Years after the Original Legion was abandoned and rebooted (twice), the Original Legion was brought back into the continuity of the DC multiverse.

The Legion Retroboot began in 2007, in a crossover called "The Lightning Saga," and continued through Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, and then into a new ongoing series, Legion of Super-Heroes volume 7.

When the Original Legion was revived, its engineer was writer Geoff Johns, who asserted that this Legion's history was essentially the same as it had been originally published:

  • "Adventure Comics #300 ... happened."
  • "...any Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes story ... happened."
  • "Really, we're sticking with everything that happened up through Crisis on Infinite Earths."

Because of this, we do not repeat events from Original Legion continuity in this chronology. Instead, it focuses on events that occurred after the Legion's reintroduction.

When it was revived, they were intended to be the canonical future of Earth-0. However in 2011 the DC multiverse was upended. Although the Legion's future remained relatively intact, the 20th century did not.

In 2019, after DC's "Rebirth" initiative attempted to restore some of the damage done by "The New 52," even this Legion Retroboot was tossed aside in favor of another new one (the fourth).

IGN: Johns Interview

Read comments in a 2007 interview, and more in a Newsarama interview.


Issue #

Millennia ago: On Ekron, a great god—of the same name—who weilded near limitless power is brought down by the Guardians of the Universe, and its power dispersed. Ekron's priests preserve its power in a pair of Emerald Eyes. Later, Ekron's head/skull is used as a powerful space ship for a Green Lantern. NOTE: Exact era is not specified. The head of Ekron was first seen in 52 #28 (2006). The DC Encyclopedia (2008) wrote that Ekron was created by the Guardians with two Oan-powered eyes. But if they were instrumental in taking down Ekron, how could they Eyes remain Oan-powered? The Emerald Eye's first historical appearance is Adventure #352 (1967). The existence of a pair was revealed in 52 #??.

(Legion Annual v.6 #1, 2011)

"Ancient times": A desert plague overtakes the planet Daxam. Its healing arts fall into the dark ages and the elders blame technology for failing them. When they are invaded by aliens, a scientist creates a powerful planetoid that becomes a huge golem and it topples the invaders.

Superman #675 (June 2008)

250–900 CE: Young Zax Vane leads a peaceful space program to Dryad, [cat-world], Xudar, Kalanor, Rann, Dhor, Korugar and Krypton itself. In this time, they discover their powers under a yellow sun. Unlike Kryptonians, Daxamites could sometimes breed with other races. This was proven by explorer Bal Gand, who visited Earth and conceived a child with an Mayan native, Juyu. Upon her return to Daxam, she kept her ship ready for return voyage, in case her family would not accept her child. The progeny of this clan were especially prone to look to the stars. For others, xenophobia grew, due in part to the Kryptonian Eradicator—which corrupted Kryptonian immunity to alien worlds and altered thought patterns. A four-day Science War eventually broke over the issue and cost a quarter of the population. Over millennia, this fostered a "pure-blood" Sorrow Cult, who feared all things alien. Over hundreds of years, their leader altered written history to omit the Science War and Krypton.

Superman Annual #14 (2009)

700 years ago: Alien Athranian gene farmers abduct the Anasazi tribe and install them on a new planet. The Athranians are overthrown by the Spider Guild and this colony is forgotten. Genetic experiments endow them with wings. NOTE: This contradicts pre-Crisis lore from Legion v.2 #305, which stated that Starhaven was founded in the 23rd century.

(REBELS v.2 #2, May 2009)

Centuries ago: Brainiac of Colu sets out to collect all available knowledge in the universe. He uses miniaturization technology to spirit away whole cities, and destroys what remains of their worlds. Among these planets are Braal, Winath and Tharr.

Action Comics #872 (Feb. 2009)

20th Century Krypton

1938: During Krytpon's age of conquest, commander Dru-Zod's interstellar warship crashes on Earth at Texas and burrows into the planet. NOTES: This was said to have been "68 years ago," putting it in the year of Superman's published debut. "Dru-Zod" was General Zod's original pre-Crisis name.

(Superman #650, Feb. 2006; Action Comics #838, June 2006)

Jax-Ur destroys Kandor's lunar colony. This lures Brainiac to Krypton. Jax-Ur becomes the first prisoner of the Phantom Zone. He's later joined by Quex-Ul, a surgeon who went mad with torture; Tor-An, a serial rapist and killer; and Nadeira Va-Dim and Az-Rel, homicidal lovers. NOTES: Jax-Ur's 1st historical app. was Adventure #289 (1961); Quex-Ul's, Superman #157 (1962).

(Action Comics #846, Feb. 2007), (Action Comics #867, Sept. 2008)

35 years ago: The destruction of Kandor's lunar colony draws the attention of the Coluan, Brainiac. He attacks the Kryptonian city of Kandor. He seals it off, shrinks it and stores it in his ship. For his prowess against Brainiac's droids, General Zod becomes a hero.

(Action Comics #866, Aug. 2008), (Superman: New Krypton Special #1, Dec. 2008)

Lar Gand is born on Daxam to Kel and Marisa Gand. NOTE: The year of Lar Gand's birth in any timeline has never been established, although the 2995 Sourcebook gave his birthday as March 27.


When Dev-Em (1st Retroboot app.) is banished to the Phantom Zone, a riot breaks out in Fort Rozz prison and a Zone projector explodes, sending the prison into the Zone as well. Unlike the rest of the Zone, the prison is solid and time passes normally therein. NOTE: Dev-Em's 1st historical app. was Adventure #287 (1961), as a teenage delinquent whose ship escaped Krypton's destruction. He eventually became a pre-Crisis Legion ally.

(Action Comics #851, Aug. 2007)

Jor-El and his mentor, Non, gather evidence of Krypton's declining geological health. Their lab is raided by General Zod and Ursa of the Kryptonian Defense and they are charged with heresy. The are set free, but Non continues to preach destruction and Zod and Ursa join his cause. The Council then kidnapps Non and transforms him into a mindless beast while Zod pleads with Jor-El to join them. Jor-El, however, will not choose violence and the rebels are ultimately captured again. Jor-El intercedes on their behalf; they are not executed, but banished to the Phantom Zone. Zod blames Jor-El for denying them chance save Krypton and swears vengeance on Jor-El and his son. NOTE: The first Retroboot apps. of Zod, Non and Ursa was Action #845 (2007).

(Action Comics Annual #10, 2007)

As the planet Krypton explodes Jor-El and his wife Lara prepare their infant son, Kal-El, for an interstellar voyage. Kal-El's ship is launched into space moments before the planet's destruction, bound for Earth. NOTES: Post-Infinite Crisis Superman continuity is governed by Superman: Birthright maxi-series. This series took cues from both the "Smallville" television series, the Superman movie series, and the "Legion of Super-Heroes" cartoon series, all of which show a young Clark Kent gradually coming into his powers, but never taking the name "Superboy." Part of this trend was due to legal claims brought against DC Comics by the heirs of Superboy's creator, Jerry Siegel.

(Action Comics #1, June 1938); (Superman: Birthright #1, Sept. 2003)

Jor-El's brother, Zor-El, protects Krypton's Argo City using Brainiac's force field technology. The city escapes into space. When Brainiac reawakens, Zor-El and his wife Allura send their daughter, Kara, in a spaceship to Earth after her cousin Kal-El. Kara's rocket is encased in kryptonite and over 30 years, it builds in her bloodstream. When she arrives on Earth, the kryptonite causes memory loss and hallucinations. NOTES: Zor-El's 1st Retroboot app. was Superman/Batman #9; Allura in Supergirl v.5 #16 (June 2007); Kara in Superman/Batman #8; she does not become a member of this Legion. When first told, in Supergirl v.5 #16 (June 2007), Kara had supposedly been sent by her mad father to Earth to kill Kal-El. She believed he was possessed by malevolent phantoms. This was "retconned" away by the tale in #35.

(Supergirl v.5 #35, Jan. 2009)

Brainiac assimilates Argo City into Kandor, then destroys Argo.

(Action Comics #869, Nov. 2008)

Smallville, Kansas

Young Clark Kent finds his new powers increasingly troubling. He confides with Lana Lang about them. First strength and invulnerability, then x-ray and flight. A kiss from Lana ignites his heat vision. John and Martha Kent decide to show him his spaceship. He activates a holographic image of Jor-El and Lara, which he reacts against. He meets young Lex Luthor, who lives with his father and sister, and who has discovered green kryptonite. The Kents fashion a pair of glasses made from his ship that withstand his heat vision. Martha is inspired by Kryptonian fashions to make Clark a uniform using his swaddling cloths, and bearing the El family crest. NOTES: Clark celebrates his birthday on December 1.

(Superman: Secret Origin #1, Nov. 2009)

Left: Superboy's original meeting with the Legion, from Adventure Comics #247 (1958); art by Al Plastino. Right: Retroboot version. From Action Comics #858 (2007); at by Gary Frank and John Sibal.

Clark begins costumed adventuring but remains relatively unseen. Lex Luthor succeeds in killing his father but making it look like an accident. The three founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl) travel back in time to meet their idol, Superman. Instead, they find 14-year-old Clark Kent, who is oblivious to his legend. They reluctantly allow him to return to the future with them. He visits their clubhouse in 30th century Smallville, where he meets their other members, and joins the Legion. When Clark returns to the 20th century, a Kryptonian ship crashes, delivering Krypto. NOTES: The Legionnaires call him "Clark," not "Superboy." This chronology assumes that Silver Age stories were told in the order in which Clark experienced them. This may be different than the order in which the Legionnaires experienced them. The original tale says the Legion lives in the 30th century, although some subsequent stories used the 21st century instead. Most Legion stories are supposed to take place exactly 1,000 years in Superman's future (not Superboy's).

(Superman: Secret Origin #2, Dec. 2009), Adventure #247 (Apr. 1958), (Action Comics #858, Late Dec. 2007)

Clark Kent dons his mother's costume and begins adventuring around Smallville. NOTES: Clark's first public debut has not been told in current continuity.


In his planet's forbidden lore, Lar Gand of Daxam (second from the sun, Valor) finds a record of Kal-El's path to Earth. NOTES: First Retroboot appearance of Mon-El.

Action Comics Annual #10 (2007)

Lar Gand of the clan Gandaja finds references to an abandoned spaceport. He and his friend Van find his ancestor, Bal Gand's, ship near an ancient temple high in the mountains. The ruling elders of the Sorrow Cult discover him there and he escapes in a spacecraft, which is preprogrammed for a return flight to Earth. At this time, Lar's has a younger sister and his parents are ill. Asleep, Lar learns about Krypton.

Superman #674 (May 2008); Superman Annual #14 (2009)

Left: Mon-El's original appearance. From Superboy v.1 #89 (1961); art by George Papp. Right: Retroboot version. From Action Comics Annual #10 (2007); art by Eric Wight.

Lar Gand of Daxam crash lands on Earth and loses his memory. Because of his instruction, he believes he is from Krypton. He meets the young teen Clark Kent, who intercepts Gand's rocket. Gand speaks Kryptonese and addresses him as the "son of Jor-El." Clark takes him in, hoping he might trigger information in his sunstone crystals. Clark begins to wonder if the older boy is his brother, and Lar fashions a name for himself: Mon-El. When Clark decides to test his kryptonite on him, Mon-El shrinks away from it and regains his memory. He is poisoned by the enclosing lead box and asks Clark to project him into the Phantom Zone until a cure can be found. NOTE: Action Annual #10 shows a new diagram of the Fortress of Solitude that includes the Retroboot Legion; it is the first evidence that the original Legion has been restored to Earth-0's continuity.

Superboy v.1 #89 (June 1961), (Action Comics Annual #10, 2007), (Superman Annual #14, 2009)

Dawnstar, Polar Boy and Wildfire travel to Smallville for a sample of young Lex Luthor's DNA. NOTES: This is just before Lex lost his hair, and after some incident involving his sister. In original continuity, Superboy first mets boy genius Lex Luthor in Adventure #271 (1960).

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 (Dec. 2008)

A kryptonite-laced clone of Lex Luthor attacks Legion HQ and steals a Time Bubble. The team follows him back to Superboy's time and destroy the clone with a weapon devised by Brainiac 5. They wipe Superboy's memory of the event.

(Superman / Batman #75, Oct. 2010)

20th Century: Metropolis


Clark finds an unlikely friend in the newcomer Lex Luthor. They share an interest in astronomy. Lex discovers a piece of meteor rock (kryptonite), which causes Clark sudden pain. Later, Lex opens a portal allowing him to veiw events on the planet Krypton — until his device explodes. In the resulting conflagaration, his house burns and he loses his hair. NOTE: Birthright #1 was the Retroboot Luthor's true 1st app.

(Superman: Birthright #8, May 2004)

After high school graduation, Clark Kent, takes a worldwide tour.

(Superman: Birthright #2, Oct. 2003)

Clark returns to Smallville, determined to learn more about his alien heritage. He convinces his mother to unearth his spaceship and he uses an alien tablet to access Kryptonian historical records. He learns of his family's "S" insignia and uses it on a costume designed for his super-powered adventures. Martha Kent encourages him to dress — while in civilian attire — in a professional but nondescript way complete with faux glasses. He develops different body languages for both his "identities."

(Superman: Birthright #3, Nov. 2003)

Clark Kent interviews for a job at the Metropolis newspaper, The Daily Planet. He meets Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. The editor, Perry White is unsure of his ability to pursue a story aggressively enough. When a terrorist robot opens fire on the Daily Planet building, Clark ducks out to don his costume and confront it. While in costume, he interacts with Jimmy and Lois.

(Superman: Birthright #4, Dec. 2003)

The Daily Planet's web site dubs Clark "Superman" and Clark is hired as a reporter. Lex Luthor reveals that he has in storage, a sunstone crystal from Krypton.

(Superman: Birthright #5, Jan. 2004)

Lois and Clark visit Lex Luthor at his corporate headquarters. Lex denies ever having met Clark in Smallville. Luthor asserts that Superman is not from Earth.

(Superman: Birthright #6, Mar. 2004)

When Superman bursts in on Luthor, the villain reveals things about his homeworld, Krypton.

(Superman: Birthright #9, June 2004)

To stir public distaste for Superman, Luthor Metropolis attacks Metropolis with warships bearing Superman's insignia. (#10) Lois Lane exposes Lex's attack as a hoax. Lex tries to use his portals to communicate with Kryptonians of the past for help, and Superman, Lex and Lois witness the planet's destruction on a viewscreen. Jor-El and Lara also appear, seconds after launching their son. (#12) NOTE: Issue #12 asserts that Clark only just learns his name, Kal-El, from Luthor's viewscreens, but in Action Comics Annual #10, Clark is a boy and already knows his name of Kal-El. Since Birthright was not necessarily meant to rewrite Superman's at the time of its publication, I defer to latter-day tales for definitive answers.

(Superman: Birthright #10-12, July-Sept. 2004)

Alexander Luthor (of the former Earth-3) receives visions of a "paradise" and a "hell" which are his only two options to escape the disintegrating antimatter universe. He does not realize that the hell is Apokolips, and his vision is linked to Darkseid's. He decides upon the extra-dimensional "heaven," but is left much weaker he does not have enough power to escape it. As they adjust to life there, Alex regrets not choosing to Apokolips, because they could have returned to Earth. He also resents having grown to adulthood in a matter of days, wishing that Superman had saved the world instead and allowed him a normal life. Ultimately, Alex's bitterness overcomes him and he begins coercing Superboy into pummeling their crystalline barrier. He finds that the unified Earth has not settled into its proper place and each blow alters its history. Alex is convinced he can create the perfect Earth and begins an elaborate plan. NOTES: Superboy Prime's blows ultimately create the Legion of Earth-Prime, and alters Superman's history, too.

Crisis #12 (Mar. 1986), Infinite Crisis Secret Files (Apr. 2006)

The 21st Century

Young Sodam Yat of Daxam, is discouraged by his father from exploring space. One day, Sodam finds a crashed alien craft and nurses its pilot, Tessog, to health. When one day Sodam returns to their cave, he finds it sterilized and he is mindwashed back into fearing aliens. Tessog's body is stuffed and used in a display, "attacking" a Daxamite citizen. NOTE: "Several years" pass before Sodam becomes a Green Lantern.

(Green Lantern Corps #18, Jan. 2008)

Under unexplained circumstances, the Legionnaire Tellus winds up a captive of the Cadmus Project in the 21st century. He is found by the Guardian, but left alone. NOTE: Cadmus was dismantled after Lex Luthor became President — Superman: Lex 2000 (Jan. 2001).

(Adventure Comics Special #1, Jan. 2009)

In the Phantom Zone, General Zod and Ursa bear a child, Lor-Zod. He is born "material" inside the Zone. His parents abuse him and construct a way to send him outside the Zone.

(Action Comics #851, Aug. 2007)

As the JLA attempts to recover all the kryptonite fragments that fell to Earth, Batman discovers a Krytponian ship in Gotham City. It carries Kara Zor-El to Earth. When she awakes, he and Superman learn that she’s Kal’s cousin from Krypton. (#8) She lives at the Fortress but has no clear memories of Krypton. Wonder Woman takes Kara to Themyscira for training. (#9) Kara is kidnapped by Darkseid (#10) but rescued and Superman ultimately gives her a new costume and title: Supergirl II. (#12) She is introduced to the heroing community. (#13) NOTES: The "Matrix" Supergirl (Linda Danvers) remains in continuity, per Reign in Hell #6 (Feb. 2009). Supergirl's historical first appearance was Action #252 (1959).

Superman / Batman #8-13 (May-Oct. 2004)


Alexander Luthor Jr. of Earth-3's extra-dimensional "heaven" begins to warp in response to Lois Lane's deteriorating health. Watching from outside of the timestream, Alex and the Superboy of Earth-Prime are incensed by the way the heroes of Earth have "squandered" their lives while they are forced to live outside reality. With Superman's attentions focused on Lois, they find a way to free themselves from their self-imposed prison and begin a plan to alter reality and create a "better" world.

Infinite Crisis #4 (Mar. 2006)

From outside the universe, Alexander Luthor Jr. finally amasses enough antimatter power, he gives it to Superboy Prime, who is able to smash through their crystal barrier. He finds that the post-Crisis "unified" Earth has not settled into its proper place, and each blow alters its history. Superboy first appears in the skies above Blue Beetle, just before his death. NOTE: Blue Beetle was killed in DC Countdown #1 (May 2005)

Infinite Crisis Secret Files #1 (Apr. 2006)

Supergirl follows Donna Troy into space to investigate the cosmic rift developing there.

JLA #123 (Feb. 2006)

In space, Superboy Prime alters the gravitational makeup of the universe, shifting its center to where Earth-2's once laid. Alexander Luthor divides the universe in two. After killing several Titans, Prime is taken by the Flashes into the speed Force.

Infinite Crisis #4 (Mar. 2006)

Alex unleashes a beam of energy at Superman-2 which rebirths the multiverse.

Infinite Crisis #5 (Apr. 2006)

Shikari of the Earth-247 Legion locates her Legion teammates. Superboy Prime returns from the Speed Force, wearing a harness like the Anti-Monitor's that gathers energy. He says the Flashes kept him prisoner for years under red sunlight. Superboy (Conner Kent) is killed by Superboy Prime. Their battle shatters the tower and the infinite Earths reassemble into one. NOTE: This multiversal contraction leaves the Legion of Earth-247 without a home. First description of the post-Zero Hour Legion’s home Earth as "247."

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)

When Alexander Luthor is defeated, the giant rift he created in space collapses. Supergirl of Earth-0 is thrust amnesiac across the universal divide into the 31st century, on Earth-Prime. Heroes grieve for Conner. Bart Allen returns from the Speed Force, having grown several years and wearing his grandfather's uniform. The Supermen pursue Prime, who is heading for Oa. They pass through into a kryptonite field, through Krypton's sun, and crash land on Mogo. Superman-2 dies from the battle and Prime is taken captive by the Lantern Corps.

Infinite Crisis #7 (June 2006); 52/World War III (Apr. 2006)


Lobo steals one Emerald Eye from the Emerald Head of Ekron, and it's pilot, a Green Lantern. NOTE: The Eye's last 20th century appearance was L.E.G.I.O.N. #26 (Apr. 1991).

(52 #28, Nov. 2006)

Lobo brings Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man to his world, where he is "Archbishop of the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God." He is also in possession of an Emerald Eye. Lobo protects his people from the Eye's original owner, but has sworn off killing.

52 #19 (Sept. 2006)

Lobo's people come under attack, but he refuses to use it to defend them. One citizen uses the Eye and accidentally kills everyone in the vicinity. Starfire takes control of the Eye and inadvertently attracts the Eye's "owner," the Emerald Head of Ekron.

52 #20 (Sept. 2006)

Lobo and the others find a zombified pilot within the Head of Ekron—the former Green Lantern of Vengar. Because it was missing an Eye, this Lantern failed to defend its sector against Lady Styx. NOTE: It is unclear whether the Eyes were powered by power from the Guardians of the Universe, or if the Eyes helped add power to the Ekron's "head." The 30th century's Emerald Empress is from Venegar.

52 #28 (Nov. 2006)

The Persuader (Cole Parker) is killed by Osiris.

52 #34 (Dec. 2006)

Lobo and the others seek out Lady Styx. The Emerald Head forces Styx into a cosmic organism that "digests" her, and they explode. NOTE: This may be the demise of the second Eye.

52 #36 (Jan. 2007)

Lobo learns that his leader sought the Emerald Eye because it was the one thing that could kill the leader. Lobo is angered, and uses it for exactly that.

52 #51 (Apr. 2007)

In a Kandor—a society inspired by the original Kryptonian city—Supergirl and Power Girl don the guises of Nightwing II and Flamebird II and discover that the Saturn Queen and Ultraman from the previous multiverse have survived (like Power Girl) and now rule the city. In the end, Kara agrees to leave the city for information that Saturn Queen gives her about the fate of Argo City. NOTES: Saturn Queen is from a pre-Crisis timeline. It is suggested that Ultraman is from the pre-Crisis Earth-3. Nightwing and Flamebird were aliases originally used by the pre-Crisis Superman and Jimmy Olsen during their trip to Kandor (Superman #158, 1963).

Supergirl v.5 #6-8 (Apr.-Sept. 2006)

The powerless Bart Allen (formerly Kid Flash, now aged to 20), is bathed in chemicals and becomes the Flash V.

Flash v.3 #1 (Aug. 2006)


Part 3: Lex Luthor readies to destroy Metropolis with kryptonite and a piece of sunstone and reveals he has been stockpiling kryptonite.

Superman #651 (June 2006)

Part 4: Lex discovers the wreck of Dru-Zod's Kryptonian ship under the Earth and uses kryptonite to charge a piece of sunstone and summon the ship. NOTE: Before these events, Superman was not aware of Krypton's interstellar wanderings or much of the sunstone's potential.

Action Comics #838 (June 2006)

Part 7: Luthor uses the sunstone to craft a ship around him and battle Superman. Luthor destroys parts of Metropolis.

Superman #653 (Aug. 2006)

Part 8: Superman defeats Lex hand-to-hand and Dru-Zod's ship shrinks back to its basic crystalline form. Superman takes a piece of sunstone to the North Pole and activates it with his mind. It grows into an immense new Fortress of Solitude. NOTE: This Fortress resembles the one in the Superman movies.

Action Comics #840 (Aug. 2006)

Superman meets Metropolis' new Technology Squad, nicknamed the "Science Police." NOTE: This is also the name of the Legion's 30th century police force.

Superman #654 (Sept. 2006)


Part 1: A boy who speaks Kryptonese crashes to Earth and is taken by the Dept. of Metahuman Affairs. Superman does not trust Sarge Steel with the boy and spirits him away to Smallville. NOTE: This boy is Lor-Zod, the son of General Zod and Ursa, born in the Phantom Zone (named in Action #846).

Action Comics #844 (Dec. 2006)

Part 2: Superman teaches the boy how to fly and after a public skirmish, Clark and Lois decide to take the boy in, naming him Christopher Kent. Three more Kryptonian ships crash at the South Pole — General Zod, Ursa and Non (1st apps. for all). NOTE: Ursa and Non were movie characters and never appeared in the comics before this.

Action Comics #845 (Jan. 2007)

Part 3: Zod and the others invade the Fortress of Solitude. They remark on Mon-El's continued imprisonment. Clark and Lois introduce the Daily Planet staff to "Christopher," their "cousin's son." Zod attacks them but Lor-Zod refuses to go with his parents. In the midst of battle, more pods carrying Phantom Zone criminals crash to Earth and Zod uses a projector to send Superman there.

Action Comics #846 (Feb. 2007)

Part 4: Superman is greeted by Mon-El inside the Zone. Kal apologizes for not curing him. Mon-El shows Superman the Kryptonian prison, Fort Rozz. It is the only solid place in the Zone, where time passes normally. They're attacked by Dev-Em, who remained behind to kill Superman. Mon-El risks lead poisoning to enter the prison and help Superman. They prepare another rocket for Superman to return to Earth. There he finds that the Kryptonians have taken over and Zod has Lois. Lor-Zod defies his father. Superman seeks help from Luthor, who is ahead of the game, having been preparing anti-Kryptonian measures for years. He unveils his strike force: a multi-kryptonite empowered Metallo, Bizarro and the Parasite.

Action Comics #851 (Aug. 2007)

Part 5: Luthor rigs the criminals' ships to reverse their warp drives, which sends them all back into the Phantom Zone. Superman tries to save Chris (Lor-Zod) from the same fate, but the boy sees he's keeping the portal open and gives himself up to it. Later, Mon-El finds no trace of Chris in the Zone. The "spirit" of Jor-El tells Superman that humans and Kryptonians are incapable of mating.

Action Annual #11 (2008)

Seven Legionnaires undertake a mission into the 21st century to resurrect someone using lightning rods (like they did for Lightning Lad and Karate Kid). They intend keep this mission a secret from Superman. Due to mental blocks from Brainiac 5, all of them lose their memories and take on new lives: Karate Kid as the villain Trident; Timber Wolf in Gorilla City; Dawnstar to Thanagar; Wildfire in the Fortress of Solitude; Sensor Girl in Suicide Swamp; and Dream Girl in Arkham Asylum; Star Boy crosses over to Earth-22.

(Justice League of America v.2 #8-10, June-Aug. 2007; Justice Society of America v.3 #5-6, June-July 2007)

Earth-22: Star Boy (Thom Kallor) arrives on Earth-22 from the 31st century and takes the name Starman. This Earth never had a Justice Society and its heroes are at war with one another. NOTE: On Earth-0, Thom will be the eighth Starman. His first appearance as Starman in Earth-0 continuity was Starman v.2 #79 (July 2001); at that time, he would have been considered to be the Thom Kallor of Earth-247, but with the new multiverse, it is clearly now the Thom of Earth-0.

Kingdom Come #2 (Aug. 1996)

Earth-22: When the United Nations detonates a nuclear bomb over its metahumans, Starman's uniform triggers a transuniversal jump. Both he and Earth-22's Superman are transported to Earth-0 (to different points in time). Because Kallor is schizophrenic and 21st century medicine cannot treat him adequately, he is incoherent and takes up residence in Sunshine Sanitarium in Opal City. NOTE: Superman of Earth-22 does not come through until Justice Society of America v.3 #9 (Oct. 2007).

Kingdome Come #4 (1996), (Justice Society of America #22, Feb. 2009)

Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite visit the neurotic new Starman (aka Thom Kallor, 1st Retroboot appearance) in Opal City. He joins the JSA. Dawnstar prepares to leave Thanagar in search of Starman.

Justice Society of America v.3 #1 (Feb. 2007)

Starman's powers go awry and everything becomes weightless. He portends a "lightning storm." Later he mentions bouncing through space and reveals that he is indeed Thom Kallor of the 30th century Legion. He was trapped in a parallel universe — Earth-22. NOTES: Starman mentions Kenz Nuhor, the crook Star Boy accidentally killed in Adventure #342.

Justice Society of America v.3 #2 (Feb. 2007)


A grown Sodam Yat reconstructs his alien friend's ship. Once it's ready, he is summoned to be a Green Lantern. NOTE: "Several years" pass within this tale.

(Green Lantern Corps #18, Jan. 2008)

Parts 1: The Sinestro Corps frees Superboy Prime from the Green Lanterns.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special (Aug. 2007)

Parts 3, 5, 7: Lantern Arisia is assigned to mentor the rookie GL, Sodam Yat. (#14) He impresses the others with his skill. (#15) Yat is a natural leader. Mogo tells Yat that he is part of a prophesy. The Guardians order him to withdraw from danger but he refuses. After the Guardians rewrite the Book of Oa to authorize lethal force, Yat destroys the sentient slum, Ranx. Yat says that on Daxam, people believe say "Our red sun is the angry eye of Rao, who doomed our ancestors on Krypton." (#16) NOTE: First mention of Daxam's ties to Krypton. Sodam Yat first appeared in foreshadowing, in Green Lantern Corps #11 (June 2007). in Arisia first appeared in Tales of The Green Lantern Corps #1 (1981)

Green Lantern Corps #14-16 (Sept.-Nov. 2007)

Part 9: Sodam takes charge of the battle on Earth. His super powers begin to wax under its yellow sun. The Guardians step in and assign their essential power to Yat, making him Ion II. NOTE: The former Ion, Kyle Rayner returned to regular G.L. service in Green Lantern #24 (Dec. 2007).

Green Lantern Corps #17 (Dec. 2007)

Superboy Prime faces all Earth's heroes. He is nearly defeated when the sun rises and his powers are recharged.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime (Dec. 2007)

Part 10: Sodam Yat battles Superboy Prime on Earth. When Ion's shields are breached, he is exposed to lead and poisoning sets in. His ring attempts to reverse it.

Green Lantern Corps #18 (Jan. 2008)

Part 11, finale: The Anti-Monitor unleashes antimatter once again on Earth. The Guardians themselves intervene and one is scarred. Superboy Prime takes his revenge and destroys the Anti-Monitor, then kills a Guardian. The explosion shunts Prime elsewhere in the multiverse. The Anti-Monitor's body crashes down on a planet and births the Black Lantern. NOTE: The scarred Guardian later takes the name Scar and forms the Black Lantern Coprs.

Green Lantern v.4 #25 (Jan. 2008)

After the war, Kyle Rayner advises Sodam Yat on his new Ion responsibility. If Sodam is not shielded by his ring, his lead poisoning will advance.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Ion (Jan. 2008)

From the 31st century on Earth-Prime, Supergirl aids Superman via Brainiac 5's Chronexus. This device sends her brainwaves back to the 21st century and allows her to take over her cousin's body during a battle with Blackstar. NOTE: Blackstar's 1st historical app. was Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #13 (1983). This story suggests that Supergirl's Legion is not from Earth-0 because the Chronexus can scan across the vibrational planes into other universes.

Action Comics #850 (Late July 2007)

The Countdown to Final Crisis

Darkseid plots to recreate existence. Earth-0's Monitor tracks malevolent forces and journeys to a Source Wall, which prophesizes "Great Disaster"; the solution is Ray Palmer. NOTES: The pre-Crisis timeline involving the apocalptic "Great Disaster" first appeared in Kamandi #1 (Nov. 1972). Its first chronological appearance was in OMAC #1 (Sept. 1974). There, the planet is inhabited by animal-men following an atomic war in "1986." This timeline included Kamandi, OMAC, the Atomic Knights, and Hercules Unbound.

Countdown #51 (July 2007)

The Lord of Time and Fatal Five arrive from the future to steal the Haruspex, a powerful weapon. When the Lord is brought down, his equipment removes him from the 21st century, stranding the Fatal Five. The Haruspex merges Tharok with Batman. NOTE: This Fatal Five look exactly like those from Earth-0. This occurs after Supergirl's time in the 31st century, and before Batman's involvement in "The Lightning Saga."

Brave & Bold v.2 #3 (June 2007)

Batman and Tharok battle for control of their shared form. The Fatal Five attack Blue Beetle Batman exerts control over Validus then orders Beetle to fire the Haruspex on them and they disappear. (They awake in the future, on Earth-Prime.)

Brave & Bold v.2 #4 (Aug. 2007)


Cover series for the 2007 "Lightning Saga" by Michael Turner (top) and Phil Jimenez (bottom)

The funeral of Bart Allen.

Countdown #43 (Sept. 2007)

The amnesiac Karate Kid (1st Retroboot appearance) appears as the villain Trident, and is captured by the Justice League. Note: Trident was a Teen Titans foe from New Teen Titans #33 (July 1983).

Justice League of America v.2 #3 (Dec. 2006)

Part 1: Karate Kid attacks Batman, but upon hearing Starman's name, he recovers some memories. When Starman utters "Lightning Lad" in Interlac, Val's full memory returns; he claims there are seven Legionnaires at large. NOTE: Events here also appear in Countdown #50.

Justice League of America v.2 #8 (June 2007)

Red Arrow attempts to interrogate Karate Kid, whom the JLA still holds captive.

Countdown #49 (July 2007)

Part 2: A team locates Dream Girl (1st Retroboot appearance) in Arkham Asylum where Dr. Destiny has usurped her access to the Dreaming and manifested nightmares. She's awakened and takes control of her powers. At the Fortress of the Solitude, another Legionnaire is found: Wildfire (1st Retroboot appearance), who stood among the inert Legionnaire statues. Superman mentions how he spent time in their future and received the statues, which represent each member "from an adventure they wanted [him] to remember them by." A utility belt bursts forth from Wildfire's chest. NOTES: This is the first evidence that Superman continuity had been reversed to once again include his boyhood involvement with the Legion. It is similar to the circumstances in the 2007 Legion cartoon.

Justice Society of America v.3 #5 (June 2007)

Part 3: Wildfire reveals some connection between he and the Red Tornado. A team finds Timber Wolf (1st Retroboot appearance) in Gorilla City. Another finds that Dawnstar has left her flight ring behind with a friend on Thanagar, but that Dawnstar (1st Retroboot appearance) has returned to Earth. The Legionnaires reveal they have all agreed to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, in order to revive someone.

Justice League of America v.2 #9 (July 2007)

Part 4:The Legionnaires locate their final comrade: Sensor Girl (first Retroboot appearance), who has been hiding in Suicide Swamp. The JLA and JSA follow them there and encounter an elaborate illusion of an abandoned Secret Society headquarters. They're met by a fake Triplicate Girl. The Legionnaires fool them long enough to escape and resume their mission. Karate Kid mentions that the three founders volunteered to sacrifice themselves to bring him back. Dawnstar remarks that the 31st century is too dangerous for Superman, and that Star Boy tricked Colossal Boy out of his place in the mission. Superman mentions an early Legion adventure known as the "Legion of Three Worlds," which none of them can actually remember. NOTE: There was a panel drawn for this issue showing the first meeting of the three Legions. It was omitted from print, but has surfaced online.

Justice Society of America v.3 #6 (July 2007)

Bart Allen (Flash V) is killed by Flash's Rogues, after Inertia steals his Speed Force. His life essence is captured inside a lightning rod by the Legionnaires. NOTE: This happens simultaneously with Wally West's return (next entry). The Legion's involvement was revealed in Legion of Three Worlds #4.

Flash v.3 #13 (Aug. 2007)

Part 5: The Legionnaires take up positions across the globe to await the lightning strike to revive someone. They are quickly found by the JLA and JSA, but their flight rings erect force fields to protect them. Timber Wolf remarks "I'm coming Ayla" (suggesting that she may be dead). The lightning strikes Karate Kid's location, but he ducks. The lightning returns Wally West and his wife and children to the 21st century. The Legionnaires are summoned back to the future. Starman elects to stay behind, and Karate Kid is told that a new mission awaits him in the 21st century.

Justice League of America v.2 #10 (Aug. 2007)

Before the Legion's departure, Karate Kid approaches Batman in Gotham City to express the honor of having met him. (#42) At the Fortress, the Legion returns to the future. Luornu Durgo — in only one body, as Una (1st Retroboot appearance) — joins him on a new mission. (#41) NOTE: Occurs concurrently with Justice League of America #10 (above).

Countdown #42-41 (Sept. 2007)

Starman directs Karate Kid and Una to seek help from Oracle, at her tower in Metropolis. (#39) Val informs Oracle that he's dying. (#38) Oracle concludes the virus in Karate Kid is either alien or from the future, which makes Una think a "Great Disaster" is coming. (#37)

Countdown #39-37 (Oct. 2007)

Karate Kid and Una find Elias Orr at Fort Halprin, but must fight his guard, Equus. (#36) Una's martial arts skills are considerable and together they fell Equus. Orr greets them and says he has their answers. (#35) Orr tells Karate Kid he's got some form of the OMAC virus, which was derived from Brainiac 13. He refers them to Buddy Blank, a scientist who works for Pseudo-People, Inc. — the Waynetech subsidiary that built Brother Eye. Orr works for Desaad. (#34) NOTES: Equus first appeared in Superman #206 (804). Buddy Blank was the original OMAC, from a pre-Crisis alternate future. He was transformed by the orbiting Brother Eye into OMAC, the "One Man Army Corps."

Countdown #36-34 (Oct.-Nov. 2007)

Karate Kid and Una hop a train for Colorado. Equus follows and derails the train, which draws Supergirl from Smallville. She doesn't recognize them at first, but eventually has a flashback of the Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl she met in the future. Rather than question her and tamper with time, they humor her and suggest that perhaps they haven't yet met her in their time. Una fibs that her "other two selves" went back to the future.

Supergirl v.5 #21-22 (Nov.-Dec. 2007)

Val and Una reach the home of Buddy Blank at the Norad facility. (#31) The artificial intelligence, Brother Eye, greets them and detects a strain of OMAC virus in Karate Kid, a terminal condition. (#30) Blank tames Brother Eye's temper and surmises that his work was pirated. The Eye cannot trace Val's virus, but detects a similar strain in the ruins of the city of Blüdhaven. (#28) Blank takes the Legionnaires to Blüdhaven, with his grandson, whom he wants to witness the destruction. (#27)

Countdown #31-27 (Nov.-Dec. 2007)

In Blüdhaven, Karate Kid's apocalyptic contagion worsens. (#26) There, Val's band encounters Firestorm and the Atomic Knights.

Countdown #26-25 (Dec. 2007)

Brother Eye recognizes something in Karate Kid's presence. (#21) Una insists that she and Val are not romantic, but that they have been together for centuries. She also suggests that she has not expressed her feelings for him because of Projectra and that her other selves might not feel the same way. (#20)

Countdown #21-20 (Jan.-Feb. 2008)

Karate Kid and Una follow other heroes and Brother Eye to Apokolips. (#12) There Una is infected with OMAC technology. (#11) She attacks Karate Kid, but cannot assimilate him. (#10) Brother Eye discovers the presence of the mortococcus virus in Val and prepares to dissect him. His more-evolved human physiology allows him to fight the virus, even at 80% infection. Una is released from the OMACs power. (#9) Karate Kid is left near death and Atom confesses that its best if Val dies on Apokolips. (#8)

Countdown #12-8 (May 2008)

After following the heroes from Apokolips to Earth-51, Karate Kid is declared dead by Cadmus Project's Dubbilex.

Countdown #7 (May 2008)

Cadmus scientists attempt to extract the virus from Karate Kid, but it is unleashed on the planet. The heroes are innoculated but the world is torn asunder. Una confesses that she has admired Val from afar for a long time. 21st century humans cannot heal from the virus because it contains resistance to more-advanced 31st century DNA. Una accompanies Buddy Blank to to try to save his daughter and grandson.

Countdown #6 (May 2008)

Una sacrifices her life and is overwhelmed by rats after giving her flight ring to Buddy Blank and allowing him to save himself and his grandson. The innocculated heroes give up on Earth-51 and return to Earth-0.

Countdown #5 (May 2008)

Elise Kimble becomes the Persuader II. NOTE: Her real name is given in Terror Titans #3 (Feb. 2009).

Teen Titans v.3 #56 (Apr. 2008)

Superman continues his attempts to create a serum for Mon-El. During Superman's fight with Paragon, he is approached by the Priest-Elders of Protonic Flame of Daxam. They want Lar Gand returned for punishment. (#674) The Preist-Elders refuse to reason with Superman and attack. They are taken down with lead bullets, but they refuse medical help. Before leaving, they unleash a Galactic Golem, which is defeated. Superman vows to journey to Daxam after them. (#675) NOTE: The Golem first appeared in Superman #248 (Feb. 1972).

Superman #674-675 (May-June 2008)

One month after "The Lightning Saga": Superman investigates a large Brainiac robot attacking the city and discovers it has been sent back in time by Brainiac 5 (1st Retroboot appearance). Brainy claims that Superman's intervention is crucial to the resolution of the Legion's current dilemma. The robot opens to reveal a time bubble, which takes Clark back to the 31st century.

Action Comics #858 (Late Dec. 2007)

Lightning Lad returns Superman to the 21st century after the battle with Earth Man. As they reminisce at the Fortress, Batman arrives with news: the bodies of Karate Kid and Una have turned up (transported from Earth-51 by the Time Trapper). They visit Starman, who rattles off Dream Girl's prophesies. Starman decides to remain in Opal City and take the name "Danny Blaine." Superman receives a new flight ring that can take him to the 31st century. Batman mentions having met three Legions, and questions the validity of "the future." The Time Trapper returns. He's become frustrated at his failed attempts to remove Superman from the time stream, and decides to ruin everything around him instead. NOTE: The idea of Thom Kallor as Danny Blaine was created by Mark Waid for Kingdom Come. Starman suggests a better fate for Luornu.

Action Comics #864 (June 2008)

As Danny Blaine, Starman continues his Legion mission and applies for a job as a gravedigger in Metropolis.

JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom (Jan. 2009)

The three founding Legionnaires visit Supergirl in Midvale and invite her to try out for the Legion. She is disqualified after Red Kryptonite temporarily transforms her into an adult. Note: Historical first appearances of Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid.

Supergirl Annual #2 (2010); Action Comics #267 (Aug. 1960)


The Monitrix Zillo Valla recruits Superman’s help.

Final Crisis #3 (Sept. 2008)

To save his wife's life, Superman agrees to accompany Zillo Valla on a multiversal odyssey. In exchange, she agrees to save Lois.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #1 (Oct. 2008)

Captain Adam of Earth-4 combines Superman with Ultraman and broadcast them to a higher dimension—that of the the Monitors. They cast the vampire Monitor, Mandrakk, into the void and Superman receives a vial of the Bleed to save Lois.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 (Mar. 2009)

The Time Trapper pulls Superboy Prime to the 31st century. The Legion beckons Superman for help via his flight ring. NOTE: A glimpse of this battle was shown in DC Universe #0 (June 2008).

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1 (Oct. 2008)

In a Metropolis cemetery, Starman exhumes the body of Superboy (Conner Kent). He then places it in a Kryptonian regeneration chrysalis, inside Superman's Fortress. There, Brainiac 5 will retrieve it in a thousand years.

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4 (June 2009)

Superman returns to the 21st century after helping the Legion to find that reality has splintered, Darkseid rules the world, and the Batman is dead.

Final Crisis #6 (Jan. 2009)

Bart Allen (Kid Flash) returns from the future and reunites with Robin and Wonder Girl in San Francisco.

Flash: Rebirth #1 (June 2009)

Chameleon Boy leads the Legion Espoinage Squad back in time to fulfill his father's (R. J. Brande's) will. The Squad includes Dream Girl, Tellus, Sensor Girl, Starman, Quislet, Matter-Eater Lad and Element Lad. They choose a time just before Superman asks Mon-El to guard Metropolis in his absence.


First app. of the Science Police's coordinator, Control (Rachel), who is Chameleon Boy in disguise. 1st app. of the Lexcorp invents the Hover Cam, a mobile flying camera (one of which houses Quislet, first Retroboot appearance). NOTE: The name "Rachel" was given in Superman #682. The Hover Cams first appeared in Superman Annual #13 (2008).

Superman #677 (Aug. 2008)


Superman awakes on Brainiac's ship to discover the shrunken, lost city of Kandor. Brainiac steers his ship towards Earth.

Action Comics #868 (Oct. 2008)

Kal-El finds his uncle and aunt, Zor-El and Alura, alive in Kandor. He'd used Brainiac's technology to put a force field around Argo City. They were found and assimilated. Brainiac takes Metropolis.

Action Comics #869 (Nov. 2008)

Brainiac sends a missile to Smallville. Jonathan Kent dies after saving Martha from it. Kandor is restored to full size in the Arctic.

Action Comics #870 (Dec. 2008)

A funeral is held for Jonathan Kent. Sam Lane of the U.S. millitary takes possession of Brainiac, and recruits Luthor to master his technology. Supergirl is reunited with her parents.

Superman: New Krypton Special #1 (Dec. 2008)

Part 6: Kandorians round up Superman's enemies and banish them to the Phantom Zone, where they're greeted by Mon-El.

Superman #682 (Jan. 2009)

Part 7: Alura reveals the Kandorians' plan to rebuild the universe, restoring all the shrunken cities. They've found cities from Braal, Winath and Tharr, among others. The Creature Commandos and Ultra the Multi-Alien are found among Brainiac's captives. Reactron blasts Zor-El through the chest with gold kryptonite.

Action Comics #872 (Feb. 2009)

Part 8: Zor-El perishes.

Supergirl #36 (Feb. 2009)

Starman returns the Superman of Earth-22 to his home. NOTE: The end of this tale includes a glimpse of the Legion of Earth-22— the same as that seen in Kingdom Come #2.

Justice Society of America v.3 #22 (Feb. 2009)

Mon-El in the 21st Century

Superman magically finds a cure for Mon-El's lead poisoning in his Fortress; it bears a Legion symbol. Superman leaves for New Krypton, and installs Mon-El as one of Metropolis' protectors. Mon-El visits Smallville where Martha gives him the name Jonathan Kent—he'll pose as Clark cousin from England. Mon meets a girl named Sandra in his new apartment buildilng. The memory of Tellus (first Retroboot appearance) haunts Guardian.

Superman #685 (Apr. 2009)

World without Superman

Part 19: Mon-El gives Jimmy Olsen a signal watch. The Guardian is less than impressed with Mon-El's careless (but effective) handling of Rampage. The Guardian hires Jonathan Kent. As Kent, he meets Billi (Jamie) Harper, Guardian is her great uncle, transferred from Gotham and changed her first name. NOTE: Jamie Harper first appeared in Detective #817 (May 2006).

Superman #686 (May 2009)

Part 23: The Guardian assembles a team of Science Police to help him find and free Tellus. One of them is "Wilcox from Keystone" (Sensor Girl, undercover). Elsewhere, Tellus remains captive and says he's learned what he needed, and must now act. Mon-El draws the attention of the Parasite.

Superman #687 (June 2009)

Part 27: Squad K attempts to arrest Mon-El (mistaking him for Kryptonian). Dr. Light reveals to him that his super-healing is fighting against the anti-lead serum, and eventually it will fail; it causes his powers to cut out. (Unlike Superman, Mon-El can easily cut his hair.) He decides he wants to live at all costs. The Science Police invade a government facility and free Tellus, who holds Drew, the Assassin, at bay. Mon-El meets Mitch (the Legionnaire, Matter-Eater Lad, first Retroboot appearance), a restaurant owner who inspires Mon to visit France.

Superman #688 (July 2009)

Part 31: Mon-El travels and battles across the globe. Tellus takes his leave, giving the Guardian some "gift."

Superman #689 (Aug. 2009)

Part 35: Tellus stops Sodam Yat from meeting Mon-El, says it will impact the future negatively. Yat gives Tellus crystals to pass to Mon-El.

Superman #690 (Sept. 2009)

Mon-El reviews Daxam's history in the red crystals from Sodam Yat and Tellus.

Superman Annual #14 (2009)

World Against Superman

Part 4: Mon-El is ambushed in the sewers by the Mirabai (disguised as Supergirl). Gen. Lane alters the video so that the world believes he's been killed by Supergirl. NOTES: Mirabai first appeared in Action #877.

Superman #691 (Oct. 2009)

Part 5: Jimmy Olsen is apparently killed by Codename: Assassin. It's later revealed (Superman #695) that he's saved by Tellus, underwater.

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #2 (Oct. 2009)

Part 9: Guardian gathers his officers, honoring Mon-El and revealing his secret ID to them. He commends Wilcox (Projectra) on her work. Later, she is revealed as Sensor Girl and has contact with another Legionnaire. Lane holds Mon-El captive at Project M. NOTE: Project M produced the Creature Commandos and others.

Superman #692 (Nov. 2009)

Part 13: Mon-El is captive on Mirabai's world, held by magic. Gen. Lane's simian, Dr. Calomar attempts to convert Mon-El to 7734's cause. Lane meets Natasha (Blake), assigning Major Force to her Project Breach. After enduring many tortures, he is freed by the Parasite. Together they escape back to Earth where Mon-El discovers that Luthor and Brainiac's escape from 7734 has left it in ruins. Lane has no choice but to let Mon-El go. Guardian's units prepare to fight Bizarro.

Superman #693 (Dec. 2009)

Part 17: Mon-El meets Conner Kent in Smallville. Martha Kent sews him a new uniform bearing Superman's shield. Mon-El returns to Metropolis in time to battle Bizarro. His friend Mitch reveals himself as Matter-Eater Lad.

Superman #694 (Jan. 2010)

Mon-El joins the Justice League.


Part 19: Mon-El brings Captain Atom to the JLA Watchtower, where the new JLA has assembled. NOTE: Mon-El has already joined the team.

Action Comics #884 (Feb. 2010)

Part 21: Mon-El asks Superboy to retrieve and repair his Daxamite rocket from the Fortress. Jimmy Olsen reveals he's been saved by Tellus. Mon-El spends a night with Billi Harper.

Superman #694 (Feb. 2010)

Adventure Comics revived

Starman continues his mission (Brande's will), seeing Tellus, who tries to heal his mind but fails. Thom says he needs Dream Girl back to save the future. Superboy adjusts to life in Smallville (he now has x-ray vision). He and Krypto save a girl named Lori. Elsewhere, young Simon Valentine ventures to Bruin Lake to investigate "artificial evolutional trigggers." He finds Tellus there, who says Simon is destined to be Conner's greatest friend and enemy. Superboy visits the burnt childhood home of Luthor; Superman arrives. Conner plans to rejoin the Titans. NOTE: Also published as #1. Text on the Legion spread mixes up Night Girl and Shadow Lass. Preview hints show Element Lad in 21st century, Superboy and Mon-El finding Dream Girl, Brainy with news for Blok, XS on the Treadmill racing to warn someone, a new GL Legion recruit.

Adventure Comics v,.3 #1 [504] (Oct. 2009)

Conner and Wonder Girl reunite and profess their love for each other. Luthor and Brainiac escape the military in Braniac's ship. Luthor destroys one of the cities. Luthor has created somethng personal as part of Project: Alien Farm. He learns of Conner's return.

Adventure Comics v.3 #2 [505] (Nov. 2009)

1st app. of Element Lad as Conner's teacher, Mr. Janson (first Retroboot apperaance).

Adventure Comics v.3 #3 [506] (Dec. 2009)


The newly "Sinestro-ed" Mongul sets his sights on the population of Daxam. While Arkillo challenges Mongul for leadership of the Sinestros, Sodam Yat's mother escapes to warn her son.

Green Lantern Corps #32-33 (Mar.-Apr. 2009)

Prelude: Sodam refuses to help Daxam, but is convinced by Arisia and his own mother.

Green Lantern Corps #34 (May 2009)

Mordru returns for the first time in the Tenth Age of Magic and possesses the new Dr. Fate. (#34) The team's mystical alarms sense his presence and they force him out and fashion a new prison for him. (#35) NOTE: The Ninth Age of Magic died with the the last Lord of Order, Nabu, in Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special (Mar. 2006).

Justice Society of America v.3 #34-35 (Feb.-Mar. 2010)

Brainiac and The Legion of Super-Heroes

Element Lad reveals himself to Superboy (as his teacher Mr. Janson). He brings Mon-El to Smallville to meet the Legion. They reveal their mission, directed by R. J. Brande to ensure the integrity of the timestream.

Adventure Comics v.3 #8 [511] (Apr. 2010)

Brainiac (whose ship still houses scores of miniaturized socities) attacks New Krypton. Superboy and the Legion head to New Krypton intent on saving the shrunken worlds, but General Zod arrests them.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton (May 2010)

Tellus summons Mon-El and Supergirl, who convince Alura to release the Legionnaires.

Supergirl v. 5 #51 (May 2010)

Mon-El breaks into Brainiac's ship and battles races who serve Brainiac—apes who utter "Koko," and the Ulla, Laroo, Trago, and Raagan. The Lanothian race pleads for him to save their world.

Superman #698 (May 2010)

Tellus helps unite the Kryptonians in battle.

Adventure Comics v.3 #9 [512] (May 2010)

Quislet fails to inhabit Brainiac's ship. Brainiac 5 arrives from the future to stop Brainiac from killing Superman. Projectra doffs her mask for good, saying espionage is no longer the goal. Tellus reveals it was he who delivered Mon-El's anti-lead serum. Brande had advance knowledge of everything that is transpiring.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 (June 2010)

Mon-El is captured by Zod. The Legion becomes trapped in Kandor when it's reshrunk.

Adventure Comics v.3 #10 [513] (June 2010)

Supergirl meets Brainiac 5 for the first time. He keeps her at a distance but she senses he is withholding something. They disable Brainiac's force field. NOTES: This tale reaffirms Supergirl's history with the Earth-0 Legion. Supergirl has not yet joined the Earth-0 Legion, but has met them once (Action #267).

Supergirl v.5 #52 (June 2010)

The Legionnaires free Mon-El, who returns to his original uniform and agrees to join them save the bottled cities. Superman, Supergirl and Brainiac 5 find Kandor, and Brainy re-enlarges it. NOTE: There are hints to some secret about Daxamites that Mon-El discovered. Lane had let on he'd known other Daxamites.

Superman #699 (June 2010)

Superman bids Mon-El to leave with the Legion, taking all the bottled cities with them. Superman is critically pierced by Brainiac's falling ship, then healed by Brainiac 5 with a transfusion from Superboy. Zod defeats Brainiac but Brainiac 5 teleports his ancestor away before Zod can kill him.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 (June 2010)

Epilogue: Mon-El and the Legion restore the bottled cities out in the universe. Per R.J. Brande's will, Chameleon Boy is allowed to tend to New Durla. His ancestor, Queltop Daggle is among the nomadic tribe in that city, and there are thousands of pocketed Durlan tribes across the universe. Mon-El leads the remaining restorations which include Rimbor, Cargg, Xanthu, Bismoll, Imsk, Phlon, Zoon and Titan. On Titan, he clashes with Jemm, who senses that the Lanothians telepathic powers are greater than even his. The race agrees to submit to Jemm's rule and become his citizens, which he allows. His sickness growing, Mon-El returns to Earth to see Jimmy and Superboy. The rocket to return to Daxam will carry a female Daxamite victim of Calomar's. Mon-El rescues her and destroys the Human Defense Corps' underwater base. Cham opens the Phantom Zone. Mon-El refuses to return, but is promised a glorious future. He passes Superboy a note to give to Billi Harper.

Adventure Comics v.3 #11 [514] (June 2010)

Guardian gives Billi Harper a note from Mon-El; she is pregnant. Mon-El finds Chris in the Zone.

Superman: War of the Supermen #4 (July 2010)

A year after her first encounter with the Legionnaires, Supergirl is given a second chance to apply for membership. She is admitted after recovering the King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur, and meets Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, and Triplicate Girl. Brainiac 5 gives her a duplicate of his force-field belt, but it breaks down shortly after her return to the 20th century.

Supergirl Annual #2 (2010); Action Comics #276 (May 1961)

Mordru frees himself and takes the disguise of "Aggaro," (#882) aiding Captain Atom to overthrow Mirabai, the ruler of Sorcerers' World. Mordru tells Atom that there he is not considered a villain. (#889) NOTE: Mirabai first appeared in Action #877.

Action Comics #879-889 (Sept. 2009-July 2010)

As a diplomat of the magical "Starheart city" on the moon, Alan Scott signs a nonaggression pact with Mordru of Sorceror's World.

Justice Society of America v.3 #43 (Nov. 2010)

Continue to Part 2 …