Teams Appendix

These are really obscure characters that I have not chronicled fully. In some cases, I guide you to entries in the Obscure Characters archives.

Atari Force. Not in DC continuity. Had their own series

The Batmen of All Nations a.k.a. the Club of Heroes. See Stand-alone Profile

The Batmen of Many Nations, from Kingdom Come. Batman recruited this team before the team of younger heroes: Batman, Cossack, Samurai, Dragon, Mysteryman, Steel.

The Bat-Squad. See profile in Obscure Characters.

Big Science Action. A Japanese group of "Silver Age" heroes led by Rising Sun. SEE: Super Young Team. SEE ALSO: Newsarama interview with Grant Morrisson

The Bombadiers. The Human Bomb's explosive sidekicks. 1ST APP: Police Comics #21. See profile in Obscure Characters.

Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. From Sensation #1 (Jan 1942) .

The Boy Commandos. WWII boy team allied with Liberty Belle.

Challenger Corps. A group of civilian allies to the Challengers of the Unknown. Members included Anthony Dragio, Tom Kaloki and others. Dragio's family was trheatened by the Challengers' foe, The Eye. They also aided against Korba. 1ST APP: Challengers #45 (June-July 1965). LAST APP: Challengers #49.

The Conclave only appeared in one issue of Book of Fate, in which they dissolved. It was a powerful team, which included both good guys and bad guys: Felix Faust, Bloodwynd, Phantom Stranger, Sentinel, Enchantress, Etrigan the Demon, Doctor Occult, and Zatanna, who may have been the team's Chairwoman. See Sentinels of Magic.

The Corpse Corps. One of the Rave teams from Superboy & the Ravers. 1ST APP: Superboy and the Ravers #1 (September 1996). See The Ravers.

The Crusaders. A pair of teams from both Marvel and DC, from the Freedom Fighters series. See Obscure Characters

Cyborg Revenge Squad. Cyborgirl, Girder, Gizmo II, Magenta, Shrapnel, Thinker. DC Special: Cyborg #5 (11.08)

The Daemen. This was a group of twelve mean, angry humans in search of a dark god to reciprocate their hate. They traveled to the hidden valley of the Devil's Bones in Wyoming and summoned an other-dimensional being known as Abraxis. Abraxis offered them unlimited power in exchange for their souls, to which they agreed, and were transformed into the Daemen. The Daemen were sent to four separate time periods to build simulacra devices to enable Abraxis to enter our dimension. They were defeated by several time traveling heroes who were pulled from different time periods by Waverider. Following Abraxis' defeat, Waverider trapped the Daemen in limbo fighting against Ragnarok for all of eternity. This finally freed the Justice Society of America. They were: Zhazor, Piztok and Gulgak (Armageddon: Inferno #1); Calabri, Blaquokar, Feht Sudol and Kishtimaak (#2); Dhaozan, Inztuk, Arquol, Huromon and Tzingaas. (#3) 1ST APP: Armageddon: Inferno #1 (April 1992). Thanks to Rich Kingsley

Dark Nemesis, a group of villains who clashed with the Atom's Teen Titans—Blizzard, Scorcher, Scorcher II, Carom, Vault and Axis. See the Titans Tower entry. 1ST APP: Teen Ttians v.3 #7

The Demolition Crew. Fought Green Lantern Hal Jordan once. Appeared much later when news spread that Superman was crippled, and moved in for the kill. (Action #817-818) Were apparently killed by OMACs. (OMAC Project #6) 1ST APP: Green Lantern v.2 #176 (May 1984).

Department Gamma of France. Where French heroine Fleur-De-Lis (formerly Global Guardians) is a member. 1ST APP: Teen Titans Spotlight #11 (June 1987).

The Dingbats of Danger Street, a street gang of misfits working together to stop criminals! 1ST APP: First Issue Special #6. See the Vigilante's Profile.

The Dust Devils. Never actually appeared, just mentioned in passingin Morrison's Doom Patrol, by the Sex Men.

The Echoes of Justice. Mentioned by the White Magician in one panel of one Wonder Woman story; his team that operated in Boston.

"Egg's Men." 1ST APP: Showcase #65 (Nov-Dec 1966) See Inferior Five: Egg's Men

The Elementals, from Super Friends. See entry in Obscure Characters.

The Evil Eight, from Super Friends. See entry in Obscure Characters.

Firefighters. ??

The Freedom Brigade, from Inferior Five. See entry in Obscure Characters.

La fraternite de justice et liberte. Although they have been called "the new Justice League Europe", they never called themselves that, they were rather a French equivalent of the JLA in their one and only (and disastrous) mission: Starman #38.

The Freak Show. A band of villains that fought Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). They included Siphon, Castle (Action Comics Weekly #616) Stasis, Runaround Sue and Inciderella. (#617) They worked for a woman named Veronica Hawkes, leader of Hawkes International, who was out to discredit her competitors and win military contracts. Jordan defeated them and exposed Hawkes. (#620) Castle was killed by Hawkes in the final battle.

Gardners of the Universe. A short-lived intergalactic team lead by Guy Gardner. Guy Gardner #2.

Ghost Patrol. Foreign Legionnaires who fought in World War II after their deaths. They remain active today. (Day of Vengeance #1, Superman #663) 1ST APP: Flash Comics #29.

The Girl Commandos. ??

The Green Team, a group of young millionaires working together to solve crimes! See Obscure Characters.

The Hallas. Agents of the Guardians of the Universe who came after the Manhunters but before the Green Lantern Corps. 1ST APP: Green Lantern v.2 #90 (August-September 1976)

The Hangmen were a group of Teen Titan villains. They had an Aussie called Provoke, an American called Breathtaker, a Japanese Guy called Shock Trauma, a Russian called Killshot and a Puerto Rican called Straglehold. Strange that they killed off such an international group of villains, when DC seems to be trying to diversify the DC Universe. 1ST APP: Titans #21. See Titans Tower entry.

Hell-Enders (demon fighting heroes and friends of Artemis A group assembled by the Amazon, Artemis, with: Sojourner, Deadfall, Sureshot, Shock Treatment (Requiem #2), Myst, Snow Owl, Pellmell, Signal Ray, Catapult (#3) and Warhammer, Corrode, Rewind and Download (#5). (There were several other unnamed members in the background.) They were led by a mysterious man named Nathaniel, of which little was revealed, but all were manipulated into fighting Artemis' hell-born husband, Dalkriig-Hath. After Nathaniel was killed, it was revealed that he gave the team psychotropic drugs to help them be brave and deal with the horrors they faced. Once the drug supply was cut off, the team started to fall apart. Many members of the team were killed, but it was revealed that Sojourner, Deadfall, Sureshot and Shock Treatment lived to the end. Most of the others' deaths were not shown.1ST APP: Artemis: Requiem #2. Thanks to Rich Kingsley

The Hero Group of Lower Pluxa. Lame-o rivals of the Global Guardians. ONLY APP: Justice League Quarterly #5

The Honor Team. Intro: A team whom Green Lantern Hal Jordan freed from the villain, Vant Orl, on the planet Thronn. They were: Energiman (dies), Golden Blade, Strong Girl, and Magicko. ONLY APP: Green Lantern v.2 #32 (Oct. 1964)

Hunters Hellcats. See Creature Commandos.

Jason and the Argonauts. A modern-day version appeared in Showcase #??

Justice Critters. Jack Knight and Stargirl for one panel of JSA #4 when a fight with Mordru bent reality.

Knights of the Galaxy. 25th century organization, from Mystery in Space #1

Knights Templar. A supernatural team of which the Doom Patrol ally Willoughby Kipling ws a member. They were only mentioned. 1ST APP: Doom Patrol v.2 #31

The Lawless League of Earth-A. This was a pre-Crisis super-villain team assembled by the evil Earth-1 Johnny Thunder. He assembled JLA look-alikes: Barney Judson (the Atom), Bill Gore (Batman), Race Morrison (Flash), Monk Loomis, (Green Lantern), Eddie Orson (J'onn J'onzz) and Ripper Jones (Superman). ONLY APP: Justice League of America #37-38 (Aug.-Sep. 1965)

The Legion of Super-Pets. See stand-alone profile.

The Lexmen. ??

Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. Non-powered boy heroes of World War II, including Little Boy Blue (Tommy Rogers), Blue Boy 1, "Tubby"; Blue Boy 2, Herb "Toughy" Simms; and Little Miss Redhead, Janie (post WWII). These people are now retired, but were briefly succeeded by their offspring. (Flash v.2 #12; Invasion! #2) A new hero called Boy Blue appeared as a member of the Vigilante's new Seven Soldiers of Victory. He was an unnamed, apparently Hispanic teenager who wore a ghost suit that made him lighter than air or harder than diamond. He also carrired a horn with concussive properties. He appeared only once and perished along with all the Soldiers after defeating the Miracle Mesa Monster; they were slaughtered by the Sheeda. (Seven Soldiers Special #0) 1ST APP: Sensation Comics #1 (Jan 1942)

Maniaks. A humor feature starring a group of rock musicians, by E. Nelson Bridwell and Mike Sekowsky. One adventure lincluded real-life celebrity Woody Allen attempting to star them in a movie, but didn't get any further. The Maniaks were Flip, Jangle, Pack Rat and Silver Shannon. The band made no further appearances after Showcase #71, but Silver Shannon later appeared in the Power Company #3. APPEARANCES: Showcase #68, 69 and 71.

Minute-Men. Hourman's 1940s sidekicks.

The Metal Women. Opposite-sex versions of the Metal Men—Mercury Girl, Lead Girl, Gold Girl, Iron Girl and Platinum Man. They were all destroyed in their first mission against robot Amazons. 1ST APP: Metal Men #32 (June-July 1968)

Minutemen of America, sidekicks of Hourman in the 1940s. 1ST APP: Adventure Comics #53

Mosaic Kids, emerald power kids on Oa. 1ST APP: Green Lantern: Mosaic #4

The Nuclear Family, android enemies of Batman and the Outsiders. See Obscure Characters.

The original Outsiders, from First Issue Special #10. See Obscure Characters.

The RECOMbatants. A group of artificially intelligent life-forms created by Dayton Industries. 1ST APP: Tales of the Teen Titans #48 (1984)

RedN.E.X. or something like that. 1ST APP: Superboy #85 or #86, whichever one that had Gorgeous Gilly in it.

The Ringers. 30th century super-team in the time of the post-Zero Hour Legion. The Global Grace Foundation funds The Ringers: Drianna Allon (Leviathan's sister), Klen, Shallee and Vincel. 1ST APP: Legion: Science Police #1-4 (8-11.98)

The Seven Seconds. White Satin (Janet Valentine), Salvo (Tony Salvotini), Father Beaker Parish, Proxy (Robert Furrillo) and Crackerjack. 1ST APP: Thriller #1 (November 1983)

The Sex Men. Beings named named Cuddle, Kiss and Torture who vexed the Doom Patrol in a case in Rhode Island. Their mission was to eradicate sensual appetites. 1ST APP: Doom Patrol v.2 #48 (October 1991)

Shadow Fighters, loose-knit team put together to fight Eclipso, included several heroes from the Creeper to Cave Carson -- Eclipso #?

The Silicon Syndicate: Created by the Visionary, Kilg%re, Matchmaker, Gizmo, Calculator, Collector. Joker.

Killer Shark is revealed as the grandson, who wants to use Zinda to find his grandfather's lost treasures. Zinda puts Helena in a torpedo bay, but subconsciously gives her the means of escape. She does, and frees Zinda. Manhunter goes to Platinum Flats, where the trail to the bomb leads, a development utopia. A boy named Arthur is behind the tech. His mentor, xx, is angered that it's now drawn super-hero attention. Black Alice flips out and fights Misfit, who learns her powers are magical because she can steal them. (#116)

The Birds set up shop in PlatinumFlats, the locals are irate that they have attracted a criminal element like Carface, whom Huntress takes down. Misfit tells Babs about the Black Alice relation. Ram Chaudhry goes public to assure the world that P.F. is a growing tech haven. He's under the thumb of its former bosses, they killed his famliy. Oracle sinks all her money into the new venture and plans to use Cloccktower Systems to earn some cash. Gypsy and Judomaster are reserve status. Barbara denies that "Birds" is their official name. She contacts Calculator, whom she saved from P.F.'s tech scavengers. Their leader is the Visionary. . Manhunter spies on Canary, who catches her, but Manhunter tests her skills. (#119)

Manhunter takes on Canary for the fun of it. Canary confronts Babs about spying on her. Babs thinks something was odd about Sin's death and wanted Mia's help. Oracle's new operative, Infinity, investigates Platinum flats' Macintech and finds stolen villain tech. The Brain, Amazo, and Gizmo's body. Inifnity uses a power to access his memories. He awakes for real. At Findster HQ, (#120)

Joker shows up in Plantinum flats. He resists the Visionary's attempts to hypnotize him. Joker wants in on their enterprise. He kills their partner, Whizkid. Gizmo is a fully functioning partner, as is the Kilg%ore. Oracle claims she wanted to keep Infinity's mission apart from the others for deniability. Misfit goes to school where she finds rich geeks rule. Helena is a new teacher there, too. Misfit roughly makes friends with two girls, Jack and Reesa. She finds that Black Alice has also begun attending the same school. (#121)

Zatanna guest. Infinity, Manhunter. Joker finds Oracle's hideout. (#122) Joker confronts Oracle, who manages to keep a facade of a normal business. She recruits Calculator. Infinity pretends to be Oracle in front of him. The Silicon Syndicate killed to get where they are. (#123)

Calculator betrays them. Joker returns. Oracle breaks his teeth and he retaliates savagely, throws her down stairs. Msifit drives him off. Green Arrow, Speedy, Black Canary and Manhunter return to help. Gizmo zaps Calculator. (#124)

Oracle sets out to take down the Syndicate's Collector. Huntress frees his captives, Black Canary helps lure him. Infinity doesn't think that Babs was Oracle. Her powers are a curse. She can read the dead's memories if the brain is intact. (#125)

The Calculator is angered by the Matchmaker and others in the Syndicate. He created an eighth level to the Internet, the Unternet. Access requires a magic word. Matchmaker sets up a serial killer with a girl. He's stopped by the Huntress. Oracle butts in and declares theire truce is off. Matchmaker hears this and brings him before the guild. Kilgre tells the others that Calculator let the Birds use the Unternet, the Kilg%re's new home. They order him to kill Oracle or they'll kill him. He deduces that the Kilg%re must have a backup somewhere. Calculator turns the tables, convincing the others that Kilg%re has been compromised by Oracle. They agree to take him down. During a meeting, Matchmaker downloads Kilg%re's code and sets off an alarm. He's killed. Next, Kilg%re spears Calculator through the chest. Calculator hits a button and transmits a rewritten version of the code into his body. Nanoprocessors heal him and he creates his own mechanical avatar, apparently destroying Kilg%re. He can now command any machine. He next attacks Oracle's system, recognizes her from the convention. (#126) 1ST APP: Birds of Prey #.

The Space Canine Patrol Agents (Krypto's other team of dog heores from Superboy v.1 #131.
» SEE: Again with the Comics: SCPASpace Canine Patrol Agents

Space Cat Patrol Agents. ??

S.T.A.R. Corps. 6-issue Limited series (1993)

Star Hunters, 22nd century hero team -- DC Super Stars #16. See entry in Obscure Characters.

Star Rovers, late 21st century hero team -- Mystery In Space #66

Superman Rescue Squad (comprised of Steel, Superboy, Supergirl, Eradicator and Alpha Centurian), rescued Superman when he attacked Zod's country by himself (I think it was a few month before Our Worlds at War). Another team ran interference for Supes while he dueled with Darkseid for Steel (Superboy, Supergirl (the angel one), Eradicator, and Krypto and Steel's neice, Natasha creating her own Steel armor ).

The "Super Squad." Another name for the Justice Society. When on Earth-2, in pre-Crisis times Robin, Power Girl, and Star-Spangled Kid joined the team. The name was never officially used, it only appeared on the covers of All-Star Comics #58-65.

Trenchcoat Brigade, loose team of four mystics -- Books of Magic #1 and their own miniseries

Uh-Oh Squad, super-hero team that encountered Ambush Bug a few times until they died one by one, from Action Comics #565

The Vatmen, corporate superheroes who went rogue in Vanity City, mentioned in Aztek #1. Aztek's foe Synth was once a member of them. The Vatmen were possibly active at the same time as the Justice Experience, the Echoes of Justice, and the Freedom Brigade. See Obscure Characters.