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“Five Year Gap”

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This page covers characers who appeared at times past in the Legion's past, and then became Legionnaires only during the post-Crisis/Legion 1.5 era. The term "Five Year Gap" is a common fan phrase to reference the gap in (Legion) time left after the conclusion of Legion v.3 and the beginning of Legion v.4. In those five years, the Dominators assumed control of Earthgov and systematically dismantled the Legion. Gradually, veteran members resigned and in desperation, the Legion lowered their standards and admitted Subs and assorted rejects.

All Legion 1.5 history is presumed invalid on any parallel Earth.

You can read the "Legion 1.5" history of major Legionnaries in their own profiles.


Atmos breaks Universo's control. From Legion v.3 #33 (1987); art by Greg Larocque.

Name: Marak Russen of Xanthu

First appearance:Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 #28 (Nov. 1986)

Atmos' caused a ruckus among the Legion for some time before falling into the background. He became a full Legion member in the "Five Year Gap."

Although Thom Kallor had not been a hero on his home planet, the presence of a super-powered personality somehow made the people of Xanthu feel more secure. Thus, when he left to become Star Boy, the ruling Tribune of Xanthu ordered the planet's top geneticists to develop a super-hero. Marak Russen, a former child actor and amateur athlete, was chosen as the subject for these experiments, which attempted to recreate the comet radiation that gave Kallor his temporary Daxamite-like powers. The experiment gave Russen the powers of flight, super-strength, partial invulnerability, and an ability to tear apart and rebuild objects through manipulation of their molecular bonds. Unknown to most, he also gained the power to subvert other peoples' will. And finally, his appearance is rather odd, with parts of his chest and arms seeming to have become invisible.

Russen was given the name Atmos and the high office of Xanthu's planetary protector. He was housed and supported by the Xanthusian government in style, and provided with great publicity, which got him the immediate adoration of the people of Xanthu. Then he disappeared without a trace. (Legion v.3 #28) He had been taken, and sequestered with many other heroes by the villain, Universo. It was there that he met and fell in love with Dream Girl (though it's uncertain whether or not he was under Universo's mental control at the time). (#33) When the captured Legionnaires freed everyone from the planet and defeated Universo, (#35) Atmos went to Earth to attempt Legion membership and began a relationship with Dream Girl rather than return to Xanthu—where Star Boy had been tapped to replace him.His imperious manner and obvious extraneous reasons for desiring Legion membership led then-leader Polar Boy to reject him. (#43-46) He returned to Xanthu with Dream Girl at his side and worked in apparent competition with Star Boy for the hearts of the people of Xanthu and of Dream Girl herself. (Legion v.3 Annual #4) Dream Girl resumed her Legion membership after the Magic Wars, (#63) and Atmos grew restive.

POWERS: Atmos has control oveR matter at the molecular level. His molecular bonding power can take matter apart and rebuild it. He can also generate concussive force.

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In the timeline following the Crisis on Infinite-Earths (no longer valid), Atmos reapplied and was accepted to the Legion after the planet had been infiltrated by the Dominion. He stayed only a short while before growing uncomfortable with Earthgov's anti-Legion stance. He resigned in search of greener pastures and learned about Dirk Morgna's (Sun Boy's) deal with Earthgov. But the Dominators who controlled Earthgov thought Russen had more potential as an experimental subject and a mindwiped stooge than as a spokesperson, and placed him in their underground chambers. They freed him only to use him as a test subject against the hunting abilities of their artificial creature BION. Atmos died at BION's hands. (Legion v.4 #21) The Dominators released a fictional story of Atmos's being killed by Khunds.

Legion 2: Earth-247

In the universe of Earth-247, which was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis, there was an Atmos who was from Xanthu, a member of the Uncanny Amazers. (Legionnaires #0) He no longer exists.

Calamity King

In his wake... doubt. From Adventure #343 (1966); art by Curt Swan.

Name: E. Davis Ester of Touston

First appearance: Adventure Comics #342 (Mar. 1966)

E. Davis Ester was a jinx. He caused bad luck wherever he went, creating spontaneous stress fractures (physical and mental) in people and objects. He applied for Legion membership but was rejected on the basis that he'd be as much a danger to his teammates as he would be to the Legion's enemies. (Adventure #342) In fact, Star Boy's expulsion from the Legion was briefly blamed on the fact that he had shaken Ester's hand, and although this and other superstitious feelings the Legion was having at the time were blamed on the imitation Luck Lords of Thaun, it's certainly possible that Ester's powers were indeed a factor in causing Star Boy's misfortunes. (#343)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Calamity King became a full fledged Legionnaire…

After his rejection, Ester drifted from job to job, causing equipment failures and being fired at most. When the Earthgov-besieged Legion became desperate for members, Calamity King saw other former rejects being accepted (and admission requirements slackened). He re-applied and was admitted … for a short time. Ester's luck apparently followed him to the Legion and the group disbanded just two months after he joined.

He, with many other now-unemployed Legionnaires, joined the anti-Earthgov resistance movement run by Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid). Calamity King served as a double agent, and was sent to work with Earthgov and disrupt it with his power. He was exposed and made a subject for the Dominators' genetic experiments. It is unknown whether or not he survived either the detonation of many underground chambers by Grinn or the Earth's destruction.


The post-Crisis info is from the 2995: Legion Sourcebook.


The elusive Echo, from an alternate future. From Adventure #355 (1967); art by Curt Swan.
Resigning following Black Dawn. From Legion v.4 #28 (1992); art by Jason Pearson.

Name: Myke-4 Astor of Calish Aetia

First appearance:
Original, Adult Legion: Adventure Comics #355 (Apr. 1967)
Post-Crisis: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #28 (Apr. 1992)
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2 (Nov. 2008)

Pre-Crisis, the Adult Legion

Echo was first introduced in an alternate future of the original Legion. He was a member of the Legion of Super-Villains. This character is not in current continuity.

Echo debuted as a backup member of the adult Legion of Super-Villains. Along with Beauty Blaze, he fought the adult Legion and Superman. This team of five was quite formidable, but the Legionnaires were rescued by benevolent 30th-century descendants of Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk. (Adventure #355)

Whatever the motivation, the Super-Villains from this alternate timeline enacted a desperate and ambitious plan to ensure their survival—and that of their own timeline—in the first Crisis. To this end, the adult LSV made one last trip to the distant past. They concluded that in order for their own timeline to survive, they would need to dramatically alter past events. This time Lightning Lord, Cosmic King and Saturn Queen traveled to the 20th century — to murder the parents of Batman and Superman and raise the heroes as their own. (Superman/Batman #14)

In the midst of this battle, they again called on Echo to help defend against Superman and Batman. (#17) The heroes were victorious and returned the villains to their home time—into custody of the adult Legion of Super-Heroes. Soon the villains' worst fears became reality. Superman and Batman had succeeded in cementing their own timeline — one which did not lead to the LSV's. As a result, the adult Legion of Super-Villains' timeline gave way to the antimatter wave of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and ceased to exist. (#18)

Legion 1: Earth-0

In current continuity, in Universe-0, Echo has appeared only as a member of Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains. (Legion of Three Worlds #2) His fate after their defeat is unknown.

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Echo became a full fledged Legionnaire…

Myke-4 Astor was born in the war-torn Aetian sector, uncomfortably sandwiched in space between the Khundian Empire and the Dominion, constantly changing hands between the two. At the time of his birth, his world, Calish-Aetia, was under Khund control. Their doctors discovered that he possessed special sonic powers and he was turned over to Khund scientists for experimentation. This ultimately left him unable to breathe without an oxygen-mask—which the Khunds attatched to his face.

When the Khunds set him free, Astor ran with youth gangs committing petty vandalism against Khundish authorities. He made his way to Earth after a bounty was placed on him, and came to the attention of the Science Police and the Legion. His concept of "right and wrong" wasn't necessarily as clear-cut as the United Planets' standards. Regardless, Polar Boy saw his value to the team and as Echo, he joined together with Reflecto and Crystal Kid. He served in the Legion for a short time, but when things started getting even more uncomfortable after Black Dawn, he resigned and dropped out of sight. (Legion v.4 #28)


Echo's membership was first mentioned in Legion v.4 #28 (Apr. 1992). Additional info provided by the 2995: Legion Sourcebook.

And yep, this is the character that inspired the spelling of my own online handle. I began by using "myke4" for a very long time, and it eventually evolved into "mykey," a nickname some of my friends use anyway.


Reflecto is born. From Legion v.2 #282 (1981); art by Jimmy Janes.

Name: Stig Ah of Rimbor

First appearance, original: Adventure Comics #354 (Mar. 1967)
As Superboy:
Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 #277 (July 1981)
Post-Crisis: Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 Annual #1 (1990)

Reflecto is an enigma in Legion lore. He has never appeared in any currently in-continuity story except as Superman, who once took this alias while suffering from amnesia…

This began when Ultra Boy was seemingly killed by Pulsar Stargrave. (Legion v.2 #273) Ultra Boy was dislodged from normal time/space and he retreated to the 20th century to seek Superman's help. He possessed Superman's mind and as a result, both of their minds became incoherent. This identity crisis led to the creation of Reflecto, and he returned to the 30th century to seek out the Legion. (#282) After meeting Reflecto, suspicions ran wild that this was actually Jo Nah in disguise. (#277) They soon discovered that Reflecto was actually Superman, who was suffering from amnesia. (#279) Dawnstar's tracking ability eventually led to the discovery of Jo's body. Afterwards, the Legion changed their statue honoring Ultra Boy in the Hall of Heroes to that of Reflecto. (#282)

Pre-Crisis: The alternate future

Reflecto's very first appearance was part of an alternate timeline, one which never came to pass. Worse, he never appeared as a living character. His only claim to fame was a statue of Reflecto in the Legion's "Hall of Heroes," which honored their dead. His statue was shown both on the cover Adventure #354, and inside. This statue was no doubt the inspiration for the statue shown at the end of Legion v.2 #282 (see above).

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Reflecto was a bona fide hero from Rimbor and he became a full-fledged Legionnaire …

Stig Ah was a normal Rimborian boy when he was injured in an incident involving a fusion powersphere. He appeared to have been unaffected by the incident, until one day as he passed a construction site and a girder was accidentally dropped on top of him. Miraculously, it appeared to bounce off an invisible wall just above him. It was then that he discovered that the powersphere's null radiation had activated his latent power to reflect any fast-moving object, matter or energy, which was directed toward him. He used this power to become Rimbor's first super-hero, Reflecto.

Shortly after the formation of the Legion, Reflecto came to Earth alongside Ultra Boy to try out for membership. Despite high scores, Reflecto lost out to Jo Nah in the tryout. He returned to Rimbor, where he continued a long career protecting its citizens.Years later, Reflecto was once again invited to Legion headquarters, this time for unconditional membership rather than for a tryout. The Legion was being harassed by Earthgov, and needed all the allies it could get. His tenure was cut tragically short by the Molecule Master, a villainous android. Although his power repelled the android's visible attacks, the Molecule Master was also quietly releasing a deadly poisonous gas, from which Reflecto's power couldn't save him. Reflecto died and was buried on Shanghalla. His death was greatly mourned by all of Rimbor as well as by the Legion.

After this, the Legionnaire Deviln O'Ryan developed powers similar to Stig Ah's. He briefly went by the name Reflecto, too.


Reflecto's membership was first mentioned in Legion v.4 in #44 (May 1993). Additional info provided by the 2995: Legion Sourcebook.

Reflecto was also included in a proposal for a Legion off-shoot group called the Outsiders. The proposal was made by artist Dave Cockrum but never adopted.

Storm Boy

Storm Boy: an early reject. From Adventure #301 (1962); art by John Forte.

Name: Myke Chypurz of Earth

First appearance: Adventure Comics #301 (Oct. 1962)

It started as a fraternity stunt. Myke Chypurz never had any super-powers, and never truly considered joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. But when he wanted to join a prestigious fraternity, he was given that as an initiation assignment. Using the scientific knowledge that got him into college as a teenager, he was able to successfully miniaturize a weather-control device so that it could be hidden in his pocket. When he, as Storm Boy, went to try out for the Legion, though, he wasn't able to fool Cosmic Boy, and, in sending Myke away, the Legion publicized its rule that an applicant's powers must be inherent, and not created by external devices. (Adventure #301) Myke's rejection from the Legion meant he was also rejected from the fraternity. But he maintained his interest in weather-control systems, and after he graduated college, he went to work as an engineer for Earthgov in that field. (Who's Who in the Legion #6)

Years later, Earth-Man rose to power amid a newly fomented culture of xenophobia on Earth. Earth-Man, who was also a Legion reject from Earth, formed the Justice League of Earth, adding other Earth natives who'd been scorned by the Legion. Storm Boy was eager to join. Since his rejection, he'd developed a psychotic obsession with surgeries that internalized his weather powers. With the technology implanted inside him, he could now he could control these forces innately. (Action #859-863) After this, he joined forces briefly with Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains. (Legion of Three Worlds #2-5) When the JLE was defeated, he was imprisoned on Takron-Galtos, where he hopes for the chance at revenge. (Adventure v.2 #2)

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Storm Boy became a full-fledged Legionnaire…

Myke was good at his job, and he was very familiar with the environmental conditions that dictated a region's weather. But when Tayla Wellington was elected president of Earth—with the behind-the-scenes backing of the Dominion—he began receiving orders for harmful weather in certain regions. He discovered that his superiors were targeting critics of Earthgov. Appalled at these repressive tactics, he tried reporting them to the authorities, and was fired for his efforts. Looking for a way to strike back, he noticed a newspaper headline that read, "Legion Admits Former Rejects." Re-making and improving his old device, he offered the Legion his services, and the Legion waived their old rule and allowed him in.

Storm Boy stayed with the Legion until it disbanded, and then, like most former Legionnaires, joined the underground movement formed by Jacques Foccart, the former Invisible Kid. His expertise in matters of climate was valuable, especially after the moon was destroyed. When the Dominators were driven from Earth, Jacques, who became Earth's president, appointed Myke to the top weather-control post, a position he holds even now on Earth-0.


Additional information provided by Who's Who in the Legion #6 (1988) and the 2995: Legion Sourcebook.


Visi-Lad (left), on a training run with the Legion Academy. From Legion v.3 Annual #3 (1987); art by Greg Larocque.

Name: Rhent Ustin of Earth

First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes v.3 Annual #3 (1987)

Visi-Lad's origins are a complete mystery. He was found as an infant with four eyes, left outside an orphanage. He was adopted and given the name Rhent Ustin, but since then, no amount of investigation has yielded any clues about the origins of his powers or past. The Ustins raised Rhent as their own and helped him develop control over his eyes' super-powers—telescopic, microscopic, X-ray, heat and hypnotic vision. (Who's Who in the Legion #7) With their guidance, he found his way to the Legion Academy, where, as Visi-Lad, he became a student and shared one adventure with several Legionnaires. (Legion v.3 Annual #3)

He remains a student at the Legion Academy.

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Visi-Lad became a full fledged Legionnaire…

In a relatively short time, Visi-Lad got the call to join the Legion itself. When the Legion's numbers were decimated by departures following Black Dawn, Polar Boy recruited as many super-powered bodies as he could find, regardless of power level, and Visi-Lad was accepted with open arms. He participated in few missions before the Legion was disbanded.

As the Dominators took over Earthgov, Rhent was captured and placed in experimentation chambers. Dominion notes indicated that he was still in the chambers when the Triple Strike program caused fusion powerspheres the world over to explode, releasing null radiation that caused him to grow a third pair of eyes. He was among Dominator prisoners who survive the war without being mind-wiped, (Legion v.4 #27) and he returned to serve with former Legionnaires Luornu and Chuck Taine to run the United Planets Militia Academy. (#57)

Some text courtesy of C. Keller's Legion Help File. Download the Legion Help File (Windows only) to access the wealth of other Legion info therein!