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Legion Stickers!


These were a retailer's incentive shipped along with Legionnaires #50 (1997). This was the double-sized finale of the "wedding" of Mordu and Emerald Violet.

+ Vs. System: Legion of Super-Heroes (Game/Trading Cards)

Set of 220. 110 Common Cards + 55 Uncommon + 55 Rare. 24 packs per box, 14 cards per pack I own: Whole set


These fantasy game cards are made to work with other sets of the Vs. System. The Legion set was also sold alongside a play mat (above). Inever played the game but loved the original art on these cards. Complete sets are rarely sold since the game is still being played. The game was discontinued by Upper Deck Entertainment in January 2009.

This was considered an "expansion set" and cards had the prefix "DLS" (DC Legion Super-heroes).

Alternate "stacker" cards were designed to form a triptych (above). These versions are as rare as a foil version of the same card. Every card in the set has a rarer, alternate foil version.

The set was rounded out by a fair number of Teen Titans and other team-related cards.



Legion posters are pretty uncommon. Most of the ones you find on ebay are competitively bidded.

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1978, retail (15" x 20") • See Notes, below (HAVE IT)

1984, retail (HAVE IT)

1984, promo. Cover of Legion v.3 #1. (HAVE IT)

1985, promo. Watercolored Cover of Legion v.3 #17. (HAVE IT)

1986. Mayfair Games promo
5 Years Later Poster, Immonen

1993 Legion v.4, retail (22" x 34"); By Stuart Immonen. (HAVE IT)

1997 promo.

19??, L.E.G.I.O.N. retail??

1997, retail (22" x 34"). By Stuart Immonen and Mark Farmer. (HAVE IT) 1999, retail. By Alex Ross
2007, promotional (11" x 17"). Artist uncertain. (HAVE IT)

20?? HeroClix Starter Set promo poster.

2006 retail. By Adam Hughes. This was the cover of Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23.

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book.
Quirk Books (2010). This book contains 100 two-sided posters (10" x 14") and includes two Legion related covers: Adventure Comics #247 (1958) and Action Comics #863 (2008). Another "collage poster" features the White Witch drawn by P. Craig Russell??.

2002 promo (11" x 34"). By Olivier Coipel. (HAVE IT)

2004 promo (11" x 34"). By Barry Kitson. (HAVE IT)

2007 promo (11" x 34"). By Francis Manapul. (HAVE IT)

+ Legion Poster, 1979: "Super Heroes and Super Villains"


I bought this poster from ebay, alone, but it is part of an 8-poster portfolio (or set) from 1979. The Legion poster reprints art from the cover of Superboy and the Legion #250 ($3.95). Published by Golden Books. 15" x 20". Includes:

  • Wonder Woman by Dick Giordano
  • Superman by Neal Adams
  • Batman, Robin & Batgirl by Neal Adams
  • The Flash by Jim Aparo
  • Captain Marvel and Billy Batson by C.C Beck
  • Aquaman by Jim Aparo
  • Superboy and the Legion by Joe Staton
  • Batman Super-Villians group poster with the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul.

Rarities & Trivia

+ Legion Hembeck

From DC's monthly house "Daily Planet" feature. By Fred Hembeck (25 February 1980).

Unused Legionnaires Art

kid quantum
Chris Sprouse identified this original artwork for me. For sale on ebay, it was done by Chris as a "preparatory sketch" for the final panel of Legionnaires #11 (Feb. 1994). The note at the bottom (which reads reads "Presenting—Kid Quantum!") was to describe the action on the page.

Legion "Survivor"

An interesting thread that took place on the DC Comics Message boards called "Best of the LSH." Readers were asked to vote elimination style on nearly 400 Legion characters to arrive at the ultimate top 10. The following won out (all, you should know, were the original versions of the characters):

ULTIMATE SURVIVORS These were the last remaining Legionnaires from these Earths (longest-standing first)
  1. Brainiac 5, Querl Dox
  2. Chameleon Boy, Reep Daggle
  3. Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn
  4. Dream Girl, Nura Nal
  5. Element Lad, Jan Arrah
  6. Karate Kid, Val Amorr
  7. Lightning Lad, Garth Ranzz
  8. Mon-El, Lar Gand
  9. Princess Projectra, Sensor Girl
  10. Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen
  1. XS
  2. Triad
  3. Invisible Kid
  4. Gates
  5. Saturn Girl
  6. Element Lad
  7. Cosmic Boy
  8. Timber Wolf
  9. Chameleon
  10. Ultra Boy
  1. Brainiac 5
  2. Triplicate Girl
  3. Light Lass
  4. Karate Kid
  5. Lightning Lad

The Lost Origin of the Legion Clubhouse!

John Censullo, an early contributor to my Legion module, once mailed me this alternate story intended to be published in Secret Origins. Editor Mark Waid pushed this one through channels after the Crisis, including Superboy in the Legion's origin. After Byrne's revamp of Superman continuity, this didn't sit well with the higher-ups. Although Waid fixed it so that it would have still worked all right, it was killed. A new story was written and ran in Secret Origins #46. It was written by Gerard Jones and penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger. > READ ...

+ Fan-Designed Costumes

These fan-designed costumes appeared in Adventure #403 (1971, after the Legion's run ended in that comic). Only those for Duo Damsel and Saturn Girl were used permanently. For one issue only, Karate Kid, Projectra, and Shadow Lass wore these costumes, in Superboy v.1 #183 (1972)).

Fan-designed Legion costumes presented in Superboy #183 (1972); art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.

Superman #8 (1987)

I know I'm not the first to post it, but since i just added it to my original Legion Chronology, it's worth putting here...

Creator John Byrne played a little joke in this story by including the four Legionnaires who most closely resembled the Fantastic Four: Brainiac 5 (Mister Fantastic), Invisible Kid (Invisible Woman), Sun Boy (Human Torch) and Blok (Thing). The cover even mimics Fantastic Four #249 (1982).

It's also interesting to note that Marvel's Gladiator was created as an analog to Superboy as were his team, the Imperial Guard, to the Legion.

Cover comparison: Fantastic Four #249 (1982) and Superman #8 (1987); art by John Byrne

+ Yikes! My Legion Costume Designs!

Like many fans, I designed lots and lots of Legion costumes. In bringing you the scans below, I was motivated to dig these drawings out of my boxes and bare myself to the world. There's more where these came from, too. What you see, you can never un-see. (Scans are large.)

Weird Better Best Posters