The Fearsome Five

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Dr. Light • Psimon • Gizmo • Mammoth •  Shimmer •  Jinx

» FIRST APPEARANCE: New Teen Titans v.1 #5

» FEATURED APPEARANCES: Adventures of Superman #430 • New Teen Titans v.1 #?? • New Teen Titans v.2 #?? • Outsiders v.3 #13-
Member 1st app. Joined Status & Info
1. Dr. Light III (Dr. Arthur Light) Justice League of America #3 New Teen Titans v.1 #5 killed by the Spectre, Final Crisis: Revelations #1
1. Gizmo (Mikron O'Jeneus) New Teen Titans v.1 #3 Deceased, Outsiders v.3 #14 (9.04); revived Birds of Prey #120
1. Mammoth (Baran Flinders) Active in villainy
1. Psimon (Simon Jones) Killed by Joker, Salvation Run #2 (Feb. 1908)
1. Shimmer (Selinda Flinders) Deceased New Titans #116; revived by Sivana Outsiders v.3 #13
6. Jinx (unrevealed) Tales of the Teen Titans #56 Tales of the Teen Titans #56 Active in villainy
6. Neutron (Nat Tryon) Action Comics #525 Active in villainy
8. Charger (unrevealed) Adventures of Superman #430 Adventures of Superman #430 Active in villainy
8. Deuce (unrevealed) Active in villainy
10. Dr. Sivana (Thaddeus Bodog Sivana) Power of Shazam! Graphic Novel Outsiders v.3 #13 Active in villainy
11. Sabbac II (Ishmael Gregor) Outsiders v.3 #8 Outsiders v.3 #29 Active in villainy
12. Nano (Virgil Adams) Teen Titans v.3 #73 Teen Titans v.3 #73 Active in villainy
12. Rumble (John Doe) Active in villainy

Ferris Aircraft

Ferris Aircraft has a long history with Josiah Power, who kept them "out of bankruptcy" during his days as a business lawyer (Power Co. #1). Ferris Aircraft has long been at the forefront of aviation technology and suffered more than its share of setbacks. In recent times, Carol Ferris has regained control of the company (GL Secret Files #1) and the company's recent achievements include their contribution to the new Blackhawk squadron (Superman: Our Worlds At War Secret Files #1) and the launch of FerrisAir, a commercial airline service (Young Justice #33).

Once, their most well-known test pilot was none other than Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II). He and Carol shared a longtime romantic relationship, despite her predisposition for turning into his enemy, Star Sapphire II.

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  Showcase #22 (1959)

First Strike

A subgroup of S.H.A.D.E. operatives.

» SEE: S.H.A.D.E.

The Force of July

Adapted from Who's Who #8

Agents of the government espionage organization, the American Security Agency, the Force of July operated under the personal supervision of the ASA's director, B. Eric Blairman. The ASA's purpose — to eliminate all subversive activities contrary to the best interests of the United States— brought the Force into repeated conflict with the group known as The Outsiders, whom the Force wrongly believed were subversive agents. Each member of the Force possessed not only a unique super-power, but top government clearance and virtual carte blanche to use any means necessary to achieve their goals. Their members included:

Major Victory
  • Lady Liberty, a woman of French or Canadian origin, who channeled her energy-manipulating powers through a vessel shaped like a torch
  • Major Victory (Bill Vickers), the group's leader, a man who drew enormous strength and endurance from his battle suit. NOTE: Real name revealed Suicide Squad #35
  • Mayflower, a young woman possibly of English origin, who controlled and accelerated the growth of vegetable life
  • Silent Majority, a taciturn man capable of producing identical replicas of himself
  • and Sparkler, a young boy whose powers made him a human fireworks display

Not truly villains, the Force's members were simply fanatic in their patriotism. They did not realize that Blairman's motives were none-too-pure. Blairman had birthed Project Orwell, whose satellite would have enabled him to spy on people via their televisions. This brought the Force into conflict with the Outsiders, who destroyed a satellite. Afterward, the Force was left under a mountain of debris. (Batman & the Outsiders Annual #1)

They resurfaced again after having been captured by the Soviets. The Outsiders traveled under Markovian protection to Moscow, and secured the release of the Force. The Soviets' secret objective was to collect information on the metahumans for the creation of their own super team. The results of this data later culminated in the creation of the People's Heroes. (Outsiders v.1 #4)

When the Psycho Pirate (in the guise of Baron Bedlam) took over Markovia, he installed a puppet prime minister and allied with Abraham Lincoln Carlyle — the new financier of the Force of July. The Infinity, Inc. member, Skyman, was captured while visiting Markovia to scout movie locations. This prompted a team-up of the Outsiders and Infinity, and the inevitable clash with the Force of July. (Outsiders & Infinity Inc. Specials)

The Force made their last stand against the Suicide Squad. Mayflower and Sparkler were pronounced dead. The others were critically injured. (Suicide Squad #27) The three survivors served on one mission with the Suicide Squad (#29); Silent Majority and Lady Liberty were both killed by Valland, an agent of Kobra. (#30) After that, Major Victory continued to serve on the Squad. (#31-39) He perished as well, as part of another suicide mission to stop Eclipso. (Eclipso #13) The true identities and origins of most of the Force of July were never revealed and their existence was unknown to the general American public.

Recently, a government agency engineered second (and third generation) operatives named Major Victory, Lady Liberty and Silent Majority. This band was called Freedom's Ring before being absorbed by S.H.A.D.E. (Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #1)

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Batman & the Outsiders Annual #1 (1984)

» FEATURED APPEARANCES:  Checkmate #18 • Infinity, Inc. Special #1 • Outsiders v.1 #4 & Special #1 • Suicide Squad v.1 #27, 29-30. Major Victory: Eclipso #13 • Suicide Squad v.1 #31-39

The Forgotten Heroes + Forgotten Villains

Parts adapted from Who's Who #8

The Forgotten Heroes were all once-prominent heroes who had stumbled across identical ancient golden pyramids at various points around the and inside the Earth, only to find themselves censured when they reported their finds to the U.S. Government. Their careers for the most part ruined, with nowhere else to turn, they all responded to a summons by the mysterious figure known only as the Immortal Man, who explained to them that the pyramids were part of a plan by his ages-old foe, the equally immortal Vandal Savage. Under Immortal Man's direction, and with Superman's eventual aid, these heroes managed to destroy the pyramids and save the world. At Immortal Man's suggestion, the group decided to band together formally to protect the world against menaces only their unique skills could hope to defeat. (Action #552)

They soon encountered an organization of Forgotten Villains who were attempting to form a supernatural coalition that would dominate the universe. At the core of the group was a triad of sorcerers whose combined might was the focus of their plan:

  • The Enchantress, former heroine and foe of Supergirl. (Strange Adventures #187,191,200, Superman Family #204) She had a variety of potent magicks available to her. Speaking the name "Enchantress" would transform her between being the heroine/villainess and her alter-ego, June Moone. She appeared as a blonde woman in a gown-like costume for her one chronicled adventure with the Forgotten Villains.
  • Kraklow, foe of Rip Hunter. (Rip Hunter... Time master #28). Kraklow was a Polish sorcerer that Rip Hunter encountered on a visit to the 18th Century. He, like the Enchantress, had various powerful spells that he could use for various effects. He also used a "magic clay" to transform people and animals into other creatures and control them.
  • Yggardis, was a sentient living being with a command of sorcery and wizardry. (Mystery in Space #60)

They were abetted by:

  • The Atom-Master, foe of Superman and Batman. (World's Finest Comics #101) Atom-Master had a helmet that could create pretty much anything out of thin air, from animate creatures to a winged back-pack allowing him to fly.
  • The Faceless Creature/Hunter from Saturn was a towering alien who menaced the Earth on several occasions. (Strange Adventures #124,142,153) Chun Yull was from the world of Kalamar, which existed in an atom in the rings surrounded the planet Saturn. He had the power to 'absorb all he touched and turn it into a weapon of destruction' (i.e., touching the side of a mountain and causing rocks to fly out of his other hand). After his last defeat at the hands of his mortal enemy Klee Pan, he was imprisoned within the inescapable Spheres of Light until the Enchantress used her magic to grant his freedom in return for his help in traversing the stars.
  • Mr. Poseidon, foe of the Sea Devils. (Sea Devils #2) He has pointed ears and wore a special set of rings that enabled him to shrink in size as well as to control the final member of the organization ...
  • Ultivac, a giant, near-indestructible robot whose "mind" contained an arsenal of the most powerful weaponry ever devised. He had previously battled the Challengers of the Unknown. (Showcase #7) Poseidon claimed that Ultivac had the greatest computer mind ever devised; it was super-strong, armed with a variety of powerful weapons, including a vibration beam, and could fly.

Mr. Poseidon gained access to the Fortress of Science outside of Metropolis and reactivated the giant robot known as Ultivac. The two flew over Metropolis, attracting the attention of the Forgotten Heroes, who were attending a luncheon ceremony. Ultivac's weapons made short work of the seven heroes, and they flew off to meet the Enchantress, who was working with Kraklow to consolidate their lust for power.

At the same time, Atom-Master was robbing the Midtown Bank, drawing Superman's attention. When Ultivac's sensors noted the power of Atom-Master's helmet, Mr. Poseidon ordered Ultivac to bring him to their cavern headquarters. The robot grudgingly complied, teleporting the fleeing criminal just as Superman was about to capture him. Unfortunately for the villains, the Man of Steel's super-vision was able to track the unique radiation of Atom Master's helmet.

The Enchantress was not pleased with Mr. Poseidon's recruit. Atom Master was about to demonstrate his abilities for her when Superman crashed into the cave. Mr. Poseidon immediately called on Ultivac to attack the Kryptonian, and used his vibration beam to momentarily disorient the hero, allowing the villains to make their escape.

Superman had heard Kraklow talking to the Enchantress about Rip Hunter, so he contacted the Forgotten Heroes. Believing that the villains had gone back in time to join Kraklow, Superman joined the Heroes in Hunter's time bubble for a trip into the past (stopping briefly to pick up Cave Carson's Mighty Mole). Immediately upon arriving, Superman was transformed into a giant green dragon, courtesy of Kraklow's magic clay. Animal Man went out to confront the changed Man of Steel, while the others retreated into the future to find some sort of weapon to help their situation. Animal Man duplicated the Dragon's powers and was able to knock Superman out. The heroes returned (after Congo Bill used his magic ring to swap minds with Congorilla) with Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils, and the team set out to find a way into Kraklow's castle. Animal Man, Dolphin, and Dorrance entered the castle via a river, while the others traveled through the ground itself in Cave Carson's Mighty Mole.

As the Forgotten Heroes confronted Kraklow, the Superman Dragon also attacked them. Rick Flagg grabbed the magic clay from Kraklow and tossed it into a lit brazier, causing Superman to return to his normal form. Kraklow used magic that the Enchantress had given him to transport all the heroes outside to battle the Faceless Hunter of Saturn. The Hunter shot a hail of boulders at the heroes, and Immortal Man was apparently killed protecting Dolphin. The others managed to knock over the giant, and the Faceless Hunter explained how he had gotten involved with the Forgotten Villains. He told them where the sorcerous triad was to be completed that day, and about the third member, Yggardis, the Sorcerers' Planet.

Immortal Man was resurrected, this time in the body of a young boy. He led the team into deep space where they detoured onto a water planet called Quaria. When Superman saw that the closest path to Yggardis was through a red star system, they enlisted the help of the Space Cabby. (Mystery in Space #21,24,26-47)

Meanwhile, Kraklow, the Enchantress and Yggardis had begun a spell to give them ultimate power. They directed their combined might at Space Cabby's and caused it to crash-land and explode. Everyone got out safely and Space Cabby managed to send out a distress signal before they went down. It attracted the attention of the Pioneer and it's captain, Chris KL-99. (Strange Adventures #1-3,5,7,9,11,15). Chris, with his assistants Halk and Jero, beamed Superman and the Forgotten Heroes onboard. "The Columbus of Space" then volunteered to fly them to their destination.

The Pioneer was entwined by Yggardis and Superman allowed a tentacle directly to the sorcerors. Forgetting his weakness to magic, the Forgotten Heroes again rushed to his rescue. Meanwhile, the Enchantress and Kraklow were using their newfound supreme powers to inflict misery in their own homes. The Atom-Master and Mr. Poseidon watched as the Enchantress slipped into madness, and Atom-Master used his helmet to create a giant being to attack her. Mr. Poseidon also commanded Ultivac to attack her, causing her to lose her concentration at "the most important moment."

Chris KL-99 freed his ship by using the Pioneer to heat up the surface of Yggardis. Their efforts broke up the triad and returned everything to normal. The Enchantress teleported away and the Forgotten Heroes used Rip Hunter's time bubble to discover that Kraklow's laboratory was destroyed. (DC Comics Presents #77-78)

While the other villains were taken into custody, the Enchantress made good her escape. She must have been captured eventually, because she next turned up as an unwilling agent of Task Force X. Her alter ego, June Moone, was still aligned with the good guys, and she became one of Amanda Waller's first Suicide Squad members. (Legends)


The DCCP story can be considered one of the few direct lead-ins to the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series.


The Forgotten Heroes remained together, agreeing that membership in the group would be voluntary. After the Immortal Man's disappearance during the Crisis, Cave Carson assumed leadership and the team went underground. The Forgotten Heroes reemerged to rescue the Resurrection Man (Mitch Shelley, whom they believed was the reincarnation of Immortal Man) and fight Vandal Savage yet again. Along with Animal Man were new members the Ray, Vigilante, Ballistic and Fetish. (R.M. #24-27)

At this time it was revealed that the Forgotten Villains had acted as agents of Vandal Savage. Savage was an ancient enemy of the Forgotten Heroes' leader, the Immortal Man. Under Savage, the Villains returned once more, squaring off against the new Forgotten Heroes in the Pliocene era. There, Vandal Savage searched for another fragment of the primordial meteor that powered both him and the Immortal Man. Animal Man occupied the Faceless Hunter, with a stampeding herd of wooly mammoths, while Rip Hunter used his time technology to give himself the upper hand against Kraklow. Congorilla faced off against both Atom Master and Ultivac, diverting attention away from a rearguard strike by Dorrance. Carson, Flagg, and Dolphin were inundated by a blizzard from the Enchantress, but Dolphin's ability to hold her breath under the snow allowed her to knock the villainess out.

Immortal Man proceeded to a cave by some hot springs where he caught Vandal Savage off-guard before he had obtained the meteor fragment. Immortal Man was attacked by a giant sabretooth tiger, and used the power of the fragment to save himself. Unfortunately, this left Savage with an opportunity to attack, and he knocked his ancient foe unconscious and took the fragment. (Resurrection Man #25)

Carson kept the Heroes afloat until his bank account went dry. He then went to work for Lexcorp but uncovered certain ecological transgressions. He took the story to Clark Kent who, as Superman, dealt with the problem. (Superman: Man of Steel #120)

Rip Hunter later became one of the Linear Men. Rick Flag, who was originally a government plant in the group (Secret Origins #14), became the field leader of the revived Suicide Squad. (S.S. #26)

The Faceless Hunter returned with another of his race, Gorr Num to attempt to collect a bounty on Earth's Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). (Green Lantern v.3 #14-17)


In the Resurrection Man tale, the Enchantress also appeared in her original costume for this adventure, rather than the gown and blonde hair she sported in DC Comics Presents. Also, the flashback omitted Mr. Poseidon.

The Forgotten Heroes


  •  Action Comics #552 (February 1984)


  • Action Comics #536, 540-541, 545, 552-554
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #11-12
  • DC Comics Presents #77-78
  • Resurrection Man #24-27
  • Superman: Man of Steel #120


The Forgotten Villains

» FIRST APPEARANCE: DC Comics Presents #77 (January 1985)


  • DC Comics Presents #77-78
  • Resurrection Man #25

Forgotten Heroes Members

 Member (Real Name) Joined
1st app.
1. Animal Man (Buddy Baker) Action #552
Strange Adventures #180
Active in adventuring
1. Cave Carson (Calvin Carson)
Brave & Bold #31
Active in adventuring
1. Congo Bill & Congorilla
Action #1
The mind of the gorilla died inside Bill's human body in Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 (9.09)
1. Dane Dorrance (of the Sea Devils)
Showcase #25
Active with the Sea Devils
1. Dolphin
Showcase #79
revealed deceased Titans #15 (2009)
1. Immortal Man (many names over the years)
Strange Adventures #177
Deceased Resurrection Man #27 (Aug. 1999)
1. Rick Rogers Flag (Anthony Miller)
Brave & Bold #25
Believed deceased Suicide Squad #25; rescued Checkmate v.2 #6
1. Ripley "Rip" Hunter (Time Master)
Showcase #20
Membership was retconned then reinstated. 1st post Crisis app: Booster Gold #13
9. Atomic Knight (Gardner Grayle, Shining Knight II) Crisis #10
Strange Adventures #117
Current history uncertain; active in adventuring
9. Adam Strange
Showcase #17
Active in adventuring
11. Ballistic (Kelvin Mao) Resurrection Man #24 Batman Annual #17 Deceased Infinite Crisis #7
11. Fetish (Thula)
Resurrection Man #1
Active in adventuring
11. Ray II (Ray Terrill)
Ray #1
Active in adventuring
11. Vigilante III (Pat Trayce)
Deathstroke #9 (as Trayce Deathstroke #6)
Active in adventuring
15. Resurrection Man (Mitchell Shelley) Resurrection Man #25
Resurrection Man #1
Active in adventuring