Century.

Flash vol. 2 #109-112, Impulse #10-11 (Jan.–Mar. 1996)

Lyrl Dox is deposed as L.E.G.I.O.N. leader and stripped of his advanced intelligence; Vril Dox II retires from L.E.G.I.O.N.; Phase remains with the team, her identity still unresolved; Captain Comet assumes leadership of the organization.

R.E.BE.L.S. #17 (Mar. 1996)


Legionnaires (Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Spark, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Gates, Brainiac 5) are displaced by Shrinking Violet to the 20th century along with Science Police officer Shvaughn Erin and Inferno. They meet Superman for the first time (who apparently remembers a version of the Legion).

Legion vol. 4 #85 (Oct. 1996)

Ultra Boy recalls his gang member days on Rimbor.

Showcase '96 #10 (Nov. 1996)

Final Night: The Legion aids the 20th Century heroes to stop the Sun-Eater.

Final Night #1 (Nov. 1996)

Andrew Nolan debuts as Ferro, saving his mother Nancy's life.

Adventures of Superman #540 (Nov. 1996)

Final Night: Ferro dons a uniform to join the fight to save Earth. (#2) Spark lends him her flight ring. (#3)

Final Night #2-3 (Nov./Dec. 1996)

Final Night: A romance blooms between Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl. (It's later revealed to be a subconscious coercion on Saturn Girl's part.)

Legion vol. 4 #86 (Nov. 1996)

Final Night: Ferro attempts a suicide mission to destroy the Sun-Eater; he is saved by Parallax.

Final Night #4 (Nov. 1996)

When Brainiac 5 frees his ancestor, the original Brainiac, the villain flees to his homeworld of Colu. Captain Comet sends Vril Dox on a mission to apprehend Brainiac. NOTE: At the time, Brainiac 5 does not know they are on an alternate Earth, and believes that these are his own ancestors.

Showcase '96 #11 (Dec. 1996)

Dox leaves Lyrl in Stealth's reluctant hands and goes to Colu. Together, the two good Brainiacs defeat the bad. As a result of the melee, the Coluan government bans the Brainiac family from the planet, and vows to dedicate itself to pure scientific research only. Brainiac 5 realizes that this mandate will doom Colu to 1000 years of no technological advancement.

Showcase '96 #12 (Winter 1996)

Phase notices that her touchstone is missing. On Earth, Tiffany Cross inherits the touchstone from "Tommy the Swami." When the touchstone absorbs Apparition's essence, Deadman intervenes and helps Apparition regain a measure of her mortality.

Legion vol. 4 #87 (Jan. 1997)

Superman seeks the Legion's aid in restoring his powers.

Superman vol. 2 #119 (Jan. 1997)

The Legion seeks Impulse's help in returning to the future by using the Time Treadmill.

Impulse #21 (Jan. 1997)

Impulse is rejected for Legion membership. From the 30th Century, Rond Vidar contacts Brainiac 5 to get specifications to build a time platform.

Legion vol. 4 #88 (Feb. 1997)

The Legion visits the Fortress of Solitude.

Superman Plus #1 (1997)

Saturn Girl tracks down Network of Sovereign 7. (30th Century Titanian history paints Network as a notorious criminal.) NOTE: This story never happened. See Sovereign Seven.

Sovereign Seven Plus #1 (1997)

The Legion takes up residence in the former JLA Sanctuary in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Spark runs away. Saturn Girl is assaulted by Dr. Psycho.

Legion vol. 4 #89 (Feb. 1997)

Ferro helps out against Dr. Psycho. Cosmic Boy ends up in a coma.

Legion vol. 4 #90 (Mar. 1997)

Brainiac 5 succeeds in contacting the remaining Legionnaires in the 30th Century by draining chronal energy off of some senior citizens. He gives Rond Vidar the remaining specs on the time platform. They are taken into the timestream, but only Apparition, Ferro, and Shvaughn Erin return.

Legionnaires #47 (Apr. 1997)

The Legionnaires return from the 1958. First app. Ferro's brother, Douglas Nolan (Ingot) dies. Ferro joins the Legion. First app. The Night Shift: Taser, Kritter, Rockslide, Psych & Fangg.

Legion vol. 4 #93 (June 1997)

Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl announce their engagement to marry. Deeming him unworthy, the Legion reclaims Superboy's flight ring. Ferro makes a new costume for Inferno. Captain Comet sends Phase to Earth to find her missing touchstone. Apparition's father, Murl, is revealed as a Carggite.

Legion vol. 4 #94 (July 1997)

Doc Magnus of the Metal Men asks Brainy to try upgrading his Responsometer technology. NOTES: In this story, Doc Magnus appeared as Veridium.

Legion vol. 4 #95 (Aug. 1997)

Supergirl seeks Brainiac 5's help for a magical ailment.

Supergirl Annual #2 (1997)

Ultra Boy and Apparition marry. Inferno leaves the Legion. Saturn Girl reveals her true love for Garth and how she manipulated Cosmic Boy.

Legion vol. 4 #96 (Sept. 1997)

Inferno gets lost and encounters a psychic vampire. Her real name revealed as Sandy Anderson. She remains in the 20th century when the Legion returns home.

Inferno #1-4 (Nov. 1997-Feb. 1998)

Genesis: The Legion aids the heroes of the DC Universe in repairing the Source. Saturn Girl and Spark venture into the Source itself. NOTE: Spark "first" uses her weightlessness powers in Genesis #1, but then her lightning powers in #2. This event was also shown as a "first" in Legion vol. 4 #97, which takes place after her return from the Source (Genesis #3). Also, They are shown battling Mantis on Earth in #2, but this took place in space in Legion vol. 4 #97, again, after the return from the Source (Genesis #3).

Genesis #1-3 (Oct. 1997)

Genesis: Spark's demonstrates the ability to make things weightless. GUEST APP: Metron, who loans Brainiac 5 a Mother Box. Phase arrives on Earth.

Legion vol. 4 #97 (Oct. 1997)

Superboy is re-entrusted with a Legion flight ring. He's also given an official Legion costume. NOTE: This costume is the one he is shown wearing in Kingdom Come.

Superboy vol. 3 #45 (Nov. 1997)

First app. C.O.M.P.U.T.O. (Cyber-cerebral Overlapping Multiprocessor Universal Transceiver-Operator), child of a Metal Men Responsometer and a Mother Box; it overtakes Triad. Apparition meets Phase.

Legion vol. 4 #98 (Nov. 1997)

Legion vs. C.O.M.P.U.T.O. Apparition merges with Phase. First app. The Luck Lords. GUEST APPS: Robin, Impulse, Superboy.

Legion vol. 4 #99 (Dec. 1997)

Superman aides against C.O.M.P.U.T.O.

Action #741 (Dec. 1997)

The Legion meets the reality-jumping Access, who takes them to an alternate universe. They meet an elder band of X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, Shadowcat. Colossus, Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards) and Brainy helps nullify the Sentinel inhibitor collars. NOTE: They crossed into the alternate X-future of Uncanny X-Men #141-142. Access first appeared in DC Versus Marvel #1 (Dec. 1995).

Unlimited Access #2 (Jan. 1998)

Apparition revealed as a Carggite with three bodies. C.O.M.P.U.T.O. is defeated and all Legionnaires return to the 30th Century. Inferno chooses to remain in the 20th century. GUEST APPS: Robin, JLA, Impulse, Superboy.

Legion vol. 4 #100 (Jan. 1998)

The 21st Century

Brainiac's consciousness is transferred into Lena Luthor, where he helps Lex Luthor defeat Brainiac-13. Luthor turned Lena/Brainiac over to Brainiac 13 in exchange for control of his technology. Lena was returned to Luthor in Superman #?? (minus Brainiac). NOTE: Included here because a Brainiac 13 has a destiny on Earth-247 (below). Brainiac 13 first appeared in Superman: Y2K #1; he claims to be from 800 centuries in the future.

Action #763 (Mar. 2000)

Brainiac 13 returns to the 20th Century with the aid of Lena Luthor. They construct a new Warworld wherein Superman encounters a holographic Fatal 5.

Superman vol. 2 #171 (Aug. 2001)

Earth-247: During the Imperiex/Brainiac 13 War, Computo is revived and travels off-planet. Over centuries, it assimilates other machine life and gains further sentience. As Robotica, this collective begins to plot the takeover of all organic life. NOTE: Robotica first appeared in Legion Worlds #4.

The Legion #13 (Dec. 2002)

Bart Allen takes the codename Kid Flash II and joins the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans vol. 3 #1 (Sept. 2003)


Alexander Luthor (of the original Earth-3) becomes bitter about his fate, trapped in a "heaven" of his own making, and begins coercing the Superboy of Earth-Prime to pummel against its crystalline barrier. He finds that the post-Crisis "unified" Earth has not settled into its proper place, and each blow alters its history.

Infinite Crisis Secret Files #1 (Apr. 2006)

Alexander Luthor recreates a second Earth.

Infinite Crisis #4 (Mar. 2006)

Alex unleashes a beam of energy at Superman-2 which rebirths a multiverse.

Infinite Crisis #5 (Apr. 2006)

Wearing the Anti-Monitor's harness, Superboy Prime attacks and kills Superboy (Conner Kent). Their battle shatters Alexander Luthor's tower and the infinite Earths reassemble into one. Black Adam kills the Psycho Pirate. NOTE: This multiversal contraction reconstructs Earth's future differently, leaving the Reboot Legion (Earth-247) without a home.

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)

The Future

25th century: Machinekind is granted freewill but succumbs to the Metallo Virus (which was engineered on Colu). They voluntarily shut down until a cure could be found, but are junked instead by mankind.

The Legion #13 (Dec. 2002)

25th Century: The criminal Eobard Thawne discovers a time capsule containing the uniform of Barry Allen—the 20th century Flash. Thawne modifies the uniform to give himself super-speed, becoming the evil Professor Zoom. NOTES: Later accounts added to the history between the Thawnes and Allens. Barry Allen allegedly had a lost twin brother, Malcolm Thawne, who became the villain Cobalt Blue. (Speed Force #1, 1997) Zoom is also often called the Reverse-Flash.

Flash vol. 1 #139 (September 1963)

25 April 2462: The time-lost Legionnaires briefly escape the timestream and acquire a flux capacitor from Rip Hunter's last known chronosphere, on display in the Space Museum after recently being unearthed. Lori Morning secretly steals Robby Reed's H-Dial from its display. NOTE: The chronosphere is still on display, suggesting this tale takes place before Booster Gold's origin on 20 August 2462.

Legion vol. 4 #91 (Apr. 1997)

2645: Central City historian John Fox travels back to the 20th century to warn the first three Flashes of the menace of Manfred Mota and ultimately become the Flash of the 27th century. One of the scientists controlling Fox's time travel apparatus is a man named Vidar, who is killed by Mota. NOTE: The John Fox sequence of this story was written by Legion fan (and future writer) Mark Waid, so Vidar is almost certainly intended to be an ancestor of Universo and Rond Vidar (also fascinated with time travel). Fox later became a member of the far-future Justice Legion A.

Flash Special (1990)

Mordru uses the Emerald eye to conquer planets from many star systems. His daughter Mysa and many other wizards battle to overthrow him. They succeed, but all the wizards except Mysa lose their lives. Mysa becomes a withered old crone.

Legionnaires #48

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