This version of the chronology omits pre-New 52 events that took place between the 21st and 30th centuries. It does include any event described in a regular Legion title. The retelling of the Legion's origin in Legion: Secret Origin did, for the most part, retain existing continuity. Legionnaire costumes were updated, however.

Some details of the Legionnaires' origins were revealed in the (very detailed) tales from Legion of Super-Heroes volume 4, and from the Legion Sourcebook, 2995. In general, I consider these "v.4" details beneficial to the history of the Legionnaires; they do not conflict with the rest of the timeline.

I have not changed the hard dates, but given the real world passage of time, these dates must certainly have to be adjusted. Otherwise, for example, Colossal Boy would now be over 50 years old.


Issue #

c. 2684: The United Planets is created, made mostly up of planets colonized by Earth, along with Durla and Colu. NOTE: Date based on assertion that it was "327 years" ago.

Legion: Secret Origin #1 (Dec. 2011)

1 year pre-Legion: On Colu, Querl Dox, the young Brainiac 5's father Kajz Dox (Brainiac 4), reclaims the title of their notorious ancestor. Querl was his mother's great great grandfather's name. When the Legion forms, R. J. Brande will contact Kajz hoping the boy will join. NOTES: Brainiac 5 is the seventh generation after the first Brainiac. This means Coluans are exceptionally long-lived. Previous accounts describe the Brainiac title as "coveted."

(Adventure Comics v.3 #8 [511], Apr. 2010)

On Zuun scientists Marr and Kana Londo worked for Lord Vykor, who sponsors Londo's work on a "codent" to give a creature risistance to disease, accelerated healing, and enhanced physical capacity. After a demonstration, Vykor demands to have the formula immediately, which Marr resists. Vykor kills Kana and gives Marr a month to perfect it. When it's time, he injects himself and son, Brin, with the serum. Marr is killed right away and Brin attacks but is forced to flee to the streets. He grows into a fierce hunter and hunts Vykor.

Legion: Lost v.2 #0 (Nov. 2012)

Legion Year 1

Legion origin, original: Rokk Krinn sets out for Earth to find work to support his destitute family. En route, he meets Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen. Together they use their superhuman powers to save tycoon R.J. Brande from assassination by men working for his "cousin" Doyle. At Brande's suggestion, the three youths become Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl and form the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion computer names Cosmic Boy the first leader.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968)

Legion origin, revised: Outside UP space, at Anatrom, Starfleet officers discover the population massacred. first app. Captain Dajone and M'Tobo. They and Admiral Allon seek help from scientists on Colu, who put their best mind on it: Brainiac 5. While there, he is surprised by the first appearance of a Bgtzlian, Tinya Wazzo, who came through a wormhole and crossed a dimensional barrier to warn the U.P. of invaders. First appearance of the covert tribunal, the Security Directorate (Mycroft of Earth, Zarl Jax of Colu, and Anisa of Naltor). When three youths save Brande's life and form the Legion, this Council orders the Science Police to leave them alone. Mycroft visits Brande, who agrees to have them monitor the Legion. The wormhole and the attempts on Brande's life are later revealed as the machinations of the Time Trapper. NOTE: Purchase of this comic qualified buyers to a plastic Legion Flight Ring. This series disrupts very little of existing continuity. It does change the Legionnaires' original costumes, and the "behind the scenes" story of their formation, before they met Superboy.

Legion: Secret Origin #1 (Dec. 2011)

In battle, the Legionnaires struggle to perfect the use of their powers. Saturn Girl trains with Science Police Sgt. Esquivel, who is killed by Zaryan's (a Khundian warlord) thugs. After a night of partying, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl sleep together. In the morning, she erases the memory from his mind and vows celibacy. Brainiac 5 and Circadia Senius unveil their Time Bubble. NOTE: There's mention of upcoming tryouts.

(Adventure Comics v.3 #517, Oct. 2010)

The Legion inducts Triplicate Girl (Luornu Durgo of Cargg). (Superboy #147) The Directorate mentions that Cargg has only a handful of survivors. (Legion: Secret Origin #1) NOTES: This story has been told only in flashback, first in Superboy #147 (1968). Legion membership order does not coincide with actual first appearances.

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968), (Legion: Secret Origin #1, Dec. 2011)

The Legion's first club house is built. Triplicate Girl has joined. Saturn Girl senses yet another attempt on RJ Brande's life, which the youths quickly put down—and a third. Brainy has "access to devices his ancestors acquired and never shared." Tinya says the monsters attacking Anotrom are like those that attacked Bgtzl and probably came through the same wormhole. She was sent through to warn people and she has a rare genetic gift. Gim Allon contacts his father, the Admiral, and says he wants to check out the Legion.

(Legion: Secret Origin #2, Jan. 2012)

The wormhole begins moving away from Anotrom and Brainiac 5 warns it could be a sign of a warship coming through. It resists all firepower until Brainy suggests a plan that destroys it. Phantom Girl visits the Directorate, giving them all Bgtzl's knowledge on the hostiles on the other side. Bgtzl moved itself out of their reach. The Legion gets new cruisers. Cosmic Boy reviews applicants and Brande chooses a holo of his son, Reep. Another attempt is made on his life, but his new bodyguard, Lyle Norg, saves him.

(Legion: Secret Origin #3, Jan. 2012)

While talking with Brainiac 5, Tinya Wazzo sees the Legion, seeks them out, and is admitted as the fifth member, Phantom Girl. NOTES: Originally shown in flashback in Superboy #147. Legion: Secret Origin retcons Phantom Girl's origin story from Secret Origins #42 (July 1989).

(Superboy v.1 #147, May/June 1968), (Legion: Secret Origin #3, Jan. 2012)

Chameleon Boy (Reep Daggle of Durla), Colossal Boy (Gim Allon of Earth), and Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg of Earth) join the Legion. NOTES: This story was told only in flashback. Their place in membership order does not coincide with their first appearance, as established in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978). Their first appearance in print, Action #267, is a story that involves Supergirl, and is out-of-continuity.

(Secrets of the Legion #1, Jan. 1981), (Legion: Secret Origin #4, Feb. 2012)

Brainiac 5 meets but declines an assistant's position at the Time Institute with Circadia Senius. He also refuses Phantom Girl's invitation to join the Legion. Tinya learns she can disrupt electronics. The S.P.s request the Legion's help when the wormhole expands again, but the teens worry about their power level. Phantom Girl suggests they use Brainy's time travel technology to retrieve Superman from the past!

(Legion: Secret Origin #4, Mar. 2012)

Ultra Boy (Jo Nah of Rimbor) joins the Legion. NOTES: The original tale involved his initiation test — to travel back in time and discover Superboy's secret identity — on which he was accompanied by Brande's aide, Marla Latham. Ultra Boy's place in the membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in the roll call of All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

Superboy v.1 #98 (July 1962)

The founders attempt recruit Superman in the 20th century, but are flung back home by the Time Trapper before they can succeed; the Bubble is greatly damaged. The Legion brings its newest powerhouse member, Ultra Boy, in to help battle warships at the wormhole. Mycroft becomes an agent of the Trapper, who cannot manifest himself fully in that era. NOTE: Shrinking Violet erroneously appears on the cover of this issue.

(Legion: Secret Origin #5, Apr. 2012)

Chameleon Boy stops Mycroft from killing Brande, and meets the Time Trapper. Brainiac 5 uses the broken Time Bubble to release unstable chronal energy and destroy the wormhole. Phantom Girl volunteers to pilot it. This also breaks the Time Trapper's link to the 31st century and he is withdrawn. He fixes the flaw in the Time Bubble and Saturn Girl renews her mission to recruit Superman.

(Legion: Secret Origin #6, May 2012)

The Legion of Super-Heroes—Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn of Braal), Lightning Boy/Lad (Garth Ranzz of Winath) and Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen of Titan)—"borrow" the new Time Sphere from the Time Institute in order to bring young Clark Kent back to the 30th century, where he becomes the tenth member of the Legion. They encounter xenophobes. Brainiac 5 (an employee of the Institute) is angered by the theft. NOTES: In the original tale only, Lightning Lad was called Lightning "Boy," and the Legionnaires wear costumes that are unique to this appearance. Those costumes are not a part of this tale in current continuity, but might be the outfits they wore when they first met and saved R.J. Brande. Other Legion members are shown only in the background. The Superman: Secret Origin story erroneously mentions Mordru and the Time Trapper and depicts flight rings—none of which have been introduced yet.

Adventure Comics #247 (Apr. 1958), (Action Comics #858, Late Dec. 2007), (Superman: Secret Origin #2, Dec. 2009)

On Colu, young Brainiac 5 unwittingly releases malicious Brainiac technology from a vault. The Legionnaires are called to help cleanse the planet and save a young child — a rarity on Colu (they are long-lived and reproduce rarely). Brainiac 5 then joins the Legion. Thief Tharok runs afoul of Coluan sentries, who transform him in some way. 1st app. Arvid Wix, Dorvl. NOTE: Brainiac 5's original joining (Action #276, Aug. 1960) involved Supergirl, and appears to be excised completely from continuity. The revised tale of Supergirl's joining (Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010) does not include these events. In Action #275, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, and Invisible Kid are shown to have already joined the Legion.

(Legion v.7 #0; Nov. 2012)

A malfunction in her space ship causes Supergirl to be transported to the 31st century where the Legion greets her. Brainiac 5 protests, citing dangers to the timestream. They're in the midst of Legion tryouts. She remains there for over a month, participating in several missions. She uncovers ancient artifacts such as Excalibur, and helps stop a kryptonite meteor shower. NOTE: This tale reconfigured Supergirl's first appearances with the Legion, and the timing of her joining. Events from Action #276 appear. After Legion: Secret Origin, Supergirl's status in again uncertain in this continuity.

(Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

Clark visits the 30th century for the second time. The Legionnaires dub him "Superboy" for the first time. He flies in space for the first time. NOTE: Ultra Boy does not appear. This is the first time in Earth-0 continuity that Clark Kent is called "Superboy." In Silver Age tales, his second future visit was not until Adventure #300.

(Adventure Comics v.3 #12 [515], Aug. 10)

Star Boy joins the Legion. NOTES: Star Boy's first appearance was Adventure #282 (Mar. 1961), a 20th century tale in which he had already joined. His place in membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in the roll call of All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

(Secrets of the Legion #1, Jan. 1981)

Applying for a second time, Sun Boy and Shrinking Violet join the Legion. NOTES: As shown in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978), Sun Boy and Shrinking Violet's places in membership order does not coincide with their first apps.

(Secrets of the Legion #2, Feb. 1981)

Applying for a second time, Bouncing Boy is admitted to the Legion NOTES: His place in membership order does not coincide with his first app., as established in All-New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978).

(Adventure Comics #301, Oct. 1962)

Supergirl saves the Earth from the Positive Man and foils the Chameleon Men impersonating the Legion. NOTES: This event is redepicted in the Supergirl Annual. Bouncing Boy is shown as having already joined the Legion.

Action Comics #287 (Apr. 1962), (Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

After several weeks working with the Legion, Supergirl is admitted as its fifteenth member. NOTE: Supergirl's New 52 status in the Legion is a unknown.

(Supergirl v.5 Annual #2, Dec. 2010)

The Legion and Science Police pursue Zaryan to Naltor, where young Nura Nal has a vision of a Legionnaire's death (and another of her joining the team). She tells Beren, the High Seer and they send a message to the Legion. Brainiac 5 investigates a "ghost" (Mon-El) that haunts the clubhouse and speaks to Superboy in the Superman Museum. There, Superboy also learns about his own death.

(Adventure Comics v.3 #518, Oct. 2010)

The Legion stays for a visit in the 20th century—they are also monitoring the original Brainiac's first probe (Brainiac Zero) arriving on Earth. The Espionage Squad trails Zaryan.

(Adventure Comics v.3 #519, Dec. 2010)

Matter-Eater Lad (Tenzil Kem of Bismoll) joins the Legion. He is accused of betraying the Legion to the alien spy-master Meglaro, but is cleared when Brainiac 5 reveals the real Legion infiltrator — a miniaturized spy implanted in Lightning Lad's leg by Dr. Landro, one of Meglaro's accomplices. first app. of the Science Police.

Adventure Comics #303 (Dec. 1962)

Legion Year Six


The Tornado Twins marry and bear children: Don Allen marries Meloni Thawne (a descendant of the evil Reverse-Flash) and have a son, Bart Allen. Dawn Allen marries Jeven Ognats and they have a daughter, Jenni Ognats. NOTES: Meloni Thawne first appeared in Impulse #23 (Mar. 1997); Jeven Ognats in Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995). Flash Secret Files #1 (1997) gives Jenni's birthdate as 2978, Bart's as 2980. These events are placed here, just before the Legionnaires began wearing new uniforms.

Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995)

Angered by his descendant Meloni's marriage to a descendant of the Flash, Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) launches a campaign against the Tornado Twins. When the Twins use the Cosmic Treadmill to escape him, they tear open time/space barriers, bringing three Legions together from across the multiverse. They force Zoom into retreat. NOTES: Eobard Thawne first appeared in Flash v.1 #139 (1963). He has gone by the aliases Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom. He is from the 25th Century. This event was first mentioned by Superman in Justice Society v.3 #6 (July 2007).

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

The three Brainiac 5s create a new suit for Star Boy that is essentially a map of the multiverse. NOTES: Placement in the timeline is before many Legionnaires get new costumes; Star Boy's last app. in his old costume is Superboy #173.

(JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog, Jan. 2009); (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2, Oct. 2008)

The Tornado Twins and their mother Iris retreat with their families to Earth-247. The Legions use Star Boy's suit to return to their proper Earths. Only Brainiac 5 and Superman of Earth-0 retain any memory of this meeting. NOTE: The Brainiac 5 of Earth-247 speculates that the Earth-0 Brainy retained his memory because of his age.

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

Earth-247: Shortly after migrating to Earth-247, Dawn and Don Allen are killed by Dominator agents under the guidance of Meloni's father, sworn enemy of the Allen clan.

(Flash Secret Files #1, Nov. 1997)

Lightning Lad discovers a primordial black hole heading towards Earth. He and the founders jaunt into the future, where they find the Earth's been destroyed. They return to the 20th century for the aid of the Doom Patrol. With their help, they make the hole give off more energy than it absorbs. NOTE: The Time Bubble uses space warping (tesseract) technology to house all its engines. Set sometime after the Subs' formation and before any new costumes.

(Brave & Bold v.2 #34, July 2010)

Jealous of the Legion's accolades, the Subs decide to take a Time Bubble and save the Earth before the Legion does. They miss the Doom Patrol and instead team with the Inferior Five. In the end, their bumbling changes nothing.

(Brave & Bold v.2 #35, Aug. 2010)

Legion Year Eleven

The Great Darkness Saga: Just as Darkseid begins terraforming Daxam, Booster Gold is sent there from the past to secure the Helmet of Fate. He frees the Emerald Empress from a Daxam prison. He rescues a non-Daxamite girl named Rani, bringing her back to the 21st century. All other non-Daxamites perish that day.

(Booster Gold v.2 #32, July 2010)

Legion Year Fourteen

Saturn Girl reveals that Universo planned to attack Oa with a super-powered army. Element Lad resigns as leader; Polar Boy is elected in his place. Brainiac 5 mourns the apparent death of Rond Vidar, while Quislet teaches Wildfire how to contain his energy without his suit. Cosmic Boy and Night Girl return from their 20th century "vacation" with grim news: with the malleability of time following the first Crisis, the Time Trapper has removed Superboy from the Legion's history. First appearance of Metropolis Tonight holo-vid reporter Marella Tao. NOTES: Polar Boy's tenure as leader was referenced in Adventure v.3 #3 [506] (Dec. 2009). This temporary removal of Superboy from the Legion's history could arguably be the modern explanation of the entire post-Crisis (Jan. 195) continuityi.e., the Time Trapper removed Kal-El from the Legion's history, just as it happened post-Crisis. In the current timeline, however, the Legion managed to "correct" that tampering.

Legion v.3 #36 (July 1987), (Legion of Three Worlds #4, June 2009)

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