The Heroes of Lallor

Created by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Adventure Comics #324 (Sept. 1964)

The Original Heroes of Lallor

Beast Boy, Gas Girl, Duplicate Boy, Life Lass, and Evolvo Lad. From Adventure #324 (1964); art by Curt Swan and Sheldon Moldoff.
The Heroes of Lallor are mind controlled into serving with the Khunds. From Legion of Super-Heroes v.4 #58 (1994); art by Stuart Immonen and Ron Boyd.

The Legion met the Heroes of Lallor when Dr. Marden King (the brother of Jungle King) tried to avenge his brother's death by setting the teams at odds. Their number included Beast Boy (Ilshu Nor), Duplicate Boy (Ord Quelu), Evolvo Lad (Sev Tcheru), Gas Girl (Tal Nahii), and Life Lass (Somi Gan). After clearing up the misunderstandings, Shrinking Violet fell began dating Duplicate Boy. (Adventure #324) Soon however, the teams clashed again and Beast Boy died saving a little girl's life. (#339)

The Heroes of Lalllor disappeared for years to their distant world until the Legion called in all reserves to battle Darkseid. (Legion v.2 #294) They remained to help repair Weber's World afterwards. (#299) Soon after this, Duplicate Boy learned that Shrinking Violet had married Colossal Boy. He backed off when realized that his "Violet" had been replaced by a Durlan named Yera (but he did not reveal this discovery). (#298)

After Yera was exposed, the real Vi was freed, but she'd been changed, traumatized by her captivity. She angrily ended her relationship with Duplicate Boy, because he had not voiced his suspicions of her impostor. (#313) The Heroes were seen for the last time together when helping Duplicate Boy regain his confidence after being dumped. (Tales of the Legion #317)

When Universo took over the Earth, four Legionnaires awoke to find themselves prisoners on an unknown planet along with other heroes, including Gas Girl. Together, these heroes effected their escape. (Legion v.3 #32)

Glorith Reality (Legion v.4)

The planet Lallor lay at the outer reaches of United Planets space. After the U.P.'s "Great Collapse," Lallor was early to fall when the Khund empire renewed its imperial ambitions. (#13) Life Lass became a Colonel in the United Resistance Militia. (Legion v.4 #8)

All of the Heroes of Lallor fell to a form of Khund mind control and were drafted into the Khund army. The Heroes of Lallor were part of a group that included the Khunds

Garak, Cupid, the villain Chameleon Chief, and the former Khund Legionnaires. (#57) They fought against the Legion until they were freed of their mind control. (#58-59)

Reboot Legion

In the universe of Earth-247, the Heroes of Lallor have made only one brief appearance, when the threat of Mordru loomed. They were shown on Lallor, arguing whether they would come to the Legion's aid (they didn't). Their number included Beast Boy, Gas Girl and Splitter (Floyd Belkin). (Legionnaires #49)

Splitter had previously been rejected as a Legion applicant. (Legionnaires #43)

NOTES: Earth-247 also has an Evolvo, who was a member not of the Heroes of Lalloar, but of the Workforce.

» FIRST APPEARANCE: Legionnaires #49 (June 1997).
Splitter only:
Legionnaires #43.

Lallor of the Earth-Prime Universe

The Legion of Earth-Prime has visited its Lallor on more than one occasion. Here, Lallor is a world at civil war over the prospect of joining the United Planets. The Legion's first trip to Lallor was a self-directed mission to squash a rebellion—against the United Plantes' objections. (Legion v.5 #1)

Their next visit involved an investigation which was ostensibly to find the missing Legionnaire, Cosmic Boy. The Legion team instead uncovered a plot by the aforementioned rebels to an assassinate the Lallorian president. (Supergirl & the Legion #31) The rebels had hired Randall Burroughs to do the job. Randall manipulated his powerful brother Drake, a.k.a. E.R.G.-1, into being the assassin. (#33) The Legionnaires managed to swing Drake to their side, and exposed not only the plot, but Randall's coersion of his brother. (#34-36)

There have been no sightings of any "Heroes of Lallor." However, this universe also has an Evolvo-Lad (Sev Tcheru). This hero is an ally of Brainiac 5 and helped him find a way to return Supergirl to the 21st century. (#31, 36)

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