Night Girl

Created by Edmond Hamilton & John Forte

Lydda Jath of Kathoon, Strength Girl

Unnamed father

Legion of Substitute Heroes, Legion of Super-Heroes

Adventure Comics #306 (Mar. 1963)
Retroboot: Action Comics #860 (Feb. 2008)

Night Girl II

Lydda Jath of Kathoon

Legion of Substitute Heroes

Legionnaires #43 (Dec. 1996)

Night Girl III

Lydda Jath of Kathoon

Legion Reserves

Legion of Super-Heroes v.5 #45 (Oct. 2009)

The Original Night Girl

The origin of Lydda's powers, on her homeworld of Kathoon. From Adventure Comics #306 (1963); art by John Forte.
Night Girl reveals her feelings for Cosmic Boy. From Adventure Comics #311 (1963); art by John Forte.
Cosmic Boy and Night Girl double date with Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad. From Superboy #229 (1977); art by James Sherman and Jack Abel.
night girl
Dreamy team: Shadow Lass and Night Girl. From Superboy #212 (1975); art by Mike Grell.
Lydda is forced to use tough love and stop her lover from committing a crime after the death of Rokk's mother. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #297 (1983); art by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.
Lydda, pregnant with their son Pol, lives with Rokk and the Legion on Talus. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #20 (1991); art by Keith Giffen and Al Gordon.
Imra and Garth trick Rokk into a reunion with Lydda. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.7 #8 (1991); art by Yildiray Cinar and Dan Green.

Lydda Jath was born on Kathoon, a world in perpetual darkness. When the Legion of Super-Heroes rose to galactic fame, Lydda instantly fell in love with their leader, Cosmic Boy. She figured the best way to meet him would be as a fellow Legionnaire.

As the daughter of Kathoon's most noted scientist, she convinced her father to find a way to give her super-powers. His procedure endowed her with super-strength. She set out for earth calling herself "Strength Girl."

But away from Kathoon's gloom, Lydda discovered that bright light caused her strength to vanish — a considerable liability for a Legionnaire. She was rejected, but afterwards met a fellow reject called Polar Boy. She changed her name to Night Girl and joined his team instead: the Legion of Substitute Heroes. They were a bunch of misfits, but this was a way to stay close to Cosmic Boy. (Adventure Comics #306)

The Subs eventually formed a comfortable working relationship with the Legion, and she actually formed a relationship with Cosmic Boy. During one case, she partnered with the Legionnaire Shadow Lass. It was an ideal pairing since Shadow Lass could create the darkness needed for Lydda's powers. This case happened when Lydda was supposed to have a date with Cos. He was angry and broke up with her, but within a day he realized his error and they were reconciled. (Superboy v.1 #212)

Night Girl and Cosmic Boy grew closer. The couple joined Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl on a double date (Superboy #229) and during a vacation on Rokk's homeworld of Braal, the couple battled the Worldsmith, a powerful alien who remodeled planets. (#236) She was a steadfast support when Rokk's mother died in a terrorist explosion on Earth. (Legion v.2 #297)

Eventually Night Girl drifted away from the Substitute Heroes. After the Subs disbanded, Cosmic Boy also decided to retire from the Legion. (Legion v.3 #23) While the two of them vacationed on Kathoon, they discovered a nest of Dominators. With the help of some members from the Legion Academy, they mopped up the aliens and then formed a new (more serious) Legion of Substitute Heroes. (Legion v.3 Annual #3)

Glorith Reality (Legion v.4)

Lydda and Rokk finally tied the knot after Rokk received a draft notice from the Braalian army. Their postwar life on Braal was far from ideal. Rokk was injured and lost his magnetic powers, and Lydda desperately hoped to get off-planet. Salvation came when when former Legionnaire Reep Daggle reformed the Legion and recruited the former Cosmic Boy first. (Legion v.4 #1)

The two moved to the Legion's new headquarters on the planetoid Talus. (#20) Lydda gave birth to their son, Pol Jath Krinn during a Legion reunion on Winath. (Legion v.4 Annual #3) The former Night Girl helped the Legion fight Mordru and Glorith, but soon afterwards, the Original Legion's timeline was destroyed by the events of Zero Hour. (Legion v.4 #60-61, Legionnaires #18)


In post-Infinite Crisis continuity, Original Legion continuity was restored but did not including the events of Legion v.4. So the "Retroboot" Night Girl had not married Rokk or borne a son.

At some point, the Legion admitted Night Girl as an official member, and Cosmic Boy broke off their relationship — ostensibly to protect her. Earth Man and his "Justice League" had turned public sentiment against aliens. Night Girl went underground with the Legion to help alien refugees. (Action Comics #860)

When the Legion reestablished its former status, Cosmic Boy assigned Night Girl to be an instructor at the Legion Academy. She unsuccessfully tried to recruit XS to join her there. (Adventure Comics #526) Her own students, however, were able to save Night Girl and other senior teachers when they were attacked by Cosmic King. (#528)

Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad 'kidnapped' Cosmic Boy from his duties as Legion leader for a night. When they arrived in Istanbul, Night Girl was waiting and the couple seemed to reunite. (Legion v.7 #8) After this she continued to serve as a Legionnaire (#14)

Reboot: Night Girl of Earth-247

New rejects of Earth-247: Polar Boy and Night Girl. From Legionnaires #43 (1996); art Jeff Moy.

The Night Girl of Universe-247 was also Lydda Jath, a young woman from Kathoon whose super-strength fades under direct sunlight. She was rejected by the Legion during their tryout session, where she secretly hoped to meet Cosmic Boy. On her way out, she met fellow reject Brek Bannin (Polar Boy), who convinced her that they could still use their powers for good. (Legionnaires #43)

The two of them gathered a few other rejects together, but, when United Planets President R. J. Brande sent out a call for heroes to help stop Mordru, Night Girl felt that their team was not ready enough. (#49) She and Brek remained avid Legion admirers, and were part of a crowd that greeted the Legion back on Earth after defeating Mordru. (Legionnaires #52)

This reality containing Earth-247 ceased to exist during the Infinite Crisis. (Infinite Crisis #5)

Threeboot: Night Girl of Earth Prime

Night Girl is among the applicants for Legion membership, on Earth-Prime (with Turtle, Sizzle and Gazelle). From Legion of Super-Heroes v.5 #48 (2009); art Francis Manapul and Livesay.

On Earth-Prime, Night Girl came to Metropolis as an applicant for the United Planets Young Heroes. (#45) When that didn't pan out, she applied for Legion membership. She was rejected because her powers were negated by daylight, but she was granted reserve member status. (#48)


All versions of Night Girl have super-strength, but only in the absence of the visual spectrum of light.

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