Triplicate Girl

aka Duo Damsel + Triad + Duplicate Damsel

Created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney

Luornu Durgo is a versatile character, popular across all iterations of the Legion, even making the cut as a featured member on the Legion animated series.

Despite her objectively "weak" super-power to split into three, writers have exercised the storytelling potential about the mortal and emotional intricacies of such a person.

She is a notable Legionnaire for being the first to apply for Legion membership — in the Original, Reboot and Threeboot continuities.

Luornu Durgo Taine of Cargg, alias Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, Lelith, Una, Duplicate Damsel

Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy, husband), Silvo and Humre Durgo (mother and father)

Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Academy, Legion of Substitute Heroes, United Planets Militia Academy

Action Comics #276 (May 1961)
SW6 version: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #24 (Dec. 1991)
As Una (Retroboot): Countdown #41 (Sept. 2007)
As Duplicate Damsel: Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 (Sept. 2009)

Original Triplicate Girl

From Secrets of the Legion #1 (1981); art by Jim Janes and Frank Chiaramonte.
The origins and super-powers of the Legionnaires. From All New Collectors' Edition #C-55 (1978); by Paul Levitz, James Sherman and Jack Abel.
The first telling of Triplicate Girl's joining. From Superboy #147 (May/June 1968); by E. Nelson Bridwell and Pete Costanza.
Triplicate Girl's costume (and all the Legionnaires') was redesigned in Retroboot continuity. From Legion: Secret Origin #1 (2011); by Paul Levitz, Chris Batista and Marc Deering.
Triplicate Girl makes an excellent bouncer. From Adventure Comics #301 (Oct. 1962); by Jerry Siegel and John Forte.
The devious side of Triplicate Girl. From Adventure #326 (1964); art by John Forte.

Luornu Durgo was born on Cargg to Humre and Silvo Durgo. Carggites live under a triple sun and have the native ability to split themselves into three separate, identical bodies. In most people, all three bodies share the same personality; Carggites whose selves have deviate from this norm are considered schizophrenic. Over the years, Luornu has demonstrated some of this trait. (Who's Who in the Legion #2, ) Notes: Luornu's name and homeworld were revealed in Superman Annual #4 (1961). Hert parents parents first appeared in Adventure Comics #356 (May 1967) and were named in Who's Who in the Legion #2 (June 1988).

After some sort of global catastrophe, the teenaged Luornu was appointed by Cargg's Survivors' Council to seek out R.J. Brande and his fledgling Legion of Super-Heroes. (Legion: Secret Origin #2) She impressed the three founders by approaching each of them individually, then surprising them with her super-power when they all came back together. As Triplicate Girl, she joined alongside Phantom Girl as the team's first non-charter members. (Superboy vol. 1 #147) NOTEs: In Secrets of the Legion #1 (1981), Phantom Girl was described as having joined just after Triplicate Girl, but in Secret Origins vol. 2 #42 (July 1989) and in Superboy #147 (May/June 1968) they are shown joining simultaneously.

With Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl, Luornu became one of Supergirl's three "super-girlfriends" when they surprised the Maid of Might in the 20th century and asked her to try out for the Legion. (Action Comics #276) NOTEs: This was Triplicate Girl's first appearance.

Triplicate Girl returned to the 20th century several times. She helped to bring Jimmy Olsen to the 30th century to perform three super-feats as Elastic Lad. She, Light Lass and Saturn Girl pretended to be in love with him in order to make Jimmy's girlfriend, Lucy Lane, appreciate him more. (Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #76)

Then Phantom Girl and Shrinking Violet joined her to visit Lois Lane and research the "Superman Encyclopedia." (Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #50)

From the start, Brainiac 5 also served as a Legion medical consultant. He logged a troubling appointment with Luornu in which she reported memory losses. This was clarified when her third person unexpectedly arrived. She had been acting independently from the other two and suppressing her memories of it. Because this was considered abnormal by Carggite society, Luornu strenuously denied any differences between her three selves. But Brainy cataloged three distinct Luornus: the independent, flirtatious one had violet eyes; the second, with red-brown eyes, seemed quite passive; and the amber-eyed third seemed well-centered. When unified, Triplicate Girl tended to be emotionally stable. (2995: Legion Sourcebook)

Duo Damsel: Then There Were Two

In the blink of an eye, Computo murders Triplicate Girl. From Adventure #340 (Jan. 1966); by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan and George Klein.
Everything is OK after all! There's still two left. From Adventure #341 (Feb. 1966); by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan and Sheldon Moldoff.
One of Luornu's several crushes. From Adventure #348 (Sept. 1966); art by George Papp.
Duo Damsel exhibits a duo personality. From Action Comics #380 (Sept. 1969); by Jim Shooter, Win Mortimer and Jack Abel.
A featurette in Adventure Comics #403 (Mar./Apr. 1971) showcased some fan-designed Legionnaire costumes. Only Saturn Girl's and Duo Damsel's were adopted for real. Lu's first appeared in action in Superboy #193 (Feb. 1973).
Wedding day disaster for Duo Damsel, the bride of Starfinger? From Superboy #200 (Jan./Feb. 1974); by Cary Bates and Dave Cockrum.

After Brainiac 5 created the artificial intelligence called Computo, the machine exerted free will. It attempted to take over the Earth and held the entire Legion hostage inside their own headquarters. Superboy managed to free the Legionnaires, but when they attacked, Computo made a shockingly swift retaliation: he killed one of Triplicate Girl's three bodies. (Adventure Comics #340)

Luornu's friends believed that she was entirely gone, and before reengaging with Computo, the Legionnaires sent her remains in a "rocket-urn" to Shanghalla, the cemetery satellite. Somehow, Luornu found the fortitude to recover; she put on a brave face, hid the depths of her pain and renamed herself Duo Damsel.

Various tactics failed to defeat Computo until Brainiac 5 ultimately unleashed a dangerous anti-matter force; Computo was obliterated and the entity was sent back into the anti-matter universe. (#341)

Some part of Luornu always harbored a secret crush on Superboy, the handsome 20th-century legend. She expressed this to him one day in a harmless manner. (#348) But she gave up that fruitless pursuit and began responding to the affections of the more attentive (if unlikely) Legionnaire, Bouncing Boy. Lu had made the decision to split and send just one of her selves on a mission to the planet Ikros, while the other remained on Earth to rest. At home, "Luornu I" accepted the offer of a day from Bouncing Boy. Off-planet, "Luornu II" met Nam'Lor, the hero of Ikros, who likewise invited her on a date. He created a nickname for her: "Lelith," which meant "beautiful." But they didn't realize that his energy powers were affecting her adversely —  turning her evil. When Lelith returned to Earth, she took to committing various crimes and her sister was forced to stop her. Nam'Lor left, claiming that she would soon return to normal. (Action Comics #380)

Some wondered whether "Lelith's" actions were a latent expression of Luornu's "violet" personality. Brainiac 5 speculated that this was common among Carggites, but repressed. (2995: Legion Sourcebook)


Bouncing Boy had lost and regained his powers, resigning and rejoining the Legion accordingly. (Adventure #321, 341, 351) When those powers began to wane a second time, he decided it was time to retire from the Legion permanently. He proposed to Luornu — knowing also that there was a rule that prohibited married Legionnaires from serving in active duty. They would become the Legion's first married couple, but before the ceremony, it appeared that Luornu had also lost her super-power!

Actually, one of her selves had been kidnapped by the villainous Starfinger, who wanted to extract the secret of her native power. Once found, Superboy made quick work of Starfinger. After the ceremony at Nix Olympia on Mars, both Chuck and Luornu resigned from the Legion and became reservists. (Superboy #200)

The newlyweds made sporadic appearances with the team. Duo Damsel even adopted a new uniform. (#209) Even being off-duty, they found themselves is situations needing to use their Legion skills. (#216) She and Chuck never ever expressed interest in rejoining the Legion, even after an accident restored his powers again. (#230)

They settled on the icy frontier world of Wondil IX (#257), where they accidentally released the 2,500 year-old djinn called Kantuu and the rest of the Legion had to intervene. (Legion vol. 2 #266–267)

After that case they hung around Legion headquarters and participated in a few big missions before happily returning to reserve status. (#284)

The 2010 "deluxe" trade paperback for The Great Darkness Saga featured Keith Giffen's model sheets, his sketches for new Legionnaire uniforms.
Back to reserve status. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 #303 (Sept. 1983); by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.
Instructor Taine explains the finer points of combat to her students at the Legion Academy. From Legion vol. 2 #304 (Oct. 1983); by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.
Profile picture from Who's Who #7 (Sept. 1985); art by Mary Wilshire and Dick Giordano.
Brainiac 5 leaves Luornu with his force field belt. From Legion vol. 3 #304 (Oct. 1988); by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and Mike DeCarlo.

Instead, Luornu joined Chuck as a primary instructor at the Legion Academy. Together they elevated the curriculum and enrollment to new heights. They mentored many young heroes who went on to serve in the Science Police and the Legion. (Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 #304, 316)

Both Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy joined a new iteration of the Legion of Substitute Heroes when it was organized by Cosmic Boy. (Legion vol. 3 Annual #3)

The Legion Conspiracy

After Superboy sacrificed his life to stop the Time Trapper, (Legion vol. 3 #38) Duo Damsel joined Brainiac 5, Mon-El, and Saturn Girl in forming an honor guard to transport Superboy's body to Shanghalla for interment. They agreed that day to avenge Superboy's death by destroying the Time Trapper once and for all. (#46) Note: At this point in continuity (post-Crisis), this was the Pocket Universe Superboy.

Using the power of the Infinite Man, the conspirators (plus Rond Vidar) broke through the Trapper's "Iron Curtain" to confront the villain at the end of all time. The Trapper quickly incapacitated Saturn Girl and Mon-El — and killed Duo Damsel's second body. What saved them was the unexpected revelation that Vidar was a Green Lantern. The Infinite Man carried the Time Trapper back through the Dawn of Time to his apparent destruction. (#50)

Brainiac 5 felt great guilt for Luornu's second great loss. While she was devastated, she admitted that they had all agreed to sacrifice their lives. Brainy left Earth and the Legion, and bestowed Luornu with a gift: his force-field belt, for self-defense. After trying to use it once, she decided not use it. (#51)


Jim Shooter on Duo Damsel:

"The only girl with a frail enough ego to make Bouncing Boy secure. She is bright, pretty, clever, thoughtful and artistic chick with a lousy self-image. One of the best catches of the Legion girls—note that B.B. got her! All the way through the courtship he probably told himself, 'Naw, she really can't like me.' And with the same ruthless resignation he faces danger, he courted and charmed her until he got her, surprising no one more than himself! She recognizes Chuck's value. She even recognizes her own value, but insists on judging herself against standards carefully selected to paint a failure. Like the hopeless crush on Sups." —Interlac (1976)

Glorith Reality (Legion vol. 4)

Luornu discovers her force field power. From Legion of Super-Heroes #42 (1993); art by Stuart Immonen.
Duo Damsel is restored! From Legion of Super-Heroes #42 (1993); art by Stuart Immonen.
The SW6 Duo Damsel discovers that she actually is three! From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #41 (1992); art by Stuart Immonen.
Also at the U.P. Militia Academy: Xera, the Tiger Girl, R327, and Visi-Lad. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #57 (1994); art by Christopher Taylor and Dave Cooper.

Luornu's separate personalities, and the trauma of her third self's death, were never explored in early Legion tales. In the "Glorith Reality" continuity, these matters were illuminated by writers Tom Bierbaum and Mary Bierbaum, especially in 2995: The Legion Sourcebook. Secrets revealed that Luornu had suffered mentally and physically from the losses of her bodies. Normally, the death of one of a Carggite's bodies usually means the sympathetic death of all, so she had no idea why she was an exception.

Because of her "abnormality," she was shunned by her race, even her parents. Brainiac 5 hypothesized that her divergent personalities actually enabled her to distribute the pain. Note: In this Legion era, her home planet was spelled with three 'g's. She was also once referred to as "Triad." These are treated as apocryphal here.

When the 30th century was rewritten to exclude Superboy, his role was replaced by Mon-El's (now known as Valor). In the Legion's early days, Luornu held a secret crush on Valor, a 20th-century legend who was also highly revered on Cargg as a father to their civilization. (Legion vol. 4 Annual #2)

On Earth, the Legion was systematically dismantled by the Dominators, who had taken over Earthgov. When the Legion Academy lost its funding, Luornu and Chuck were invited by King Jonn of the United Planets to establish a new school: the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar. They and the heroes of the Militia stood ready to fight with the Legion against a Khund invasion. (2995: Legion Sourcebook, Legion vol. 4 #15-18)

In the Glorith Reality, the Legionnaires' fateful battle against the Time Trapper was altered to have been against Glorith instead. These conspirators were later kidnapped by Glorith in a revenge plot. The Legionnaires learned then that Luornu's second body had not been killed! Instead it was reduced to protoplasm by Glorith, regenerated and made to serve her. While bound, Luornu discovered that the power of Brainiac 5's force field belt had become a part of her. She unleashed it and freed them, turning the tide, and her two selves were reunited. (#42)

Lu returned to her life on Xolnar with Chuck and with the Militia Academy, where they continued to train a legion of new, young recruits. Their ranks were also filled out by many former members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. (#57)

SW6 Legion: Triad

The "SW6 Legion" was a complete duplicate of the Legion from their early days. These "chronal duplicates" were created by the Time Trapper and stored beneath the Time Institute on Earth. When the SW6 Legion were (literally) unearthed by the Dominators, that Luornu was found to still have three selves. The SW6 teens reformed their Legion on Earth and Luornu took a different name: Triad. (Legion vol. 4 #24, Valor #23)


Tom and Mary Bierbaum on Duo Damsel:

"Luornu has a triple personality, an oddity they try to suppress on Cargg. The 'purple' Lu is reserved, well-behaved, the 'orange' Lu is a trouble-making rebel and the 'white' Lu (the one Computo killed) is nervous and fatalistic, the repository of all the anxiety the combined Triplicate Girl suffered through. Usually, the "purple" personality is dominant, making Triplicate Girl one of the strongest links in the Legion chain. ...Usually." —Interlac (2000)

Retroboot: Duplicate Damsel

Luornu takes the name "Una" and joins Karate Kid in the 21st century for a mission. From Countdown #41 (Sept. 2007); by Paul Dini, Adam Beechen and Dennis Calero.
Now, what now? From Countdown #20 (Feb. 2008); by Paul Dini, Keith Giffen, Adam Beechen, Howard Porter and Art Thibert.
Una apparently is consumed by rats on Earth-15. From Countdown #5 (May 2008); by Adam Beechen, Jim Starlin and Rodney Ramos.
The Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl from Earth-Prime are recruited by strangers for a strange mission. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.5 #43 (Aug. 2008); by Jim Shooter, Francis Manapul and John Livesay.

When the Original Legion's history was (more or less) restored after Infinite Crisis, its continuity did not include the events of Legion vol. 4. This meant that Luornu had not reclaimed her second self.

The Apocryphal Tale of Una

The story of Countdown (which attempted to repeat the success of 52) cannot be reconciled with any Legion continuity. One of its subplots involved an odyssey taken by Luornu and Karate Kid. At the beginning of the story, they were clearly established as those from Earth-0 (Retroboot continuity). However, as their Countdown story progressed, this became uncertain.

You see, during this time the Threeboot Legion starred in the Legion title (vol. 5). Countdown ended in mid-2008 but shortly afterwards, in Legion vol. 5 #43 (Aug. 2008), the Threeboot Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl were shown being recruited by strangers for a mystery mission. It was never explicitly confirmed that this was intended to establish the characters in Countdown as those from the Threeboot. But here's the awful story …

Karate Kid (Retroboot) had been on a mission in the 21st century, (Justice League of America #10, Countdown #41) but when the rest of his team returned to the future, he was ordered to stay. He was joined by Luornu, who now called herself Una. (Countdown #41) During their time together, Una demonstrated great martial art skills, supposedly honed by practicing with Karate Kid and her own sisters.

They were directed by their fellow Legionnaire, Starman to seek help from Oracle, at her tower in Metropolis, (#39) where Karate Kid informed Oracle that he was dying (again). (#38) Oracle could not identify the virus in him and wondered if it were either alien or from the future. (#39-37)

The Legionnaires took their mission to a man called Elias Orr, who identified Val's affliction as a form of the techno-organic OMAC virus. He referred them to scientist Buddy Blank. (#36–34) Along the way, they met Supergirl who mistook them for the Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl she met while she was in the 31st century (this was on Earth-Prime, the Threeboot Legion). Una fibbed and said that her "other two selves" had gone back to the future. (Supergirl vol. 5 #21-22) Note: This was the second reference to their being from Earth-0.

The quest for Val's salvation led them to the ruins of the city of Blüdhaven, (#31-27) where his condition worsened. (#26-25) Una stifled romantic urges toward Karate Kid, explaining away their closeness by saying, "there'd still be two other 'mes' who might not feel the same way." (#20) Note: Clearly, this line could not be words of the original Luornu, who'd lost her third self long ago. It indicated a change from earlier Countdown stories, an intention to make these characters those of the Threeboot Legion.

Una also became infected with OMAC technology as they fought through Apokolips to Earth-51. (#12-8) There, Karate Kid died and the virus inside him was unleashed on the populace. (#7) Una continued to fight but was left for dead, being smothered by rats. Her sacrifice allowed Buddy Blank to save his daughter and grandson. (#6–5) Note: This conclusion set up Earth-51 to become the home for DC's "Great Disaster" tales — Buddy Blank's grandson would become Kamandi.

Legion of Three Worlds: Duplicate Damsel

Duplicate Damsel debuts. From Legion of Three Worlds #5 (2009); by Geoff Johns, George Pérez and Scott Koblish.
Luornu knows well how dangerous Legion life is for a youth. From Adventure Comics #523 (Apr. 2011); by Paul Levitz, Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning.

The next time we encounter Luornu Durgo Taine is in Geoff Johns and George Perez' Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. This series, which launched in 2008, had undoubtedly been begun prior to, or simultaneously with Countdown. Three Worlds blazes forth as if Countdown never happened. Johns depicted all versions of Luornu and Val in this story.

At some point prior to the Legion's battle against Superboy Prime, Luornu had acquired the ability to replicate herself endlessly. She took this in stride, and redubbed herself Duplicate Damsel. She and Chuck jumped in to help the Legion against Superboy-Prime and his Legion of Super-Villains. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5) Note: Geoff Johns spoiled her new "Duplicate Damsel" name at a convention, heard in an official DC Comics podcast (26 July 2008).

Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy continued to run the Legion Academy, training a new generation of Legion members. She was a tough instructor; it was to condition the students for the dangerous missions ahead of them. (Adventure Comics #523) Note: This story arc identified her as "Duplicate Girl," not "Damsel."

Lu especially struggled to discipline Chemical Kid, whose entitled upbringing made him impossible to control. She did not hesitate to punish his entire class after learning of his antics. Her worst fears were realized the day that Legion headquarters was invaded by Cosmic King. With Legion away, the Academy students were called to confront villain and Variable Lad sacrificed his life. (#529)

Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy brought two new recruits (Mwindaji and Otaki) with them on a mission to rescue several captive Legionnaires from the Dominators. With these students, her disciplinarianism paid off: they performed well under stress and their mission was successful. (Legion v.7 #10–12)

Having more bodies only left Luornu more vulnerable to mortal attack; she lost another duplicate of herself in an attack by the Fatal Five. (#20)


Luornu Durgo has the native Carggite ability to separate into three mostly identical bodies. Unlike most Carggites however, she also exhibits three different personalities. Despite this, she prefers to remain in conjoined form.

Her three bodies share a mental and physical link. When rejoining, she assimilates the memories of all. This mind-body link has also allowed her to master the martial art called tri-jitsu.

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Glorith Reality

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Luornu Durgo of Cargg

Unnamed father, Iruna Durgo (mother, deceased), Murlu (grandmother), R.J. Brande (legal guardian)

Legion of Super-Heroes

As Luornu: Legion of Super Heroes vol. 4 #0 (Oct. 1994)
As Triad: Legionnaires #0 (Oct. 1994)

Reboot Legion: Triad II

Young Luornu learns to embrace her true nature from her grandmother. From Legionnaires #24 (Apr. 1995); by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, Jeff Moy and Tom Simmons.
Triad neutral is a victim of the White Triangle Daxamites — will history repeat itself? From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #67 (Apr. 1995); by Tom McCraw, Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, Chris Renaud and Ron Boyd.
Pinup from Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 Annual #6 (1995); art by Adam Hughes.
Valor doesn't take well to Triad's worship. From Legionnaires #31 (Nov. 1995); by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, Jeffrey Moy and W. C. Carani.

The inhabitants of the planet Cargg have the ability to split themselves into three separate bodies. But Carggite society considers any differentiation in personality as an abnormality. Young Luornu Durgo demonstrated this trait; one of her selves was shy and reserved, one outgoing and flirtatious, and one headstrong and clear-headed.

She might have been committed to a psychiatric hospital if not for the intervention of her grandmother Murlu, who was similar. Murlu became Luronu's guardian after the departure of the girl's father and the death of her mother, Iruna. Murlu encouraged her personality differences, believing that this was a natural state for Carggites. When her grandmother died, Luornu was sent to a mental hospital. She slipped away, and into an open spaceship. Fortunately for Luornu, this spaceship belonged to United Planets founding father R. J. Brande. (Legionnaires #24)

Brande protected Luornu. He offered her a job and an accepting environment, and accepted the responsibility of becoming her legal guardian. She became his assistant, and in fact was the one to reach out to the three founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. At a press conference, Luornu helped these heroes protect Brande from White Triangle terrorists, and she joined the group as Triad. (Legionnaires #0)

During a tense Legion meeting, Triad left feeling insecure about her powers. Her conflicting emotions led her to split, and when "Triad-neutral" went out for a walk, she was ambushed by the White Triangle, who beat her nearly to death; her sisters felt the attack. (Legion v.4 #67) Brainiac 5 saved her life, noting that her divergent personalities seemed to actually help Luornu hold onto life. (Legionnaires #24)

When she return to active duty, Triad joined the Legion Espionage Squad and contributed to the defeat of the White Triangle. (Legionnaires #28)

Carggites (among many races) practically worshiped the ancient hero called Valor. This Daxamite hero was responsible for helping the first settlers colonize Cargg. Triad was agog when he was unexpectedly released from the "Buffer Zone" and into the 30th century after a millennium of isolation. Valor was very uncomfortable with her reverent behavior and chose an alias, M'onel, to avoid recognition. (Legionnaires #31)

While one of her pined for M'onel, Triad 'purple' took a liking to Superboy (Connor Kent). For the most part, though, Traid 'neutral' liking for Chuck Taine (and seemed to win out). (Legionnaires #59)

Triad is snatched by C.O.M.P.U.T.O. From Legion #98 (Nov. 1997); by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, Lee Moder and Ron Boyd.
Triad stars on the cover for the "Faces of DC" month. From Legion #99 (Dec. 1997); art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.
Triad deliberates about her feelings for Chuck Taine. From Legionnaires #59 (Apr. 1998); by Roger Stern, Tom McCraw, Jeffrey Moy and W. C. Carani.
Triad gets down to business as the Legion's new deputy leader. From The Legion #10 (Sept. 2002); by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Olivier Coipel.

When Emerald Violet took possession of the Legionnaires, its power split the team in half. Triad was originally left in the 30th century. But after a failed rescue attempt, Triad was left in the 20th century too. (Legion v.4 #91)

Brainiac 5 created an artificial intelligence called C.O.M.P.U.T.O. (Cyber-cerebral Overlapping Multiprocessor Universal Transceiver-Operator) who turned evil and possessed Triad-neutral and Cosmic Boy as its hosts. (#99) It took the entire reunited team plus Superman to bring down C.O.M.P.U.T.O. with a virus, then all the Legionnaires returned to their home time. (#100)

One Year Later

Once again, group of Legionnaires was lost through a rift in space. They were believed dead and the Legion was disbanded. President R.J. Brande was framed and impeached by his rival, "Leland McCauley" (who was actually the immortal Ra's al Ghul). Brande left Earth and entrusted his business operations to his trusted aide, Luornu Durgo. Meanwhile, he began secretly building a new, hidden Legion headquarters.

Lu worked with M'onel, who became the leader of the Presidential Oversight Watch. They planned a memorial to the lost Legionnaires on the one-year anniversary of their disappearance — just as they return home! (Legion Worlds #1)

Once the Legion was reestablished, Kid Quantum was elected as Legion leader, and she appointed Triad as deputy leader. (The Legion #10)


The stories in DC's 1996 annuals presented "Legends of Dead Earth." The story in Legion vol. 4 Annual #7 leapt forward to the 75th Century — 4500 years after the formation of the Legion. The Legionnaire called Wildfire (who had not yet appeared in the Reboot Legion), survived to continue the Legion legacy wit members from across the United Planets. Among the members was one called Triad III.


Triad can (and prefers to) split from one woman into three. Each of these is physically identical except for their eye colors (all-amber, all-violet, and one of each) and body language. When one is affected or injured, the others sense that to some degree. Each has its own distinct personality; one is shy, one is brash, and the other tends to play peacemaker between the two.

Appearances + References


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Luornu Durgo of Cargg


Legion of Super-Heroes

Teen Titans/Legion Special (2004)

Threeboot: Triplicate Girl II

Top: Luornu wakes alone and amnesiac on Cargg. Below: Triplicate Girl is the first new Legionnaire. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5 #3 (2004); art by Barry Kitson.
The Dominators use a special device to forcibly separate (and torture) Triplicate Girl. From Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #28 (May 2007); art by Barry Kitson and Mick Gray.

Luornu Durgo was the sole survivor of the planet Cargg, which was the victim of some global catastrophe. She woke with no memory of it and struggled to survive. She eventually discovered that she had the ability to duplicate herself seemingly ad infinitum (though she did ultimately find there was a limit). Thus, she repopulated and rebuilt her world. They eventually designated three selves as ambassadors and they visited Earth and the fledgling United Planets. Luornu was more interested in the Legion of Super-Heroes, a new group of rebellious teens. She became their first non-founding member, joining them as Triplicate Girl.

When she returned home, her planet has shunned. It seemed that her time with the Legion had made her too much of an individual. Her early association with the team endeared her to Cosmic Boy, to whom she remained loyal when Legion leadership was in dispute. (Legion vol. 5 #3)

After Luornu's is tortured, she discovers she can't triplicate. (#28)

Karate Kid injures himself saving Triplicate Girl from aliens; Phantom Girl rescues them. (#37)

Triplicate Girl has shown romantic interest in several fellow Legionnaires. As three, she went on simultaneous dates with Ultra Boy and Sun Boy, (Legion vol. 5 #3) but found she was more drawn to Element Lad. (Supergirl and the Legion #30) She broke up with him just before she and Karate Kid were recruited by strangers for a strange mission into the timestream. (Legion vol. 5 #43) Note: This event was clearly meant to have some connection to Val and Luornu's appearances in the Countdown series. But in that story, it was clear that Karate Kid and "Una" characters were from Earth-0, the Retroboot versions of them.


The Luornu of Earth-Prime originally had the ability to split into a limitless number of duplicates. After three of them left Cargg, however, those three were cut off from the rest. When she re-merges with her duplicates, she retains all their memories in one.

While Triplicate Girl's clothing would split and merge with her when she used her powers, she discovered that her Legion flight ring would not triplicate with her when splitting.

Appearances + References


  • The Brave and the Bold vol. 3 #4-5
  • Teen Titans/Legion Special #1


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 5, 50 issues (2005–2009)


Luornu Durgo of Cargg


Legion of Super-Heroes

Superman vol. 5 #14 (Oct. 2019)

Rebirth: Triplicate Girl III

Little is known about Triplicate Girl of Cargg. She is one being who can split into three nearly-identical selves, and appears to prefer this state. When she recombines, she gains full memories of all bodies. At least one of them has a crush on Superboy. (Legion vol. 8 #4)

When Triplicate Girl "blue" experienced a disturbing dream about a "Great Darkness." they sought help frrom Dream Girl (because Carggites do not dream). (#11)

In an encounter with the Great Darkness, one of Triplicate Girl's bodies was spirited away to the 21st century and aged significantly. (Justice League vs. the Legion #1)


Triplicate Girl is actually three people who share a single consciousness. When they merge, their individual experiences are integrated into one.

Appearances + References


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  • Supergirl vol. 7 #33
  • Superman vol. 5 #14-15


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8, 12 issues (2019–2021)
  • Justice League vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes, 6-issue limited series (2022)



In Other Media

The animated Triplicate Girl from Legion of Super-Heroes season 1 (2007).
Triplicate Girl's three selves react differently when invited on a date. From Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #8 (Jan. 2008); by Jack Briglio and Alexander Serra.

Triplicate Girl was a prominent member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon. In that series, she also lost one of her selves, but was ultimately reunited with that third body.

The Triplicate Girl of the animated Legion cartoon was also one of its first members (Legion of Super-Heroes season 2, episode 9)

One of her three selves took a shine to Bouncing Boy and accepted an invitation for a date to a magno ball match. Elsewhere, the villain Starfinger disguised himself as Superboy and asked another one of her out, too. B.B. and Triplicate Girl teamed up to defeat the villain together. In the end, 'white' Luornu convinced the other two to go on a second date with Bouncing Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #8)

On their next date, they met the 21st century hero Impulse (Bart Allen) inside the virtual world of a game. (They were trapped there by the evil android, Tharok. (#15)

When the Legion went to confront a despot called Imperiex in the 41st century, one of Triplicate Girl's bodies was apparently killed. (Legion season 2, episode 1)

She did her best to pick up the pieces and changed her name to Duo Damsel. (Season 2, episode 2) When the Legion finally defeated Imperiex, a portal opened to the 41st century and Luornu discovered that her third self was still alive! (Season 2, episode 13)