New 52 Earth-2 Chronology

Action figures from the DC Comics The New 52 line—Earth-2 and Worlds' Finest waves (DC Collectibles, 2014).

Part 1: Earth 2

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Ancient Egypt: Sorceror Nabu curses his enemy, Wotan, to always reincarnate bearing green skin. Nabu, however, eventually dies and his spirit inhabits his mystical helmet.

Earth 2 #11 (June 2013)

1898, Slaughter Swamp: A man named Solomon and his wife Pinney work for the Henry Slaughterhouse. When Pinney is accosted by Henry, she commits suicide, leading Solomon into a rage and killing everyone inside, then himself. He fell into the swamp and was reanimated by the Rot.

Earth 2 #15.2 (Nov. 2013)

65 Years Ago: Thomas Wayne is born.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

45 Years Ago, Krypton: After his pacifist parents are killed, the boy Val-Zod is adopted by Jor-El and his wife, Lara. They also care for their niece, Kara Zor-El, whose parents are deceased as well.

Earth 2 #27 (Dec. 2014)

Jor-El opposes his council and launches a rocket towards Krypton's sun. It unintentionally destabilizes the star and pulls Krypton from its orbit. Intri, a visitor from Apokolips offers to stop the devastation if they give her their infant child, Kal-El; they refuse. In desperation, they put Kal, Kara, Val, and one other child into experimental crafts and launch them just as the planet explodes.

Worlds' Finest #27 (Dec. 2014)

Cousins Kal-El and Kara Zor-El are simultaneously sent from Krypton to Earth. Kara and Val arrive decades after Kal, but all age only months and in perfect health.

Worlds' Finest #0 (Nov. 2012)

43 Years Ago (1971): Thomas Wayne saves the life of mobster Frankie (Francesco) Falcone. They become friends and Wayne meets future wife Martha. Together they live a decadent lifestyle of parties and drugs.
41 Years Ago (1973): Bruce Wayne is born and the Waynes withdraw from Frankie Falcone's life of excess. Falcone sends three thugs to beat him, but they're driven off by Jarvis Pennyworth.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

Thomas Wayne refuses to help Frankie Falcone kidnap the infant Alan Scott (whose father's TV station was calling out Falcone's criminal activities). Thomas leaves a document with his lawyer, Cranston, with evidence on Falcone. If harm should come to Bruce, the file was to be turned over to the police.

Worlds' Finest #27 (Dec. 2014)

35 Years Ago (1979): Hitman Joe Chill shoots Thomas and Martha Wayne in Park Row of Gotham City (later called Crime Alley). Thomas survives and fakes his death with the help of Leslie Thompkins.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

As boys, Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent and Pete Ross when Wayne's car breaks down near the Kent farm. Bruce deduces that Clark is stronger than normal.

(Batman / Superman #3, Oct. 2013))

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman go public and are dubbed Earth's "Wonders."


20 Years Ago (1994): Thomas Wayne steals the drug Miraclo from an old colleague, Rex Tyler. It gives him super-powers for an hour at a time. Wayne kills Joe Chill and others linked to the Falcone crime family. Batman investigates and the trail leads him to discover that his father is still alive. Bruce is enraged that his cause is based on lies and shuts his father out of his life. NOTE: In the original release of this issue, Miraclo's inventor was named Rex Mason, which is the alter ego of Metamorpho. Writer Tom Taylor confirmed in an interview that this was a mistake.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

10 years prior: Kara Zor-El's powers begin to develop.

Earth 2 #27 (Dec. 2014)

On Earth-0, Batman first meets Superman. They pursue Catwoman, who is possessed by Kaiyo the Trickster, of Apokolips. Kaiyo sends them to Earth 2, where they encounter their counterparts on that Earth, as well as Jonathan and Martha Kent. NOTE: Originally, the mainstream New 52 DC Universe was designated as "Prime Earth," per Dan DiDio on Facebook. It was designated Earth-0 in The Multiversity #1 (2014).

Batman / Superman #1 (July 2013)

Batman-0 meets Catwoman at Wayne Manor and learns that on that world, they're married. Superman-0 learns the same of Lois Lane . Earth 2's Supreme Court authorized a cryo-prison, which holds Aquawoman, Joker, Creeper, and Sinestro. Arkham is now an amusement park. Superman uses Mangubots to help protect Metropolis and solar energy is the primary fuel. Wonder Woman arrives and reveals that Kaiyo has possessed Lois.

Batman / Superman #2 (Sept. 2013)

The heroes learn of an alien crystal that magnifies any energies; it's in the possession of the NSA. Kaiyo warns the heroes that the crystal is their only hope against Darkseid.

Batman / Superman #3 (Oct. 2013)

Superman-0 flies for the first time to save Lois and Catwoman in a crashing plane. Superman destroys the crystal with energy refracted from a Wayne satellite. Kaiyo tells them this was a contest to see which world had the best champions. Because the Earth-0 heroes wanted to save the crystal, she predicts a better outcome for their world. Returning home, she erases all memories of the events. NOTES: A man named Slade works for the government. A Wayne satellite uses Terrill conversion cells to refract energy of all kinds. Kaiyo's origin is told in Justice League #24.1 (2013).

Batman / Superman #4 (Dec. 2013)

Helena Wayne debuts as Robin under the guidance of her mother, Catwoman (Selina Kyle, and against her father's wishes). When an emergency alarm sounds, she finds her mother dead, and Batman weak. She rushes into a burning building and he calls for Superman, who sends his cousin—Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)—soon to be her best friend. Superman has hidden Kara as his secret weapon, after his wife Lois Lane died at the Daily Planet.

Worlds' Finest #0 (Nov. 2012)

Batman and Robin follow Catwoman's agenda against sex trafficking. Supergirl sneaks out and meets a boy named Ken, from Gammora. Ken dies in an explosion. Robin and Supergirl return to the site later and fight Fury. Wonder Woman stops their fighting and Fury escapes back to her father through a Boom Tube. NOTE: Gamorra is a place from the Wildstorm universe, first seen in Deathblow #1 (1993).

World's Finest Annual #1 (Mar. 2014)

Hank Heywood "fixes" his son's (Hank Heywood, Jr., born in Philippines) congenital defect bone defect by bonding metal to the boy's DNA. Parademons force the elder Heywood to commit suicide and destroy his research. Junior escapes to the World Army where he is becomes the wonder called Captain Steel.

Earth 2 #13 (Aug. 2013)

6 years prior: Amid the Apokolips invasion, Mr. 8 (Terry Sloan), the smartest man on Earth. When Steppenwolf unleashed mind-control known as Anti-Life, he destroys the "infected" cities. He turns Superman against Wonder Woman with opal kryptonite and after, retreats to the ninth dimension. NOTES: Sloan first appeared in Earth 2 #2. In looking for a gateway to Apokolips, he glimpses parallel worlds and futures, one with Mr. Terrific murdering Hal Jordan; one with a Norse god-like figure.

Earth 2 #0 (Nov. 2012)

5 years prior: Alan Scott hires Terry Sloan to develop technology to reach across universal boundaries to other worlds. His boyfriend, Sam Zhou, leaks the information to Accountable (Jimmy Olsen). Batman and Robin track down and arrest Olsen. Shortly thereafter, Apokolips invades; Lois Lane, Selina Wayne, and the Amazons are killed. Later Olsen gives Batman the key to defeating Apokolips. Dick and Barbara Grayson welcome a son, Johnny.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #1 (Dec. 2014)

5 years prior: Earth 2 is invaded by Steppenwolf and his Parademons from Apokolips. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El/Karen Starr) and Robin (Helena Wayne) fight the long, fruitless battle. Lois Lane and the Amazons are dead. Batman devises a virus to take out their beacon towers. Just before she's impaled by Steppenwolf, Wonder Woman is visited by the god Mercury, the near last of the Olympians; he thanks her. Superman is killed by Parademons just as Batman dies in detonating the explosion that destroys the tower. Sgt. Al Pratt's division escorts an atomic bomb. Afterwards, a Boom Tube appears, and Supergirl and Robin plunge into it in pursuit of a figure they see in its midst.

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)

Superman is taken prisoner by Desaad, who extracts his DNA to create clones. The process corrupts Superman's body, leaving him powerless.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #12 (Feb. 2015)

5 years prior: In Papua New Guinea, Parademons attacked Sgt. Pratt's division. He survived their nuclear bomb. A year later, while undergoing psychotherapy, memories triggered his powers for the first time and he grew to giant size.

Earth 2 #4 (Oct. 2012), Earth 2 Annual #1 (Aug. 2013)

On Earth-0

Supergirl and Robin emerge and are stranded on Earth 1. Helena appropriates money from Wayne Enterprises to finance their new lives and outfits herself as the Huntress. Karen sets about finding a way back and builds a civilian empire on advanced technology.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #1 (July 2012)

Karen discovers her costume won't burn on this new Earth. They discover that another, indestructible mystery material came through with them, too.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #2 (Aug. 2012)

Helena investigates Batman and Robin, but Karen chooses to ignore Superman. Karen becomes frustrated by the new earth's technology and chooses to hire scientists. She learns of Michael Holt's work and sets out to "apply her charms."

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #3 (Sept. 2012)

15 months later, Rome: Karen begins buying up companies and properties while Helena resolves herself to living on this earth (and not contacting Batman).

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #4 (Oct. 2012)

16 months later: Helena visits her friend, Sade, in New York for her new uniform and crossbow. A month later, the Huntress rescues trafficked women in Prague. Karen helps her but still refuses to go costumed.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #9 (Apr. 2012

As Michael Holt studies and utilizes the Ninth Dimension as part of his plan to become become Mr. Terrific (a nickname given by his dead brother Aaron). An anomaly appears and he enters to discover a "probability matrix," seeing past and potential future. He sees the wonders of Earth 2, Power Girl, and Terry Sloan killing him. Terry Sloan reveals himself being behind the image of Terrific's "son's" appearance. NOTE: Written by James Robinson.

DC Universe Presents #0 (Nov. 2012)

2 years prior: Treasure hunter Kendra Munoz-Saunders and doctor of archaeology Khalid Ben-Hassin take a mission for the World Army. In the process she is transformed in Egypt and grows a pair of wings. He finds the mystical Helm of Nabu, which overwhelms him with the spirit of the ancient mage. He suffers insanity and hides the helmet in another dimension, in the Tower of Fate.

Earth 2 #7, 9, 10 (Feb.–May 2013)

Five Years Later (Now)

After the death of his wife, scientist Michael Holt receives a "visitation" from a boy claiming to be the spirit of his dead son, Aaron (later revealed to be Earth 2's Terry Sloan). dedicates himself to science and becomes Mister Terrific (on Earth 1). His girlfriend is Karen Starr (Supergirl of Earth 2; 1st app.). She runs Starrware, a Fortune 500 company. NOTES: Michael Holt's original first appearance was in The Spectre vol. 3 #54 (1997); Karen/Power Girl in All-Star Comics #58 (1976). Sloan's deception was revealed in DC Universe Presents #0 (2012).

Mister Terrific #1 (Nov. 2011)

The Huntress, Helena Wayne assumes the alias of Helena Bertinelli (deceased) and travels to Naples, Italy. There she stops Moretti's slave trade and allies with reporters Alessandro and Christina. NOTES: The original Huntress's first appearance was DC Super Stars #17 (November 1977). Her identity as an Earth 2 native was not revealed until Worlds' Finest #1.

Huntress vol. 3 #1-6 (Dec. 2011–May 2012)

Terry Sloan calls a hit on Sam Zhou, who tipped off the World Army about his activities.

Earth 2: Worlds' End #1 (Dec. 2014)

Earth 2, volume 1: The Gathering

Alan Scott, CEO of G.B.C., produces a documentary about Earth's victory five years earlier; he's en route to China. In Lansing, Michigan, Jay Garrick's ex-girlfriend, Joan, leaves for a job at Tyler-Chem. Later, he witnesses Mercury crashed to Earth. NOTES: Alan Scott (Green Lantern) originally first appeared in All-American Comics #16 (1940); Jay Garrick in Flash Comics #1 (1940).

Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)

Mister Terrific finds that Karen Starr has broken into his computer systems—looking for information on quantum tunneling. He activates his experimental gateway and is drawn into a "quantum passage." NOTES: The end teases Terrific’s role in the Earth 2 series.

Mister Terrific #8 (June 2012)

Mister Terrific is greeted on Earth 2 by his counterpart, Terry Sloan, who anticipated his arrival. Sloan overpowers the T-spheres with his own "pixie dust." Alan Scott broadcasts a memorial service on the 5-year anniversary of their "wonders." Jay Garrick meets Mercury, who heralds a danger greater than Apokolips. As he dies, he gives his remaining power, the speed of a god, to Jay; he's forced to run from the World Army. In Poland he meets Hawkgirl. Alan Scott meets his boyfriend, Samuel, in Hong Kong. They take a train out of the city and as Alan proposes to Sam, the train explodes. NOTES: A sign advertisesa Grant v. Montez bout, presumably Ted Grant (Wildcat) and Juan "Mauler" Montez. The original Terry Sloane first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (1942).

Earth 2 #2 (Aug. 2012)

Alan Scott survives the train crash, but Sam does not. His injuries are healed by a sentient cloud of electric green energy that claims to be the "all the power of the Earth." The fire heals him and charges him to become Earth's new protector. He accepts, becoming the vessel of the energy, the Green Lantern. His engagement ring becomes his weapon. Hawkgirl tests Jay's novice skills. They encounter the force of the Grey, consuming all life around them. It's champion is Grundy. NOTE: The original Solomon Grundy debuted in All-American Comics #61 (1944).

Earth 2 #3 (Sept. 2012)

Jay discovers he can protect Hawkgirl within a sort of aura while he runs; the media dubs him "the Flash." Captain Al Pratt, aka the Atom, has become and the World Army's secret weapon. He can increase his size and crushes Grundy from above. He knows Hawkgirl, who protests, "I'm not going back!" NOTE: The original Atomdebuted in All-American Comics #19 (1940).

Earth 2 #4 (Oct. 2012)

Dodds (a Canadian) and his paramilitary Sandmen save the President from Grundy for the World Army. Commander Amar Khan (spelled "Amir Kahn" here) leads Sentinel, the World Army's intelligence agency. His supervising Council brings in Terry Sloan, known for the genocide years eariler. He mentions an unfinished Red Tornado, and a Captain Steel. Green Lantern ventures into the Grey where the spirit of the Grey tempts him with visions of Sam. NOTES: The original Red Tornado first appeared in All-American Comics #20 (1940); the android in Justice League of America #64 (1968). The original Sandman in New York Worlds' Fair Comics #1 (1939). Captain Steel was originally Commander Steel, from Steel #1 (1978).

Earth 2 #5 (Dec. 2012)

Green Lantern frees himself from the Grey, grabs the missiles out of the sky, and exiles Grundy to the moon. Back on the ground, Alan "reignites" the green and all vegetation. Flash suggests that they band together, a notion Alan solidly rejects.

Earth 2 #6 (Dec. 2012)

Worlds' Finest, Volume 1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2

Karen acquires Michael Holt's quantum tunneler and sends it to Japan. She regularly dives the oceans for rare earth metals. She entrusts her assistant, Somya with her secrets.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #2 (Aug. 2012)

A year ago, Desaad built a tower in the Congo. He transformed a doctor into a minion he calls Cutter. He sets his sights on Michael Holt's quantum tunneler but by the time they reach it, it's gone. Another recruit is Ryouta, whom he shapes with radiation, into Hakkou.

(Earth 2 #15.1, Nov. 2013)

During dinner in Tokyo, Karen and Helena are drawn to Karen's new research facility, which is working on a "quantum tunneler." Karen finally decides to adopt the identity of Power Girl and they soon meet Hakkou, the saboteur. NOTE: In Japanese, "hakkou" means "luminescence, radiation," among other things. Issue #12 reveales he is a Yakuza member named Ryouta.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #1 (July 2012)

Power Girl succumbs to Hakkou's radiation as Huntress drives him off. Someone at Gotham National Bank notices suspicious transactions.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #2 (Aug. 2012)

Hakkou feeds on radiation, grows to gigantic size and terrorizes Tokyo. Huntress douses him with radioactive coolant, and is also exposed. She remarks, "dad always said we had an unnaturally high hereditary immunity to all sorts of poisons."

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #3 (Sept. 2012)

Hakkou hints at his mission: "other pathways to close." They defeat him by feeding him the nuclear warhead, which overloads him; he absorbs it and disappears.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #4 (Oct. 2012)

Power Girl battles an alien mechanoid that comes through a Boom Tube at the Atlas Experiment. 1st apps. Dr. Gauch, Abend and Kota.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #5 (Dec. 2012)


Khan sends the Sandmen into Sloan's hidden bases, where they find a brainwashed Michael Holt. Sloan takes the android Red Tornado from their Tokyo facility. NOTES: Hawkgirl tells her full name, Kendra Munoz-Saunders. Mentions GBC's Lee Travis and her cameraman, James Wing. In original continuity, Travis was a man, the Crimson Avenger, and his sidekick was a boy named only Wing; 1st app. Detective Comics #20 (1938). Dodds mentions Emperor Lux and his Lone Star Secessionists, and Neo-Prussians. Dodds is Canadian, other Sandmen are Mexican, Italian, and Greek. Captain Steel "was the work of his own late father."

Earth 2 #7 (Feb. 2013)

Steppenwolf surfaces in the nation of Dherain, aiding its King Marov. Steppenwolf kills the king and takes over with his secret weapon: Fury—the daughter of Wonder Woman. NOTES: Fury wields a whip and resembles Lashina and Barda of the Female Furies. It was also originally the name for both a World War II heroine (Secret Origins #12 (1987) and her daughter (Wonder Woman #300).

Earth 2 #8 (Mar. 2013)

Kendra visits Khalid Ben-Hassin in New Orleans. His Helm of Nabu gives him magical power but causes him temporary insanity. The World Army attacks the Flash at his mother's in Lansing. Major Sonia Sato leads the arrest but Khalids saves Jay and his mother and they teleport to Nabu's black realm where they meet Wotan., and behold the Tower of Fate. NOTES: In previous continuity, Sonia Sato was Judomaster (1st app. Birds of Prey #100, 2007). Wotan first appeared in More Fun Comics #55 (1940).

Earth 2 #9 (Apr. 2013)

In the realm of Nabu, Karel Wotan (Nabu's ancient enemy) blackmails Flash into retrieving the Helm for him. Wotan represents a group who wants the powers. He transports the heroes inside where they face the Great Beast. Alan meets Sam Zhao's father in Wuxi, China. He's certain that Sam was the target of the attack that killed him. Alan seeks out Hawkgirl in Louisiana for help.

Earth 2 #10 (May 2013)

Khalid takes on the Helm of Fate—to be the agent of chaos and order—and dubs himself Doctor Fate to save Flash's mother from Wotan. Steppenwolf sends Fury to capture Mr. Miracle and Barda in now-devastated Gotham City. NOTES: Nabu mentions Khalid's dead guardian, Kent Nelson. In original DC continuity, Mister Miracle and Barda first appeared in Mister Miracle #1 and #4 (1971). The original Dr. Fate debuted in More Fun Comics #55 (1940).

Earth 2 #11 (June 2013)

Lee Travis broadcasts the battle between Dr. Fate and Wotan. Nabu counsels Fate to channel the gods of Egypt. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl find dead Parademons in Macau, China but the Green summons Alan away—and he cannot refuse—leaving Hawkgirl alone. When Wotan transforms his body, Dr. Fate prevents him from returning to normal, then blasts him away. They all retreat to Alan's GBC headquarters/home, and learn his identity. He proposes using GBC as a publicity machine and invites them all live there, including Hawkgirl. NOTES: In this month, the "Channel 52" featurette in the back of all DC titles chaned to "Channel 2" with reporter Molly Mayne, who along with the android MC2 reports on a new Batman, a fire in New York put out by a tornado and aided by a woman in a fire-retardant suit (who looks like the original Red Tornado). In original continuity, Mayne was the Harlequin (1st app. All-American Comics #89, 1947). MC2 resembles Mekanique, from Infinity, Inc. #19, 1985. Lee Travis was first mentioned in Earth 2 #7 (Feb. 2013). In original DC continuity, this was the alter ego of the Crimson Avenger (1st app. Detective #20, 1938); this black woman resembles the third Crimson Avenger, from

Earth 2 #12 (July 2013)

Worlds' Finest, Volume 2: Hunt and Be Hunted

Robin (Damian Wayne) catches Huntress attempting to steal more money from Wayne Enterprises. They learn that someone else is stealing even more money and decide to team up to find them. Power Girl uses a satellite to scan for Apokoliptian energy signatures, but someone Boom Tubes in and destroys it.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #6 (Jan. 2013)

Investigating two leads to the stolen Wayne money, Power Girl finds children militants in Africa guarding a satellite relay station. They have Apokoliptian weaponry. A Boom Tube opens and spirits the children and the hut away but she retains the gun. Huntress and Robin encounter a pack of giant wolves and then an even larger man-wolf. After they defeat it, Robin promises not to tell Batman about her.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #7 (Feb. 2013)

In New York, Huntress is shot by a bounty hunter of Ibn Hassan then rescued by Power Girl. Karen tracks Hassan down. Batman suspects something from Robin's recent adventure with the ladies.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #8 (Mar. 2012)

Starr Island is raided by people aiming to reclaim Michael Holt's technology. One has a gun that stuns Power Girl.

Worlds' Finest vol. 4 #9 (Apr. 2013)

Huntress learns of the death of Damian Wayne; she visits his grave at Wayne Manor but just as Batman closes on her, Power Girl sweeps her away. Desaad poses as Michael Holt (1st app. aide Aleeka Musgrave). NOTES: Desaad originated in Forever People #2 (1971).

Worlds' Finest #10 (May 2013)

Huntress torments Reynard (implicated in arms connected to the missing Wayne money) in Mali. Karen attends a conference where Desaad appears as Holt. A break into government databases reveals no evidence of knowledge of parallel earths.

Worlds' Finest #11 (June 2013)

As Supergirl recovers from kryptonite poisoning, she's attacked. When she's knocked unconsious, Power Girl begins feeling sick as well. (#18) Power Girl intercepts Supergirl's unconscious body from the military personnel and when they touch, they exchange memories. In Supergirl's Kryptonian underwater sanctuary, she is healed and the place produces a new uniform for Power Girl. The Sanctuary deduces that since they have the same DNA, one must be a clone, and be destroyed. (#19) The Sanctuary performs a chromo-scan on the Karas and deduces that Supergirl is a clone. They're forced to destroy it. (#20)

Supergirl vol. 6 #18-20 (May–July 2013)

Desaad shows his true face to Power Girl and Huntress while the rest of the world believes he is Michael Holt. After the Holt/Desaad incident, the public turns against her and her company's stock falls. Desaad attacks Starr Island, killing Karen's staff. NOTE: Power Girl wears her new uniform.

Worlds' Finest #12 (July 2013)

Earth 2, volume 3: War

The Atom goes to Phnom Penh after Henri Roy, an arms dealer wanted for war crimes (turned in by his son, Henri Roy, Jr., who is wanted for testing by Terry Sloan). The new Batman aids silently. Later Batman battles Mister Icicle (Jaime Encana), created by Kanto the assassin of Apokolips. The criminal refers him to Hawkgirl. Fury attacks Mr. Miracle and Barda. Khan briefs Captain Steel on his next mission: to the fire pit of Rio de Janeiro. NOTES: Captain Steel was first mentioned in Earth 2 #5. In original DC continuity, Commander Steel (1st app. Steel #1, 1978) was a World War II hero; his grandson became Steel (Justice League of America Annual #2, 1984); another grandson became Citizen Steel (Justice Society of America vol. 3 #2, 2007). One of the soldiers on the scene at the Atom's creation was named Terrill; this is the last name of the original Ray.

Earth 2 Annual #1 (Aug. 2013)

In Rio, Captain Steel investigates a fire pit created by Terry Sloan. Most are lethal but this one has been benign, but people are now disappearing nearby. Inventor Jim Lockhart has created the Red Torpedo, which Steel pilots into the pit. He returns with a warning to seal off the pit—that the Red Lantern will destroy the Earth if she gets out. Khan mentions the Red Files, the World Army's first superhuman projects (Red Arrow has been operating secretly for years). In China, Hawkgirl encounters the new Batman, who tells her to seek out Kanto. NOTES: Jim Lockhart aka the Red Torpedo was originally a Quality Comics hero (1st app. Crack Comics #1, 1940). The original Hank Heywood Jr. first appeared in Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984).

Earth 2 #13 (Aug. 2013)

Alan Scott plans a publicity campaign to gain public support for the new wonders. He, Dr. Fate and the Flash attack Dherain. The World Army arrives with the Atom, the Sandmen, Red Arrow. Steppenwolf is ready with three terrors of his own, the Hunger Dogs: Brutaal, the Beguiler, and Bedlam. They kill one of the Sandmen. Other troops are led by British General Stormy Foster. Khan also has Mister Terrific as backup. NOTES: In the "Channel 2" backup, Molly Mayne reports on Dherain. Stormy Foster was originally a Quality Comics character (1st app. Hit Comics #18, 1941). Red Arrow was first mentioned in the previous issue; this was an alias for Roy Harper, aka Speedy/Arsenal (1st app. More Fun Comics #73, 1941). Bedlam is based on the Dr. Bedlam (from Mister Miracle #2, 1971).

Earth 2 #14 (Sept. 2013)

Brutaal kills another Sandman. Hawkgirl is lured to Casablanca by Roger Sharpe aka Hazard, and his partner, Melody. Scott Free reveals he studied on Earth 2 with retired escapologist Shilo Norman, the original Mr. Miracle. Barda and Fury were both graduates of Granny's Finishing School. Their battle is interrupted by the Red Tornado "unit 1.3." NOTES: Hazard and Melody are modern interpretations of the JSA villains the Gambler (1st app. Green Lantern #12 (1944), and the Fiddler (All-Flash #32, 1947), respectively. Hazard was also the name of the original Gambler's granddaughter (Infinity, Inc. #34, 1987). Shilo Norman was originally the third Mr. Miracle (Mister Miracle #15 (1973).

Earth 2 #15 (Oct. 2013)

Grundy returns to Earth.

Earth 2 #15.2 (Nov. 2013)

Brutaal kills all aboard the plane of Gen. Foster. Brutaal and Steppenwolf seemingly kill Green Lantern. After, Brutaal unexpectedly kills his master, opening a rift across the earth stretching from Europe into central Asia. Then he unmasks himself—he appears to be Superman!

Earth 2 #16 (Dec. 2013)

Earth 2, volume 4: The Dark Age

Tom Taylor begins as writer

The last of Dodds' Sandmen is killed. On the orders of General Sam Lane, Dr. Robert Crane (who is working under Terry Sloan) uploads the stored psyche of Lois Lane into the Red Tornado. Batman infiltrates their stasis chambers intent on releasing their prisoners to fight. When Brutaal destroys the facility, Sam Lane is killed. NOTE: In original continuity, Crane was Robotman (1st app. Star Spangled Comics #7, 1942). The Joker is among the statis prisoners. He is human in this appearance. Sloan's involvement revealed in Earth 2: World's End #1 (Dec. 2014).

Earth 2 #17 (Jan. 2014)

Batman—whose strength and endurance seem inhuman—targets three people from the World Army's cryo-prison: Aquawoman (a name she detests); a super-powered Jimmy Olson who can access information from anywhere and was known as "Accountable,"; his last target is the Joker, whom he shoots. Parademons emerge from the firepits. Brutaal breaks Flash's leg.

Earth 2 #18 (Feb. 2014)

Aquawoman (named Marella) helps access the World Army's secret guest, a Kryptonian boy named Val. Superman destroys the White House. Bedlam plans to control the Brutaal and find a way to push Earth into Apokolips' space. Hawkgirl rescues Batman and the others.

Earth 2 #19 (Mar. 2014)

Aquawoman returns to Atlantis but gives Batman a shell which can call her. Batman takes the others to the Batcave, along with Red Arrow (named Connor Hawke). Val is agoraphobic, but coaxed out by Lois. Jimmy and Lois have never met, but he guesses that she was with Superman. NOTE: In pre-New 52 continuity, Connor Hawke was the son of, and successor to Green Arrow, first appearance Green Arrow vol. 2 #0 (1994).

Earth 2 #20 (Apr. 2014)

Worlds' Finest, VoLume 3: Control Issues

The girls investigate Desaad's mechanations at the SEC and are attacked by a mutant dog which then destroys one of Huntress's safe houses.

Worlds' Finest #13 (Aug. 2013)

Desaad attacks Huntress in her Catskills safehouse, and a Starr facility in Oxford, England. A Parademon kidnaps Huntress.

Worlds' Finest #14 (Sept. 2013)

Huntress escapes Desaad. Power Girl's powers begin acting unreliably.

Worlds' Finest #15 (Oct. 2013)

Huntress pursues Tats, a super-powered arsonist in New York City during Fashion Week.

Worlds' Finest #16 (Nov. 2013)

Power Girl charters a shuttle to space to recharge with solar energy. She absorbs an excess and plummets to Earth.

Worlds' Finest #17 (Dec. 2013)

Tats returns to her master, [?], servant of the demon Xazdi, who has cursed her with the power to bring her tattoos to life. A powerless Power Girl uses an explosive bolt from Huntress' crossbow to destroy Xazdi.

Worlds' Finest #18 (Feb. 2014)

When Earth 3's Crime Syndicate shuts down the power to Belle Reve prison, the Thinker impersonates Amanda Waller and recruits Power Girl to (with Steel, the (Unknown) Soldier, and Warrant). (#24) Waller is forced to ally with James Gordon Jr.; they access Project Y—a god/monster called Kane. (#25) NOTE: The Thinker was originally a Golden Age Flash villain first appearing in All-Flash #12 (1943).

Suicide Squad vol. 3 #24-25 (Dec. 2013–Jan. 2014)

Worlds' Finest, Volume 4: First Contact

First Contact Prelude: Huntress convinces Power Girl to seek help from Batman and Superman. Batman traps Huntress when she comes to the Batcave.

World's Finest #19 (Mar. 2014)

First Contact Part 1: Huntress tells Batman her history, which triggers his own suppressed memory of his visit to Earth 2. Batman refuses to call in Superman but Power Girl's outbursts finally draw his attention anyway. He takes her to an isolated place and encourages her to let the energies go instead of controlling them. Batman traces her problems to Rheelasia, now called New Gammora, which is run by Kaizen Gammora. It's one of the fastest-growing economics in the world. Batman and Huntress go in undercover and meet Kaizen. When Superman and Power Girl follow, both their powers go haywire. NOTE: Kaizen Gammora first appeared in Stormwatch #40 (1996); the spelling of his last name has been changed.

Batman / Superman #8 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 2: Batman catches Superman and Power Girl falling to Earth and outfits Superman with a kryptonite ring to tame the power surge. Batman and Power Girl go into the city and Huntress fends off an attack by ??. Power Girl finds Kaizen, who isn't surprised to see her. She's swayed by the memory of her Ken. He explains that she's been infected by nanites that detected left-handed molecules that don't exist in Earth-0 universe. Kaizen uses Karen to open a view portal to Earth 2. Batman discovers secret Kryptonian cloning experiments, which Kaizen unleashes on them.

World's Finest #20 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 3: Superman contacts the Toymaster, who delivers a suit of armor to him in Gammora. Kaizen opens a portal to Earth 2.

Batman / Superman #9 (June 2014)

First Contact Part 4: Power Girl is eager to jump through the portal but Huntress is suspicious. Kaizen is an agent of Darkseid, and Superman of Earth 2 calls to Power Girl through the portal. Huntress destroys the machine before she can cross over.

World's Finest #21 (May 2014)

EARTH 2, Volume 5: The Kryptonian

Brutaal severs the Atom's right arm with his heat vision, then beats him with it. Dodds and Commander Khan regroup at the World Army's "final fallback": Amazonia. They learn that "Project Beyond" has been activated, a private space for the wealthy; Superman intercepts and destroys it. Khan calls Governor Brutaal of Atlantis but gets Aquawoman instead. (the nation lies in the heart of the Dragon's Triangle in the Philippines Sea). Bedlam learns of the secret Kryptonian from Terry Sloan's mind.

Earth 2 #21 (May 2014)

Green Lantern is resurrected by the Green. Bedlam learns that the Krytponian is Val-Zod, who arrived long after Brutaal. Sloan tracked his ship and hid it from others. Val's parents were scientists and pacifists. A Parademon takes a large bite out of Hawkgirl's wing. Lois stuns Brutaal by revealing herself to him.

Earth 2 #22 (June 2014)

Brutaal takes Lois to Smallville, where Jonathan and Martha Kent are still alive. Bedlam orders an attack on the Cave, and Batman initiates protocol Azrael—self-destruct. Red Arrow is killed by an Apokorat just before Sandman arrives to teleport them to Amazonia.

Earth 2 #23 (June 2014)

The heroes retreat to Amazonia. Val-Zod reveals that the uniform under his clothes is emblazoned with the 'S' shield of the house of El—the mark of Superman.

Earth 2 #24 (Aug. 2014)

The Flash runs faster than ever while holding Beguiler and the villain disintegrates into nothingness. At dinner with the Kents, Jonathan speaks his mind and is killed by Brutaal. After wearing Doctor Fate's helmet briefly, Val emerges with the conviction to fight—but not kill.

Earth 2 #25 (Sept. 2014)

Marella takes down Bedlam by moving water to his brain. The others shut down his Boom Tube. With the power from Bedlam and Apokolips waning, Brutaal begins to crumble, revealing that he's not Superman but a sort of clone. Red Tornado blasts him apart. Bedlam recovers and disappears with Holt and Sloan. NOTE: Leads into Earth 2: Futures End #1.

Earth 2 #26 (Oct. 2014)

Worlds' Finest, volume 5: Homeward Bound

The women return to their homes and Karen reacquires her company. She orders everything to be sold, except for a key lab in Cambridge.

World's Finest #22 (June 2014)

In Cambridge, Karen reveals her powers to all her employees. She hopes to expedite the building of a machine to get home. Their first test draws Desaad's attention. Huntress intercepts burglars at M.I.T. Desaad approaches Karen's employee, Tanya Spears.

World's Finest #23 (July 2014)

Tanya and Huntress stop the terrorist from setting off a dirty bomb. Power Girl helps prevent a nuclear meltdown.

Worlds' Finest #24 (Aug. 2014)

The women prepare to leave for home. Desaad senses this and attacks Starr's team in Cambridge. Power Girl orders the portal opened immediately. She and Huntress go through it and they arrive in devastated Earth-2 Boston. Power Girl leaves Tanya "a surprise or two."

Worlds' Finest #25 (Sept. 2014)

Tanya Spears finds she has somehow gained super-strength, invulnerability, and increased musculature. She's counseled by Professor Romberger, a former teacher at MIT. Karen's legal team delivers papers that bestow upon her the name Power Girl (II). Desaad arrives on Earth-2 and attacks another portal generator, in Switzerland. NOTE: Final issue. Leads into the first official "Future's End" stories.

Worlds' Finest #26 (Oct. 2014)

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