Duplicate Damsel

+ Triplicate Girl + Duo Damsel + Una + Triad

Created by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney

Luornu Durgo Taine of Cargg, Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, Una, aka "Lelith"

Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy, husband)

Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Academy, Legion of Substitute Heroes

Action Comics #276 (May 1961)

First Body:
Adventure Comics #340 (Jan. 1966)
Second Body: Countdown #5 (May 2008)


Luornu Durgo of Cargg

Unnamed father, Iruna Durgo (mother, deceased), Murlu (grandmother), R.J. Brande (legal guardian)

Legion of Super-Heroes

As Luornu: Legion of Super Heores v.4 #0 (Oct. 1994)
Joined + first appearance, as Triad: Legionnaires #0 (Oct. 1994)


Luornu Durgo of Cargg


Legion of Super-Heroes

Teen Titans/Legion Special (2004)

Triplicate Girl's first appearance, in Action Comics #276 did not depict her joining the Legion. Further, it involved Supergirl, whose history with the Legion is constantly in flux. And so, this story is probably not in continuity.

From All New Collectors' Edition C-55 (1978); art by James Sherman and Jack Abel.
The first telling of Triplicate Girl's joining, from Superboy #147 (1968); art by Pete Costanza.
From Secrets of the Legion #1 (1981); art by Jim Janes and Frank Chiaramonte.
Redesigned orginal costume, from Legion: Secret Origin #1 (2011); art by Chris Batista and Marc Deering.
The devious side of Triplicate Girl. From Adventure #326 (1964); art by John Forte.
Just like that! From Adventure #341 (1966); art by Curt Swan.
One of Luornu's several crushes. From Adventure #348 (1966); art by George Papp.
Wedding Day. From Superboy #200 (1974); art by Dave Cockrum.
Back to reserve status. From Legion v.2 #303 (1983); art by Keith Giffen.
Duplicate Damsel debuts. From Legion of Three Worlds #5 (2009); art by George Pérez.

Luornu Durgo was born on Cargg, a world with a triple-sun whose people share the ability to split their bodies into three identical copies. In most people, all three bodies are absolutely identical in both body and mind, and a Carggite whose selves have different personalities is considered schizophrenic. Over the years, Luornu has demonstrated some of this trait, though she claims that, if left alone to accomplish a task, her three selves will tend to duplicate their own mistakes as well. (Legion: Secret Origins #5)

After some sort of global catastrophe, Luornu was appointed by Cargg's Survivors' Council to seek out R.J. Brande and his Legion. On Earth, she split into three and accompanied each founding Legionnaire individually to their headquarters, revealing her triplicate existence. Luornu joined the Legion as Triplicate Girl. (Legion: Secret Origin #2, Superboy v.1 #147) Though she was now among friends, she continued to be troubled by her bodies' different personalities. This was exacerbated by the tragic death of one of her bodies, killed by Brainiac 5's renegade computer, Computo. (Adventure #340) Luornu put on a brave face acting brave for her teammates, renamed herself Duo Damsel, and life went on. (#341)

Since the Legion's early days, Luornu nursed a secret crush on Superman, the handsome 20th-century legend. (#348) But she gave up this fruitless pursuit and began responding to the affections of the less handsome but more attentive Bouncing Boy. While they were dating, one of Lu's bodies left for a solo mission and succumbed to the strange "energy aura" surrounding the hero Nam'Lor of Ikros. Nam'Lor's aura turned Lu's separatetd body into a devious woman who preferred to be called "Lelith." Nam'Lor eventually figured out the problem and left her. (Action #380) Though the effects of his aura soon wore off, everyone still wondered: were "Lelith's" actions due to Nam'Lor's influence, or might they have arisen from Lu's suppressed personality?

After Bouncing Boy lost his powers, he proposed marriage to Luornu and they became the Legion's first married couple. Before the ceremony, it appeared that Luornu had also lost her super-power. So after the ceremony in Nix Olympia on Mars, they both resigned from the Legion and became Legion reservists. (Because of Legion bylaws, married Legionnaires could not serve full-time.) The Legion soon discovered, however, that her second body had been kidnaped by Starfinger in an attempt to learn the secret of Carggite duplication. (#200)

He and Luornu settled on the icy world of Wondil IX (#257), where they accidentally release the 2,500 year-old djinn, Kantuu. (Legion v.2 #266)

Upon the death of her second body (who called herself Una), Luornu found herself with the ability to replicate limitlessly. She took this in stride, and redubbed herself Duplicate Damsel. She and Chuck returned to help the Legion during the crisis surrounding Superboy-Prime’s Legion of Super-Villains. It remains to be seen what role they take in the Legion in the future. (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5)

NOTES: Luornu's origins were expanded more in post-Crisis tales, especially in the Legion Sourcebook 2995, and Legion v.4 #42-43. Like other volume 4 origins, I consider these past details beneficial to the history of the Legionnaires, and not in conflict with the rest of the timeline. Volume 4 did, however, emphasize the personality problems and trauma that Luornu suffered from the death of her selves. In Silver Age, and in current stories, she exhibits no such trauma. Geoff Johns spoiled her new "Duplicate Damsel" name at a convention, heard in an official DC Comics podcast (26 July 2008).

Jim Shooter on Duo Damsel: The only girl with a frail enough ego to make Bouncing Boy secure. She is bright, pretty, clever, thoughful and artistic chick with a lousy self-image. One of the best catches of the Legion girls—note that B.B. got her! All the way through the courtship he probably told himself, "Naw, she really can't like me." And with the same ruthless resignation he faces danger, he courted and charmed her until he got her, surprising no one more than himself! She recognizes Chuck's value. She even recognizes her own value, but insists on judging herlsef against starndards carefully suelected to paint a failure. Like the hopeless crush on Supes. I'm sure there were some jokes made about the two for one bit long before B.B. courted D.D.—probably the Legion guys were afraid of messing with D.D. because of the razzing they'd get, werd sex humor and suspicion of troilistic perversion, etc. I'm sure D.D. got some funny looks occasionally from the Legionnaires. A girl with a power so weirdly suited to weird sex (and not much else) has reason to wonder what's aid behind her backs. —Interlac (1976)

Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Duo Damsel: Luornu has a triple personality, an oddity they try to suppress on Cargg. The "purple" Lu is reserved, well-behaved, the "orange" Lu is a trouble-making rebel and the "white" Lu (the one Computo killed) is nervous and fatalistic, the repository of all the anxiety the combined Triplicate Girl suffered through. Usually, the "purple" personality is dominant, making Triplicate Girl one of the strongest links in the Legion chain. ...Usually. —Interlac (2000)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In the history that unfolded after the first Crisis (no longer valid),

In fact, the death was tearing her up inside, partially from the pain and partially from the fact that the death of one of a Carggite's bodies usually means the sympathetic death of all three, and she had no idea why she should be an exception. Because of her "deformity", she was shunned by all Carggites, and even her parents felt distant toward her. Brainiac 5 hypothesized that her multiple personalities enabled her to distribute the pain, resulting in her survival–an attribute that would have been considered a defect were she still on Cargg.

Since the Legion's early days, Luornu nursed a secret crush on Valor, the 20th-century legend who was particularly revered on Cargg. Luornu eventually gave up this pursuit when he started taking up with Shadow Lass, and started responding to the affections of less handsome but more attentive Bouncing Boy. This budding romance grew until, when it seemed that both of them had lost their powers and could no longer retain their Legion membership anyway, they married, becoming the first Legion couple to do so. Luornu got her power back soon afterward, when it was discovered that her second body had been kidnaped by Starfinger in an attempt to learn the secret of Carggite duplication, and Chuck eventually got his back as well, but neither ever expressed interest in rejoining the Legion. For a while, they helped try to settle the icy world of Wondil IX, and later, they became teachers at the Legion Academy.

The SW6 Duo Damsel discovers that she actually is three! From Legion of Super-Heroes #41 (1992); art by Stuart Immonen.

The body that had gotten kidnaped by Starfinger never reconciled itself to marriage to Chuck, and its occasional indiscretions (which also might have been due to behavior-altering radiation that it was exposed to on a trip with Nam'Lor of Ikros) caused some strain in their marriage. This was put to a rather unwanted sort of end when Glorith destroyed Daxam and out of her previous love for Valor, she felt compelled to join in a conspiracy of revenge. Glorith, during this battle, apparently reduced this second body to protoplasmic slime. After this, Brainiac 5 offered her the use of his force-field belt for self-defense, but she decided, after trying it, that she'd rather not use it. What she didn't find out until years later was that her slight use of the belt programmed a force-field power into her cellular structure, an aspect of the gift that Brainy forgot to mention.

When the Legion Academy closed down, Luornu and Chuck took jobs as instructors at the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar. It was during this period of her life that she was kidnaped by Glorith in a revenge attempt, and that her second body was discovered to still be alive. Glorith of the future snatched the devolving body from the past before it was actually dead, and regrew it to use as a servant of revenge. Brainiac 5's sudden remembering of Luornu's force-field was the only thing that saved them, and she became two again. The second body, subdued by its torture at Glorith's hands, has accepted life with Chuck for the time being.

Luornu's duplicate in the SW6 Legion was not married to Bouncing Boy and called herself Triad. Somehow, Triad remembered the experience of losing her third body, probably because the Time Trapper created her using a version prior to her encounter with Computo.

Legion 2: Earth-247 (Triad)

From Legion v.4 Annual #6 (1995); art by Adam Hughes.
A victim of the White Triangle Daxamites. From Legion v.4 #67 (1995); art by Chris Renaud.
Taken by C.O.M.P.U.T.O. From Legion #99 (1997); art by Lee Moder.

The Luornu of Universe-247 goes by the code name Triad. That universe was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis, but she remains active with that team, wandering the multiverse…

The inhabitants of the planet Cargg have the ability to split themselves into three seperate people. That is to say, they can utilize three different bodies... should those three bodies display different personalities, the Carggite public considers this a sign of trouble, and such was the situation of Luornu Durgo.

The fate of such aberrations is usually a psychiatric hospital, and Luornu might have been sent to one in early childhood if not for the intervention of her grandmother Murlu, who was very similar, but who knew to be discreet about it. After the departure of Luornu's father and the death of her mother, Murlu became Luornu's guardian and encouraged her personality differences, explaining to Luornu that this was the way all Carggites should actually be, but that sometime in Cargg's past, the message was lost. Once her grandmother died, though, Luornu was in fact sent to a mental hospital, and spent several months in complete misery. Her three seldom-agreeing personalities... one shy and reserved, one outgoing and flirtatious, and one headstrong and clear-headed... agreed on the need to escape. They slipped away from the grounds of the hospital and into the only available shelter, an open spaceship. Fortunately for Luornu, this spaceship belonged to United Planets founding father R. J. Brande.

Brande gave her a job and a healthy environment, and pulled some strings to have himself legally named her guardian. Even when her past became revealed to him, his protective feelings for her didn't diminish in the least... in fact, they increased. Eventually, she became his most valued assistant, and it was she who he had contact the three founding members of the soon-to-be Legion of Super-Heroes. Shortly thereafter, she saved the life of Brande and the President of the United Planets during the White Triangle's attempted bombing of the U. P. headquarters building, and she joined the group herself, as its Carggite representative, Triad.

Triad has always regarded herself as one of the weakest Legionnaires, and becomes very defensive when she feels this fact is being referred to. Such was the case when one of her angrily walked out of a meeting in which a mission not including her was being planned... and right into a racist White Triangle ambush. She was beaten very badly, and only the scientific genius of Brainiac 5 saved her, as he discovered that the one thing that got her shunned on Cargg was probably the thing that kept her from dying.

Upon her return to active duty, Triad found a new niche as a member of the Legion Espionage Squad. Since the Legion freed Valor from the Stasis Zone, at least one of her has been waiting on him hand and foot, as Carggite religion holds Valor in great reverence. After he went on "detatched duty", Triad's personalities became more conflicted than ever, a problem that causes her pain. The Legion's meeting with the Emerald eye of Ekron showed her just how badly some of her desire independence of the others, a condition that was temporarily granted by the Eye, but which reverted to normal after the Eye's retreat. When the Legion was trapped in the time-stream during an attempt to rescue seven members of the team from the twentieth century, and the rescue attempt failed, she found herself stuck in the twentieth century with them.

Legion 3: Earth-Prime

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her flight ring will not triplicate with her. There is an undisclosed limit to the number of duplicates she could make on Cargg. When the United Planets began recruiting member worlds, her collective decided to send three "selves" to Earth. There, she met and joined the Legion. When she returned, she'd changed enough physically and mentally that she could no longer recombine with her collective. She is loyal to Cosmic Boy and worked with him to spy on Brainiac 5's plans.

Luornu Durgo's past is a mystery. Seemingly the sole survivor of some catastrophe on her planet, she has no memory of her past. She awoke in the wake of a catastrophe and discovered that she had the ability to duplicate herself seemingly ad infinitum. Thus, she repopulated her world. Still, some of her were left feeling alone and when the fledgling United Planets visited Cargg, three duplicates ventured out into the stars. On Earth, she met and immediately joined the Legion as Triplicate Girl.

When she returned home, her planet has shunned. It seemed that her time with the Legion had made her too much of an individual. (#3)

dates Sun Boy, Element Lad, Ultra Boy In fact, these dates were a reconnaisance run for Cosmic Boy, who wanted to learn about the Legionnaires' ideologies. (#3)

Dream Boy receives a visit from Dream Girl in his sleep. Mon-El begins to suffer again from lead poisoning. Cosmic Boy is tortured for the location of the resistance's rendezvous. He and Triplicate Girl play out a ruse that looks like she is betraying him. Their ruse lures the Dominators into the Legion's trap. They use the Dominators' own portal to bring the fight directly to Dominion homeworld. After Luornu's is tortured, she discovers she can't triplicate. NOTE: A floating telekinetic Wanderer has a speaking part. (#28

Cosmic Boy decides the the Dominion homeworld must be removed as a threat completely, and sets Brainy to making a "bomb." Dream Boy reveals Dream Girl's new state. Mon-El gets weaker but Cosmic Boy asks him to deliver the bomb — which is actually a Phantom Zone projector — to its core. This returns Mon-El to the Zone, but everyone believes that he and the planet are destroyed. Cosmic Boy decides to tell the core team later. He later says Legionnaires number over a quarter of a million. Theena tallies the ongoing election results; Brainy, Ultra Boy and Invisible Kid get significant votes. Mekt and Garth catch up. Invisible Kid has a new alien arm. Triplicate Girl and Element Lad connect. Public opinion favors the Wanderers. Supergirl begins to look for a way home. Cosmic Boy is visited by three teens from a thousand years in the future — the Knights Tempus. They take him to join their team; they say his destiny guides them. His memorabilia shows old Legion comics that are different from any published. Roll call depicts floaty bug, finhead, wasp. Supergirl & the Legion #30

Lightning Lad is overwhelmed by leadership duties and sends various members on inappropriate missions. He learns that they are to review seven "pre-approved candidates." Karate Kid injures himself saving Triplicate Girl from aliens; Phantom Girl rescues them. Another team goes to Triton (a ski destination) to warn of an attack and meets City manager Winch Boone. They also meet Giselle, whom Invisible Kid saves from a beating by cruel teens. Projectra meets with Nimra C. Lafong, UP Secretary of Diplomacy, and Sydne Ardeen to discuss her status. She is told that she no longer has special status, as Orando doesn't exist. (#37)

She and Element Lad broke up just before Luornu was (along with Karate Kid) by visitors out-of-time for a strange mission. (#43)

Other Versions

Triplicate Girl was a prominent member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.

Animated Triplicate Girl! From "??," Legion of Super-Heroes season ??, episode ??.



Triad has the native Carggite ability to split into three different bodies. Unlike most Carggite's however, she also manifests three distinct personalities; she prefers to remain in triplicated form. Her three bodies share a mental and physical link. It is believed that if one body dies, the others will follow. This mind-body link has also allowed her to master the martial art called tri-jitsu.

Luornu original had the ability to split into an infinite number of duplicates. After three of her left Cargg, however, those three were cut off from the rest. When she re-merges with her duplicates, she retains all theirm memories in one.

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