The universe of the Reboot Legion (aka Earth-247) was destroyed in Infinite Crisis #7. It may be presumed that only the active Legionnaires at that time escaped (and participated in Legion of Three Worlds) and remain at large in the multiverse.

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Deceased Allies & Inactive Members


1. Cosmic Boy (Rokk Krinn) Legion vol. 4 #0 (Oct. 1994) Active
1. Live Wire (Garth Ranzz) Active
1. Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) Active
4. Apparition (Tinya Wazzo) Legionnaires #0 (Oct. 1994) Active
4. Triad (Luornu Durgo) Active
6. Leviathan (Gim Allon) Legion vol. 4 #62 (Nov. 1994) Deceased Legion vol. 4 #83
6. Kid Quantum (James Cullen) Deceased Legion vol. 4 #62
6. Chameleon (Reep Daggle) Active
6. Invisible Kid (Lyle Norg) Active
6. XS (Jenni Ognats) Active on Earth-0
11. Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox, Brainiac 5.1) Legion vol. 4 #63 (Dec. 1994) Active
12. Spark (Ayla Ranzz, Live Wire II) Legionnaires #20 (Dec. 1994) Active
13. Star Boy (Thom Kallor) <Legion vol. 4 #66 (Mar. 1995) Active
14. Leviathan II (Salu "Violet" Digby, Shrinking Violet, Emerald Violet) Legion vol. 4 #66 (Mar. 1995) Active
14. (Sister) Andromeda (Laurel Gand) Uncertain; not present with the Legion when Earth-247 was destroyed
14. Kinetix (Zoe Saugin) Deceased Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4
17. Element Lad (Jan Arrah, The Progenitor) Legion vol. 4 #72  (Sept. 1995) Deceased Legion: Lost vol. 1 #12
17. Ultra Boy (Jo Nah) Active
—. Superboy (Kon-El, Connor Kent of Earth-0) Legionnaires #31 (Nov. 1995) Deceased Infinite Crisis #6; revived Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4
19. Gates (Ti'julk Mr'asz) Legion vol. 4 #76 (Jan. 1996) Active with the Retroboot Legion
20. M'onel (Lar Gand, Champion, Valor) Legion vol. 4 #80 (June 1996) Active
21. Magno (Dyrk Magz) Legionnaires #43 (Dec. 1996) Uncertain; not present with the Legion when Earth-247 was destroyed
21. Umbra (Tasmia Mallor) Active
21. Sensor (Jeka Wynzorr) Active
24. Ferro (Andrew Nolan) Legion vol. 4 #93 (June 1997) Active
25. Monstress (Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III) Legionnaires #52 (Sept. 1997) Deceased Legion Lost #11
26. Karate Kid (Val Armorr) Legionnaires #60 (May 1998) Active
26. Kid Quantum II (Jazmin Cullen) Active, current leader
28. Thunder (Cece Beck) Legion vol. 4 #110 (Dec. 1998) Uncertain; not present with the Legion when Earth-247 was destroyed
29. Wildfire (Drake Burroughs, Atom'X, Blast-Off, Erg-1) Legion vol. 4 #125 (Mar. 2000) Active
30. Chuck Taine < Legion Worlds #3 (Aug. 2001) Active
30. Gear (I.Z.O.R.) < The Legion #3 (Feb. 2002) Active
32. Shikari (Shikari Lonestar) The Legion #3 (Feb. 2002) Active
33. Timber Wolf (Brin Londo, Wolfpack) The Legion #13 (Dec. 2002) Active
34. Dreamer (Nura Nal) The Legion #23 (Oct. 2003) Active

Legion Leaders

It is tradition for Legionnaires to elect their own leaders, and the runner-ups serve as deputy leaders. The Reboot Legion had infrequent leader elections, but a handful of Legionnaires served in this capacity.

Election No. Member Issue Deputy Leader, Notes
1 Cosmic Boy Legion vol. 4 #62 (Nov. 1994) Leviathan
2 Shrinking Violet Legionnaires #38 (July 1996) None


Live Wire Legionnaires #42 (Nov. 1996) None. Served as "acting leader" until an election.
4 Invisible Kid Legionnaires #45 (Feb. 1997) Saturn Girl
5 Saturn Girl Legionnaires #59 (Apr. 1998) Unspecified
6 Kid Quantum II The Legion #10 (Sept. 2002) Triad

Other Heroes

These heroes appeared with the Reboot Legion, but never joined. In Original Legion continuity, many of them were Legion members.

Name (Aliases)

1st app.


Tenzil Kem of Bismoll Legion vol. 4 #63 Legion chef
Spider Girl (Sussa Paka) Legion vol. 4 #64 Unknown; former Workforce member
Dirk Morgna of Earth Legionnaires #29 Legion ally
Lady Mysa of Zarrox Legion vol. 4 #76 Legion ally
Dragonmage (Xao Jin) Legionnaires #43 Legion ally
Polar Boy (Brek Banin) Rejected applicant; Legion Cadet
Night Girl (Lydda Jath) Rejected applicant
Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem) Rejected applicant
Stone Boy (Dag Wentim) Rejected applicant
Fire Lad (Staq Mavlen) Rejected applicant
Infectious Lass (Drura Sehpt) Rejected applicant
Color Kid (Ulu Vakk) Rejected applicant
Crystal Kid (Bobb Kohan) Rejected applicant
Pol Krinn of Braal Legionnaires #53 A professional magno-ball player
Condo Arlik of Earth Legionnaires #64 A news reporter
Jacques Foccart of Earth Legionnaires #66 Believed dead by the general public, operating covertly
Danielle Foccart of Earth Still a young child
Catspaw (April Dumaka) Legionnaires #69 Workforce candidate