Chemical Kid

Created by Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez

Hadru Jamik of Phlon

Unnamed parents

Legion Academy, Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes v.6 #6 (Dec. 2010)

Legion of Super-Heroes v.7 #1 (Nov. 2011)

Cover of Adventure Comics #524 (2011); art by Phil Jimenez.
Outside the Legion Academy at Montauk Point, from Adventure #524 (2011); art by Phil Jimenez.

Chemical Kid is the successor to a fallen Legionnaire, the other boy from Phlon called Chemical King (Condo Arlik). Phlon is a world known primarily for its universities and centers for research, and Hadru's father is a scientist who engineered a way to genetically "graft" Condo's powers onto Hadru's genes. (Adventure #524) Hadru wasted no time in applying to the Legion Academy, where he became one in a new generation of students hoping to join the Legion. That path would be shorter than he could ever imagined... (Legion v.6 #6)

He immediately gravitated towards his fiery classmate, Dragonwing, a kindred rebel. One night they went out "joyriding" in defiance of the Academy's curfew, and broke into a store. There Hadru charge items to his father's (seemingly) unlimited credit account. Upon returning, they were caught and punished, to train with Duplicate Damsel and Night Girl. During the exercises, Chemical Kid excelled but his instructors worried about his flippant attitude. The next night he was at it again, but this time he found his father's credit was declined—and the students were caught. (Adventure Comics #523)

After this they were grounded, which Chemical Kid promptly ignored. He commandeered a spaceship to return to Phlon and investigate his father's plight with his classmates. There they found the Legion's old foe, the Black Mace, flanked by Durlan thugs, and Alchemical Girl—a girl with the same powers as he! (#524)

They survived the scuffle and discovered that the Black Mace had been blackmailing his father, who had to sell the gene modification technology that empowered Hadru. (#525) To defeat Alchemical Girl, the Academy students attempted a plan using Glorith's magic which would strip the gene modifications from her. Chemical Kid and the others broke into the University of Phlon to access genetic data from Chemical King's tomb, and Glorith was empowered with extra energy from the Black Witch to complete the spell. (#526)

They had succeeded on Phlon but fell short again back home when Chemical Kid and his classmates followed their teachers to Legion headquarters. There they faced the evil Cosmic King, who easily disabled all of them save Variable Lad, who sacrificed his life to defeat the villain. (#529)

With the Legion

Under unknown circumstances, Chemical King and three of his classmates were awarded full Legion membership when the team lost seven Legionnaires in time. Chemical Kid and Dragonwing were quickly tapped for an away mission to the watchworld of Panoptes. As part of the mission, they were asked by Chameleon Boy to pretend to be lovers; Dragonwing seemed game thought Chemical Kid was repulsed. They held their own as well as the veteran Legionnaires, but found that their foe was an all-powerful Daxamite. (Legion v.7 #1)

The status of continuity of post-Infinite Crisis events (Legion volumes 6 and 7) are in question. It was suggested in Legion v.7 #23 (Sept. 2013) that events may have occurred on a parallel Earth, not Earth-0.


Phil Jimenez on Chemical Kid: "In my head, that's the most traditional costume. But you're right that he's got a costume that seems to have fabrics you would only see in the future. He’s the rich kid, and I wanted a costume whose fabrics represented this. So each aspect of the fabric is something really exclusive in the 31st century. I’m not sure that comes across so easily, but that’s still something we’re trying to perfect. And he has digital sunglasses that he wears all the time, and he’s kind of obnoxious about them. So Chemical Kid’s costume is really, I’d say, kind of traditional. The cut is also – I guess there’s a bit of that Neo Matrix look in that the cape comes not from the shoulders, but from his waist."


Chemical Kid has been given a "virus graft" to give hiim Condo Arlik's mutant power over checmial reactions. He can slow, stop or accelerate any kind of chemical reaction.

Appearances + References


  • Adventure Comics #523-529


  • Legion of Super-Heroes v.7, current (2011-)