The Legion of Super-Pets

Created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan

FIRST APPEARANCE: Adventure Comics #293 (Feb. 1962)

Subs v. Super Pets—too close to call. From Adventure #351 (1966); art by Curt Swan.

The Legion of Super-Pets was a group of super-animals from the 20th century whose name was inspired by the Legion of Super-Heroes of the 30th century. They met the Heroes through their "masters," Superboy and Supergirl. When the Brain Globes of Rambat mentally enslaved Superboy and the Legion, the Legion of Super-Pets was called to action! Krypto, Streaky the Super-Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, and Beppo the Super-Monkey joined forces to save the day. (Adventure #293) Two of these pets were Superboy's:

The other two were Supergirl's:

Krypto • Beppo •  Comet •  Streaky • Proty II

It was never really clarified how Supergirl's pets traveled backwards in time to meet with Superboy's. They were most likely aided by the Legion. The Super-Pets were active for many years, thought the frequency seems sporadic. They were still together a decade after their formation to appear on a television program honoring Superman. (Or the direction of time travel could have been reversed.) (Action #309)

After this, they appeared mostly in the 30th century — the Legion's time. When the female Legionnaires are stricken with a "Crimson Plague" by the masked Satan Girl. Supergirl enlists the aid of the Super-Pets to battle Satan Girl, who is revealed to be an evil Red Kryptonite duplicate of Supergirl. (Adventure #313)

On their second trip to the 30th century, the Super-Pets added another member. They met…

After being chastized by the Legion, the Legion of Super-Pets won the acclaim of the people of the planet Thanl. In order to prove themselves worthy (again), Comet and Proty II actually joined the Legion as Biron the Bowman and Blockade Boy II. (Adventure #364) The last time this group was seen in action, they helped the Legion outwit the evil Skyzznx and his partner Alrrk. (Adventure #380) (Though they did weigh in when Supergirl was forced to resign her Legion membership. The Super-Pets threatened to disband if she left. [Action 387])

Krypto stayed true to his master, Superman, throughout Kal-El's life. The final fates of Beppo and Streaky are unrevealed.

Years after the Super-Pets had stopped meeting, Superman suggested that Comet visit the planet Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. The horse met Prince Endor, who cast a spell that enabled Comet to become human as long as he is in sight of a passing comet. He adopted the human identity of cowboy "Bronco Bill," but Supergirl was unaware this new development. (Action #301)

Proty II took up a career in film. He was on-hand to film the rededication of Legion headquarters. (Legion v.2 #301) For years, he was also secretly active in the campaign to restore his people. (Legion v.3 #17)

The Space Canine Patrol Agents

If some is good, more is better right? The Space Canine Patrol Agents, were a 20th century group of dogs formed around Krypto in Superboy v.1 #131 (July 1966).

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Appearances + References


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