Legion Time Comments Issue #
Pre-20th Century
  POST-CRISIS: At some unknown point in pre-history, the Time Trapper steals a single instant-long "slice" of the real universe, eliminates all inhabited worlds except Earth and Krypton, and later prevents the creation of all superheroes except for Superboy. (Action #591, Aug. 1987), (Adventures of Superman #444, Sept. 1988)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The collision and catastrophic destruction of two young galaxies causes the consciousnesses of all the living beings within those galaxies to combine into a single collective entity later known as the Aethyr. Traumatized by its experience, the entity or Oversoul, withdraws into an other-dimensional reality created within its own mind. Its shadowy border regions are a limbo-like realm that inhabitants of Krypton will one day dub the Phantom Zone. NOTES: It's unclear whether this story can be considered canonical, but it is the only account of the origins of Aethyr, whose existence and relationship to the Phantom Zone were revealed in The Phantom Zone #3 (Mar. 1982). It is unlikely to remain in post-Crisis continuity. Superman's first encounter with Aethyr, in Phantom Zone #3-4, presented the entity as malicious and predatory, but this story (by the same writer, Steve Gerber) suggests that Aethyr is motivated mostly by trauma, experiencing contact with the material universe or beings outside its collective self as frightening and painful. (DC Comics Presents #97, Sept. 1986)
Four billion years ago On the planet Oa, Krona's forbidden experiment to witness the birth of creation causes the universe to split into the multiverse and unleashes a wave of evil into the cosmos. Krona is banished for his crime. His fellow Oans become the Guardians of the Universe. NOTES: This is the first chronological appearance of the Guardians of the Universe, whose first appearance in print was in Green Lantern #1 (July 1960). (Green Lantern #40, Oct. 1965)
  A faction of the Guardians, dissatisfied with their colleagues' tactics in the war against evil, splits off to become the Controllers. NOTES: The Controllers first appeared in Adventure Comics #357 (June 1967). Their connection to the Guardians was revealed in Crisis. (Crisis #7, Oct. 1985)
Three billion years ago The Guardians devise a corps of warrior androids dubbed Manhunters. After the Manhunters rebel, they are disarmed and exiled from Oa. Over the coming millennia, the Manhunters secretly conspire against their former masters. (Justice League of America #141, Apr. 1977), (Secret Origins #22, Jan. 1988)
  The Guardians of Oa organize a new force to battle evil throughout the universe: the Green Lantern Corps (1st chronological appearance). The first Green Lantern is Rori Dag of the planet Rojira. NOTES: The Green Lantern Corps first appeared in Green Lantern v.2 #11 (Mar. 1962) (Green Lantern #67, Mar. 1969)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Colonists from Krypton and Vruun clash on Earth, aided by the time-traveling Legionnaires. The Vruunians establish Atlantis. The Kryptonians are wiped out by their former pet lizards, which become Earth's dinosaurs. NOTE: This story is difficult to reconcile with pre- or post-Crisis history of Krypton and Atlantis. It may be entirely apocryphal. Adventure #333 (June 1965)
c. One million B.C. Imsk, a planet around the star Irulan and the eventual homeworld of Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet), is colonized by the Krill. Eleven years after the colonists' arrival, they discover that the planet itself shrinks for a period of 90 days every ten years. To enable them to survive the shrinkage, an Imskian scientist finds a way to use the energies of radioactive Imskian rock to let all Imskians change their size at will. The ability is passed on to subsequent generations, but all Imskians must be exposed to the radiation once per year or they will die. (Superboy & the Legion #234, Dec. 1977)
c. 12000 B.C. PRE-CRISIS: Traditional date for the beginning of Kryptonian civilization. NOTES: Krypton was destroyed its year 10,000; 18 Kryptonian years was equal to 25 Earth years. In post-Crisis continuity these dates apply only to the Krypton of the Pocket Universe. The civilization of post-Crisis Krypton began more than 500,000 years ago. (Action #223, Dec. 1956)
c. 5000 B.C. The native humanoids of the planet Rimbor (eventual homeworld of Jo Nah, Ultra Boy) become extinct. (Legion v.4 #15, Feb. 1991)
c. 2000 B.C. A time-lost Jo Nah (Ultra Boy) falls in love with a woman called Asherya, who is actually a Lord of Chaos. Nabu the Wise (Dr. Fate) sends him back to the 30th century. Legion v.4 #19 (June 1991)
1243 B.C. Searching for Universo, Shrinking Violet visits Gizeh (Giza), Egypt. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
c. 1000 B.C. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: A centaur named Biron, later called Comet the Super-Horse, is granted super-powers by the sorceress Circe, but Circe's enemy, the sorcerer Malador, transforms Biron into a horse and banishes him to a planet in the constellation Sagittarius, where he remains for almost 3,000 years. Post-Crisis and Glorith reality: Comet/Biron was reinvented as a totally different character in Supergirl v.4. #14 (Oct. 1997). (Action #293, Oct. 1962)
1000 B.C. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Forced to travel back in time aboard a stolen Legion time bubble with the 30th-century criminal Kasmir, Jimmy Olsen meets the teenage Samson and briefly finds work selling Beatle wigs to the locals before being rescued by Superman. Jimmy Olsen #79 (Sept. 1964)
c. 210 B.C. On their way to the wedding of Karate Kid and Projectra in 2984, Cosmic Boy, Dream Girl, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, and the White Witch are cast back in time to 20th century Earth, where they discover a group of Durlans masquerading as the Roman gods. Dream Girl predicts that Durla will be ravaged by a nuclear war within a year. NOTES: It is unclear if the trip to ancient Earth took place post-Crisis; there were no Durlans in the Pocket Universe. Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983)
c. 209 B.C. The civilization of the planet Durla is nearly wiped out by a nuclear conflict called the "Six-Minute War." The inhabitants survive only through their shape-changing powers. Their original form is unknown. NOTES: The date was established by Legion v.2 Annual #2 (1983). (Legion v.2 #301, July 1983)
c. 500 A.D. The Guardians shrink the warrior giants called Djinn to tiny size and imprison them in bottles of green energy. (Legion v.2 #267, Sept. 1980)
693 A.D. Colossal Boy tracks a time-traveling Universo to 7th century England, where, unable to control his growth power, he is attacked by medieval warriors who believe him to be a threatening giant. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
1280 A.D. Pursuing Universo, Brainiac 5 travels to Shang-Tu, China, where he encounters the legendary Kublai Khan. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
1300 A.D. In pursuit of Universo, Chameleon Boy appears in the Peruvian city of Cuzco, capitol of the Inca empire, where he is nearly slain by the jealous Inca god-king. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
c. 1600 A.D. The island of Marzal is colonized by escaped slaves. The island fades into another dimension to return for 30-year periods every 200 years. (Legion v.2 #265, July 1980)
1812 A.D. A time-traveling Saturn Girl visits Paris, where she encounters Napoleon and is nearly slain by a French aristocrat under the hypnotic control of Universo. Adventure #349 (Oct. 1966)
The Silver Age 20th Century
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The computer tyrants of the planet Colu create a lifelike android called Brainiac to spy on human civilizations. A young boy named Vril Dox (the ancestor of Querl Dox, Brainiac 5) is forced to pose as Brainiac's son, Brainiac II, but runs away before Brainiac leaves Colu. NOTES: Brainiac's earlier appearances showed him to be an alien tyrant (but not an android) from the planet Bryak. Brainiac 5's early appearances described him as Brainiac's natural descendant. "Brainiac II's" real name was first given in a text piece in Adventure # #365 (Feb. 1968). For the post-Crisis and Glorith-reality version of Brainiac, see the Post-Crisis Era section below. (Superman v.1 #167, Feb. 1964), (Adventure #365, Feb. 1968)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lar Gand is born on Daxam to Kel and Marisa Gand. GLORITH REALITY: Lar Gand is born later in the 20th century. NOTES: The year of Lar Gand's birth in any timeline has never been established, although the 2995 Sourcebook gave his birthday as March 27. *
33 Ogtal, 9998 (Kryptonian calendar) PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Brainiac uses his powerful shrinking ray to steal the city of Kandor, Krypton's capitol, storing the city in a large bottle aboard his starship. NOTES: The date was given in World of Krypton #2 (Aug. 1979). There was no Brainiac in the Pocket Universe, so the Kandor of the Pocket Universe's Krypton presumably perished with Krypton. In the mainstream post-Crisis universe, as described in World of Krypton v.2 #2 (Jan. 1988), Kandor was destroyed by a nuclear device detonated by the terrorist group Black Zero at the start of Krypton's last great war, 101,000 years ago. (Action #242, July 1958)
3 to 5 Hefralt, 9997 (Kryptonian calendar)

PRE-CRISIS: Jor-El discovers that instability within Krypton's core will soon destroy the planet, although he is unable to convince the Science Council to take his warnings seriously. Ironically, Jor-El's assistant at this time is a time-traveling Superman, although neither Jor-El nor Lara know that Kal-El is actually their own son. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITY: Superman is not present, but similar events happen in the Pocket Universe. NOTES: Superman's presence in this time was revealed in Superman #141 (1960) and confirmed by World of Krypton v.1 #1-2 (1979). The latter account established the Kryptonian dates, from Jor-El's diary.
(Superman v.1 #141, Nov. 1960), (World of Krypton v.1 #1-2, July–Aug. 1979)
35 Eorx, 9998 (Kryptonian calendar)
February 29 (Earth date)
PRE-CRISIS: Kal-El, the son of Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, is born in Kryptonopolis, capitol of the planet Krypton. Notes: Neither Superman's homeworld nor his parents were named until the first installment of the Superman daily newspaper strip on Jan. 16, 1939, which also revealed Superman's Kryptonian name (originally spelled Kal-L, a spelling later attributed to the Earth-Two Superman). The Earth-One Superman's terrestrial birthday was established in World's Finest #235 (1976). POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: These events take place on the Krypton of the Pocket Universe. Notes: In the mainstream post-Crisis universe Kal-El was conceived in vitro on Krypton, but was not technically born until he landed on Earth. World of Krypton #2 (Aug. 1979)
3 Ullhah, 9999 (Kryptonian calendar) PRE-CRISIS: Jor-El discovers the Phantom Zone and persuades Krypton's Science Council to use the Zone as a prison for Kryptonian criminals. Its inmates will later include Jax-Ur, General Zod, Faora Hu-Ul, and Quex-Ul. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: These events take place on the Krypton of the Pocket Universe. NOTES: The Phantom Zone first appeared in Adventure Comics #283 (Apr. 1961), although its origins were not explained at that time. According to DC Comics Presents #97 (Sept. 1986), Jor-El originally discovered the Zone while attempting to reach Krypton-Two, which he speculated had already been destroyed. In any event, the date of the discovery was established by World of Krypton #2 (Aug. 1979).
(Adventure #283, Apr. 1961), (Superboy v.1 #104, Apr. 1963)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jor-El stops the elderly scientist Gaz-Or from destroying Krypton with his "earthquake machine." Gaz-Or is banished to the Phantom Zone, where he will remain for more than a 1,000 years. NOTES: Gaz-Or (originally styled "Gazor") described his crime to Phantom Girl when she met him in the Zone in the 30th century, as seen in Adventure #323 (1964). That story first established that the Bgztl Buffer Region either overlaps or is contiguous with the Phantom Zone, allowing people from Bgztl to freely enter or leave the Zone. The same was true in the post-Crisis universe, although Kryptonians of the mainstream DC universe did not use the Zone as a prison. Gaz-Or was rarely mentioned in subsequent pre-Crisis stories involving the Phantom Zone inmates, although Who's Who #18 (Aug. 1986) confirmed his existence and updated the styling of his name. It seems unlikely that he existed in the Pocket Universe. (Adventure Comics #323, Aug. 1964)
54 Belyuth, 10,000 (Kryptonian calendar) PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Kal-El's puppy Krypto is lost in space. NOTES: The date was given in World of Krypton #3 (Sept. 1979). A new super-powered Krypto, born on an elaborate simulacrum of Krypton constructed by Brainiac 13, was introduced in Superman v.2 #167 and returned to the real universe with Superman and Lois Lane in Action Comics #776 (both April 2001). Krypto remained on Earth even after the artificial Krypton was permanently cut off from the real universe in Action Comics #793 (Sept. 2002). (Adventure #210, May 1951)
  PRE-CRISIS: Two weeks after the Phantom Zone prisoners nearly escape by exerting their combined mental influence on his feverish mind, Jor-El launches the Phantom Zone projector into deep space as part of a collection of "forbidden weapons" banned by the Science Council. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: These events take place on the Krypton of the Pocket Universe. NOTES: The projector and forbidden weapons cache were introduced in Adventure #283 (1961). This story — retold in World of Krypton #3 (1979), which established the date — explained why they were launched into space. In pre-Crisis continuity, the weapons cache was created by Kru-El, Jor-El's cousin, who was banished to the Phantom Zone and thus survived the destruction of Krypton. Kru-El first appeared in Action Comics #297 (1963). There is no indication that he existed in the Pocket Universe. (Superboy v.1 #104, Apr. 1963)
34 Ogtal, 10,000 (Kryptonian calendar) PRE-CRISIS: Daxamite explorer Lar Gand (Mon-El) lands on Krypton and meets Jor-El and Lara. POST-CRISIS: Lar Gand is diverted to the Pocket Universe by the Time Trapper and lands on the Pocket Universe's Krypton. GLORITH REALITY:No similar events. NOTES: The date was given in World of Krypton #3 (Sept. 1979). Mon-El's real name was not revealed until the reprint of this story in Superboy #129 (May 1966). (Superboy v.1 #89, June 1961)
39 Ogtal, 10,000 (Kryptonian calendar) PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: A small group of Legionnaires visits Krypton on the day of its destruction. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: The date of Krypton's destruction was given in World of Krypton #3 (Sept. 1979). Legion v.2 #255 (Sept. 1979)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jor-El's lab monkey Beppo stows away aboard Kal-El's rocket. (Superboy v.1 #76, Oct. 1959)
  As Krypton begins its final death throes, young Kal-El rockets to Earth in a tiny starship. NOTES: Golden Age versions of Superman's origin generally indicated that he had left Krypton as an infant while in post-Crisis continuity, he had not technically been born yet at the time of his departure. On Earth-One, Kal-El was two years old when Krypton exploded.
(Action Comics #1, June 1938)
  The explosion of Krypton transforms most of the planet's mass into a radioactive element later called Kryptonite. Some of the material later makes its way to Earth. NOTES: The concept of Kryptonite originated in an unpublished 1940 comic book story, which called the element "K-metal." It was first called Kryptonite on the Adventures of Superman radio series, where it was introduced in June 1943, and then in the comics in Superman #61 (Nov.-Dec. 1949).
(Adventures of Superman radio series, June 1943)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jor-El's brother Zor-El and his wife Alura survive the destruction of Krypton when Argo City is blasted into space by the explosion. They later have a daughter, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl). NOTES:

The Pocket Universe Supergirl, whose origins were told in Adventures of Superman #444 (Sept. 1988), was not Kara Zor-El, so the Pocket Universe's Argo City probably perished with Krypton. Initially, Kara Zor-El did not exist in the mainstream post-Crisis universe, but she was belatedly reintroduced in Superman/Batman #8 (May 2004). That version of the character was a teenager when Krypton was destroyed, making her chronologically older than Kal-El, but she made her journey to Earth in suspended animation, which halted her aging until her arrival.

(Action #252, May 1959)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Teenage troublemaker Dev-Em and his parents survive the destruction of Krypton in a lead-lined shelter. NOTES: Dev-Em's entry in Who's Who in the LSH #1 (May 1988) described him as David Emery, a Titanian born on Earth, who psychically transformed himself into an ersatz Kryptonian. That explanation, which suggests that these events were only a delusional fantasy of Emery's, was never reflected in any actual story. Adventures of Superman #478 (May 1991) identified Dev-Em as a Daxamite. His full Glorith-timeline history was given in Who's Who #9 (May 1991). (Adventure #287, Sept. 1961)
  Kal-El lands in Smallville, where he immediately gains super powers under Earth's yellow sun. He is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and given the name Clark Kent. Notes: Superman's adoptive parents first appeared in Superman #1 (Summer 1939). Earlier published versions of his origin said only that he was found by "a passing motorist" while the early episodes of the Adventures of Superman radio series indicated that Kal-El arrived on Earth as an adult. In September 1942, a retelling of Superman's origin on the radio series (now airing on the Mutual Broadcasting System rather than in syndication) identified his foster parents as Eben and Sarah Kent. The names Jonathan and Martha were introduced in Adventure Comics #149 (1950) and Superboy v.1 #12 (1951) respectively. Clark Kent's post-Crisis origin was first told in Man of Steel #1 (June 1986).
(Superman v.1 #1, Summer 1939)
  The radioactive boulders that renew Imskians' shrinking powers are consumed by a race of space dragons. Afterwards, the people of Imsk must periodically hunt the dragons and remove some of their scales, which emit the radiation necessary for the Imskians' survival. (Superboy & the Legion #234, Dec. 1977)
  PRE-CRISIS: Jonathan and Martha Kent fashion their adopted son's Kryptonian blankets into an invulnerable costume. POST-CRISIS: Same event in Pocket Universe. Notes: In the mainstream post-Crisis universe, as first mentioned in Man of Steel #1 (June 1986), Superman's costume is partially protected by his own invulnerability, but it is not indestructible, nor is it made of fabric from Krypton. (Superboy v.1 #78, Jan. 1960)
  At age 3, Clark becomes Superbaby. (Superboy v.1 #26, Jun./July 1953)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Baby Kal-El encounters Beppo the Super-Monkey, Jor-El's one-time lab monkey from Krypton. Superboy v.1 #76 (Oct. 1959)
  At age 6, Clark enters public school. Superboy v.1 #75 (Sept. 1959)
  PRE-CRISIS: 8-year-old Kal-El goes into action as Superboy. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: Superboy is active only in the Pocket Universe. In the mainstream post-Crisis universe Superman did not begin his costumed career until adulthood. More Fun #101 (Jan./Feb. 1945)
  The infant Iris Russell appears from the 30th century and is adopted by the West family. NOTES: Iris West and Barry Allen (Flash II) are the parents of Don and Dawn Allen, the 30th Century "Tornado Twins." Iris first appeared in Showcase Comics #4 (Oct. 1956). Don and Dawn Allen first appeared in Adventure Comics #373 (Oct. 1968). (Flash v.1 #350, Oct. 1985)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy has his first encounter with Kryptonite, a radioactive fragment of the planet Krypton that is lethal to super-powered Kryptonian survivors. NOTES: This was Superboy's first chronological encounter with Kryptonite, which, as noted above, had been introduced in the comics in Superman #61 (Nov./Dec 1949). In the post-Crisis universe, a single piece of Kryptonite was lodged on the hull of Kal-El's ship (Man of Steel #1, June 1986), but Superman did not encounter that meteorite until he was an adult (Superman v.2 #1, Jan. 1987). (Adventure #251, Aug. 1958)
  PRE-CRISIS: Superboy meets Lana Lang. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: Same event in Pocket Universe. In the mainstream post-Crisis universe Lana Lang and Clark Kent were childhood friends, but Clark had no career as Superboy. Superboy v.1 #10 (Oct. 1950)
  Clark turns 10. Adventure #103 (Apr. 1946)
  12-year-old Clark meets the Kryptonian robot teacher. Note: DC Super-Stars #12 (Feb. 1977) states his age for this event. Adventure #240 (Sept. 1957)
  PRE-CRISIS: Krypto arrives on Earth and is reunited with his master. POST-CRISIS and GLORITH REALITY: Same event in Pocket Universe. In the mainstream post-Crisis universe Krypto is a normal dog adopted as a puppy by Superman's friend Bibbo Bibowski. He was first seen in Adventures of Superman #501 (Late June 1993). A new super-powered Krypto, born on an elaborate simulacrum of Krypton constructed by Brainiac 13, was introduced in Superman v.2 #167 and returned to the real universe with Superman and Lois Lane in Action Comics #776 (both April 2001). Krypto remained on Earth even after the artificial Krypton was permanently cut off from the real universe in Action Comics #793 (Sept. 2002). Adventure #210 (May 1955)
  14-year-old Clark meets alien Qor Sulor. Note: The story states it had been twelve years since his arrival on Earth (age 2). Superboy v.1 #137 (Apr. 1967)
1st app. PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The three founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl) meet Superboy. He visits their clubhouse in 30th century Smallville, where he meets their other members, including Brainiac 5, and joins the Legion. GLORITH REALITY: The Legion does not meet Superboy or visit the Pocket Universe at this time. NOTES: Other Legion members are shown in shadow, suggesting that although this was the Legion's first appearance, they'd formed some time previously. Brainiac 5 clearly appears in the background of one panel, although he is not named. This portion of the chronology assumes that these early stories were told in the order in which Superboy experienced them. This is different than the order in which the Legionnaires experienced them (for these and other details, scroll down to the events of the 30th Century). This story describes the Legion as existing in the 30th century, although some subsequent stories placed it in the 21st century instead. Most pre-Crisis Legion stories placed the Legion's adventures exactly 1,000 years in the future. Adventure #247 (Apr. 1958)
PRE-CRISIS: Superboy has his first encounter with Red Kryptonite, an isotope of Kryptonite altered by its passage through a cosmic cloud, causing it to have weird, unpredictable (though fortunately temporary) effects on Kryptonians. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: Red Kryptonite exists only in the Pocket Universe and affects only the Kryptonian survivors of that universe. NOTES: In its first appearance, Red-K was described as simply being "100 times" more potent than normal Green Kryptonite. Its weird effects on Superman were first demonstrated in its second appearance in Adventure Comics #255 (Dec. 1958). Action #591 (Aug. 1987) established that the post-Crisis Superman was immune to all of the varieties of Kryptonite of the Pocket Universe. In the post-Crisis universe a sample of Red Kryptonite was created by Mr. Mxyzptlk in Superman v.2 #49 (Nov. 1990), but its effectiveness was solely a product of Mxyzptlk's magical powers; it was not true Kryptonite and probably was not even radioactive. A different type of Red Kryptonite was created by Batman as a contingency plan against Superman, as seen in JLA #44-#45 (8-9.00). Adventure #252 (Sept. 1958)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy battles Bizarro-Superboy, an imperfect duplicate of himself created by a flawed duplicator machine. Although the creature is destroyed, years later a similar device is used to create an adult Bizarro. Superboy v.1 #68 (Nov. 1958)
2nd app. PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The Legion tries to stop Superboy from going on a rampage, unaware that he is actually on a secret mission for the President. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: The Legionnaires' costumes are slightly different in this story than in their first appearance. They still use rocket belts rather than flight belts, but their names are no longer printed on their chests. Starting in this story, Saturn Girl's costume is colored pink and white rather than green and yellow. Adventure #267 (Dec. 1959)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy meets boy genius Lex Luthor (1st chronological appearance). While working on an antidote for Kryptonite, Luthor creates a primitive "protoplasmic lifeform." When a fire breaks out in the lab, Superboy puts it out with his super-breath. The resulting fumes destroy Luthor's creation and cost him his hair. Luthor swears vengeance on the Boy of Steel. NOTES: Luthor's first appearance was Action # #23 (Apr. 1940), but Adventure Comics #271 was the first time his origin was told and he was given a first name. Scroll down for the history of the Pocket Universe's Lex Luthor, which was told in flashback in Adventures of Superman #444 (Sept. 1988). In the mainstream post-Crisis universe Superman and Luthor did not meet until they were adults. Their first confrontation is described in Man of Steel #4 (Sept. 1986). All encounters between the Legion and the villainous Lex Luthor are apocryphal in post-Crisis continuity. Adventure #271 (Apr. 1960)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The time-traveling Karate Kid meets Superboy and a group of young Legionnaires, who help him battle the Lord of Time and Major Disaster. The Lord of Time blasts Karate Kid forward in time and erases the Legionnaires' memories of these events. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: The Lord of Time first appeared in Justice League of America #10 (Mar. 1962), Major Disaster in Green Lantern v.2 #43 (Mar. 1966). Karate Kid #12-13 (Jan.–Apr. 1978)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Clark Kent meets Pete Ross. Superboy v.1 #86 (Jan. 1961)
4th app. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Lightning Lad saves Superboy from Lex Luthor's living Kryptonite men. Later, Luthor speculates that "if a Legion of Super-Heroes will exist centuries from now...then a Legion of Super-Villains probably exists in the future, too!" He vows to one day contact them to help him destroy Superboy. NOTES: This story is the first reference to the Legion of Super-Villains; the final caption says "don't miss the terrific story of the Legion of Super-Villains, coming soon!" This story is also the first appearance of Superboy's statuettes of the Legion. In this story he has statues only of the three founding members, but he eventually possesses statues of all the Legionnaires. Superboy v.1 #86 (Jan. 1961)
5th app. PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lana Lang visits the 30th century with Superboy, where she uses new Legionnaire Star Boy in an effort to make Superboy jealous. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Adventure #282 (Mar. 1961)
  PRE-CRISIS: Superboy retrieves a cache of lost Kryptonian weapons, including a projector that sends him to the Phantom Zone. Before his foster father returns him to Earth, Superboy meets several of the Zone's inmates, including General Zod. POST-CRISIS and GLORITH REALITIES: These events take place in the Pocket Universe. Adventure #283 (Apr. 1961)
7th app. PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lar Gand lands on Earth, suffering from amnesia, and meets Superboy, who dubs him Mon-El. He briefly moves into the Kent home, adopting the identity of traveling salesman "Bob Cobb." He regains his memory after suffering from lead poisoning. To save his life, Superboy is forced to send him to the Phantom Zone. GLORITH REALITY: See the Post-Crisis Era section below for the history of Valor. Superboy v.1 #89 (June 1961)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Pete Ross learns that Clark Kent is secretly Superboy. He does not inform his friend of his discovery. NOTES: Clark Kent did not find out that Pete learned his secret identity until they were adults, as shown in DC Comics Presents #13 (Sept. 1979). The Pete Ross of the mainstream post-Crisis universe is not aware of Superman's true identity. Superboy v.1 #90 (July 1961)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Dev-Em goes on a rampage in Smallville disguised as Superboy. He later takes his parents (still in suspended animation) and travels to the future. NOTES: In post-Crisis continuity these events apparently took place only as a delusional fantasy of David Emery. In the Glorith timeline Dev-Em, a Daxamite, did not appear on Earth until years later. Adventure #287-288 (Sept.-Oct. 1961)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: On Colu, Vril Dox (Brainiac II) invents a device to give himself a 12th-level "computer brain" and leads the people of Colu to overthrow the computer tyrants. The most gifted of his descendants, all of whom inherit his 12th-level intelligence, will also be called Brainiac. NOTES: The revolution was first mentioned in Superman v.1 #167. Brainiac II's role was first revealed in the text piece in Adventure Comics #365. See the Post-Crisis Era section below for the history of the post-Crisis/Glorith-timeline Brainiac. (Superman v.1 #167, Feb. 1964) , (Adventure #365, Feb. 1968)
9th app. PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: A 30th century criminal posing as Sun Boy fools Superboy into reassembling a Cyclops robot buried in Smallville by the Legion. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Adventure #290 (Nov. 1961)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Chameleon Boy visits Superboy to write an article for the Legion newspaper. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #93 (Dec. 1961)
10th app. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: When the Brain Globes of Rambat mentally enslave Superboy and the Legion and threaten to take over the Earth, Krypto, Streaky the Super-Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, and Beppo the Super-Monkey join forces as the Legion of Super-Pets to save the day. NOTES: The existence of the Super-Pets is unlikely in other timelines. Both Streaky and Comet are from Supergirl's era, not Superboy's. Streaky's first appearance was in Action # #261 (Feb. 1960). This was the first appearance of Comet the Super-Horse. His first appearance in the Supergirl strip was Action #292 (Sept. 1962). An editorial note in this story describes this as "a preview glimpse of a super-pet Supergirl will own some day in the future!" Adventure #293 (Feb. 1962)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: As his test for Legion membership, Ultra Boy and his friend Marla Latham visit the 20th century, where Ultra Boy, using the name "Gary Crane," attempts to uncover Superboy's secret identity. Later, Ultra Boy and Marla make Pete Ross an honorary Legionnaire as a reward for being Superboy's loyal friend. GLORITH REALITY: Ultra Boy arrives later in the 20th century and meets Valor. Scroll down to the Post-Crisis Era section for further details. NOTES: This story contains the first telling of Ultra Boy's origin and the first mention of his home planet, Rimbor. His Glorith-reality origin was recounted in Legion v.4 Annual #1 (1990). Superboy v.1 #98 (July 1962)
PRE-CRISIS: Superboy encounters Gold Kryptonite, an isotope of Kryptonite with the power to strip a Kryptonian of his or her super-powers forever. Post-Crisis and Glorith reality: Gold Kryptonite exists only in the Pocket Universe and affects only the Kryptonian survivors of that universe. NOTES: Action #591 (Aug. 1987) established that the post-Crisis Superman was immune to all of the varieties of Kryptonite of the Pocket Universe. Adventure #299 (Aug. 1962)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: While Superboy is visiting the Legion, Pete Ross has problems with a malfunctioning Superboy robot, leading Ultra Boy to travel back in time to help him. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #100 (Oct. 1962)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Brainiac 5 helps Superboy capture Blackie Burke. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Adventure #309 (June 1963)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Colossal Boy helps Superboy protect his secret identity. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Adventure #315 (Dec. 1963)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Pete Ross visits the Legion in the 30th century and participates in a contest to determine the new Legion leader. GLORITH REALITY: The Legion has not yet met Superboy or Pete Ross. Adventure #323 (Aug. 1964)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy accidentally travels to a parallel Earth and meets evil counterparts of the Legion. He summons that world's Superboy to turns them over to him. NOTES: The Official Legion of Super Heroes Index #4 speculates that these evil Legionnaires are from Earth-3. This could possibly mean that the good Superboy of Earth-3 grows up to be the evil Ultraman. Superboy v.1 #117 (Dec. 1964)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lana Lang becomes Insect Queen. Superboy v.1 #124 (Oct. 1965)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Kid Psycho asks Superboy's help in joining the Legion. He eventually becomes a reserve member. GLORITH REALITY: No Superboy at this time. Kid Psycho probably never visits the 20th century. Superboy v.1 #125 (Dec. 1965)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lana Lang again visits the 30th century, where, as Insect Queen, she becomes an reserve Legionnaire. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Adventure #355 (Apr. 1967)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Polar Boy and his parents help Superboy battle a race of flame creatures. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #148 (June 1968)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Duo Damsel, Mon-El, Shadow Lass, and Superboy take refuge from Mordru in Superboy's era, where the 30th century Legionnaires poses as distant relatives of various Smallville residents. GLORITH REALITY: The Legionnaires do not visit Smallville at this time. Adventure #369 (June 1968)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The Legionnaires deliberately remove their own memories of their true identities in a futile attempt to escape Mordru. Despite their efforts, Mordru captures them, along with Pete Ross and Lana Lang, and puts them on trial. The Legionnaires ultimately escape with the help of Dream Girl and the White Witch. GLORITH REALITY:The Legionnaires do not visit Smallville at this time. Adventure #370 (July 1968)
  PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Superboy battles Mordru in the 20th century and imprisons him by burying him. He tosses Mordru's magical Blood Crystals into deep space, where they are later discovered by the Legion. Chameleon Boy, afflicted by the Crystals with an irrational hatred of Superboy, travels back in time to attempt to destroy the Boy of Steel. GLORITH REALITY: The Legion is unaware of Superboy's existence at this time and Chameleon Boy does not travel back in time. Superboy v.1 #188 (July 1972)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The Fatal Five attempts to eliminate the Legion from history by killing Superboy in the 20th century. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #198 (Oct. 1973)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Lana Lang travels to the 30th century for an adventure as Insect Queen. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #205 (Nov./Dec. 1974)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Superboy encounters the Legion's clone duplicates of the deceased Invisible Kid and Ferro Lad. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Superboy v.1 #206 (Jan./Feb. 1975)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy brings the Crystal of Catastrophe back from the 30th century, where it temporarily endows young Barbara Gordon with super-powers, transforming her into Mighty Girl. NOTES: Barbara Gordon — Batgirl — first appeared in Detective Comics #359 (Jan. 1967); this is her earliest chronological appearance. The origin of Batgirl in Secret Origins #20 (Nov. 1987) establishes that Barbara's adventures as Mighty Girl were only imaginary in post-Crisis continuity. Adventure #453 (Sept./Oct. 1977)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Superboy returns to his own era under a hypnotic compulsion from Saturn Girl not to return to the 30th century. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Legion v.2 #259 (Jan. 1980)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Superboy celebrates his 16th birthday. New Adventures of Superboy #1 (Jan. 1980)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Ultra Boy is thrown back to the 20th century and trapped in the Bgztl Buffer Region. His mind is transferred into Superboy's body. Afflicted with amnesia, he adopts a new costumed identity as Reflecto and returns to the 30th century, where he re-applies for Legion membership. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: These events follow Ultra Boy's apparent death in Legion v.2 #275 (May 1981). (Legion v.2 #282, Dec. 1981)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The Legion travels back to the 20th century to learn why Superboy was costumed as Reflecto. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: This story continues from Legion v.2 #279 (Sept. 1981). Legion v.2 #280 (Oct. 1981)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: The Legionnaires and Superboy battle the Molecule Master and are arrested by the U.S. Army for interfering with an atomic bomb test. Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, and Superboy escape to 20th century Bgztl. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Legion v.2 #281 (Nov. 1981)
PRE- AND POST-CRISIS: Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, and Superboy find Ultra Boy in the Bgztl Buffer Region and learn how he (in Superboy's body) became Reflecto. Superboy decides to resume active membership in the Legion. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. Legion v.2 #282 (Dec. 1981)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superboy and Krypto help the Legion apprehend thief Nylor Truggs, who has stolen the H-Dial and allied himself with Lex Luthor. NOTES: This story implies that Brainiac 5 and Element Lad don't recognize Luthor, despite having met him several times before in pre-Crisis continuity. The H-Dial (of the strip "Dial 'H' for Hero") first appeared in House of Mystery #158 (Jan. 1966). New Adventures of Superboy #50 (Feb. 1984)
  POST-CRISIS: The Legion encounters severe time storms while traveling to Superboy's time. On their way back to the 30th century they briefly appear in the real universe in the year 2050. GLORITH REALITY: No similar events. NOTES: The Legionnaires' brief appearance in the 21st century is seen concurrently in Hex #10 (June 1986). Legion v.3 #23 (June 1986)
  POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: Superboy finds Smallville threatened by waves of anti-matter. The Time Trapper offers to save Smallville for a price: Superboy must help him eliminate the Legion. NOTES: These events were shown in flashback in Legion v.3 #38. (Legion v.3 #38) (Sept. 1987)
  POST-CRISIS: A group of Legionnaires is shunted back to Superboy's time by the Time Trapper. While Brainiac 5, Blok, Invisible Kid, and Sun Boy attempt to return to the 30th century, the others are attacked by Superboy. GLORITH REALITY: Superboy leads the Legionnaires back to his own era, where he unexpectedly turns on them. Legion v.3 #37 (Aug. 1987)
  POST-CRISIS: Blok, Brainiac 5, Invisible Kid, Sun Boy, and the real Superman appear in Smallville, where Superman clashes with Superboy and Krypto. Krypto loses his powers trying to expose Superman to Gold Kryptonite, which has no effect. Superboy confesses that he is being blackmailed by the Time Trapper. NOTES: This story first revealed how the Trapper created the Pocket Universe. Action #591 (Aug. 1987)
POST-CRISIS: Superboy defies the Time Trapper and sacrifices himself to save the Pocket Universe. He carries the Legionnaires back to the 30th century and dies in Mon-El's arms. The residents of the Pocket Universe are unaware of his fate. GLORITH REALITY: This is the Legion's first encounter with the Time Trapper. They believe him to be Glorith in disguise. Notes: Saturn Girl describes the Glorith-reality version of these events in Adventures of Superman #476 (May 1991). Legion v.3 #38 (Sept. 1987)
PRE-CRISIS: At age 18, Clark Kent graduates from Smallville High. Shortly thereafter, Jonathan and Martha Kent die of Fever Plague and he enters Metropolis University. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: The Pocket Universe's Jonathan and Martha Kent die after Superboy's disappearance from Smallville. The Jonathan and Martha Kent of the mainstream post-Crisis universe are still alive and well. NOTES: The deaths of the Kents were first mentioned in Superman v.1 #1. The circumstances were told in Superman v.1 #161. (Superman v.1 #161, May 1963)
POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: In the Pocket Universe, Lex Luthor arrives in Smallville and is tricked into releasing the Kryptonian criminals General Zod, Quex-Ul, and Zaora from the Phantom Zone. They begin a destructive rampage. The Pocket Universe's Lana Lang is among those killed. NOTES: This is the first appearance of the Pocket Universe Phantom Zone criminals, who are similar to but not the same as their pre-Crisis counterparts. The pre-Crisis General Zod first appeared in Adventure Comics #283 (Apr. 1961), Quex-Ul in Superman v.1 #157 (Nov. 1962), and Faora Hu-Ul, on whom Zaora is modeled, in Action #471 (May 1977). (Adventures of Superman #444, Sept. 1988)
Superman's Era
PRE-CRISIS: In the wake of his parents' deaths, Clark Kent leaves Smallville for Metropolis, where he attends Metropolis University. Once he enters college, he no longer has regular contact with the Legion. Later in his college career, he continues his solo heroic career as Superman. POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: After some months traveling the world, the mainstream post-Crisis universe's Clark Kent attends4 Metropolis University. The Pocket Universe Superboy does not live to attend college or become Superman. NOTES: Clark Kent's pre-Crisis college career was first mentioned in Superman v.1 #129 and described in greater detail in Superman: The Secret Years #1-#4 (2-5.85) and various back-up strips under the banner "The In-Between Years." His final case as a Legionnaire was never shown. All encounters between the Legion and the adult, pre-Crisis Superman are apocryphal post-Crisis. The post-Crisis Clark Kent's world travels and college career were shown in World of Metropolis #2 (Sept. 1988) and Superman: The Odyssey (1999). (Superman v.1 #129, May 1959)
POST-CRISIS AND GLORITH REALITIES: Clark Kent makes his first public super-powered outing in Metropolis, saving the crippled space plane Constitution. He meets Lois Lane, who dubs him "Superman." He briefly returns to Smallville, where his adoptive parents reveal his extraterrestrial origins and he is accidentally exposed for the first time to Kryptonite (although he is unaware of it). Fashioning a costume for himself, he returns to Metropolis to begin his superhero career as Superman. His presence brings about the rise of a new heroic age. Man of Steel #1 (June 1986)
Clark Kent is hired by Perry White as a reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet. NOTES: In his first comic book appearance in Action #1 (June 1938), Clark Kent was hired by editor George Taylor of the Metropolis Daily Star, a story now attributed to the Earth-2 ("Golden Age") Superman. The definitive pre-Crisis account of Clark Kent's hiring appeared in Superman v.1 #133 (Nov. 1959). The post-Crisis version was told in Man of Steel #2 (July 1986). (Superman v.1 #133, Nov. 1959), Man of Steel #2 (July 1986)
Superman meets Daily Planet cub reporter Jimmy Olsen, who becomes known as Superman's Pal. Superman provides him with a signal watch to alert Superman in the event of trouble. NOTES: Jimmy was first introduced in the April 15, 1940 episode of the Adventures of Superman radio series. An unnamed office boy of similar appearance debuted in Action #6 (Nov. 1938), sometimes considered to be Jimmy's first appearance; he was first named in Superman v.1 #13 (Nov. 1941). The definitive pre-Crisis account of Superman's first meeting with Jimmy Olsen, was told in Jimmy Olsen #36 (Apr. 1959). The post-Crisis version of that story and Jimmy's first chronological appearance in post-Crisis continuity was in World of Metropolis #4 (July 1988). The post-Crisis Jimmy Olsen has only met the reboot Legion, not the original, pre-Zero Hour incarnation of the group. All Silver Age meetings between the Legion and Jimmy Olsen are apocryphal in current continuity. In pre-Crisis continuity, although Superman encountered Jimmy Olsen as Superboy, thanks to a post-hypnotic suggestion, he did not remember their earlier meetings when they later met in Metropolis. (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #36, Apr. 1959), (World of Metropolis #4, (July 1988)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman encounters Brainiac (and his pet Koko) and recovers the Bottle City of Kandor. NOTES: Koko is a white extraterrestrial creature resembling a small monkey except for the twin antennae on its forehead. In the reboot timeline, Koko is Brainiac 5's pet. Action #242 (July 1958)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen becomes Elastic Lad. NOTES: In post-Crisis continuity Jimmy Olsen was briefly given stretching powers by the Eradicator in Adventures of Superman #458 (Sept. 1989), but he never called himself Elastic Lad. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #31 (Sept. 1958)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Argo City is wiped out by Kryptonite poisoning. Zor-El and Alura send their daughter Kara to Earth, where she becomes Supergirl. Superman places her in the Midvale Orphanage under the name Linda Lee and keeps her existence a secret. NOTES: This was the first appearance of Kara Zor-El, but she was preceded by another "Super-Girl," a magical construct created by Jimmy Olsen in Superman #123 (Aug. 1958). Action #252 (May 1959)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Accidentally freed from his imprisonment in the constellation Sagittarius by Kara Zor-El's rocket ship, the super-horse Biron sets out for Earth. NOTE: The post-Crisis Biron is a totally different character. (Action #293, Oct. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS: Using a duplicator ray similar to that which once created the Bizarro-Superboy, Lex Luthor creates an imperfect duplicate of Superman: Bizarro. Bizarro later leaves the Earth with the newly created Bizarro Lois Lane. POST-CRISIS: A flawed duplicate of Superman is created by LexCorp. NOTES: The Bizarro-Superboy first appeared in Superboy #68 (Nov. 1958). The post-Crisis Bizarro was first seen in Man of Steel #5 (Oct. 1986). Action #254-255 (July-Aug. 1959)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Supergirl's cat Streaky becomes Streaky the Super-Cat through exposure to a newly created Kryptonite isotope called X-Kryptonite. NOTES: No Streaky in the post-Crisis universe. Action #261 (Feb. 1960)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Bizarro and Bizarro-Lois create hundreds of duplicates of themselves. The Bizarros transform a distant planet into a cube that they dub Htrae, the Bizarro World. Action #263 (Apr. 1960)
3rd app. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The three founding Legionnaires visit Supergirl in Midvale and invite her to try out for the Legion. She is disqualified after Red Kryptonite temporarily transforms her into an adult. First appearances of Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid. NOTES: The Legionnaires tell Supergirl that they are the children of the Legionnaires Superboy knew. This revelation was later ignored, and was edited out of some reprints of this story. Action #267 (Aug. 1960)
6th app. PRE-CRISIS ONLY: A year after her first encounter with the Legionnaires, Supergirl is given a second chance to apply for membership. She is admitted after recovering the King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur, and meets Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, and Triplicate Girl. Brainiac 5 gives her a duplicate of his force-field belt, but it breaks down shortly after her return to the 20th century. NOTES: See the 30th century below for the similar debut of Laurel Gand in the Glorith timeline, which was told in Legion v.4 #9 (July 1990). Action #276 (May 1961)
8th app. The Adult Legion: Legion of Super-Villains (Cosmic King, Saturn Queen, and Lightning Lord) to help him battle Superman. Superman is aided by the adult Legion of Super-Heroes and eventually by Saturn Queen, who turns against the other villains and vows to reform. NOTES: The Super-Villains tells Luthor they are from the 21st century, rather than the 30th century. As established in Legion v.2 #300 (June 1983), the Adult Legion (and adult LSV) that appeared in various stories were from an alternate future timeline and were not canonical as far as the Legion was concerned, even though some of the events predicted in the Adult Legion stories did come true. Evidence suggests, however, that the Adult Legion stories involving Superman and other 20th century characters (except for those specifically described as Imaginary Stories) were part of pre-Crisis Superman continuity, even if they were not the "real" future of the Legion. All Adult Legion stories are apocryphal in post-Crisis continuity. This story gives the first account of Lightning Lad's origin and the first appearance of the planet Korbal, where the Ranzz family got their powers. It also reveals that Lightning Lord is Lightning Lad's older brother, a fact later reflected in canonical Legion stories. Superman v.1 #147 (Aug. 1961)
  Imaginary Story: After Lex Luthor succeeds in killing Superman, the three founding Legionnaires attend his funeral. NOTES: This Imaginary Story is not technically part of pre-Crisis continuity. Superman v.1 #149 (Nov. 1961)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman clashes with Jan-Dex and Zo-Gar, a pair of "chameleon men" from the 30th century who are members of the Legion of Super-Outlaws. NOTES: Although not specifically identified as such, Jan-Dex and Zo-Gar are clearly Durlans. Action #283 (Dec. 1961)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman announces Supergirl's existence to the world and reveals her secret identity to her adoptive parents, Fred and Edna Danvers. The Legion helps Supergirl on her first "public" mission. Action #285 (Feb. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The Superman Revenge Squad exposes Superman to Red Kryptonite, causing him to experience a terrifying nightmare in which he is put on trial by his enemies, including the adult Legion of Super-Villains. NOTES: The Superman Revenge Squad's first chronological appearance, as the Superboy Revenge Squad, was in Superboy #94 (Jan. 1962). Action #286 (Mar. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The Legionnaires stage a good-natured prank on Superman and Supergirl to celebrate the anniversary of Supergirl's arrival on Earth. Superman v.1 #152 (Apr. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Supergirl travels to the future to visit the Legion, where she battles the Positive Man and the Chameleon Men and meets Streaky's descendant, Whizzy. NOTES: The Legion is shown to be in the 21st century rather than the 30th century. Action #287 (Apr. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: After being accidentally trapped in the Phantom Zone, Lois Lane meets Mon-El. Lois Lane #33 (May 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Mon-El briefly leaves the Phantom Zone to come to the aid of Supergirl. Action #288 (May 1962)
  Adult Legion: Supergirl and Superman travel to 10 years in the Legion's future. Supergirl tries to fix Superman up with Saturn Woman (the adult Saturn Girl), only to find that she is already married to Lightning Man (the adult Lightning Lad). NOTES: This was the second appearance of the Adult Legion and the first hint that Garth and Imra would eventually marry. Action #289 (June 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen is briefly trapped in the Phantom Zone, where he meets Mon-El. Jimmy Olsen #62 (July 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Phantom Girl visits Supergirl in the 20th century to give her a statue Phantom Girl has created. Action #290 (July 1962)
  Adult Legion: Cosmic Man and Lightning Man pose as Hercules and Samson to help Superman fool a criminal. NOTES: This was the third appearance of the Adult Legion. Superman v.1 #155 (Aug. 1962)
  Adult Legion: Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl battle members of the adult Legion of Super-Villains, including Lightning Lord, Cosmic King, Chameleon Chief, and Sun Emperor. NOTES: Teenage versions of Chameleon Chief and Sun Emperor later appeared in Superboy #208 (Apr. 1975). Jimmy Olsen #63 (Sept. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: When Superman believes that he is dying of Virus X, the Legion travels back in time to help him complete his final tasks, while Brainiac 5 works feverishly to find a cure for the virus. Superman v.1 #156 (Sept. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Supergirl meets Biron, still locked in the form of a horse. She names him Comet the Super-Horse. Note: Comet's first appearance was in Adventure Comics #293 (Feb. 1962), which was described as a preview of the character. Action #292-293 (Sept.-Oct. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Mon-El is present as Superman releases Quex-Ul from the Phantom Zone. Later, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad appear in a parade in Superman's honor. NOTES: In this pre-Crisis story, Quex-Ul was not actually a criminal. He was hypnotized into believing himself guilty and made to take the punishment for the real criminal, a Rondor poacher named Rog-Ar. After Superman proved his innocence, Quex-Ul lost his powers and his memories through exposure to Gold Kryptonite and took a job at the Daily Planet as "Charlie Kweeskill." As established in Adventures of Superman #444 (Sept. 1988), his Pocket Universe counterpart was genuinely malevolent; it's possible that writer John Byrne inadvertently conflated Quex-Ul with Jax-Ur, another, better-known Phantom Zone prisoner. Superman v.1 #157 (Nov. 1962)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: A time barrier erected by three escaped criminals from the Phantom Zone prevents the Legion from coming to Supergirl's assistance against the villains. Action #298 (Mar. 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: At the request of Superman, Comet the Super-Horse visits Zerox, the Sorcerer's World and meets Prince Endor, who casts a spell that enables Comet to become human as long as he is in sight of a passing comet. Comet adopts the human identity of cowboy "Bronco Bill." Supergirl is unaware that Comet is able to become human. NOTES: This story shows Zerox to be a normal planet orbiting a red sun. In post-Crisis continuity, as revealed in Amethyst v.3 #4 (Feb. 1988), Zerox was originally the Gemworld, located in another dimension, and moved to the Earth dimension at some unspecified time between the 20th and 30th centuries. Action #301 (June 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The Legion helps Jimmy Olsen celebrate the anniversary of Superman's arrival on Earth. Jimmy Olsen #70 (July 1963)
  Imaginary Story: Superman accidentally splits himself into Superman-Red and Superman-Blue, who join forces to make Earth a utopia and recreate Krypton. The Legion helps Supergirl travel to New Krypton. NOTES: This Imaginary Story is not technically part of pre-Crisis continuity. Superman v.1 #162 (July 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen becomes an honorary Legionnaire. Jimmy Olsen #72 (Oct. 1963)
  Adult Legion: Saturn Woman and Proty II help Superman defeat the Superman Revenge Squad. Superman v.1 #165 (Nov. 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Saturn Girl visits the 20th century to help Supergirl defeat the Phantom Zone villain Tor-An. Action #307 (Dec. 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: When Jimmy Olsen is set to marry a woman from another dimension named Rona, Ultra Boy visits the 20th century to bring him a wedding gift from the Legion. Jimmy's marriage is called off after Rona is revealed to be a notorious murderess. Jimmy Olsen #73 (Dec. 1963)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Lois Lane writes a story involving the Legion. NOTES: Because it is fictional, the events of Lois's story are not technically part of pre-Crisis continuity. In post-Crisis continuity Lois Lane has only met the post-Zero Hour reboot Legion. All pre-Zero Hour encounters between the Legion and Lois Lane are apocryphal in post-Crisis continuity. Lois Lane #47 (Feb. 1964)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The Legion and the Legion of Super-Pets appear on a television program honoring Superman. Action #309 (Feb. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Lex Luthor uses a "time-space thought-scanner" to discover the origins of Brainiac on the distant planet Colu. He learns that Brainiac is an android, not a living being. NOTES: For the post-Crisis and Glorith-reality version of Brainiac, see the Post-Crisis Era section below. Superman v.1 #167 (Feb. 1964)
The Adult Legion Superman visits the Legion in their future. The adult Legion is attacked by Douglas Nolan (twin brother of Ferro Lad), under the mental domination of the Legion of Super-Villains. Note: As revealed in Legion v.2 #300 (June 1983), the Adult Legion stories are not part of Legion continuity, although many of their predictions did come true. This issue shows Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Man) married to Lydda Jath (Night Girl), Jo Nah (Ultra Man) married to Tinya Wazzo (Phantom Woman) — with twins — Ayla Ranzz (Light Lass) married to Brin Londo (Lone Wolf), and Tenzil Kem as President of Bismoll. It also shows statues of several dead Legionnaires: Chemical King, Power Boy, Quantum Queen, Reflecto, and Shadow Woman. Chemical King, Reflecto, and Shadow Lass eventually joined the Legion. Quantum Queen appeared as a member of the Wanderers and Power Boy was a student at the Legion Academy. NOTE: Read the chronology of the Adult Legion. Adventure #354 (Mar. 1967)
  Adult Legion: The Adult Legion and Superman fight the Legion of Super-Villains, which now includes Echo and Beauty Blaze. The Legionnaires are rescued by benevolent 30th century descendants of Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk, who join the Legion. Adventure #355 (Apr. 1967)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen visits the 30th century, where he aids the Legion as Elastic Lad and tries to romance several female Legionnaires. Jimmy Olsen #76 (Apr. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Janitor Joseph Meach gains the powers of all the Legionnaires after being struck by a bolt of lightning that glances off of Superman's Legion statuettes. He battles Superman and Batman as the Composite Superman. World's Finest #142 (June 1964)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen briefly goes into action against Titano the Super-Ape wearing a duplicate of Colossal Boy's costume and using a serum that enables him to temporarily mimic Colossal Boy's growth powers. NOTES: Titano first appeared in Superman v.1 #127 (Feb. 1959). Jimmy Olsen #77 (June 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, and Triplicate Girl visit Lois Lane in the 20th century to research their Superman Encyclopedia. Lois Lane #50 (July 1964)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen visits the 30th century to participate in a contest to determine the new Legion leader. Adventure #323 (Aug. 1964)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen is kidnapped by a 30th-century crook named Kasmir, who forces Jimmy to show him how to operate his stolen time bubble. They travel back in time to the year 1000 B.C. Jimmy Olsen #79 (Sept. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, and Saturn Girl imbue Superman with their powers and with a dose of Jimmy Olsen's Elastic Lad serum after Superman has temporarily lost his own powers. Superman v.1 #172 (Oct. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: As Linda Lee Danvers, Supergirl graduates from Midvale High School and enrolls in Stanhope College. She continues her activities with the Legion. Action #318 (Nov. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Shrinking Violet visits Supergirl at Stanhope College. Action #319 (Dec. 1964)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Several female Legionnaires visit the 20th century to appear in a parade. Lois Lane #56 (May 1965)
  PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen visits the 30th century to participate in a ceremony honoring the Legion. Jimmy Olsen #85 (June 1965)
  Adult Legion: Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and the Adult Legion of Super-Villains try to brainwash Jimmy Olsen into killing Superman. Jimmy Olsen #87 (Sept. 1965)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen writes an article about his recent trip to the 30th century and tries a serum intended to give him powers like Star Boy's. Jimmy Olsen #88 (Oct. 1965)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: The Legion sends Jimmy Olsen duplicates of the costumes of several Legionnaires that temporarily grant him that Legionnaire's powers. Jimmy Olsen #99 (Jan. 1967)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen visits the 30th century to announce his (ultimately abortive) engagement to Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's younger sister. The Legionnaires discuss their recent battle with the Sun-Eater. Jimmy and Lucy's marriage is annulled when they realize they will be terrorized by Jimmy's vengeful old flames. NOTES: The battle with the Sun-Eater took place in Adventure Comics #353 (Mar. 1967). Lucy Lane first appeared in Jimmy Olsen #36 (Apr. 1959). Jimmy Olsen #100 (Mar. 1967)
  Adult Legion: The adult Brainiac 5 helps Superman and Batman defeat Xan, an alien who has taken Joseph Meach's place as the second Composite Superman. NOTES: Although the adult Legionnaires are from an alternate timeline and not the "true" future of the Legion, this story is part of pre-Crisis Superman and Batman continuity. World's Finest #168 (Aug. 1967)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Jimmy Olsen visits the Legion and tries his hand at being a 30th-century reporter. Jimmy Olsen #106 (Oct. 1967)
  Imaginary Story: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are raised as brothers. Batman eventually moves to the 30th century and joins the Adult Legion. NOTES: This Imaginary Story is not technically part of pre-Crisis continuity. World's Finest #172 (Dec. 1967)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Dying of Virus X, Superman recalls his life, including his membership in the Legion. Action #365 (July 1968)
  Adult Legion: Superman, Supergirl, and the adult Brainiac 5 trick Lex Luthor into freeing Superman escape from a trap set for him by Mordru. Brainiac 5 mentions that the White Witch is a member of the Adult Legion. Superman v.1 #213 (Jan. 1969)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman is trapped in the year 101,970 by the Time Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time. Action #385 (Feb. 1970)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman, now aging rapidly, is sent into the distant future by the Time Trapper, seeking revenge for his earlier battles with Superboy. Action #386 (Mar. 1970)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Still trapped in the future by the Time Trapper, Superman reaches the end of the universe and finds himself back in his own time, having discovered that time is a circular loop. Action #387 (Apr. 1970)
Darkseid, the master of Apokolips, begins his search for the Anti-Life Equation in the minds of the people of Earth. Jimmy Olsen #134 (Dec. 1970)
PRE-CRISIS ONLY: Superman helps Xenofobe, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in the 30th century, to restore history to its proper course after the Time Trapper wipes out all future timelines except that of Earth After Disaster (Kamandi's timeline). NOTES: Xenofobe was presumably an interim Green Lantern of Sector 2814, succeeding Vidar (Universo) before Rond Vidar assumed the role. The timeline involving the Great Disaster first appeared in Kamandi: Last Boy on Earth #1 (Nov. 1972). Its first chronological appearance was in OMAC #1 (Sept. 1974). Superman v.1 #295 (Jan. 1976)