Created by Jerry Ordway

CeCe Beck of Binderaan

Unnamed parents (deceased), unnamed adoptive parents.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996)


  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1-5
  • Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 # 110-123, 124?
  • Legionnaires #50, 67?-80, 81



Thunder and the Legion, out to defeat Lord Pernisius. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #117 (1999). Art by Scott Kolins.

Cece Beck was an ordinary girl who grew up in the 90th century on the planet Binderaan. Her happy childhood was destroyed when a terrorist blasted her with a magic dust he thought disintegrated people. Intead the dust transported Cece outside of space/time to a mystical place called the Rock of Eternity. There she met an ancient wizard—the former 20th century Earth hero, Captain Marvel. Marvel endowed her with the same powers he had once possessed: extraordinary wisdom, strength, stamina, speed and invulnerability. She used these powers to return to Binderaan and capture the terrorist who had, in the mean time, killed her parents. Called Thunder, Cece became a hero on Binderaan, and was adopted by loving foster parents. (Power of Shazam! Annual #1)

Her next recorded adventure took her back to the 20th century, where she responded to a summons from an associate of Captain Marvel named Dudley. (Power of Shazam! #44) Afterwards, she accessed the Rock of Eternity to return home. But this time the voyage was cut short at the late 30th century by the destruction of the Rock of Eternitcy. The Rock was the target of Doctor Savant and his anti-magic zealots, the Objective Order. In the 30th century, access to the Rock was on Fawcett World, a planet where all things were magically-powered computer, the S.H.A.Z.A.M. The Legion arrived to help them recover and encountered Thunder, who was hurled back into normal space/time at that point.

Thunder found that the Rock was now in shards, blown across the galaxy into bits of powered rock called Eternium. The Legion helped her put Dr. Savant behind bars, pledged to help her repair the Rock of Eternity, and offered her membership, which she happily accepted. (Legion v.4 #110)

Cece wasted no time taking up her quest to collect all the Eternium fragments. By that time, the Eternium had come to the attention of a Rimborian landlord called Lord Pernisius. With one touch, Pernisius discovered that the rocks gave hime great temporary powers. (Legion v.4 #113) Naturally, Thunder's path crossed with Pernisius' in this pursuit, on Rimbor. She also found that while the Eternium might empower others, it was like kryptonite to her. She and Sensor were captured by him and in a stupor, she uttered the name which gave her power: "Captain Marvel." To her surprise, Thunder found herself back at home in the 90th century! The only drawback was that she was without her powers. Her family was elated by the reunion but Thunder knew she must return to the 30th century to rescue Sensor. (#116)

By the time she returned, the Legion had intervened and Sensor had freed herself. Pernisius, however, had absorbed enough magical energy to discover the ancient magical word "Shazam." (#117) The Legion captured one of Pernisius' android servant, Dr. Deacon who revealed the truth behind all of it: Savant had engineered the whole thing. He activated Dr. Deacon to seek out someone greedy enough to exhaust the Rock of Eternity's power. Indeed Pernisius now had sufficient power to draw all extant fragments of Eternium to him. To defeat him, Thunder used Deacon's science to empower the Legionnaires with Eternium as well. They crushed Pernisius and the Rock was now restored. One catch, though—the Rock was still radioactive and toxic to Thunder. She chose to remain optimistic that a solution would one day be found. (#118)

Thunder's tenure in the Legion was short. Following the Blight's attack on Earth, she became overwhelmed with homesickness and said her magic word, returning to the 90th century. (Legionnaires #81)


Thunder’s membership in the Legion was foreshadowed by the group poster printed in Legionnaires #50 (July 1997) The name "Binderaan" is an homage to original Fawcett Comics writer, Otto Binder (who was also the Legion's creator!)

+ Powers

Thunder is bestowed with all the same gods-given powers of the Marvel Family, including super-strength, invulnerability, speed, flight and wisdom. To access them, she utters the name "Captain Marvel."