The Jihad


Djinn, Rustam, Jaculi, Chimera, Ravan, Manticore; art by Luke McDonnell.

The Jihad is a team of super-powered international terrorists-for-hire operating out of the outlaw nation of Qurac. The team was created and guided by Qurac's President Marlo and had accepted, as its first commission, the assignment of killing the President of the United States. Some of the team's members were bioengineered with the help of traitorous Americans. Former Suicide Squad member Jess Bright (who became a Soviet operative Koshchei) lent his assistance. (Suicide Squad v.1 #50) Also, a secret organization in the U.S. government called the Cabal lent secrets to Qurac in hopes of sharing in their discoveries. (#59-61) However, the Jihad had, at its inception, been infiltrated by Nemesis and Nightshade, members of the advance team of the Suicide Squad, and was the target of a preemptive attack by the Squad. (#1-2)

The original members of the Jihad were:

  • Rustam is the leader of the group and one of those who had his power before joining the Jihad. Named after a mythic hero in Persian folklore, Rustam is thought to be Irani or Iraqui, in his early thirties with many years experience in terrorist/liberation groups. With a special outswept gesture of his hand, Rustam can summon a blazing scimitar (from where is no known at this time) that seemingly can cut through anything. He died when Rick Flag destroyed Jotunheim. Note: Rustam is the name of a legendary Persian hero.
  • Jaculi was a young Arab of Bedouin origin, coming from a desert tribe. From the Jihad he gained the ability of moving at super-speeds in spurts of three seconds. His weapons were an assortment of javelins. He was, however, slain in the first encounter with the Suicide Squad by Captain Boomerang. (S.S. #2) Note: A jaculi is an arboreal tree snake that has adapted to life in the forest canopy.
  • The Djinn was the world's first digitized man. His body was reduced to a binary code and stored in microchips within a square magnetic "bottle" about the size of a large Walkman. When triggered, the body was reassembled using pseudoplasm also stored in the bottle. The resultant being, the Djinn, was able to manipulate its density, walk through walls, disrupt computer circuitry and yet manifest itself enough physically to strangle ordinary humans. This Djinn was destroyed when the Enchantress obliterated the magnetic "bottle" that was its home. The technology, however survives. Note: "Djinn" means "genie."
  • Ravan was the last of the old thugee sect or, as he prefers to think of himself, the first of the new thugee sect. Ravan, whose skills and beliefs were formed before joining the Jihad, is a young sophisticated Indian who attempts to update the thugee beliefs with modern weapons such as a wire garrote and a kris (snake-shaped dagger). He also used small pickaxes with exploding heads. Well-trained in martial arts and at home with the weapons and pleasures of the West, he was a very urban terrorist. His back was broken in battle with the Bronze Tiger who refused, however, to kill him. He died soon thereafter. (S.S. #47) Note: Ravan is the name of an Indian demon king and adversary of the god Rama.
  • Manticore (Anastasio Corvo) was a Greek national hero before joining the Jihad. It's uncertain whether the Manticore wore a battlesuit or was surgically altered; however, it has a lionesque body that also included body armor. The claws on its "paws" could be rapid-fired like a machine gun and each claw was explosive-tipped. In addition, it had a scorpion-like tail that housed a grenade launcher in its "sting." Deadshot killed it by discharging his wrist magnums in its face at pointblank range. (S.S. #2) Note: His real name was given in the Blackest Night special, S.S. #67. The Manticore is from ancient Greek mythology; it has the body of a lion, the head of a man and the tail of a scorpion or dragon.
  • Chimera was actually the Suicide Squad's Nightshade, who infiltrated the Jihad. Likewise, Nemesis went undercover as Col. Mushtaq. Note: The Chimaera is also from the ancient Greeks, a sibling of the Sphinx; it had a lion's body and head, the head of a goat and the tail of a dragon.

Round Two ... Three, Four ...

Following their first clash with the Suicide Squad, the Rustam returned to Qurac to engineer a new team. The Jihad originally operated out of an abandoned German Word War II fortress called Jotunheim, hewn literally out of a mountainside in the Jeb. Akhdar in southern Qurac. The name translates as "Land of the Giants," for the Germans believed only a race of giants could have built it.

Rustam recruited new members from nations with grievances against the U.S. They also used a new volunteer to clone a second Manticore. The second incarnation of the Jihad included Ravan, Rustam, Manticore II and:

  • Agni, a fire weilder. Note: Agni is the name of an early Hindu god of fire, the mediator between heaven and Earth.
  • Badb is an Irish girl capable who could mentally instill panic and hatred. Note: Badb was the Celtic goddess of war; she delighted in the chaos and pain of mortal battles, and inspires warriors to frenzied bloodlust.
  • Ifrit, a new artificial intelligence based on the brain patterns of Mindboggler (who perished during the Squad's first mission to Qurac). Note: Ifrit is the name of a mischievous Turkish demi-god, the son of a dervish.
  • Jaculi II, a woman with great speed.
  • Koshchei The Deathless, who was actually former Suicide Squad member, Jess Bright. He could animate the dead. Note: Koshchei the Deathless is from Russian mythology; he's a powerful wizard who symbolizes the reluctance to loosen ones grip on life and pass gracefully into death.

This team struck New York City with individual terrorist acts. Their mission was to capture the Suicide Squad and return them to Qurac—where they'd been tried in absentia and sentenced to death. Ravan had been fitted with an exoskeleton which allowed him to overcome his broken spine. Nevertheless, he, Ifrit and Agni were captured. Rustam and Badb escaped; Manticore was killed by the Duchess, and Jaculi was shot by Deadshot. (S.S. #17-18)

Through a twist of fate, Ravan was captured by and recruited to join the Suicide Squad itself. (#24) Waller also began to attempt to liberate Mindboggler's essence from the programming of Ifrit. Soon thereafter, Rick Flag undertook an unauthorized mission to Qurac and destroyed Jotunheim (and killed Rustam; #25). Ravan's end came in Israel. Waller was contacted by an Egyptian man named Nazair who claimed that even though Kobra was in Israel, he was a threat to Egypt's interests as well. Kobra killed Ravan and Ravan's body was supposedly shipped back to India. (#47) New information, however, suggests that he may still be alive. (S.S. v.2 #10)

Onslaught; art by Paco Medina.

Agni's next move was to try to free Marlo from U.S. custody. He again teamed with Badb and a new water-breathing member, Piscator (a Janissary). The Suicide Squad received advance notice of this attempt and switched Marlo with Nemesis. At the same time, Israel's heroes, the Hayoth also descended on U.S. soil seeking to take Marlo. For once, the Jihad escaped fatalities. The fates of Badb and Piscator are unknown, but Agni kept on, especially after Qurac was destroyed by Cheshire. (Deathstroke #19) He assembled yet another team with the help of...

  • A man named Njara Kattuah, their new leader. He was, effectively, Rustam II. He was the son of the first Rustam and weilded the same flaming scimitar.
  • Dervish, a woman named Nema, a martial artist. Note: A dervish is any member of a mystic Muslim fraternity.
  • The original Djinn, restored.
  • Manticore III, a newly engineered Manticore named Saied, with romantic ties to Dervish.
  • Dahak, a demon who used the body of an old woman as its host. Note: Dahak is the name of the Persian god of evil.

This team's mission of vengeance against America was short-lived. Chekmate agents were able to track the Jihad as far as Markovia, but the terrorists made their way onto an airplane bound for Gotham City. On board, they were discovered by the Outsiders, whom they battled mid-flight. Manticore and Dahak seemed to have perished in the battle. (Outsiders v.2 #5-6) Soon after their crash landing in Gotham, the suriving members dispersed. Note: The letters column of issue #11 casts doubts on the deaths of the Jihad members.

Dervish was captured but escaped and hooked up with the Outsiders. She had hoped to buy time enough to find Manticore (whom she did not realize was dead; Outsiders v.2 #9). She remained with the Outsiders briefly, as a nominal member until she discovered that Wylde had killed Manticore. (#10-11) She left in anger and joined the second Strike Force Kobra, led by Eve. (Outsiders v.2 #16) After she was captured, Dervish was imprisoned in the Slab. (Green Lantern v.3 #79) She escaped again when Joker engineered a jailbreak. (Joker: Last Laugh #3)

Before the end of Waller's Suicide Squad, she did succeed in freeing Mindboggler (Leah Wasserman) from the Ifrit. This was done with the help of the Hayoth's Dybbuk. Leah and Dybbuk were engaged to be married. (S.S. #63)


Njara later returned with a new team including Antiphon, Tolteca, Hyve and a new more powerful incarnation of the Djinn. (Suicide Squad v.2 #10) They call themselves Onslaught. They succeeded in kidnapping Waller in revenge and killing Havana and Modem. They were no match for the Squad when members of the JSA were drafted to help. Rustam II was killed by Deadshot and the others escaped. NOTES: Antiphon is the name of an ancient Greek orator. The Toltecs were a post-Mayan society in Mexico.

More recently, a fourth Manticore (from Greece) has surfaced, as a member of the Global Guardians. (Green Lantern v.3 #10)

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Suicide Squad v.1 #1 (May 1987)

» FEATURED APPEARANCES: Suicide Squad v.1 #1-2, 17-18, 26, 59-61 • Outsiders v.2 #5-6, 9


1st app.


1. Chimera (Nightshade, Eve Eden) Suicide Squad #1 Active in adventuring
1. Djinn Status uncertain; captured by authorities Outsiders v.2 #6
1. Jaculi Deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #2
1. Manticore Deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #2
1. Ravan Uncertain; presumed deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #47
1. Rustam (Raza Kattuah) Deceased Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #3
7. Angi Suicide Squad #17 Status uncertain; at large
7. Badb Status uncertain; at large
7. Ifrit (Mindboggler) Active; "cured" of evil tendencies
7. Jaculi II Deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #18
7. Manticore II Deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #18
7. Koshchei the Deathless (Jess Bright) Deceased Suicide Squad v.1 #50
13. Piscator Suicide Squad #60 Status uncertain; at large
14. Dahak Outsiders v.2 #5 Presumed deceased Outsiders #6
14. Dervish (Nema) Active in villainy
14. Manticore III (Saied) Presumed deceased Outsiders #6
14. Rustam II (Njara Kattuah) Killed by Deadshot, Suicide Squad v.2 #12


18. Antiphon Suicide Squad v.2 #10 Active in Onslaught
18. Digital Djinn Active in Onslaught
18. Hyve Active in Onslaught
18. Tolteca Active in Onslaught

Just'a Lotta Animals (Earth-26)

Captain Carrot meets Just'a Lotta Animals! From Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #14 (Apr. 1983); art by Scott Shaw!

Just'a Lotta Animals inhabit a dimension of Earth-26 which they call "Earth-C-Minus." There, people are anthropomorphic versions of their counterparts on New Earth. At first, these cartoon animals were believed to be merely comic characters on "Earth-C," (Earth-26) the home of the mighty Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew. The Zoo Crew eventually discovered that Just'a Lotta Animals truly did exist when the JLA's foe, Amazoo materialized on Earth-C. When Rodney Rabbit returned to his artist's studio, he was shocked to discover the Animals themselves had come to pay him a visit!

It seems that the six founders had sent the other members back in time to battle Kangar-Roo, but then they fell victim to a spell by Feline Faust. Faust's magicks sent the JLA to Earth-C. Naturally, they sought help from that Earth's heroes — the Zoo Crew! The two teams teamed up and sought further help from the JLA's retired "creator," Gardener F. Fox. Fox hypothesized that their Earths occupied the same space, but vibrated at different frequencies and that somehow, he had subconsciously tapped into the events on Earth-C-Minus while writing comic books.

Unfortunately, the teams' foes had also discovered how to traverse the barrier between worlds, and began plotting against them. They split up to battle villains such as Armordillo and the Shaggy Dog and deduced that these battles were a ruse engineered by Faust to keep them away from Earth-C-Minus. (CC #14)

Before successfully arriving on Earth-C-Minus, the teams bounced across several other Earths (including Earth-2, one of Disney characters and another of Tom and Jerry). It was the sorcerous powers of Alley-Kat-Abra that finally felled Faust. But when it was time to part ways, Wonder Wabbit and Captain Carrot found they had feelings for one another — sparking jealousy from Super-Squirrel. (CC #15)


The Zoo Crew called upon Just'a Lotta Animals once again, when their Earth was threatened by Starro and the nefarious Rash Al Paca. These villains succeeded in flooding Earth and created strife between land- and sea-dwelling peoples. (CC: The Final Ark #1-2) To summon the JLA, Captain Carrot created a full comic book starring the JLA. The sale of this comic constituted "unlawful manufacture," which prompted the JLA's lawyer to intervene. The plan worked, and the Animals — Green Lambkin, Crash, Elongator, Hawkmoose, Zapanda and Batmouse — arrived to help the Zoo Crew herd people onto Barton Boa's Ark. The Ark was intended to shuttle refugees to Earth C-Minus, but an intervention by the New Dogs (Orihound, Lightstray and Muttron) caused the Ark to be diverted to New Earth. On New Earth, the once fully sentient animals manifested as normal New Earth animals. The drew the attention of the Justice League, and Zatanna adopted Captain Carrot to be her stage rabbit. All the animals on the Ark remain on New Earth, unable to communicate their predicament. (#3)

Pinup from Captian Carrot #15 (1983); art by Scott Shaw!
Just'a Lotta Animals operate out of an orbiting satellite. Their membership was composed of animal versions of the original Earth-One Justice League:
  • Aquaduck, amphibious avenger of the Seven Seas — the greatest swimmer since Esturtle Williams!
  • Batmouse, who, with his sidekick Boyd, The Robin Wonder, wages a never-ending war on such bizarre criminals as the Porker!
  • The Crash, the fastest animal alive, who fights super-scientific villains like Weather Weasel!
  • The Elongator
  • Firestork
  • Green Lambkin, stargrazing guardian of space who combats Hector Hamhock and other futuristic felons!
  • Green Sparrow
  • Hawkmoose
  • The Item
  • The Martian Ant-eater
  • Rat Tornado
  • Stacked Canary
  • Super-Squirrel, last survivor of Chipton, the first and most powerful super-hero of them all, as his foe Lex Lemur learned!
  • Wonder Wabbit, gorgeous Animalzon princess from Parrot-Eyes Island!
  • Zap-Panda


Just'a Lotta Animals were actually first mentioned in Captain Carrot's first appearance, New Teen Titans #16 (1982). Rodney Rabbit's studio shows images of Wonder Wabbit, Super-Squirrel, Batmouse and Aquaduck. Captain Carrot, as well as a "Post-Crisis" version of Just'a Lotta Animals made cameo appearances in JLA: World Without Grownups #2.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #14-15 (April-May 1983)

» SEE ALSO: Some ... sorta ... creative folks created a fan fictional off-shoot of the Animals, based on the Legion, called Lotta Species Heroes. Read all about it! So... which fuzzy Legionnaire would you wanna #$@!?


The Justice Experience

Created by D. Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams

The Justice Experience. From Chase #6 (); art by J.H. Williams III.

The Justice Experience was a fun-loving group of young Baby Boomers who debuted in the late 60's and early 70's, as the Justice Society transitioned to retirement. These heroes operated along the East Coast, including Gotham City. Known members included:

  • Acro-Bat (Walter Chase, Cameron's father)
  • Bronze Wraith (was J'onn J'onzz in his first super-hero's guise; the only member to survive)
  • Major Flashback (a man in military-like garb)
  • Mister Action (all-American strongman)
  • The Manx (quiet woman in a cat-suit)
  • Song Bird (a woman with wings)
  • The Who? (no information available, natch!)

Two members of this team are especially significant. The Acro-Bat, whose career was largely unglamorous, one day inspired his daughter Cameron Chase to pursue metahuman investigations (see The D.E.O.). The other, the Bronze Wraith, was actually the Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) in one of his earliest guises.

One flashback depicted the team versus the Hard Labor Gang, a case in which the Bronze Wraith saved Acro-Bat's life. (Martian Manhunter #17) Another showed them battling former JSA villains including the Huntress, Shade, Fiddler and Icicle. (#36)

The entire team (and some of their enemies) was massacred by Dr. Trap (Larry Trapp). Trap was a disfigured scientist whose girlfriend was killed accidentally in the crossfire between the Justice Experience and their arch-rivals the House of Pain. Trap waged a war against the J.E., creating robot duplicates of them and kidnapping their loved ones. This included young Cameron Chase, whose metahuman powers manifested for the first time then. She managed to keep Trap at bay but Trap ultimately escaped and reportedly killed over 35 super-heroes and villains. Acro-Bat was killed in his own home and found dead by Cameron. Only J'onn survived; he then retired his Bronze Wraith identity. Dr. Trap was eventually captured and imprisoned by the Justice Society. (Chase #6)

Many years later, Dr. Trap came up for parole and the Martian Manhunter returned to conduct a mental assessment. Trap, however, had "trapped" the essence of J'onn's telepathic foe, Bette Noir, subdued J'onn and escaped. The villain set out to finish what he had started and ambushed Cameron Chase in her home. J'onn intervened, stopping both from killing each other. Before Trap was again imprisoned, J'onn himself used the disembodied Bette Noir to prey on Trap's own mind. (Martian Manhunter #36)

Dr. Trap returned one final time to menace Cameron Chase — by kidnapping her sister, Terry. (Manhunter v.3 #26) x (#27) Chase took the bait and met Trap at the Justice Experience museum in Gotham City. (#28) Aided by Chase's boyfriend, Dylan, Trap was ultimately pushed into a vat of molten metal. This did not kill him; in fact they discovered this had only been a robot duplicate of Trap. (#29-30)


The member called "The Who?" was first depicted in one panel in Manhunter v.3 #27 (March 2007). No further information was given about this hero.

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  Chase #6 (July 1998) • Acro-Bat first appeared in flashback in Chase #3

» FEATURED APPEARANCES:  Manhunter v.3 #27 • Martian Manhunter v.3, #17, 36

Justice League of America

Created by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky

The JLA is covered in great detail in the JLA Section of this site.

Justice Legion A

The DC One Million Universe — 85,271 A.D.

Created by Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks

The Justice Legion A hails from a time far into the future, the 853rd century. In this era, all people have perfect designer genes and our entire solar system has been rebuilt and colonized. There are numerous Justice Legions which operate throughout the universe, but the Justice Legion A is the premier band of heroes. Each of them has dominion over a planet in the system. Superman over Earth, Wonder Woman on Venus, Batman on Pluto, Aquaman on Neptune, Starman near Uranus and Flash on Mercury.

Two of these Legionnaires had brief contact with 20th century heroes before meeting the JLA as a team. First, the Flash met his future counterpart, John Fox while traveling through time. (Flash Special #1) Fox was from the 27th century, but settled in the 853rd after some time exploration. Green Lantern who encountered the second Legionnaire, Hourman III. (JLA #12) This was during his strange odyssey to Wonderworld; this Hourman had traveled from a point in time further into the future than the Justice Legion A's time. Hourman claimed that he first met Green Lantern during the Justice Legion's first visit to the 20th century.

The Legionnaires traveled back to the 20th century to invite their ancestors to join them in celebrating the return of the original Superman from seclusion. Superman Prime, as he was called, had long since been cloistered inside the sun and had finally decided to return to public life. The JLA were skeptical and ran many tests before deciding to trust the Justice Legion. They agreed to the time trip, but as soon as they were sent into the future, Hourman became corrupt with an infectious technovirus. This virus had been planted by their enemies in the 853rd century: Vandal Savage and his henchman — Starman! The "Hourman virus" began infecting every living being on Earth, eating away at their mental and physical functions. The virus was in search of a place to reside and grow. This virus was in fact, the seedling for Solaris, the Tyrant Sun. DC One Million #1

This super-intelligent stellar computer had menaced heroes through the ages until the 505th century, when its sentience was shut down. It then became the heart of a star-shaped structure and served as the solar system's "second sun." It lay dormant until the time of the 853rd century Starman, Farris Knight. Knight was resentful of his role as Starman. When he accidentally awakened Solaris' core program, he became a partner with Solaris and Vandal Savage to destroy Superman Prime. It seemed Starman was in possession of the "Knight Fragment," a piece of kryptonite which the villains intended to launch into the sun and kill Superman Prime.

The Hourman virus — the core program for Solaris — so disrupted Hourman that the Justice Legion were trapped in the 20th century. When this happened, the Justice Legion were mistaken for villains. They were blamed for the total destruction of Montevideo, Uruguay (which was in fact destroyed by Vandal Savage). The Legion quickly made peace with the modern-day JLA and together, they proceeded to build a new home for the virus — they set about creating Solaris. (#2)

Upon completing the structure, the virus vacated the people of Earth and ignited the newly-formed cyber star. During this, the Legion discovered that Starman had betrayed them and caused all this chaos. But Batman chose to let Starman atone for his evil. This act of faith, added to Starman's enlightening conversation with his ancestor, Ted Knight, led the traitor to save Earth from Solaris. He used his cosmic rod to compress Solaris into a black hole. In the process, Starman perished as well. Once the danger was over, Superman began literally punching his way back through the time barrier to the 853rd century. (#3)

The JLA were also trapped in the future and branded as rogues. They eventually found allies and regrouped. On Mars, Green Lantern encountered the Martian Manhunter who had long since become melded to the planet himself. J'onn told him that Savage was coming to Mars for the Knight Fragment. This rock was actually a piece of kryptonite which Savage intended to launch into the sun and kill Superman Prime. What Savage didn't know was that the Fragment was vaporized by Starman upon his reformation in the 20th century. Instead, the JLA tricked Savage into taking Green Lantern's time lost power ring. They were also aided by the immortal Mitchell Shelley, the Legion member known as Resurrection Man. (G.L., Martian Manhunter & Res. Man One-Million)

Just as the ring was launched into the sun, the future-Superman returned and helped Lantern contain Solaris. They forced the sun to go supernova, then contain it until it burnt all of its hydrogen and went dormant. Superman Prime used the power ring to recreate Krypton and to restore the essence of his long-lost love, Lois. As for Vandal Savage, after cheating death for so many years, he was teleported by Chronos to the 20th century, right beneath the detonation of the nuclear bomb at Montevideo, Uruguay. Ironically, this bomb had been launched by the 20th century Savage. (#4)

Hourman returned to the 20th century a short time later and aided the Flash when he'd become "unstuck" in time. (JLA in Crisis Secret Files) Hourman spent several months in this time, hoping to connect with his human heritage. He joined the JLA for a time, destroyed the Worlogog, and took on a civilian life under the tutelage of Snapper Carr. (Hourman #1) Eventually, the Justice Legion confronted the android abut his decisions, and requested his aid against the Else-Men on Rann Prime. He was damaged in the battle and Superman returned his body to Tyler Chemorobotics for repair. This company is run by the original, time-traveling Rex Tyler — the original Hourman! Hourman then used a "pseudo-Worlogog" (re-created along with his Else-Men double) to banish the Else-Men. He again chose to downgrade his powers, and remained in the past. He helped found the new Justice Society but after a confusing and traumatic stay, he bequeathed his ancestor, Rick Tyler (Hourman II) with special powers and departed. (Hourman #11-13)

The human genome of the 853rd century has been highly engineered. People in this time avail themselves of use of the Headnet, which instantly broadcasts information into the minds of the populace. Tesseract technology is also commonplace. A tesseract is a pocket of space gained when normal space is "folded." It allows for near-limitless expansion and storage. There are several others known to have joined the A squad: Atom, Resurrection Man and Owlwoman (see list below). Other known heroes of this era include the Adam Stranger, Impulse, Superboy, Robin, Supergirl, Legion of Executive Familiars. Known villains include Heartiac, Alchemo, Pico-Moth, Owac and Laughing Virus (the ghost of the Joker). Also, technology allows everyday people to temporarily assume powers of their choosing. (DC One Million 80-Page Giant)

  • Aquaman: Master of the seas of Neptune, King of Tides, Aquaman wields telekinetic control over water molecules. 1ST APP: DC One Million #1
  • Atom: The Atom was a scientist from a parallel universe who unwittingly unleashed a destructive cosmic force. In this crisis, he discovered that he could break his body down into individual "sub-atoms" and recombine them into any elemental compound. He was welcomed to our universe by Superman Prime, who had witnessed his universe's collapse. He proved his heroic mettle against the Bizarro Legion and was offered membership in the elite A squad. 1ST APP: DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1
  • Batman (name unrevealed): Dynamic darknight defender of Pluto, the terrifying Asylum Planet — one half of the System's Finest Duo! The Cloaked Crusader, the Night's Greatest Detective, his physical prowess is unequaled, his IQ: 1045. 1ST APP: DC One Million #1. ORIGIN: Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #1,000,000 (Nov 1998)
  • Flash (John Fox): The System's Fastest Man, defender of Mercury. He was born in the 27th century. After meeting the 20th century Flash, he continued to explore the time stream and settled in the 853rd century. His accelerated physical structure makes him particularly vulnerable to chemical attack. 1ST APP: Flash 50th Anniversary Special #1
  • Hourman (Matthew Tyler): This android is made by Tyler Chemorobotics and is a Diamond generation intelligent machine colony. He was entrusted by Metron with the Worlogog which gives him mastery over time and space. This Android Master of Time was the unwitting carrier of the deadly Hourman virus into the 20th century. After Solaris was stopped, he remained in the 20th century for a time. 1ST APP: JLA #12
  • Owlwoman: Half human, half Qwardian, Owlwoman carries on in the legacy of the ancient JLA's foe, Owlman. Unlike her ancestors, she is not the Justice Legion's enemy. Each feather on her wings is a photon processor allowing her to accelerate to the speed of light. She helped to identify and remedy a crisis after the evil Superwoman activated the Bad Luck Generator. NOTE: Her costume bears a striking resemblance to that of Nite Owl from The Watchmen. 1ST APP: DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1
  • Resurrection Man (Mitchell Shelley): After Vandal Savage was defeated, Mitchell Shelley returned to the A squad. He is considered an irreplaceable tactician and he coordinates missions with the aid of the Strategy Engine. 1ST APP: Resurrection Man #1
  • Starman (Farris Knight): Stellar Sentinel of the Outer System, Master of the Gravity Rod, or Quarvat. Acknowledged as #3 on the Five Most Powerful Weapons in the Galactic Net list, the Quarvat commands one of the fundamental forces of the universe. It's origin is unknown. Starman was in cahoots with Solaris until he met his ancestor, Ted Knight, the original Starman. Starman was supposed to retrieve the "Knight Fragment" from Ted — a piece of kryptonite. This was to be buried and retrieved in the 853rd century. Once his betrayal was discovered by the Justice Legion, he accepted the chance to atone. Starman vaporized the Knight Fragment then used his Quarvat to create a black hole and dispatched Solaris from the 20th century. He died in the process. 1ST APP: DC One Million #1
  • Superman (name unrevealed): Scion of the Superman Dynasty, the Son of Tomorrow, invulnerable, unbeatable, a genius to the power of 10 Einstein units. His awesome abilities are bestowed only under the light of the System's Super-Sun. On 20th century Earth his power levels dropped fast. In addition to his ancestor's powers, he possesses super-ESP: telekinesis and force vision. Superman Prime, the original Superman, became immortal; he fathered the Superman Dynasty. In the 67th century his descendant married Queen Gzntplzk of the 5th Dimension. This gave his bloodline new Super ESP-based powers. In the year 70,001, he secluded himself inside a solar fortress, inside the sun. In the 322nd century, the house of Superman allied with the house of Luthor. 1ST APP: DC One Million #1
  • Wonder Woman: Protector of Venus. The Amazons of Themyscira traveled the cosmos until finally settling on Venus in the 800th century. This Wonder Woman was carved from living marble by the exiled Amazons, and imbued with the spirit of the Goddess of Truth. Wonder Woman battles for universal peace. She bears two bracelets — Harmony and Charity — forged of "thinking metal" from the Web Nebula.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: DC One Million #1 (November 1998)

Justice Legion L

Another branch of the larger peacekeeping force is Justice Legion L. This group maintains an exclusive affiliation among the United Planets. Its members come from U.P. worlds: the Cosmicbot, the Umbra, the Chameleon, Titangirl, Implicate Girl, the M'Onelves, Brainiac 417 and Dreamer. Titangirl was revealed as a separatist saboteur, acting on behalf of her people on Titan and was destroyed. The memory of her perfection, however, was contained in the Wildflame. The L squad once used the Wildflame to contact the Superboy of the 843rd century to help them keep the United Planets from drifting apart. A thousand years later, their society (Earth Tesseract 63060) became hermetic and xenophobic. Three youths, Dav, Vara, and Chec learned about of the Legion L's legacy, and were granted powers by the Wildflame. (Legionnaires & Legion One Million)

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  • Solaris: The Tyrant Sun, one of the great primeval Enemies of Mankind. A super-intelligent stellar computer with vast offensive capabilities — heat, radioactivity, titanic intelligence, microwave transmissions, gravity distortion. Once thought rehabilitated, Solaris again turned on humanity with the help of Starman and Vandal Savage. Solaris was repelled in both eras by two JLAs. In the 20th century, it was dispatched through a black hole. And in the 853rd century, it was contained until it burnt all its hydrogen and went dormant.
  • Vandal Savage. Savage was an immortal who plagued the JLA and its descendants throughout the ages. He became a principal adversary of the also-immortal Resurrection Man. In the 853rd century, he hatched an alliance with Solaris to destroy Superman Prime. He reasoned that switching the two JLAs in time would cripple each of them. This plan failed and the time traveling adventurer named Chronos transported Savage back to the 20th century — directly beneath the nuclear detonation of Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Super-Syndicate: The team from the anti-matter universe of Qward is the Justice Legion's opposite. This doesn't prevent the two teams from trying to establish trade between the universes.


» FIRST APPEARANCE: DC One Million #1 (Nov. 1998)

» FEATURED APPEARANCES:  DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1 • Hourman #11-13 • JLA 80-Page Giant #2 • JLA One Million • Legion One Million • Legionnaires One Million


DC One Million, 4-issue limited series (1998)

Hourman, 25 issues (1999-2001)

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