The Animated Legion Chronology

The fledgling group admits its first new members. From Legion season 2, episode 9 (2007).

This chronology includes events from both Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon and its companion comic book. The comic series dovetailed with the television show.

Episodes are labeled by their production numbers, however several episodes were aired in a different order.

Episodes are noted with the convention S#.E#, which indicates the Season and Episode number.


The 21st Century


Issue #

"Man of Tomorrow": The Legion of Super-Heroes arrives from the 21st century to recruit Superman's help, but they find only the young Clark Kent. Kent is just about to leave Smallville for Metropolis. While saving a rogue ferris wheel, he meets Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl and Bouncing Boy. Clark is confused because he has not yet become Superman, and he refuses them. They follow to his home and convince him to check out the future.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E01 (23 Sept. 2006)

Superman returns from the future, ready to embark upon on his new career at the Daily Planet.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E13 (5 May 2007)

Lois Lane interviews the new hero Superman, shortly after his public debut. As he talks about himself, he remembers his formative time, training with the Legion in the 31st century. As Clark Kent, he goes with Lois to cover Lex Luthor's unveiling of his high-tech Lex-O-Skeleton 3000. Brainiac watches, unseen, and makes the suit go awry.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #13 (Mar. 2008)

Season 1: 2006-2007


When they encounter lightning beasts, Mekt Ranzz and his brother Garth gain lightning powers. Garth's twin, Ayla, is apparently disintegrated.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E08 (10 Feb. 2007), S02.E04 (13 Oct. 2007)

Mekt Ranzz saves Garth and Ayla. From Legion season 1, episode 9 (2007).

"Brain Drain": Brainiac 5, an artificially intelligent android, separates from the group mind on his homeworld of Colu.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E07 (24 Feb. 2007)

The Legion Forms

"In the Beginning": Aboard a cruiser bound for Earth, Imra Ardeen, Rokk Krinn and Garth Ranzz save the life of R. J. Brande — the richest man in the galaxy and official diplomat for the United Planets. On Earth, the teens visit the Superman museum and are inspired to investigate the attack on Brande. They implicate his associate, Doyle. Brande decides to finance a new group, the Legion of Super-Heroes. The teens adopt code names — Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad — and are deputized as Science Police.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E09 (8 Mar. 2008)

The Legion admits its first members: Bouncing Boy, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, Sun Boy, Triplicate Girl and Tyroc. Note: Based on a group image from the team's early days; the order in which they joined is not specified.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E09 (8 Mar. 2008)

Lightning Lad's parents visit Madame Mysterious (Dream Girl) for information on their lost daughter, Ayla. She misleads them on a quest to the planet Nema.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E11 (22 Mar. 2008)

"Man of Tomorrow": In a time of dire need, Legion members Brainiac 5 (Adam Wylie), Saturn Girl (Kari Whalgren) and Bouncing Boy (Michael Cornacchia) travel back to the 21st century to recruit Superman's (Yuri Lowenthal) help. They overshoot, to a time before he has fully explored his powers, but they invite him to come to the 31st century. When the Fatal Five (Emerald Empress, Tharok, Validus, Persuader, Mano) attack, Clark dons a uniform from a museum and joins the battle. Afterwards, he agrees to stay and join the Legion. He's given a Legion belt and flight ring. The core team includes Lightning Lad (Andy Milder), Phantom Girl (Heather Hogan) and Triplicate Girl (Kari Whalgren). NOTES: The premise of this series — that he was a Legion member, but never took the name "Superboy" — was borrowed in post-Infinite Crisis continuity. Cosmic Boy, Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy are mentioned as active Legionnaires. A janitor and robot at the Superman Museum resemble Booster Gold and Skeets.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E01 (23 Sept. 2006)

Comic Book Series Begins

The Legionnaires talk about their first impressions of Superman: a geek, disappointing, a nice guy, lost, attractive, fashion victim. They run tests on Clark, who doesn't know what "Superman" means. In the 31st century, Clark would learn how to be the hero he was destined to be. NOTES: Shows some events from the first cartoon episode. Features the marquee Legionnaires from the cartoon.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #1 (June 2007)

Timber Wolf is inducted. From Legion season 1, episode 2 (2007).

"Timber Wolf": The Legion answers a distress call from a scientist, Dr. Mar Londo of the planet Zoon. He warns them of a terrible beast. While searching, the beast saves Saturn Girl and they bring it back to the lab. She discovers the monster is the scientist's son, Brin Londo. They destroy the lab and Brin joins the Legion as Timber Wolf (Shawn Harrison). NOTE: The video screens at Legion headquarters reveal other Legionnaires: Blok, Cosmic Boy, Colossal Boy, Dream Girl, Element Lad, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy and Tyroc.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E02 (30 Sept. 2006)

Timber Wolf is sworn in after leaving his home, Raal (Cosmic Boy looks on via video). His first space flight is uneasy and they're attacked by Lunar Leeches. As their ship hurtles towards asteroids, Timber Wolf finds his courage and saves them from a rogue Leech. NOTES: Timber Wolf's planet is called Zoon in cartoon episode 1.07. I own a piece of original comic art from this issue.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #1 (June 2007)

Superman gets lost on Mars, and battles the Hyperclan. These Martians are descended from J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who had repopulated Mars in 2112. NOTE: In mainstream DC continuity, the Hyperclan were evil White Martians. J. Torres told Cosmic Teams: "the 'inspiration' for LSH31 #11 initially came from a line Lightning Lad said in 'Legacy' (see next entry) about Superman accidentally walking through a transmatter gate and ending up on Mars."

(L.S.H. in the 31st Century #11, 4.08)

"Legacy": Superman meets a Alexia Luthor (descendant of Lex Luthor), a socialite who diverts his attentions away from the Legion. While Superman is distracted Brainy loses an arm in the battling the Scavengers. Superman is forced to stop Alexia and her energy beam is deflected back towards her; she loses all her hair. Alexia is imprisoned and vows revenge. NOTEs: Alexia's last name, "Luthor" is spelled in Interlac only. Cameo of Lobo.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E03 (7 Oct. 2006)

"Phantoms": Clark tours the Superman Museum and accidentally activates a Phantom Zone projector. He releases young Drax and his flying pets. Brainy discovers that Drax is Kryptonian, too, but invulnerable to kryptonite. The Legion is sent into the Zone and combine Lightning Lad and Phantom Girl's powers to escape. Drax is pushed back through the portal, taking Brainy's sample of kryptonite with him. NOTEs: Drax wears a 'Z' symbol and it's clear he is meant to be the son of General Zod. Two Zone prisoners resemble General Zod and Faora.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E04 (18 Nov. 2006)

"Champions": Lightning Lad competes at the 343rd Intergalactic Games, a dodecathlon — against his brother, Mekt Ranzz. Mekt tries unsuccessfully to sabotage his brother. Phantom Girl's mother, Winema Wazzo, President of the United Planets, watches on. Superman spots a bomb planted by the Fatal Five. Other competitors — Jo Nah (James Arnold Taylor) and Tenzil Kem (Alexander Polinsky) — enter the battle and the villains are captured. NOTE: The name "Drake Burroughs" (Wildfire) appears on a list of contestants in Interlac. A banner also reads "Batman Lives" in Interlac.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E05 (11 Nov. 2006)

"Fear Factory": The Legion finds an ancient station in a space storm. The station's Quavermass 12 computer creates holographic illusions that prey on their fears. Brainy defeats it by downloading himself into the computer. His consciousness is restored from a backup.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E06 (4 Nov. 2006)

"Brain Drain": Brainiac 5 is corrupted by his "alignment" with his Coluan group mind. The Legion restores him with a dose of rare zoonium, on Zoon. Superman loses his powers under Zoon's red sun.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E07 (24 Feb. 2007)

Mekt Ranzz leads the Light Speed Vanguard. From Legion season 1, episode 9 (2007).

"Lightning Storm": Colossal Boy participates in a mission against a giant octopus-like alien. A rival group of young heroes enters the fray. This "Light Speed Vanguard" are led by Mekt Ranzz, calling himself Lightning Lord and include Tyr, Hunter, Ronn Karr, Wave (a version of Spider Girl), and Esper. They defeat the monster and leave the clean-up to the Legion. Lightning Lad is impressed with the LSV's performance and joins them on a mission. The brothers come to odds when Mekt demands payment for their services, and Lightning Lad returns to the Legion. Bouncing Boy hosts a seminar for future Legion member auditions (including Porcupine Pete). NOTE: Flashback shows the Ranzz's origins, including Ayla. Applicants include Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Color Kid and Infectious Lass (named later) and unnamed heroes include Antennae Lad, Double Header, Fire Lad, Invisible Kid (Jacques), the Mess, Night Girl, Polar Boy, Polecat and Quake Kid.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E08 (10 Feb. 2007)

Young heroes try out to join the Legion. From Legion season 1, episode 9 (2007).

"The Substitutes": The Legion conducts its first membership auditions, which attract a plethora of undesirable candidates. Star Boy and Matter-Eater Lad (Alexander Polinsky) are admitted. A group of rejects (Porcupine Pete, Chlorophyll Kid, Stone Boy, Color Kid and Infectious Lass) band together to secretly help the Legion on a case. They discover the villain Starfinger who unleashes creatures that float into the ionosphere and transform into hostile monsters. The rejects wrestle Starfinger's glove away and defeat him. The Legion apologizes and the rejects name themselves the Legion of Substitute Heroes; they vow to support the Legion. Element Lad, Sun Boy, Tyroc and Blok participate in the battle.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E09 (3 Feb. 2007)

On a planetoid beyond Neptune, the Legion holds membership auditions. They nearly admit Invulnera-Boy (similar to Reflecto) until he reveals a lack of control over his powers. Many others are rejected until they meet Infectious Lass. She creates a bug that makes the Legionnaires switch bodies, and then the Khunds attack. Their leader Gyr is ready for their powers, but the switch allows the Legion to triumph. They offer Infectious Lass membership but she chooses to defer it. NOTE: One applicant is unique to this story, an unnamed blond girl with a red "V" costume.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #3 (Aug. 2007)

"Child's Play": Young sorcerer, Zyx, from the planet Zarok causes havoc on Earth. While seeking aid on Zarok, Phantom Girl unwittingly incites an "evil wizard" (who resembles Mordru) to declare war against the United Planets. She this avoids this by surrendering. An elder escorts Zyx back to Zarok. Superman learns he is vulnerable to magic. NOTES: Zyx is modeled on Mr. Mxyzptlk and his hat resembles that worn by the JLA villain, Brain Storm. He conjures what looks like an Emerald Eye, a green lantern power battery, and Doctor Fate's helmet. Drax's pets, Comet and Cupid, have escaped from the New Metropolis Zoo. In comics, Zarok is called Xerox.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E10 (17 Feb. 2007)

Different Legionnaires take the spotlight: Cosmic Boy, Colossal Boy and Ferro Lad. From Legion season 1, episode 11 (2007).

"Chain of Command": The Legion combats lightning storms on Lightning Lad's homeworld of Winath, the breadbasket of the galaxy. There they meet their absent leader, Cosmic Boy (Wil Wheaton) and new hero Ferro Lad (Dave Wittenberg). Bouncing Boy saves the day by noticing a pattern to the storms. Afterwards, Lightning Lad challenges Cosmic Boy's position as leader, invoking an election. To his dismay, Bouncing Boy is elected leader!

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E11 (3 Mar. 2007)

"Sundown, Part 1": Bouncing Boy undergoes rigorous training simulations to help him lead the team. The Legion is summoned to a moon which houses old weapons (and orbits a red sun). A Sun Eater has been activated there and heads for the sun. It was created during a "Great Crisis" by the Controllers. One of these aliens appears nearby as the Legion fails to stop it. The Sun Eater consumes the red sun and heads for Earth.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E12 (28 April 2007)

Jo Nah and Shrinking Violet step up in the battle to stop the Sun Eater. From Legion season 1, episode 13 (2007).

"Sundown, Part 2": The Legion recruits the Fatal Five to help stop the Sun Eater. Jo Nah joins the battle. They try to turn the Sun Eater into a sun itself and Superman locates the Controller, who is seeking to restore "order" to the galaxy. When Brainiac 5's device fails to stop the Sun Eater, Ferro Lad takes off to repair it manually. He succeeds in destroying the Sun Eater, and dies. A memorial statue of Ferro Lad is erected as his metal body floats in space. Superman returns to Smallville, now embarking on his new career at the Daily Planet. Shrinking Violets (Kari Wahlgren) first speaking app.

Legion of Super-Heroes S01.E13 (5 May 2007)

After bungling an encounter with the Fatal Five, Brainiac Five decides he is at fault and returns to Colu to reassess his intelligence. His mentor, Dr. Mod, helps him discover that Tharok deliberately planted misinformation to make Brainy doubt himself.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #4 (Sept. 2007)

Spurred by the desire to impress Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad tries to best Superman at a variety of tasks. The rivalry draws the Emerald Empress out of the woodworks.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #5 (Oct. 2007)

The Green Lantern Corps inexplicably attacks New Metropolis and Superman meets Earth's GL, Jordana Gardner, sometimes called the "Teen Lantern." Her sector partner is Gen'Ma. The entire Legion is called in to stop their rampage and Saturn Girl discovers they are possessed by Star Conquerors. After being freed, Cosmic Boy once again offers membership to Jordana, but she refuses. NOTE: Other Legionnaires make their first appearances in the comic: Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Shrinking Violet, Star Boy, Sun Boy, Tyroc, Blok. Dream Girl, Element Lad.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #6 (Nov. 2007)

The 31st century Circe rules New Themyscira with an iron fist. It lies on Jupiter's moon, Io. When their princess, Xenobia fails to meet her friend Phantom Girl for a skiing vacation on Tharr, the girl Legionnaires investigate (no boys allowed). Circe tricks the girls into a trap as well, but the boys follow and release them. Xenobia helps the Legion overthrow Circe and Superman exchanges friendly glances with the princess.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #7 (Dec. 2007)

Triplicate Girl splits and one of her three selves goes with Bouncing Boy on a date to a magno ball match. Starfinger disguises himself as Superboy and asks another one of her out, too. B.B. and Triplicate Girl team up and defeat the villain together. In the end, 'white' Luornu convinces the other two to go on another date with him.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #8 (Jan. 2008)

Brainy unlocks the secrets of his ancestors' torrid past within his technogenetic code. This transforms him into a larger, more formidable form. He takes the team to the remains of Krypton, using a time sphere and a Phantom Zone projector to hasten their journey. They wind up in Krypton's ancient past, and Brainy does not prevent his ancestor from doing Superman any harm.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #9 (Feb. 2008)

Saturn Girl passes up a date with Lightning Lad because she has monitor duty. The Fatal Five attempt to take over Legion HQ. Sparks fly between the two when Lightning Lad also stays behind and her defeat them.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #10 (Mar. 2008)

The Legionnaires don new costumes.


Brainy and Phantom Girl review the case where Superman battled the Hyperclan. Superman has not visited the 31st century for some time. NOTE: Brainy and P.G. wear their Season Two costumes. In mainstream DC continuity, the Hyperclan were evil White Martians.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #11 (Apr. 2008)

Chameleon Boy joins.


While the rest of the Legionnaires attend a National Legion Day ceremony, Timber Wolf goes it solo. He uncovers a plot by the Scavengers (led by Terra Man) to bomb the ceremony. NOTE: Legionnaires wear their new costumes and Cham is a member.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #12 (May 2008)

Superman notices Lex Luthor's legacy in the 31st century and admits that he'd been a good man. Brainiac 5 is careful to warn him: keep an eye on Lex in the 21st century. NOTES: In the letter column, the editor claims that the comic book is telling stories from between the two TV seasons.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #13 (June 2008)

Phantom Girl foils a plan by Xavier to sell Tromian minerals to the U.P. She is tipped off by the ghosts of dead Tromites. (All Tromites except Element Lad died during planetwide natural disasters.) Xavier works for Roxxas Energy, a division of LexCorp Galaxy.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #14 (July 2008)

Superman departs the 31st century and does not return for nearly a year.


While Bouncing Boy and white Triplicate Girl are on a date inside a computer game, they meet Bart Allen, who lives in a virtual world. Brainiac 5 locates them and finds an anomaly. He projects himself into the VR and helps them remove Tharok from the simulation. Bart is invited to join the Legion, but he says he needs to learn to control his powers first.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #15 (Aug. 2008)

When Starfinger attacks, Arm-Fall-Off Boy (Floyd Belkin) brings him down and impresses the Legion.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #16 (Sept. 2008)

Season 2: 2007–08

Season Two leapt ahead in time three years. The first episode introduced Superman-X and K3NT in the 41st century. From Legion season 2, episode 1 (2007).

"The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Part 1": The Legion receives a visitor from the 41st century, Kell-El aka Superman-X, a clone of the original (who is invulnerable to kryptonite) created by an artificial intelligence called K3NT. He convinces them to help him battle a warrior named Imperiex in the future. They fail and retreat back to the past. One of Triplicate Girl's bodies is apparently killed. 1st app. of Chameleon Boy (Alexander Polinsky), who has already joined. NOTE: Superman-X was created as a more accessible substitute for Mon-El.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E01 (22 Sept. 2007)

"The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow, Part 2": When the Legion returns to the 31st century, Imperiex has freed the inmates of Takron Galtos and allies with the Dominators. They turn to the 21st century and bring (an older, more mature) Superman back to help them. Triplicate Girl changes her name to Duo Damsel. Matter-Eater Lad goes mad from consuming part of the Emerald Eye. Chameleon Boy mentions that his 'dad is rich.'

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E02 (29 Sept. 2007)

"Cry Wolf": The Legion convicts Timber Wolf of killing his father. Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl help him escape to clear his name. They find that his father orchestrated his death and is still alive.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E03 (6 Oct. 2007)

"Chained Lightning": Lightning Lad discovers that his missing sister, Ayla, has been dispersed into an electromagnetic cloud after their attack from the lightning beasts. Their brother Mekt helps retrieve her. Ayla is restored (but still a young girl) and returned home. Mekt turns himself over to authorities. Lightning Lad loses his arm and gets a cybernetic replacement that amplifies his power.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E04 (13 Oct. 2007)

Nemesis Kid and Karate Kid join during the hunt for Grimbor. From Legion season 2, episode 5 (2007).

"Karate Kid": Another round of Legion auditions yields one good recruit —Science Police officer Nemesis Kid (Keith Ferguson). Superman and Chameleon Boy also recruit Karate Kid (Keith Ferguson), but he has no super powers, and is not eligible for membership. He proves his worth against Grimbor the Chainsman. 1st app. of Calamity King, K19.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E05 (27 Oct. 2007)

"Who Am I?": Brainiac 5 sends Chameleon Boy undercover to infiltrate Imperiex, making him believe he is the Persuader. The real Persuader escapes from Legion HQ and finds Cham, calling him out. The Legion discovers they have also been infiltrated by the LSV's Ron Karr. Karr is disguised as Superman and tells them of Imperiex's plan to invade Cham's homeworld of Durla. Ron Karr helps them stop Imperiex's missiles.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E06 (3 Nov. 2007)

"Unnatural Alliances": Imperiex sends the android Terra-Man from the 41st century to capture a young boy named Abel — who is destined to invent the bionics technology that created Imperiex. Terra-Man was also crated by K3NT, as a backup to Kell-El. Superman-X and Imperiex briefly ally to destroy Terra-Man and save the boy. NOTE: Star Boy's first speaking appearance (Bumper Robinson); he has the power to make things lightweight or heavy.

S02.E07 (17 Nov. 2007)

"Message in a Bottle": At Superman's Fortress of Solitude, the Legion must follow Imperiex into the shrunken city of Kandor, still home to millions of Kryptonians. Brainiac 5 learns that his his ancestor, the original Brainiac, was responsible for it's plight. Brainiac 5 accesses Brainiac's essence and uses the data to help the Legion to use a device called the Messenger to reconstitute the planet Krypton, and enlarge Kandor there.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E08 (1 Dec. 2007)

After three teens rescue the richest man in the galaxy, they form the Legion of Super-Heroes. From Legion season 2, episode 9 (2007).

"In The Beginning": Legion founder R. J. Brande is publicly honored (and revealed as Chameleon Boy's father). His old associate, Doyle dispatches Grimbor to kill him. Grimbor kidnaps Brande and the fight leads to Brande Industries' Stellar Nurseries, where stars are manufactured. The Legion frees Brande and captures the villains.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E09 (8 Mar. 2008)

The White Witch helps guide Zyx through his trials and defeat Mordru. From Legion season 2, episode 10 (2007).

"Trials": The evil wizard Mordru steals the power of the sorcerers of Zarok. They send Zyx to the Legion to get help (but he's been stripped of his magic). Superman-X helps Zyx complete his trials with the help of a virtual guide, the White Witch. With his powers regained, Zyx is able to help defeat Mordru.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E10 (15 Mar. 2008)

"In Your Dreams": Dream Girl sees the future: danger from the Dark Circle. But when the Circle secretly records her dreams and misdirects the Legion, Dream Girl's teammates accuse her of deception. She's vindicated with the help of Brainiac 5.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E11 (22 Mar. 2008)

Dawnstar, Ultra Boy, XS and Invisible Kid appear as members in the series finale. From Legion season 2, episode 13 (2008).

Invisible Kid, XS, Dawnstar and Ultra Boy join. They are depicted in action in "Dark Victory."

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E13 (7 April 2008)

"Dark Victory, Part 1": Brainiac 5 struggles with the increasing influence of the original Brainiac inside his mind. Imperiex awakened this programming to goad Brainiac to the surface. Brainiac 5 temporarily resists but eventually succumbs to evil impulses and attacks Superman with kryptonite.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E12 (29 Mar. 2008)

"Dark Victory, Part 2": Brainiac 5 targets the planet Thanagar and "digitizes" its people. He is captured by the people of his homeworld, Colu but Brainy turns the tables on them, too. Kell-El saves Superman by giving a transfusion of his kryptonite-immune blood. Saturn Girl then projects both Supermen into Brainiac's mind. Ultimately, Brainy finds the will to reassert himself and destroy Brainiac's control. Everyone is restored to normal and Brainiac 5 loses his biotechnological parts; he emerges as biological only. He resigns from the Legion. Before returning to the future, Kell-El is granted official Legion membership. As the portal to the future opens, Triplicate Girl's third body emerges. Note: Final episode.

Legion of Super-Heroes S02.E13 (7 April 2008)

"Season 3"

While Writer J. Torres was waiting to learn the fate of the TV show, they decided to 'skip ahead' and tell comic book stories as if we were in a third season.

Flight Ring, Part 1: Brainiac 5 returns and is elected Legion leader. Brainiac 5 heeds Dream Girl's warning when on a mission against the Thanagarian Warhawks (led by Talon Redbeard). NOTE: Superman participates. The following issue states that Brainy has returned from his resignation. This issue is the first to suggest a connection between this continuity and that of Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #17 (Oct. 2008)

Flight Ring, Part 2: Legionnaires are angered to learn that Brainiac 5 can override their flight rings. The White Witch (who has joined previously) and Nemesis Kid are crucial in defeating Mordru. White Witch theorizes that Nemesis Kid's powers are magically derived. NOTE: 1st apps. of Chameleon Boy, Karate Kid, Nemesis Kid and White Witch in the comic. The magicians in this story use phrases such as "Avada Kedavra," coined in the Harry Potter books.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #18 (Nov. 2008)

Flight Ring, Part 3: Brainiac 5 allows the glory-hound hero Booster Gold to "steal" powerful weapons, because 31st century history paints Booster as an historic hero. Booster helps the Legionnaires by using a Green Lantern's ring to follow the Scavengers into the past, where he is stranded. NOTES: Dawnstar's first appearance in the comic. This Booster is a native of the 31st century.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #19 (Dec. 2008)

Tharok steals Brainiac 5's sample of kryptonite. He uses it to transform himself into Metallo. While traveling between space, Brainy glimpses visions of alternate Supermen and Legions. After they defeat Tharok, a Legion from a parallel universe views this Legion on a screen just before they prepare to visit Superman for the first time. NOTES: Final issue. Brainy sees images of Superman's first appearance, Superboy Prime, Superman-X, Mon-El, and Superboy's first meeting with the Legion. In the end, it appears to be the Legion of Earth-0, whose Brainiac 5 was watching events on the "animated Legion's" Earth. The Earth-0 Brainy then went out to meet the three founders, who are prepared to visit Superman for the first time in the 20th century.

L.S.H. in the 31st Century #20 (Jan. 2009)