The Gargoyles of Notre Dame

This group appeared only once and were are an homage to Disney's Gargoyles television cartoon (1994-97).

When Captain Atom whisked his then-fiancee to the top of Notre Dame in France, a beam of moonlight from his silver body awakened the Gargoyles from the curse of the "Arch-Magus." They flew away in fear, and were later collected by the Justice League Europe, who sent them home to the Mystic Island of Brigadoon.

Their membership included:

  • their leader Behemoth (an homage to Gargoyles' Goliath)
  • his ex-wife Diabolique (Demona)
  • their daughter Angelique (Angela)
  • her boyfriend Montparnasse (Broadway)
  • Behemoth's Lieutenant Montmarte (Brooklyn)
  • his brother Champs Elysées (Lexington)
  • Behemoth's mentor Seine (Hudson)
  • their dog Left Bank (Bronx)
  • and Behemoth's evil twin Htomeheb (Thailog, Goliath's clone).
  • Off-panel mentions include Behemoth's Rookery Siblings Cyrano, Christian, and Roxanne (homage to Coldstone's components).
  • Unnamed are the Japanese and Guatemalan exchange Gargoyles.

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1 (2000)

The Gods of the Jejune Realm

Created by Keith Giffen and Mike McKone

The Gods of the Jejune Realm (see also Mawkish Indifference, borough of) had their realm foreclosed upon due to lack of worship. All the lesser gods were sent to various realms, including earth. One such god, Vext, was the focus of a six-issue comic.

» FIRST APPEARANCE:  Vext #1 (Mar. 1999). First mentioned in DCU Heroes Secret Files & Origins (Feb. 1999)

» SERIES: Vext, 6 issues (1999)

» SEE ALSO: Comic Book Profiles > Vext

Name Diety of … First mentioned/appearance
Vext Mishap and Misfortune DCU Heroes SF&O (Feb. 1999)/Vext #1 (Mar. 1999)
Paramour Relationships gone hellishly wrong Vext #4 (June 1999)
Ekko deja vu DCU Heroes SF&O (Feb. 1999)
Erupt'n Prom Night Pimples DCU Heroes SF&O (Feb. 1999)
Textacl the perpetually cuckolded DCU Heroes SF&O (Feb. 1999)/Vext #4 (June 1999)
Shrike M'ota emasculating shrews
Blazon inappropriate exhibitionism Vext #1 (Mar. 1999)
Moxcatyl interminable procrastination
Qrttglbrngrltch the nigh unpronouncable inadvertant armageddon
Bargyn uninvited guests
Yammar incessant nagging
Placatius insincere apology
Tedyum bloated windbags
Rypta Gud'n ill timed flatulence Vext #4 (June 1999) had power drained in Vext #5 (July 1999)
Aaron Caldwell ill timed flatulence Vext #1 (Mar. 1999)/As a God Vext #5 (July 1999)
J-Angla loose pocket change Vext #4 (June 1999) Vext #4 (June 1999)
Garb'l Arb'l interminable social functions

The Great Ten

Created by Grant Morrison and Jesus Saiz

The Great Ten. From Great Ten #1 (2009). Art by Scott McDaniel.

The super-group known to the world as the Great Ten was formed in part in response to China's growing concerns about foreign metahuman activity. These "super-functionaries" of the Chinese government were gathered for the purpose of consolidating superhuman power for the preservation of China. Their operations are run from a base called the "Great Wall."

Although the team itself is little more than a decade old, many of its members trace their powers and heritage back to the very formation of China itself.

After Mao Zedong and his Communist party came to power in 1949, China's policy was to execute any such "super-heroes." When they realized they'd fallen behind in the "metahuman arms race," they began assembling "super-functionaries," now known as the Great Ten. (#2)

The program's origins go back 15 years, after they discovered the crash landing of a Durlan ship in Qinghai Province, in west China. The military unit that investigated the threat was successful in terminating the aliens, but at the cost of the troops. The Durlans' last gambit was to take the form of a bacterium and infect the soldiers. This produced a variety of grisly effects, and over the next two years, the Chinese military conducted experiments on the soldiers. All but one died, but the knowledge they gleaned was put to use in producing the first four membes of the Great Ten…

Fang Zhifo was that lone surviving soldier. He began his career as common soldier in China's western Gansu Province. In this capacity, he was ordered to investigate the Qinghai incident. After becoming infected with the Durlan bacteria, experiments turned Fang into the August Captain (now General) in Iron. He was disfigured, with a skin like iron. Today, he is the team's field leader, a walking testament to Sun Tzu's Art of War. (#5)

The Qinghai incident also led to the creation of the Socialist Red Guardsman (Gu Lao). Gu was actually the first super-functionary successfully created by the state—a radioactive warrior housed inside a large suit of armor. After some accident irradiated his body, the Chinese military created a suit using Durlan technology to harness his new powers. He must remain inside his armor for fear of irradiating normal people. Instead he makes his home in the Gobi desert. Gu has been a staunch advocate for the party's Cultural Revolution in public. (#9)

Shortly after the Guardsman and Captain were introduced to the public, they were joined by the first Immortal Man in Darkness. This is actually a post—a fleet of men who bond with a Durlan-derived aircraft called the Dragonwing. When volunteers enter the living jet, they are encased in an amniotic flud which facilitates a sort of symbiotic link. In less than a year, the pilot's body begins to degrade from the bond. The current lead Immortal Man is Chen Nuo, who joined the squadron a year ago. (#4)

The last of the inaugural four was the Shaolin Robot, whose roots can be traced to the Chinese empire's first days. In the second century BCE, China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, prepared for himself a lavish tomb that included an army of clay guardsmen. His servant, Lao Yuqi also created an extra 100 mechanical warriors to guard the tomb. These ancient robots were powered by an operating system based on the I Ching. When Qin Shi Huang died, he ordered Lao Yuqi to be sealed in the tomb as well. Desperate, Lao, encoded one warrior with a special program that reflected his own values. In recent times, the tomb was opened and the mechanical warriors attacked. The Guardsman and August Captain responded, destroying all of them. But Lao Yuqi's special warrior remained dormant, and was taken for examination and modified. Once activated, it was discovered that the Shaolin Robot "spoke" in the binary language of the I Ching. It sometimes seems to possess human emotions. (#8)

Soon, they were joined by the mysterious Ghost Fox Killer (Hu Li Jing). This woman hails from another dimension, the "subtle realms" as she describes it—a twilight realm just beyond the veil of death. Her mission on Earth is to spill the blood of evil men, enslave their souls, and thus maintain the integrity of her homeland. She first came to Hong Kong in 1977 and began by preying on Hong Kong gangs. Her touch is death, yet when she met the August Captain, she found it had no effect. They became each others' sole human connection, and she joined the super-functionaries mostly out of loyalty to him. (#5-6)

The Seven Deadly Brothers is another misnomer. This singular hero is Yang Kei-Ying, a wushu (kung fu) master, and another functionary who is hundreds of years old. In 1723, Yang joined the Chinese army to escape poverty and participated in raids on the Shaolin temples. This led to his own interest in wushu. He renounced his emperor and sought out the Seven Scribes of the Cloudy Satchel. The Scribes were wary of his motives and by some mystical rite, granted Yang the power split and execute seven different disciplines. The curse is meant to last for "seven lifetimes." (#7)

Eight years ago, Wu Mei-Xing was a theoretical physicist who found that an accident had made her sterile. But was also transformed. When impregnated, Wu could bear 25 children who aged 10 years per day. This ability was drafted into Chinese service, as a method for creating disposable super-soldiers. As the Mother of Champions, Wu has also mated with other functionaries; their children possessed the fathers' abilities. She also does not need not eat and does not age. (#9)

Young Xu Tao became the Celestial Archer four years ago when he fell through the base of an ancient tree and found the celestial bow of Yi. The bow transported Tao to the land of the gods, on the moon itself! There he met Xiang-O, the moon maiden, and her fellow old gods. They charged Tao to inspire his countrymen to remember the gods (who'd been eradicated by the Communists), and pave the way for their return. (#2)

Zou Kang is Thundermind, arguably the most powerful and certainly the most beloved of China's heroes. By day Zou is a mild-mannered history teacher. Three years ago, In that capacity, he stumbled across an ancient scroll and in reading it: "all hail the jewel in the lotus" he was transformed. This mantra unlocked his siddhis—supernatural buddhist powers which include strength, flight, speed, invulnerability, invisibility, telepathy, and bilocation. (#3)

Though he joined the functionaries only two years ago, Yao Fei became the Accomplished Perfect Physician ten years before, as a Chinese soldier in Tibet. Born poor in eastern Anhui province, Fei wanted to be a doctor. He got is wish, in a way, after killing a Tibetan man's son. The son was destined to inherit the mantle of the Perfect Physician so instead, Yao Fei was indoctrinated to the position. In the course of his studies, he became outspoken against China's aggression in Tibet. For years he clashed with the functionaries, but ultimately the Politburo chose to "keep their enemy close" and invited him to join the Great Ten. (Great Ten #1)

Their first contact with anyone outside of China came in the midst of the great cosmic crisis. As Alexander Luthor was nearing his defeat, the sentient satellite called Brother Eye was defeated by Earth's heroes and crashed down in Southern Saudi Arabia. Various nations across the globe set out to recover Brother Eye and it's valuable technology, including the Great Ten and America's spy organization, Checkmate. Checkmate's Sasha Bordeaux succeeded in destroying the satellite, leaving nothing to fight over. (OMAC Project: Infinite Crisis Special)

Accomplished Perfect Physician •  Celestial Archer • Mother of Champions • Seven Deadly Brothers • Thundermind • Ghost Fox Killer

After the crisis was ended, most of the world was left with a great mistrust towards American metahumans. Some nations began to mobilize and ally with one another to protect their own lands and ward off U.S. heroes. The Green Lanterns Hal Jordan was one of the first to discover the extent of these policies when he pursued Evil Star into Chinese airspace. He was confronted with the full force of the Great Ten, whose number included:

  • August General in Iron (Fan Zhifu) is their armor-clad field leader. He is well known in China for preventing the Shaolin Robots from enforcing a return to imperial rule. The General's armor is derived from Durlan biotechnology, which is outlawed by a U.N. resolution. He is romantically linked to the Ghost Fox Killer.
  • The Shaolin Robot, silver armored droids
  • Celestial Archer (unknown), who has ties to Chinese mythology.
  • Ghost Fox Killer, an emissary from a dwindling, "far away" colony; her mission is to kill evil men. She can add the spirits of the dead to a legion that she commands. She is romantically linked to the August General. Ghost Fox Killer strongly resembles the Tangent universe Green Lantern.
  • Immortal Man in Darkness (unknown), whose armor is Durlan-derived and forms a ship around him
  • Mother of Champions (Wu Mei-Xing) gives birth to 25 children at a time. These children are used as cannon-fodder by the Chinese, as the children age 10 years every day. She does not have contact with them and must actually conceive sexually to become pregnant. (Morrison gave her name as Niang Guan Jun)
  • The Seven Deadly Brothers, martial artists
  • Thundermind (Zou Kang), who channels Buddhist power into telepathy. (Thanks to some description from Grant Morrison.)
  • Their operation is run by the Accomplished Perfect Physician (Yao Fei), who uses sound to cure cancer and promote healing. His power can heal or destroy with a hum. Fei is a former member of the Red Army and was a resister until he decided to work with the Communists for the greater good.

The Green Lanterns stopped Evil Star regardless of the attack, but then Black Adam entered the fray as well. Hal was only able to leave with Evil Star when Russia's Rocket Red Brigade appeared and allowed him passage into Russia. (52 #6)

After this, Black Adam continued to build his international coalition, calling heroes from around the world to a conference in Kahndaq. His proposed "Freedom of Power Treaty" would formally prohibit metahumans from non-participating nations from entering a country's boundaries. Member nations would also agree to assist each other if such a threat arose. (#10) Adam's treaty was more of a success in ideology than practice.

On neutral territory, Ralph Dibny, the former Elongated Man encountered the Accomplished Perfect Physician after fending off a yeti near Nanda Parbat (in the Himalayas). The Physician explained that the yeti is a man named Hu Wei, a reserve member of the Great Ten who discovered the atavistic trigger gene to transform men into monsters. Together, Ralph and the Physician captured the Hu Wei. (#32)

The Chinese government is often criticized for it's human rights record, the details of which do not escape some members of the Great Ten. Like the Physician, most of them work for the greater good of the Chinese people despite their reservations about the Communist government. Thundermind, in particular, questioned China's role in plotting to assassinate their new "ally," Black Adam. (#45)

Perhaps China has good reason to be suspicious of the Americans; their next encounter was disastrous. Checkmate took action when it discovered the possibility of a Kobra mole in China's secret metahuman development facility. Checkmate would not allow Kobra to attain the secrets to such power, and assembled a team to investigate the facility in Hebei province. The Great Ten were waiting. (Checkmate #3)

Before a conflict could ensue, the August General stepped in to mediate. All went well until Count Vertigo, acting under orders of Amanda Waller, was caught trying to smuggle secrets out of the country. The General ordered the Checkmate agents' deaths, but officials from Checkmate themselves (including the Chinese Ambassador Shi), halted the altercation. (#4)

Building Bridges

After Checkmate's own Black King's Bishop (the Chinese Shen Li Po) was removed from his position, he was replaced by the August General himself! (Checkmate #16) This move made many of the upper level agents—including the Black King—understandably wary. The General admitted that he would function as an informant to China, but convinced Checkmate that at least he was the devil they knew. He has since been visited by his lover, the Ghost Fox Killer, (#19) who aided Checkmate in their war against Kobra. (#24)

For all their defenses, though, the Great Ten could not stop Talia from kidnapping the Mother of Champions from Huairou Province. Niang Guan Jun was subjected to the experiments of Dr. Creighton Kendall, who hoped he could engineer children from her who did not age rapidly. (Nightwing #144) Kendall succeeded in producing one child who aged normally. When Nightwing dismantled Talia's operation, Niang returned with this baby to China. (#146)

The false gods. From Great Ten #1 (2009); art by Scott McDaniel.

Tested the Perfect Physician's loyalty is tested when the Ten are sent to quell a new riot in Tibet. There, they witness the coming of China's old gods: Kuan Ti (war), Jade Emperor (king), Gong Gong (floods), Lei Zi (lightning), Feng Po (wind), Chu Jung (fire), Lei Kung (thunder), Chu Jiang (dead). (Great Ten #1)

Celestial Archer heeds their call now. The gods disperse throughout China. (#2)

Thundermind confronts Kuan Ti in Beijing. Checkmate calls August General via Thinker to tell him the world media has gotten the story. Thundermind susses the gods' true nature. (#3)

The Immortal Men in Darkness kill Feng Po in Shanghai. Thundermind says they gods believe they are gods, but something isn't right. Implanted memories. The Physician thinks the gods are Durlan-based. (#4)

In the Kunlun Moutains, Archer waits while the "gods" plan their next move. He is on to them. He sends a note back to the General. (#5)

The Ten discover a link between gans and the false gods. Jiang meets with Taiwanese Ma Saihung, director of their metahuman defense agency a rival to the Great Ten. Fox sends her undead spirits to Po Lin monastery, where the gods gather. They fight Chu Jiang, god of the dead. Ma reveals he is behind the gods; he meets with the Kowloon mobsters. They're found by Physician and the Brothers. Taiwan's president didn't know about the god program until recently. (#6)

The God of Death is revealed as a construct with an amorphous entity inside, and destroyed. He and the other gods are dumbfounded by the discovery. (#7)

Shaolin Robot beheads the "god" Jade Emperor and his allies retreat. When the tomb was opened, the Great Ten had to stop the robot warriors. The Ten learn of a new robot army made to oppose them, in the Gobi desert, where Socialist Red Guardsman secludes himself. (#8)

Mother (Wu Mei-Xing) seeks out the Guardsman (Gu Lao) in the Gobi. He's removed himself from service.

Archer takes the 5 surviving "gods" to his mistress, who shows them the true home of the gods. Taiwan's president works with Beijing to avert the mess his people have put in motion. She seduces Guardsman and becomes pregnant. Because Guardsman is radioactive, he had to deliver them. Archer returns with the 5 gods, who join the fight. (#9)

The five surviving "gods"—Gong Gong, Lei Zi, Kuan Ti, Lei Kung and Chu Jung—joined the fight. (#9)

  1. Jade Emperor (king),
  2. Chu Jung (fire),
  3. Chu Jiang (dead).
  4. Feng Po (wind),
  5. Gong Gong (floods),
  6. Kuan Ti (war),
  7. Lei Zi (lightning),
  8. Lei Kung (thunder),

» FIRST APPEARANCE: 52 #6 (2006)

» SERIES: The Great Ten, 9-issue limited series (2009-10)

» FEATURED APPEARANCES: 52 #6, 10, 32, 45 • Checkmate v.2 #3-4, 19, 24 • Nightwing #144-146


The Green Lantern Corps

This group is covered in great detail elsewhere.

» SEE ALSO: The Great Book of Oa Fanzing #6: The Green Lantern IssueGL Corps of the 30th Century


  • Green Lantern v.2 #107, 130-132, 148-160, 162-173, 177, 179-185,  187-190 (as a backup feature)
  • Green Lantern Corps #206-224 (1986-88)
  • Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, 3-issue limited series (1981)
  • Green Lantern Corps Quarterly, 8 issues (1992-94)
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, 5-issue limited series (2005)
  • Green Lantern Corps, current (2006-)