Created by Cary Bates and Mike Grell

Troy Stewart of Marzal


Legion of Super-Heroes

Superboy and the Legion #216 (Apr. 1976)

JOINED: Superboy and the Legion #218 (June 1976)

First appearance. From Superboy and the Legion #216 (1976); art by Mke Grell.
Tyroc concocts the plan that will remove his home from Earth's dimension. From Legion v.2 #265 (1980); art by Jim Janes.
Joining the Subs. From Legion v.4 #16 (1991); art by Keith Giffen.
As President. From Legion v.4 #41 (1993); art by Chris Sprouse.

Some parts based on C. Keller's Legion Help File.

Troy Stewart was raised with the awareness of racial bias. His home, the transdimensional island Marzal, was founded as a haven from the world which tried to enslave his ancestors. When it was discovered that he was a mutant with the ability to vocally draw upon the energies of Marzal's alien dimension for a variety of reality-warping effects, the people of Marzal groomed him to be their protector, assuming that no outsiders would come to their aid. As Tyroc (a name that means "Scream of the Devil" in Marzallian), he served in that position until his teens without any assistance.

Then he met the Legion of Super-Heroes, who were chasing a gang of jewel thieves to Marzal. Tyroc was bitter towards the Legion, who had never visited Marzal since it returned to Earth's dimension. (Superboy #216) Troy treated them harshly, refuse to work with them, and accused them of racism. But after the Legionnaires saved his life, he began to trust them, and accepted their offer for membership. (#218)

Tyroc's Legion career was one of the shortest and most lackluster in its history. Stewart's priorityies remained with his own people, and his duties as protector of Marzal made his missions with the Legion few and infrequent. (#222)

What made matters worse, Tyroc was suddenly summoned back to Marzal while Dagon the Avenger had kidnapped the parents of many Legionnaires. His teammates were irate. Dawnstar and Shadow Lass followed him to Marzal and discovered why he'd abandoned his other duties. They learned that Marzal was beginning to shift into another dimension — a phenomenon that occured regularly, but in intervals of centuries. Tyroc could not forsake his home, and chose to remain. Dawnstar was able to get herself and Shadow Lass back to Earth (from which Marzal had already disappeared) and explain the situation to the rest of the Legion. (#264-265)

His standing in the Legion's consciousness was restored, but most assume that they will never see him again.


Tyroc's publishing history is explained by the dissatisfaction among Legion creators to use an editorially-mandated black character. Artist Mike Grell admits to being embarrassed by the character and the premise behind him and his people. (The Legion Companion, Glen Cadigan, Two Morrows Publishing, 2003)

Paul Levitz on Tyroc: "The idea of using a sound-based character is, I think, intrinsically futile in a silen medium. He just never worked for me, so I did my best to dodge him over the years." —The Legion Companion

Tom & Mary Bierbaum on Tyroc: Another painfully two-dimensional character and an anachronistic one to boot. During the Giffen run, he blossomed into a powerful, dedicated presence, a voice of experience. —Interlac (2000)

Legion 1.5 (Post-Crisis)

In post-Crisis continuity (no longer valid), Tyroc went on to become the President of Earth...

After Marzal disappeared, the Legionnaires assumed that they would never see Tyroc again. And they might never have, if Earth had not been taken over by the Dominators. In a public relations plot, the Dominators orchestrated a quick victory against Khunds by using recordings of Tyroc's screams to draw Marzal back to Earth's dimension. Then they destroyed Marzal, claiming that the entire city was populated by Khund sympathizers. (Legion v.4 #16) Tyroc led the few survivors until they came across a resistance movement founded by the Legion's Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid). Troy became Jacques's second-in-command and top advisor. After the war that freed Earth from the Dominators, Jacques was appointed interim president of Earth, and Troy became Vice President. (#35)

When Jacques resigned the presidency to rejoin the Legion, Troy found himself stuck in the Presidential chair (#41), where he remained until the Zero Hour—the crisis in time that destroyed this timeline. In one last effort, Stewart tried to use his powers to create a dimensional warp large enough to bring the Earth of a pocket dimension through. The planet proved to be unstable, but before he could rectify the situation, he disappeared in the white wave. (Valor #22)

Other Versions

Tyroc was also a member in TV's Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon.


Tyroc is a metahuman who can use his voice to effect a range of powers. Most frequently, he uses this to fly. He has also used it for concussive force, and to open dimensional gateways.

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