The Reboot Legion (Earth-247): Chronology

Part 2: 30th Century

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

30th Century

2927: Iris Russell is born. Her parents, fearing a nuclear war on Earth, send her back in time to the 20th century, where she is adopted and raised as Iris West. NOTE: Iris's 30th century origins were revealed in Flash vol. 1 #203, (1971) and #350 (1985). Her date of birth was established by Flash Secret Files #1 (1997).

(Flash Secret Files #1, Nov. 1997)

2957: Barry Allen (Flash II) is transported to the 30th century, where he rejoins his wife, Iris, still alive in a new body. NOTE: Date from Flash Secret Files #1 (1997).

Flash #350 (Oct. 1985)

2958: Iris Allen gives birth to Donald and Dawn Allen, the children of Barry Allen, who later will be known as the Tornado Twins. NOTES: This event is also mentioned in Legion vol. 4 #17 (1991).

(Flash Secret Files #1, Nov. 1997)

2964: After a month of happiness with Iris, Barry Allen disappears into the timestream, never to return. He never learns that Iris is pregnant.

Crisis #3 (June 1985)

Dawn and Don Allen debut as the Tornado Twins; they have inherited their father's super-speed powers. NOTES: The original story indicated that Dawn and Don were descendants of the Flash, but it was not established that they were his children until Legion vol. 4 #17 (Apr. 1991).

Adventure #373 (Oct. 1968)

2978, Earth-0: Dawn Allen marries Jeven Ognats and they have a daughter, Jenni Ognats. 2980: Don Allen marries Meloni Thawne (a descendant of the evil Reverse-Flash) and have a son, Bart Allen. NOTES: Jeven Ognats first appeared in Legion vol. 4 Annual #6 (1995); Meloni Thawne in Impulse #23 (Mar. 1997). Dates are from Flash Secret Files #1 (1997).

Legion vol. 4 Annual #6 (1995)


Angered by his descendant Meloni's marriage to a descendant of the Flash, Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) launches a campaign against the Tornado Twins. When the Twins use the Cosmic Treadmill to escape him, they tear open time/space barriers, bringing three Legions together from across the multiverse. They force Zoom into retreat. NOTES: This event was first mentioned by Superman in Justice Society vol. 3 #6 (July 2007).

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

The three Brainiac 5s create a new suit for Star Boy that is essentially a map of the multiverse.

(JSA: Kingdom Come Special: Magog, Jan. 2009); (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2, Oct. 2008)

The Twins and their mother Iris retreat with their families to Earth-247. The Legions use Star Boy's suit to return to their proper Earths. Only Brainiac 5 and Superman of Earth-0 retain any memory of this meeting. NOTE: Brainiac 5 speculates that the Earth-0 Brainy retained his memory because of his age.

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

Shortly after migrating to Earth-247, Dawn and Don Allen are killed by Dominator agents under the guidance of Meloni's father, sworn enemy of the Allen clan.

(Flash Secret Files #1, Nov. 1997)

Within days, Jenni Ognats ages into her teens.

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

2982: Iris Allen kidnaps her grandson Bart, who is rapidly accelerating and aging. She takes him back to the 20th century, where he becomes Impulse. NOTE: Date from Flash Secret Files #1.

(Flash vol. 2 #92, June 1994)

Azra Saugin saves the life of the witch, Mysa. Contact with Mysa's Scepter of Sybolla unwittingly empowers Azra's unborn child, Zoe, with telekinesis.

(Legionnaires #42)

Year 1

Tom McGraw and Mark Waid begin as writers
Lee Moder begins pencils on Legion
Jeff Moy begins pencils on Legionnaires

First appearance Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn), Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) and Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) who save R.J. Brande from an assassination attempt. He forms them into the Legion of Super-Heroes. First appearance Ayla Ranzz, Mekt Ranzz, Roderick Doyle, Shvaughn Erin, Triad (Luornu Durgo).

Legion vol. 4 #0 (Oct. 1994)

In the Legion's first case, they defeat Grimbor at the Metropolis zoo.

Legion Secret Files #1 (Jan. 1998)

Apparition (Tinya Wazzo, first appearance) and Triad join; first appearance Atmos (Marak Russen), Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox), Chameleon (Reep Daggle), Gigi Cusimano, Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg), Kid Quantum (James Cullen), Leviathan (Gim Allon), Rond Vidar, Star Boy (Thom Kallor), XS (Jenni Ognats) and Ambassador Winema Wazzo.

Legionnaires #0 (Oct. 1994)

Ayla Ranzz awakes from her coma on Winath. She discovers that, like her brothers, she too has lightning powers. She is drafted into the Legion soon after.

Legion vol. 4 #64 (Oct. 1994)

Gim Allon foils a White Triangle bombing.

Legion vol. 4 Annual #6

The Tornado Twins tear open time/space barriers. The Reboot Legion is transported to another Earth where they meet two other Legions. NOTES: This occurs before Kid Quantum's death. It is unclear whether XS took part in this mission. She would have, in effect, have been helping to save herself. Brainy mistakenly appears in his "5.1" incarnation. This event was first mentioned by Superman in Justice Society vol. 3 #6 (July 2007)

(Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Mar. 2009)

Chameleon, Invisible Kid, Kid Quantum, Leviathan and XS join. Kid Quantum is killed by Tangleweb. Cosmic Boy is elected leader.

Legion vol. 4 #62 (Nov. 1994)

Star Boy leaves Xanthu's Uncanny Amazers to replace Kid Quantum in the Legion. En route, he is unknowingly fed the meat of a space whale, which gives him vision powers, flight, strength and invulnerability. NOTE: This is the same whale from which Ultra Boy gains his powers.

Legends of the Legion #4 (May 1998)

First appearance of Brande's assistant Marla Latham. Mano destroys his dead homeworld, Angtu. Roderick Doyle attempts a bombing at Kid Quantum's funeral; he is revealed as the one behind Brande's attempted assassination and is arrested.

Legionnaires #19 (Nov. 1994)

Brainiac 5 joins; 1st apps. of Tenzil Kem, Leland McCauley and the White Triangle Direct Action Cadre. The Legion gets a new HQ.

Legion vol. 4 #63 (Dec. 1994)

Ayla Ranzz takes the name Spark and joins the Legion.

Legionnaires #20 (Dec. 1994)

Leland McCauley unveils his Workforce: Ultra Boy (Jo Nah), Spider-Girl (Sussa Paka), Karate Kid (Val Armorr), Inferno (Sandy Anderson) and Evolvo. Live Wire quits the Legion to join them.

Legion vol. 4 #64 (Jan. 1995)


The Legion heads for Planet Hell, the prison planet inside a sun.

Legionnaires #21 (Jan. 1995)

The Workforce aids at Planet Hell; first appearance Caress, Bandarkat and Titanor.

Legion vol. 4 #65 (Feb. 1995)

Planet Hell is moved out of the sun to safety.

Legionnaires #22 (Feb. 1995)

Andromeda (Laurel Gand), Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby) and Kinetix (Zoe Saugin) join the Legion (first appearance of all). First appearance Gates (Ti'julk Mr'asz), Ion (dies), Lume and Micro.

Legion vol. 4 #66 (Mar. 1995)

Apparition and Andromeda escort Tomb, Cannus (Cahvey Cannus) and Brawler to the new Legion Academy on Warnabros.

Showcase '95 #6 (July 1995)

Invisible Kid fashions the Legion flight rings from a discarded byproduct of Brainy's experiment.

Legionnaires #23 (Mar. 1995)

Tom Peyer begins as co-writer of Legion

Triad neutral is critically injured; a team pursues Tangleweb.

Legion vol. 4 #67 (Apr. 1995)

The origin of Triad, an outcast on her homeworld who was "adopted" by R.J. Brande; she is cured by Brainiac 5.

Legionnaires #24 (Apr. 1995)

Tangleweb is defeated; first appearance of the Durlan Composite Man, who can mimic the powers of any superhuman.

Legion vol. 4 #68 (May 1995)

The Composite Man attacks.

Legionnaires #25 (May 1995)

Saturn Girl is psychically traumatized in defeating Composite Man.

Legion vol. 4 #69 (June 1995)

Shvaughn Erin is assigned Legion vol. 4 #/Science Police Liaison; XS is revealed as Barry (Flash) Allen's granddaughter. (She is the daughter of Dawn Allen and Jeven Ognats.) Using the Star of Akkos, Mysa (1st chronological app.) secretly steals Kinetix's powers.

Legion vol. 4 Annual #6 (1995)

First appearance of Saturn Girl's former mentor, Dr. Micah Aven. Chameleon attends his father's funeral. Live Wire quits the Work Force. Andromeda contracts lead poisoning.

Legionnaires #26 (June 1995)

Brainiac 5 develops an anti-lead serum (based on Vril Dox II's original serum created for Valor) for Andromeda; The powerless Kinetix takes a leave of absence.

Legion vol. 4 #70 (July 1995)

First appearance Roxxas, the Daxamite and leader of the White Triangle.

Legionnaires #27 (July 1995)

White Triangle Daxamites destroy Trom, orphaning the young Jan Arrah (later Element Lad). NOTE: Mark Waid's last issue.

Legion vol. 4 #71 (Aug. 1995)

1st mission of the Legion Espionage Squad; first appearance Apparition's father, Murl Wazzo. NOTE: Wazzo's name is also given as Luonel Bordo in Legion #102.

Legionnaires #28 (Aug. 1995)

Saturn Girl senses Valor's presence in the Stasis Zone. The White Triangle is defeated but Apparition is seemingly killed by a Daxamite. Andromeda imprisoned as a traitor, but is believed dead by the Legion and general public.

Legionnaires Annual #2 (1995)

A funeral is held for Apparition and Andromeda. Ultra Boy, Jan Arrah and Live Wire admitted for membership, but the corrupt President Chu immediately expels them. First appearance Arn Kwin, Xamuel Ivar. First appearance Dr. Regulus, who is fired from Morgna industries.

Legion vol. 4 #72 (Sept. 1995)

Cosmic Boy secretly sends Live Wire to assemble the Legion Rescue Squad, who will eventually save the Legion from the Fatal 5.

Legionnaires #36

Dr. Regulus injects radioactive gold into Dirk Morgna's system, giving him the power of a small sun; Morgna blinds Regulus. Brainiac 5 returns from his visit to the opening of Warriors in the 20th Century.

Legionnaires #29 (Sept. 1995)

Mekt Ranzz takes the name Lightning Lord. Valor is revealed visually amid time fluctuations.

Legion vol. 4 #73 (Oct. 1995)

Live Wire loses his right arm in battle with Lightning Lord; a team goes back to the 20th Century to find a way to free Valor from the Stasis Zone.

Legionnaires #30 (Oct. 1995)


Part 1: The Legionnaires make their first visit to the 20th Century, to find Superboy, who they believe can help free Valor. NOTE: Per post-Infinite Crisis continuity, they do not realize they are crossing over to Earth-0.

Superboy #21 (Oct. 1995)

Part 2: In the Scavenger's lair, Shrinking Violet secretly becomes the beholder of the Emerald Eye. Other artifacts include the Original Legion clubhouse.

Legion vol. 4 #74 (Nov. 1995)

Part 3: Word of Valor's return leaks out, but he is released in secret; Superboy is made an Honorary member. NOTES: Legionnaires who join after this point are not told that M'onel is in fact Valor. Quislet's ship shown in the Scavenger's lair.

Legionnaires #31 (Nov. 1995)

Underworld Unleashed: First appearance Lori Morning. The newly-amped Chronos travels to the 30th Century. Half of Legion HQ is destroyed.

Legion vol. 4 #75 (Dec. 1995)

Underworld Unleashed: Kinetix is saved from her doom by Mysa. Pres. Chu orders Brainiac 5 arrested for unauthorized time travel. Lori Morning is aged to a young adult.

Legionnaires #32 (Dec. 1995)

Star Boy and Gates join; 1st apps. of Chuck Taine and Starfinger. On Sorcerer's World, Kinetix meets the old witch, Mysa. NOTES: Star Boy officially joined sometime before Legion #66, when he was drafted by the government of Xanthu. The old witch incarnation is a parallel to Mysa's original first appearance as the Hag (Adventure #350).

Legion vol. 4 #76 (Jan. 1996)

Mysa empowers Kinetix and sends her after the Emerald Eye.

Legionnaires #33 (Jan. 1996)

Nara Minsork (first appearance) digs around in Brainiac 5's head for the secrets of time travel, but fails. First appearance of his mother, Brainiac 4 (in flashback).

Legion vol. 4 #77 (Feb. 1996)


Starfinger revealed as the brainwashed Jan Arrah. First appearance of the Fatal Five: Tharok, Validus, Persuader, Empress and Mano. Violet changes her costume and outlook.

Legionnaires #34 (Feb. 1996)

The Legionnaires assemble the Fatal Five to battle the Sun Eater.

Legion vol. 4 #78 (Mar. 1996)

Mantis Morlo's first creations, the "Proteans" are captured. First appearance of Proty. Lori appears as Future Girl; XS returns from the 20th Century.

Legionnaires #35 (Mar. 1996)

Legion vs. Fatal Five.

Legion vol. 4 #79 (Apr. 1996)

Andromeda is revealed alive to the Legion and the public.

Legionnaires #36 (May 1996)

The Fatal Five are defeated; President Chu revealed as as the mastermind behind the Braal-Titan War, brainwashing Jan Arrah, and the Sun Eater scare. R.J. Brande becomes new president of Earth, pardoning Andromeda and Brainiac 5, and making Legion membership voluntary. He appoints Winema Wazzo as Vice President.

Legion vol. 4 #80 (May 1996)

The Legion Academy closes.

Legionnaires #43 (Dec. 1996)

Valor adopts the name M'onel (the Martian word for "wanderer") and joins the Legion on Detached status; Andromeda resigns; Jan Arrah takes the name Element Lad; he and Ultra Boy rejoin. The Legion Constitution is written. NOTES: Martian artifacts are shown in Brande's office, again lending to the J'onn J'onzz theory.

Legionnaires #37 (June 1996)

Leviathan, XS and Gates travel oversee Dagosk's UP admission; first appearance of Quicksand and Holdur, assassins-for-hire.

Showcase '96 #8 (Sept. 1996)

Chameleon revealed as Spark's secret admirer; a special transuit is adapted for Dirk Morgna.

Legion vol. 4 #81 (June 1996)

Year 2

Shrinking Violet is elected leader (due to the coercion of the Emerald Eye). First appearances of Saturn Girl's family, Bertor, Sydne and Jancel Ardeen, and of Dr. Gym'll. Diplomats Arn Kwin and Xamuel Ivar are revealed as a gay couple.

Legionnaires #38 (July 1996)

First appearance the Uncanny Amazers: Atom'X, Insect Queen (Lonna Leing), Kid Quantum II (Jazmin Cullen), Konk and Monstress (Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III); Apparition is brought back to life, having found sanctuary inside Ultra Boy's body.

Legion vol. 4 #82 (July 1996)

Legion vs. Dr. Regulus on Gallan; Dirk Morgna aids the Legion.

Legionnaires #39 (Aug. 1996)

Leviathan dies defeating Dr. Regulus, which triggers Violet to reveal herself as Emerald Violet, possessor of the Emerald Eye.

Legion vol. 4 #83 (Aug. 1996)

Violet reveals acquiring the Eye from the Scavenger's lair.

Legionnaires #40 (Sept. 1996)

Emerald Violet takes over! From Legion vol. 4 #84 (Sept. 1996); by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, Lee Moder and Ron Boyd.

The Emerald Eye displaces half the Legion to the 20th Century. First appearance of Dreamer. Inferno leaves the Work Force.

Legion vol. 4 #84 (Sept. 1996)

Leviathan is buried on Shanghalla.

Legionnaires #41 (Oct. 1996)

Mysa reveals her hand in manipulating Kinetix, whose powers and appearance are restored to normal. Live Wire is appointed acting leader in Cosmic Boy's absence.

Legionnaires #42 (Nov. 1996)

To replace their time-lost comrades, the Legion hosts a membership tryout. First appearance and joining of Magno (Dyrk Magz), Sensor (Jekka Wynzorr) and Umbra (Tasmia Mallor). 1st apps. (named) of Blast-off (Jahr-Drake Ningle), Dragonmage (Tao Jin), Night Girl (Lydda Jath), Particon, Polar Boy (Brek Bannin), Radion and Splitter (Floyd Belkin). Dirk Morgna is cured of his traumatic heat- and light-casting abilities. NOTES: Many other heroes make their 1st apps.; those who are eventually named: Charma, Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad, Infectious Lass. In-panel apps. only: Color Kid (a female), Comet Queen, Crystal Kid, Dev-Em and Stone Boy. Cannus also appears.

Legionnaires #43 (Dec. 1996)

Rond Vidar reverts Lori to her true age, and contacts the 20th Century team. On Yuen, Mordru is inadvertently freed by the rejected Legion applicants Cherry Bomb, Density, Phantom Lad and Ze Tongue. While exploring in space, M'onel is waylaid by an encounter with Emerald Violet.

Legionnaires #44 (Jan. 1997)

Invisible Kid is elected leader to replace Violet. The Legion puts down a civil war — incited by Mantis Morlo — on Gates' homeworld of Vyrga. Morlo reveals his hand in creating the Proteans. Mordru (shadowed) steals an ancient power on Biel.

Legionnaires #45 (Feb. 1997)

Mysa contacts Dragonmage, who has discovered Mordru's awakening. Chameleon and Sensor go on a date. Mordru recovers some talismans on Binder-7. Sister Andromeda (who's joined the Sisters of the Eternal Cosmos) rescues M'onel after his bout with Emerald Violet. Andromeda has committed to a life of atonement as a missionary.

Legionnaires #46 (Mar. 1997)

The two Legions are reunited in the timestream. First appearance of the Evisceratronic.

Legionnaires #47 (Apr. 1997)

When a Legion team visits the Time Museum to find parts for Brainiac 5's time machine, the Time Trapper secretly gives Lori Morning the H-Dial (revealed Legion vol. 4 #105). In the timestream, the Legion encounters a much older Sister Andromeda who says: "Kinetix... how can you be here?", suggesting a grim fate for the hero. The 20th century team is returned to that time, joined by Triad.

Legion vol. 4 #91 (Apr. 1997)


Mordru destroys the planet Sklar (only about 1,000 Sklarians remain). Mysa abducts Kinetix.

Legionnaires #48 (May 1997)

Mordru kills Atom'x, whose essence survives, disembodied. First appearance of the Legion of Substitute Heroes (only Polar Boy and Night Girl shown in full), who claim they're not yet ready for action. First appearance of the Lallorian heroes Beast Boy and Gas Girl.

Legionnaires #49 (June 1997)

Mordru kills Blast-off, whose essence survives, disembodied. Radion is injured; Magno loses his powers. Mordru is defeated and Violet freed from the Emerald Eye. She manifests Leviathan's growing ability. Mysa's youth is restored, and she is revealed as Mordru's firstborn child. NOTES: Contains a team poster by Alan Davis. Cover by Adam Hughes. This poster gave clues to upcoming members, including Monstress, Thunder and the mysterious energy cloud which became Wildfire.

Legionnaires #50 (July 1997)

R.J. Brande buys out the Workforce contracts for Radion and Particon. Chuck Taine discovers Lori using the H-Dial.

Legionnaires #51 (Aug. 1997)

R.J. Brande uses mental abilities to help Violet. She adopts the code name Leviathan II. Monstress joins. NOTE: This appearance by Brande sparked the debate whether he was, in fact, the Martian Manhunter. However, creator Tom McCraw has claimed that Brande is not J'onn (but could be one of the White Martians).

Legionnaires #52 (Sept. 1997)

First appearance of Cosmic Boy's brother, Pol Krinn. Magno meets him when he returns to Braal. Lori appears as Fireball and Slipstream.

Legionnaires #53 (Oct. 1997)

The Composite Man returns. The Legion scouts a satellite for a new outpost. Lori appears as Dyna-soar and Chiller.

Legionnaires #55 (Dec. 1997)

M'onel encounters Khunds (first appearance) who are recruiting worlds to join their Affiliated Planets. First appearance of the Dark Circle. Magno returns to the Legion, but powerless.

Legionnaires #56 (Jan. 1998)

Phase is merged with Apparition, revealing some of her past, and a mysterious link to the Durlan from the L.E.G.I.O.N. Also shown is an image of Phase having met the pre-Zero Hour Ultra Boy (L.E.G.I.O.N. #69). Outpost Allon is dedicated, and Magno assumes a permanent post there. Andromeda spirits M'onel away to the "Fires of Creation." first appearance Tyr, Stheno. NOTE: Includes pinups by Chris Sprouse and Colleen Doran.

Legion vol. 4 #100 (Jan. 1998)

A Legion cruiser is caught in the tractor beam of a "galactic antibody" that perceives them as germs. Saturn Girl realizes the truth: Sensor — who has been unconscious from their most recent battle — has been subconsciously creating the whole incident in their minds. Meanwhile, at Legion headquarters, the Magpie (Benn Pares) invades Brainy's lab. NOTES: Nothing in this story suggests that it is anything other than an in-continuity tale.The Legionnaires make reference to the White Triangle battle. Pretty much every active Legionnaire appears.

Adventures in the DC Universe #10 (Jan. 1998)

Saturn Girl returns home to confront her former teacher Dr. Aven. A team pursues M'onel. The Dark Circle stages an incident at a U.P. meeting. Ferro appears without his helmet (in shadow).

Legionnaires #57 (Feb. 1998)

Jason Armstrong begins as penciller of Legion

Dr. Gym'll tells Spark that her anti-gravity powers will cause her pain because her body is out of sync with her brother's. Attempting to restore her powers, she dies on Korbal, but is brought back to life, apparently stronger than before. Xanthu is invaded.

Legion vol. 4 #101 (Feb. 1998)

Four Legionnaires relate their origins to a group of aspiring child heroes. NOTE: The young heroes are versions of the Substitute Heroes: Antenna Boy, Chlorophyll Kid (Doro), Color Kid, Infecious Lass, Night Girl and Porcupine Pete. However, Night Girl, Chlorophyll Kid and Infectious Lass have previously appeared, as teens, in Legionnaires #43.

Legends of the Legion #1-4 (Feb.-May 1998)

Ferro decides (for the time-being) to forego plastic surgery for his face because it would mean remaining in his metallic form. Dr. Ryk'rr becomes Legion psychologist. Lori appears as Ink.

Legionnaires #58 (Mar. 1998)

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) is displaced, helping the Legion track the villainous Green Lantern Corps of the 30th Century. First appearance of Cary Wren (GL #98), Kyle's descendant. NOTE: These Green Lanterns do not possess true power rings. Current Green Lantern lore maintains that only Rayner's descendants can actually wield the ring. It is unclear how this tale fits in current continuity.

Green Lantern #98-99 (May-June 1998)

Star Boy and Monstress encounter the Khunds on Xanthu. Star Boy invites Kid Quantum to join the Legion. Phase's origin is revealed: Tinya's father separated her three selves at birth, surrendering two of them to a Luck Lord. One of those disappeared; the other was sent to the 20th Century by her Luck Lord master, to spare her from an enemy's wrath. GUEST APP: The Uncanny Amazers.

Legion vol. 4 #102 (Mar. 1998)

Invisible Kid cedes leadership to Saturn Girl. The Legionnaires enjoy some down time. Invisible Kid receives a note reading: "Can't wait to see you! —C." NOTE: In the Legion Chat on AOL dated 29 July 1999, Jeff Moy confirmed that Invisible Kid was intended to be gay, and that his "C" friend was reporter Condo Arlik: "It wouldn't have been a big deal for Lyle to out himself; his teammates would have been comfortable."

Legionnaires #59 (Apr. 1998)

Evolvo attempts to harness the time/space anomaly. Karate Kid flees the Workforce, seeking asylum with the Legion.

Legion vol. 4 #103 (Apr. 1998)

Karate Kid and Kid Quantum II join the Legion. Behind the scenes, someone manipulates the Legionnaires in the anomaly (later revealed as the Time Trapper). Chameleon and Sensor begin an undercover mission to infiltrate the Dark Circle.

Legionnaires #60 (May 1998)

The Composite Man escapes again. The Legionnaires emerge from the "Fires of Creation" slightly changed: Brainiac 5.1 (First appearance As such) and Gates now more patient, Kinetix more distant, Andromeda with new powers. Winath and Orando join the Khunds' Affiliated Planets. First appearance of the Sklarian, Kono. First appearance Minister Amilia Crugg, who allies with McCauley. The Time Trapper again moves a group of Legionnaires to another time pocket. NOTE: In the time pocket, the date reads "2968" (Jim Shooter era).

Legion vol. 4 #104 (May 1998)

The Time Trapper again alters time, casting some Legionnaires (those unique to Earth-247) in observer-only roles. They bounce through time, witnessing the two other Legions (Earth-0 and another).

Legionnaires #61 (June 1998)

The Time Trapper temporarily imbues Lori with chronal powers and offers her a partnership. Lori instead becomes Galaxy Girl and defeats the Trapper. XS learns that Lori also somehow possess other powers. The Trapper makes significant claims in this story: (1) that she has the ability to create realities that "may or may not exist," (2) that XS' "ultimate role is yet to be unveiled," (3) that she gave Lori the H-Dial (Legion vol. 4 #91), (4) that he purposely restarted time (after Zero Hour) so that the Legion could develop free of his influence, and (5) that s/he remembers all past realities. Invisible Kid reveals having known Jacques Foccart, but believes him dead. NOTE: When transformed, Lori takes the appearance of Glorith, the Trapper's minion from Adventure #338 (Nov. 1965).

Legion vol. 4 #105 (June 1998)


Part 1: The Dark Circle strengthens its Affiliated Planets with the promise of McCauley's new teleportation technology. This alliance includes the Dominion, the Khunds, Sklarians, Tyrazzians, Gil'Daan and some Coluans. Sensor abdicates her royal position. NOTE: This issues explains that the Gil'Daan's name was previously mistranslated as "Gil'Dishpan."

Legionnaires #62 (July 1998)

Part 2: Using the Composite Man, Dark Circle operatives frame Chameleon for the murder of the Winathian president, sparking retaliatory cries of war.

Legion vol. 4 #106 (July 1998)

Part 3: Several Legionnaires pretend to resign and join the Science Police in order to rescue Chameleon. First appearance of Leejah, the Composite Man's sister. In the Espionage Squad's control room, Lyle is shown investigating a possible Monstress/Khund link.

Legionnaires #63 (Aug. 1998)

Part 4: On Colu, Brainiac 5.1 learns that the identity of the Dark Circle's leader is his mother, Brainiac 4.

Legion vol. 4 #107 (Aug. 1998)

Part 5: The strain of McCauley's use of the anomaly traps the Time Trapper and stops time. Legionnaires (who'd been secretly prepared for this kind of threat by the Time Trapper's) sidestep this effect and use the advantage to dismantle the A.P. forces. The Trapper appears unmasked as an adult version of Lori Morning (Glorith). The Composite Man sacrifices himself in the cause. Andromeda 1st exhibits light-casting powers. First appearance of reporter Condo Arlik.

Legionnaires #64 (Sept. 1998)

Part 6: Brainiac 4 is unmasked as Dark Circle leader, and attempts to kill her son. Her motivation: simply to feel emotion, even hate. Cosmic Boy angers the Time Trapper by refusing her reward.

Legion vol. 4 #108 (Sept. 1998)

Dark Circle Falls: Leejah becomes Durla's spiritual leader (a role meant for Chameleon); Andromeda remains there as well. Some worlds remain with the A.P., some return to the U.P. Monstress, Star Boy and Kid Quantum are ordered to return to Xanthu. First in-panel meeting of Condo Arlik and Invisible Kid (platonic).

Legionnaires #65 (Oct. 1998)

The Global Grace Foundation funds The Ringers: Drianna Allon (Leviathan's sister), Klen, Shallee and Vincel.

Legion: Science Police #1-4 (Aug.-Nov. 1998)

Violet single-handedly defeats the Emerald Eye, and her fears. First appearance Molecule Master.

Legion vol. 4 #109 (Oct. 1998)

Jacques Foccart secretly helps Invisible Kid defeat Charma; he does not reveal to Lyle that he is alive. Violet's date with Chuck Taine ends platonically. First appearance of Danielle Foccart.

Legionnaires #66 (Dec. 1998)

Scott Kolins begins as penciller of Legion

Thunder joins the Legion when, on Fawcett World, Dr. Savant blows the Rock of Eternity to pieces (Eternium). NOTE: Thunder says she's from 6,000 years in the future.

Legion vol. 4 #110 (Dec. 1998)

Element Lad, Ferro and Star Boy (his powers unreliable) seek to rescue a child from a cave-in.

Legionnaires #67 (Jan. 1999)

Karate Kid takes on both M'onel and Thunder, who are possessed by an intangible alien.

Legion vol. 4 #111 (Jan. 1999)

Star Boy meets Starman Jack Knight and learns he is destined to one day become Danny Blaine, a Starman in the early 21st Century. A future-image shows him wearing his "star field" costume from Kingdom Come.

Starman #50 (Feb. 1999)

Element Lad changes Monstress' skin color to orange. Xotar attacks, seeking his old equipment. Lori steals the H-Dial from Legion HQ. Star Boy is grounded pending the stabilization of his powers.

Legionnaires #68 (Feb. 1999)

Triad and Ferro transport criminals through space, pushing their friendship to the brink.

Legion vol. 4 #112 (Feb. 1999)

First appearances of Catspaw, Piston and Lupine. Lori leaves to join the Workforce. Lori appears as Plasma.

Legionnaires #69 (Mar. 1999)

Kinetix is restored to normal with the aid of Brainiac's Anywhere Machine. Stolen from the 20th Century, Brainiac's Bizarro tissue sample begins to wreak havoc. First appearance of Lord Pernisius of Rimbor. Thunder and Sensor set out in search of Eternium fragments.

Legion vol. 4 #113 (Mar. 1999)

Cosmic Boy's former manager, Cuspin, hires Domain to kill him. Dirk Morgna appears as manager of his father's magno ball team (Pol Krinn is a member).

Legionnaires #70 (Apr. 1999)

The Legion turns Bizarro, leaving only Invisible Kid to save R.J. Brande from an attack.

Legion vol. 4 #114 (Apr. 1999)

On Zyzan, Dragonmage frees the Elementals: Ebb, Flutter (A'rie) and Brika (Rrox): together with Dirk Morgna (Phy'r), the four receive arcane elemental power. Chameleon captures Cuspin.

Legionnaires #71 (May 1999)

The Legion are separated from their Bizarro selves. Brainy miniaturizes the Bizarros.

Legion vol. 4 #115 (May 1999)

The Legion first encounter the Blight en route to a diplomatic function. NOTE: Contains the first printing of the Legion Constitution, including the first mention of the ban on powers assisted by external technology. The profiles name Blast-off as Leroy Drake (a mistake, later revised to Jahr-Drake Ningle) and Atom'x as Randall Burroughs.

Legion Secret Files #2 (June 1999)

The Elementals converge on asteroid JS-1967—Mordru's prison. Brika destroys her home planet of Dryad, and Ebb removes all the water from the planet Gil'd. NOTE: "JS" is a reference to legendary Legion writer Jim Shooter, whose heyday was around 1967.

Legionnaires #72 (June 1999)

Star Boy disobeys orders to help the Legion defeat the Elementals. A'rie and Ebb perish.

Legionnaires #73 (July 1999)

Sensor is captured by Lord Pernisius. Thunder discovers when she transforms back to normal, she appears in her native future time.

Legion vol. 4 #116 (June 1999)

The young techno-morph, Gear, allies with Sensor and frees all Pernisius' prisoners.

Legion vol. 4 #117 (July 1999)

Pernisius gathers all the fragments of Eternium, but Thunder channels its power to the Legion, bringing his defeat. Dr. Savant revealed as the mastermind behind Pernisius' power lust.

Legion vol. 4 #118 (Aug. 1999)

Dirk Morgna finds his vision affected by his Elemental possession. Brikka dies. Star Boy is suspended from duty. Dragonmage submits himself to police custody for releasing the Elementals.

Legionnaires #74 (Aug. 1999)

The 3 founders foil King Kradok, who uses the Legion's image to oppress his people.

Legionnaires #75 (Sept. 1999)

Apparition and M'onel recall an old L.E.G.I.O.N. adventure together on the planet Poriaxus. Gear visits the Legion HQ.

Legion vol. 4 #119 (Sept. 1999)

The Martian Manhunter makes his first (known) public 30th Century appearance. He saves a plant-like race from Leland McCauley's destructive clutches and encounters three Legionnaires.

Martian Manhunter #11 (Oct. 1999)

The Legion discovers that the surviving energies of Atom'x and Blast-off have merged. They build the new entity a containment suit and he adopts the name Drake Burroughs, a synthesis of their two previous names (Randall Burroughs and Jahr-Drake Ningle).

Legionnaires #76 (Oct. 1999)

On Summer World, Element Lad solves the mystery of Earth's stolen treasures. With the help of Lori and Amilia Crugg, the Legion catches their collector, Mr. Rhysson.

Legionnaires #77 (Nov. 1999)

The Emerald Eye gives itself over to the will of the Fatal Five's Empress and frees Tharok, Validus and Persuader. They take control of the Outpost.

Legion vol. 4 #120 (Oct. 1999)

The battered Outpost is wrenched from the Fatal Five and returned to space. Koko leaves Brainy to stay with a race of space-monkeys on Tenazor-4.

Legion vol. 4 #121 (Nov. 1999)

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