Created by Tom McCraw, Mark Waid and Lee Moder

Ti'julk Mr'asz of Vyrga


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super Heores vol. 4 #66 (Mar. 1995)

Ti'julk Mr'Asz had always viewed his power to create circular teleportational "gates" as a tool to use in protecting the weak from the powerful. He was openly suspicious of authority figures and their motives, and was therefore unhappy when his government drafted him to serve in the United Planets-run Legion of Super-Heroes, which he dismissed as a state-sponsored paramilitary organization and refused to come along when Legionnaires Leviathan and Chameleon came to pick him up.

His conscientious objections didn't hold out against his government's orders for too much longer, though, and shortly after the Legion's fight with Chronos, he joined. Despite his wishes, the Vyrgan government ordered him to stay even after the Legion draft was abolished, due to the fact that it enjoyed the prestige of having a native in the Legion.

When the Emerald Eye of Ekron took over the Legion, Gates' independent mind proved too much for it to assimilate. He was flung back to the twentieth century when the Eye responded to a command to turn back time.

When a group of Legionnaires was lost to a spatial rift, Gates disappeared as well. This led everyone to believe that he had vanished along with those Legionnaires. But in truth, Gates had been kidnapped and his Vyrgan people enslaved by the United Plantets' new president, Leland McCauley. McCauley was actually the nefarious Ra's al Ghul in disguise. The villain culled the Vyrgan populace for latent teleporters like Gates and built his power base by creating a hybrid being—part Vyrgan, part Carggite and part Winathian. These poor creatures were used to power interstellar travel.When the lost Legionnaires returned, they quickly located and freed Gates. (The Legion #3) Not long after this, Apparition discovered the hybrid creatures powering the Footstep drives. (#9)


Gates has no known counterparts on any parallel Earths.


Gates is unique on his world for the ability teleport himself and others up to 100 meters. Recently, Ra's al Ghul also unlocked this genetic potential in others of his race (for use in powering his Footstep Drive teleporters).

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