Invisible Kid II

Jacques Foccart

Created by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen

Jacques Foccart of Earth

Danielle Foccart (sister)

Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes v.1 Annual #1 (1982)

Jacques Foccart of Earth

Unnamed parents, Danielle Foccart (sister)

Black Hole

Legionnaires #66 (Dec. 1998)

The origin of Invisible Kid II. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.2 Annual #1 (1982); art by Keith Giffen and Bruce Patterson.
Jacques battles the Dream Demon. From Legion v.2 #299 (1983); art by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt.

Jacques Foccart grew up on Africa's Ivory Coast with his two sisters. When the younger one, Danielle, contracted some sort of electrical disfunction in her brain, she was believed incurable. Fortunately, Brainiac 5 took an interest in her case. Unfortunately, in order to cure Danielle, he unleashed the malevolent Computo, who almost destroyed the Legion. But Brainiac 5 remembered that Jacques, whom Computo had ignored, was still free in Legion headquarters. Using the Legion's telepathic plugs, he instructed Jacques to find a vial of the Lyle Norg's invisibility serum and drink it. This enabled Jacques to sneak up on Computo and inject his sister with a tranquilizer that neutralized Computo. For his bravery, Jacques was rewarded with Legion membership as the second Invisible Kid. (Legion v.2 Annual #1)

Despite his inexperience, Jacques proved his bravery well during the Legion's "Great Darkness." Not long after using Norg's serum, Jacques met a person who appeared to be Lyle Norg, in another dimension. (Legion v.2 #299) This "Lyle" accompanied Jacques back to Earth (#310), but he was revealed to be the Dream Demon — master of that dimension. After defeating the creature, Jacques and Wildfire lit an eternal flame on Shanghalla as a tribute to Lyle. (#316-317)

Jacques also found that he was "blessed" by another gift from the invisibility serum. While battling the Khund assassin called Wharlik, Jacques accidentally teleported the two of them to outer space, where Wharlik died. (Legion v.3 #10) (This power had also caused his journey to the Dream Demon's dimension.) Though teleportation was a powerful addition to his worth as a Legionnaire, Jacques could not in good conscience keep a power he could not control. He asked Brainaic 5 to analyze his powers (#17), and ultimately asked the Legion's Dr. Gym'll to remove them permanently. (#19)

NOTES: Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Jacques: Had all the tools, but was slightly lacking in self-confidence, so everything he accomplished took a toll. —Interlac (2000)

Paul Levitz on Jackques: In an interview with the Legion of Substitute Podcasters (episode #70), Levitz said Jacques' creation arose from his own annoyance that there were no African Legionnaires. He was embarrassed that there wasn’t more diversity in the team. He chose to make Jacques more “worldly” by the addition of the legacy of French colonialism."

Legion 1.5 (v.4)

In the history that unfolded after the first Crisis (no longer valid), Jacques became a powerful leader in rallying forces on Earth against the Dominators…

Jacques served well in the Legion, despite an inferiority complex caused by the awe in which he held his predecessor. This was solved to a great extent when Jacques thought he met Lyle Norg in another dimension, and revealed him to be a demon. He put his mind at peace afterward by having Wildfire ignite an eternal flame as a memorial to Lyle on Shanghalla.Another problem arose when Jacques, in a battle with the Khund assassin Wharlik accidentally teleported the two of them to outer space, where Wharlik died. This power, which had also transported himself and Wildfire into the dimension where they thought they encountered Lyle Norg, was unpredictable, and now it had caused a death. He set out to free himself of the power, an apparent by-product of increased concentrations of element 271 in his body, which were seemingly produced by the invisibility serum. Since Lyle never demonstrated such a power, it has been speculated that the extra 271 was created in a reaction between the serum and the higher amounts of melanin in Jacques's skin. With the help of the Legion's physician, Dr. Gym'll, he had the power removed and returned to just invisibility.

Jacques stayed with the Legion until 2992, when he got sick of watching Earthgov hound Legionnaires and left to form his own underground movement in resistance to Earthgov. This movement was joined by many members of the Legion when it finally disbanded, notably the former members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. It was during this period of his life that he fell in love with Drura Sehpt, the former Infectious Lass, with whom he presently cohabits. When the Dominators were finally driven from Earth, Jacques was named Earth's president, a post he did not want. After Earth was destroyed, he felt burdened with guilt over the partial failure of the evacuation efforts, and dealing with the pressing issues of the survivors became too much for him. When Reep Daggle mentioned having similar feelings about being with the Legion, the two saw a mutual solution: Jacques would resign as President of New Earth to replace Reep in the Legion (leaving top advisor and vice president Troy Stewart with his unwanted responsibilities) and Reep would leave the Legion to look after the Legionnaire team on New Earth. Jacques and Drura now reside on Talus, with the rest of the older Legion. This arrangement held until recently, when Universo framed the Legion for treason, wherupon he and Drura took the position of Legion's advocates on Weber's World. Jacques' espionage skills uncovered Universo's complicity with the Khunds in the frame-up and the plot to destroy Weber's World, and he has cleared the Legion of any crimes. Shortly thereafter, he went to New Earth to assist in the transporting of the pocket universe's Earth to the real universe, but vanished due to Zero Hour shortly after the transfer has been completed.

Legion 2: Earth-247

Lyle Norg invents his serum. His pseudo-brother, Jacques, declines. From Legionnaires #66 (1998); art by Mike Collins.

There was a Jacques Foccart in universe-247. He was never a member of the Legion, and he ceased to exist when that universe was destroyed in the Infinite Crisis.

Jacques Foccart is a close childhood friend of Invisible Kid. When, as a youth, Lyle Norg. (who learned chemistry from Foccart's mother) invented his invisibility serum, he offered Jacques the chance to try it, but Jacques refused. However, one thing the two boys had in common was a passion for spying. One day they decided to spy on an Earthgov building, and the Science Police caught them. However, Lyle's invisibility serum greatly impressed President Jeanne Chu, and she allowed them to join Earthgov's covert operations organization, called Black Hole.

While working for Black Hole, Lyle and Jacques generally acted as a team. Unlike most agents of the organization, their exploits usually ended up destroying things and causing highly visible incidents, although they managed to never get caught doing them, thus never truly compromising Black Hole's secrecy. This portion of his life ended, though, when fellow agent Mara Grace became envious of Lyle's invisibility serum and, using her power to control men's minds, she made Jacques help her steal it from Lyle's laboratory. She then forced Jacques to drink the serum to make sure it was safe for people other than Lyle.

It wasn't. While it did make Jacques invisible, it also put him into a coma for weeks. He would most likely have died if not for the crack medical team at Black Hole, and in return for this, he was made a deep cover operative. He was declared dead, with no one allowed to know that he was still actually alive and in Black Hole's employ. His abilities were even more suited to the task than Lyle's were, as Jacques is completely undetectable when invisible, with even his heartbeat inaudible. However, turning invisible causes him great pain and harms his body, so he can't use that power often.

While working for Black Hole, Jacques kept track of Mara, now calling herself Charma, and evetually discovered that she was involved in a scheme to manipulate planetary economies to suit her personal agenda. Rather than stop her himself, he anonymously tipped off Lyle, who found Charma. Charma captured Lyle, but Jacques secretly helped him defeat her. While Lyle had a gut feeling that Jacques is still alive and was helping him, Jacques, a loyal Black Hole operative, refused to answer Lyle when Lyle attempted to speak to him. He remains in the employ of Black Hole, saddened by his restrictions on contact with old friends. (Legionnaires #66)



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