Computo II

Created by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen

Danielle Foccart of Earth

Unnamed parents, Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid II, brother), Francine (sister)

Legion of Super-Heroes

FIRST APPEARANCE, original: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 Annual #1 (1982)
Reboot: Legionnaires #66 (Dec. 1998)
Rebirth: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #4 (Apr. 2020)

The Original Danielle Foccart

Computo invades Danielle. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 Annual #1 (1982); art by Keith Giffen and Bruce Patterson.
Danielle displays a sign that she might have super-powers. From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 #312 (1984); art by Keith Giffen and Karl Kesel.
Danielle returns home to Côte d'Ivoire, and her sister Francine. From Tales of the egion of Super-Heroes #314 (Aug. 1984); by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Terry Shoemaker and Karl Kesel.
Profile picture from Who's Who #5 (July 1985); art by Keith Giffen and Gary Martin.

Danielle Foccart was about eight years old when she contracted a kind of nervous disorder. Her brother Jacques brought her case to the attention of the Legion's Brainiac 5.

After studying Danielle's condition, Brainy concocted a therapy using one of his previous inventions — the renegade super-computer called Computo. Brainy mistakenly believed he would be able to control Computo, but the malevolent computer took over Danielle's mind. To fool Computo, Jacques Foccart ingested the invisibility serum invented by the late Invisible Kid. He sneaked beyond Computo's sensors and saved Danielle from it. Afterwards, Jacques and became the second Invisible Kid. (Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 Annual #1)

Danielle remained uncured and Brainiac 5 became possessed by the challenge to free her from the taint of Computo's possession. (Legion vol. 2 #309-310) He eventually succeeded, but in doing so destroyed the Legion's headquarters. Brainiac 5 had prepared for this and Legion HQ was immediately reconstructed in a new form — and Computo was "tamed"; it became the Legion's artificial majordomo. (#311)

Danielle was released and Jacques returned her to the care their sister, Francine, in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, Africa. When she exited from her Legion quarters, the electronic door experienced a strange disruption (the first sign that she had gained super-powers). (#312, 314)

Glorith Reality (Legion vol. 4)

The Computo card, #99, from DC Cosmic Teams (1993); art by Ty Templeton.
A big day for Computo at the Legionnaires' establishment of headquarters on New Earth. From Legionnaires #1 (Apr. 1993); art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

Danielle returned to a normal life in Africa for many years. But when the Dominators infiltrated Earth's government, they began kidnapping super-humans for experimentation and recruitment. Danielle was one of their subjects. The Dominators discovered that she could mentally communicate with, and partially control computers. Her power also made her aware of the Dominator's atrocities outside her prison chambers. When she sensed that her chamber had been set to self-destruct, Danielle freed herself and three others. She, Bobb Kohan, Xao Jin, and April Dumaka escaped the blast and made their way through the Dominator's tunnels until they came across two Legionnaires from Batch SW6 Legion. (Legion vol. 4 #33)

The Legionnaires gave Danielle and the others shelter while the Dominator war continued. Earth was liberated from the Dominators, but then destroyed because of complicating factors. A New Earth was constructed by interconnecting its rescued cities, in orbit. (#38-39)

Danielle was reunited with Jacques, who became New Earth's president. When he learned out about her powers, he suggested to Chameleon Boy that she join the Legion. Cham convinced her to join the SW6 Legionnaires on New Earth and she adopted the codename Computo II. When the team held its first meeting, she was chosen by Cosmic Boy to be their vice-chairperson. (Legionnaires #1) She faithfully assumed leadership duties when young Cosmic Boy was incapacitated. (#9)

The Legionnaires' mentor, Reep Daggle noted that Danielle was "stubborn and self-reliant" and hoped she would help bridge the gap between the SW6 and their predecessors. (2995: Legion Sourcebook)

Computo played a vital role with the young Legionnaires but this team was not active for long. Their reality succumbed to the effects of the "Zero Hour," which erased the Legion's entire existence. Computo vanished just before this era of post-Crisis Legion continuity came to an end. (Valor #22)


Tom Bierbaum credited Mary Bierbaum for transforming Danielle into Computo. He added: "Mary consistently suggested we bring her back … I liked the idea because most of my ideas tended to focus on the Legion's earlier days and I really wanted our Legion to draw on and tie together all eras of the book's great continuity. … Michael Eury wanted a new character to be involved in the group's leadership, and Danielle seemed a natural for deputy leader … and [she] had the best combination of assertiveness and intelligence among the new characters."

Appearances + References


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 #309–312, Annual #1 super-pow
  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #33, 38–39
  • Valor #22


  • Legionnaires #1–18 (1993–94)

Danielle Foccart

Unnamed parents, Jacques Foccart (brother)


FIRST APPEARANCE: Legionnaires #66 (Dec. 1998)

Reboot: Computo III and Danielle II

In the Reboot Legion, Danielle was shown in cameo as a small girl. The Foccarts raised Lyle Norg, who became the Legion's Invisible Kid. From Legionnaires #66 (Dec. 1998); art by Mike Collins and John Stokes.

A very young Danielle appeared once, with her (unnamed) parents, brother Jacques, and their pseudo-sibling, Lyle Norg, who became the Legion's Invisible Kid. (Legionnaires #66)

Appearances + References


  • Legionnaires #66


  • None



Legion of Super-Heroes

FIRST APPEARANCE: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #4 (Apr. 2020)

Rebirth: Computo IV

Computo is a digital entity, here meeting Superboy (Jon Kent). From Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #4 (Apr. 2020); art by Ryan Sook and Wade Von Grawbadger.

In the Legion of DC's "Rebirth" era, Computo is a Legionnaire who is "mixture of technology and category nine human biology." She is a sentient who is fully integrated with digital landscapes and capable of connecting others with the same. (Legion vol. 8 #4)

In the 31st century, when artificially intelligent beings came online, they tended to find a balance between good and evil in their programming. A.I.s became helpful to galactic civilizations when it was time to engage in intersocietal conversations.

Computo was obsessed the ancient pop culture history of Earth's fictional artificial intelligences, and named herself in honor of these characters (who were always hostile).

Computo won her place with the Legion in a series of programming and intelligence tests against some of the newest A.I. programs. She won it by inventing a way to measure time in a very minute way.

In the Legion, she works tirelessly to make the city of New Metropolis run perfectly. She invented the Legin's 'food court,' called Heaven, and has the best relationship with fellow Legionnaire, Brainiac 5. (#5)


Computo is a human interface for technology and digital data and communications. She can communicate with systems and assume control of them. Conversely, she can be vulnerable to digital types of attack.

Appearances + References


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8 #4, 5


  • Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 8, current (2019–)


  • Rebirth Legion