Rond Vidar

Created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan

Rond Vidar of Earth, Green Lantern

Vidar (Universo, father), Vidar (possible 27th century ancestor)

Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #349 (Oct. 1966)
As a Green Lantern: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #50 (Sept. 1988)

Adventure Comics #360 (Sept. 1967)

Green Lantern Vidar does the forbidden. From Legion v.2 #295 (1983); art by Curt Swan.
Rond Vidar invents his own father's doom-the Time Cube. From Adventure #349 (1966); art by Curt Swan.
Moments before his death. From Legion of Three Worlds #2 (2009); art by George Pérez.

Rond Vidar was the son of Vidar, a former Green Lantern who became the Legion's adversary, Universo. Rond's mother died at the hands of Vidar's enemies, and his father chose to place the boy with family on Earth. The elder Vidar was ultimately expelled from the Green Lantern Corps after attempting to view the origins of the universe, and Green Lanterns were prohibited from the planet. (Legion v.2 #295)

Rond inherited his father's curiosity about the nature of time. (This may have been a family tradition. Back in the year 2645, another Vidar helped send John Fox on the fateful time-trip that transformed Fox into the 27th century Flash. [Flash Special #1]) Rond's extraordinary intelligence enabled him to create the Time Cube — which drew his father's attention — and resulted in a clash with the Legion. But Rond did not display his father's evil tendencies so he chose to help the Legion of Super-Heroes defeat Universo. (Adventure Comics #349)

After this case, the Guardians of the Universe secretly bestowed Rond with his father's former power ring. Rond now had immense power at his disposal, but he was forbidden from revealing it on Earth. NOTE: Rond's role as a Green Lantern was first revealed in Legion v.3 #30 (1987).

Universo appeared again soon and hypnotized the population of Earth. Rond was immune to his father's power and helped Brainiac 5 to devise an antidote to his hypnotic drug. For his bravery, Rond earned the title of Honorary Legionnaire ... and his father's eternal enmity. (#359–360)

Rond was then accepted as a student at the Time Institute in Metropolis, where he suffered his greatest failure. In attempting to prove his theory about the circular nature of time, he sent a volunteer, Jaxon Rugarth, on a non-stop circuit through the time stream. Rugarth went mad and became the entity known as the Infinite Man. Although the Legion defeated and depowered the Infinite Man, Rond never forgave himself for the disaster. (Superboy & the Legion #233, Legion v.3 #18)


Legion 1.5 (vol. 4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid; herein referred to as "Legion 1.5"), Rond went on to marry the Legionnaire Laurel Gand. Within this period, the history of the Green Lantern Corps was also changed, and all 30th century Green Lantern references were changed to Darkstars. For simplicity's sake, the following profile ignores the Darkstar issue.

Although he was an honorary member of the Legion, Rond felt his responsibilities to the Time Institute came first (unless lives were known to be at stake) and has, at times, strictly enforced the Institute's rules governing time-travel even upon Legionnaires. (Legionnaires Three #2)

During most of his years as a professor at the Time Institute, Rond secretly served as the Green Lantern of Earth's sector (2814). Green Lanterns had been banned from Earth due to his father's villainous antics. When Universo made another attempt at conquering Earth, he made sure that Rond wouldn't stop him—he killed him. Or so he thought (Legion v.3 #30) His secret Green Lantern armor kept him alive, and he emerged from his burial when the Legion needed a way to break through thethe Time Trapper's "Iron Curtain of Time." He suggested using the Infinite Man's power, which worked, and the Trapper fought the Infinite Man. As a result, the Infinite Man came to understand his purpose in being and forgave Rond for his condition. During this fight, Rond was forced to reveal his Green Lantern status (#50) NOTES: This battle also changed during post-Crisis times. The Time Trapper was replaced by Glorith, and they were avenging the destruction of Daxam, not the death of Superboy. (Legion v.3 Annual #1) Soon thereafter, he left Earth, due to the anti-Green Lantern law.

After the economy of the United Planets collapsed, Rond had his work cut out for him protecting the sector against the encroaching Khunds. He fought alongside the former Legionnaire Laurel Gand, and the two eventually fell in love. They had a child, named Lauren after Laurel's mother. But before he could enjoy fatherhood, Rond joined the Legion to rescue former Legionnaire Mysa Nal at the hands of Mordru. Mordru was too powerful for him; the mage stripped Rond of his Green Lantern armor and crushed it. Rond was tortured by Mordru for several months before he was finally rescued by the Legion. (Legion v.4 #3, 6-7) He has adopted the role of househusband while Laurel fought Khunds, went on missions with the Legion, and proved very handy to have around headquarters. (Legion v.4 Annual #4, #50) Sadly, Laurel died saving Weber's World from the Khunds, and he will have to raise Lauren alone. (#59)

Legon 2: Earth-247

After Zero Hour, the Legion's history was entirely rebooted. The "Legion 2" was created, ostensibly from Earth-247. This timeline also had a Rond Vidar. He was a friend of Brainiac 5's when they studied together at the Time Institute. (Legionnaires #0)

He presumably ceased to exist, along with that universe, in the Infinite Crisis.

Infinite Crisis

At the time of Infinite Crisis, the original Legion's timeline was more-or-less reinstated, becoming the canonical continuity for Earth-0.

When three Legions were called to battle Superboy Prime, the universe's last Green Lantern met his end in battle with the Legion of Super-Villains. While accompanying several Legionnaires to the Sorcerer's World to rescue the White Witch from the sorceror Mordru, Rond chose to stay behind and send the others on to safety. Rond was left there as Superboy Prime's new LSV arrived. Prime exacted vengeance against the Green Lantern Corps and killed Rond there.

Rond's father, Universo, was there and did nothing to stop it. In fact, Vidar assumed he would reclaim his ring. But instead, the ring raced off before he could grasp it, and returned to Oa. Once the villains had gone, Mon-El and Shadow Lass retrieved Rond's body and returned it to Oa as well. There they met the last Guardian of the Universe: Ion (Sodam Yat). (Legion of Three Worlds #2)


Rond Vidar had no metahuman powers, but was a gifted scientist who invented the Time Cube. As a Green Lantern, he possessed all the abilities that come with those rings.

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