Night Girl

Created by Edmond Hamilton & John Forte

Lydda Jath of Kathoon, Strength Girl


Legion of Substitute Heroes, Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #306 (March 1963)

Action Comics #860 (February 2008)

Night Girl II

Lydda Jath of Kathoon


Legion of Substitute Heroes

Legionnaires #43 (December 1996)

Night Girl III

Lydda Jath of Kathoon


Legion Reserves

Legion v.5 #45 (October 2009)

JOINED RESERVES: Legion v.5 #48 (January 2009)


night girl

The dreamy team: Shadow Lass and Night Girl.
From Superboy #212 (1975). Art by Mike Grell.

She's his... rock. From Legion v.2 #297 (1983).
Art by Keith Giffen.

Lydda Jath was born on Kathoon, a world in perpetual darkness… and a romantic atmosphere. When the Legion of Super-Heroes became famous, she instantly fell in love with their leader, Cosmic Boy, and knew that the best way to approach him would be as a fellow Legionnaire. The absence of super-powers might have deterred some from trying out for the Legion, but not Lydda. As the daughter of Kathoon's most noted scientist, she convinced her father to find a way to give her super-powers. She became the beneficiary of a special procedure that endowed her with super-strength. When Lightning Lad died and the Legion appeared to be looking for a replacement, she went to Earth, calling herself Strength Girl.

She soon discovered that bright light caused her strength to vanish—which was not a problem on Kathoon, but a considerable liability elsewhere. Rejected from the Legion, she was contacted by fellow reject Polar Boy to join his Legion of Substitute Heroes along with Fire Lad, Chlorophyll Kid and Stone Boy. To ensure that she would yet meet Cosmic Boy, she accepted his offer, and changed her name to Night Girl. (Adventure #306)

She stayed with the Subs throughout its existence. The Subs eventually formed a comfortable working relationship with the Legion, and she began actually forming a relationship with Cosmic Boy. During one case, she partnered with Shadow Lass—which was idea since Shadow Lass could create optimal conditions for Lydda's powers. It was actually because of this case that Cosmic Boy broke up with Night Girl. He was angry that when he had a night off, she was working a case. Within a day, Cos realized what he'd given up and the two were reconciled. (Superboy v.1 #212) During a vacation on Braal, the couple battled the Worldsmith, a powerful alien who remodeled planets. (#236)

Toward the end of the Subs' existence, Night Girl spent much of her time with Rokk anyway. She was there for him when his mother died in a tragic explosion. (Legion v.2 #297)

When the Subs disbanded, Cosmic Boy took advantage of this fact to spend more time with her, and eventually he chose to retire from the Legion. (Legion v.3 #23) While the two of them were vacationing on Kathoon, they discovered a nest of Dominators. With the help of some members from the Legion Academy, they stopped them and afterwards formed a new (more serious) Legion of Substitute Heroes. (Legion v.3 Annual #3)

At some point after this, the culture on Earth turned against aliens. Despite the fact that Night Girl was eventually granted full Legion membership, Cosmic Boy has once again broken off their relationship. He supposedly made this sacrifice in order to save the Legion.

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Night Girl eventually went on to marry Cosmic Boy and have a child with him…

Lydda and Rokk finally tied the knot after Rokk received a draft notice from the Braalian army. Their postwar life on Braal, however, was far from ideal, and she desperately sought for a way for them to get off-planet. Her wish came true when former Legionnaire Reep Daggle re-formed the Legion and put Rokk at the head of his list. (Legion v.4 #1) The two soon moved to the Legion's new headquarters on the planetoid Talus. (#20) Lydda gave birth to their son, Pol Jath Krinn during a Legion reunion on Winath. (Legion v.4 Annual #3) She found herself in action once again, alongside the Legion against Mordru and Glorith, but soon afterwards, their timeline was destroyed by the Zero Hour. Thanks to the Time Trapper, Lydda survived to kiss Rokk one last time before existence faded to white. (Legion v.4 #60-61, Legionnaires #18)

Legion 2: Legion of Earth-247

New rejects of Earth-247: Polar Boy and Night Girl.
From Legionnaires #43 (1996). Art Jeff Moy.

The Night Girl of Universe-247 was also Lydda Jath, a young woman from Kathoon with super-strength that fades in direct sunlight. She was rejected by the Legion during their tryout session, where she secretly hoped to meet Cosmic Boy. On her way out, she met fellow reject Brek Bannin (Polar Boy), who convinced her that despite the Legion's rejection, they could still use their powers for good. (Legionniares #43) The two of them gathered a few other rejects together, but, when United Planets President R. J. Brande sent out a call for super-powered beings to help stop Mordru, Night Girl felt that their team was not ready enough. (#49) She and Brek were avid Legion admirers (despite their rejection), and were part of a crowd that greeted the Legion back on Earth after their fight against Mordru. (Legionnaires #52)

This Night Girl ceased to exist along with Universe-247 during the Infinite Crisis (#5).

Legion 3: Earth Prime

On Earth-Prime, Night Girl is a Legion reservist. Not much is known about her history. She initially came to Metropolis as an applicant for the United Planets Young Heroes. (#45) When that didn't pan out, she applied for Legion membership. Although she was rejected because her powers are negated by daylight, she was granted reserve member status. (#48)

+ Powers

All versions of Night Girl have super-strength, but only in the absence of the visual spectrum of light.

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