Big Barda

Created by Jack Kirby

Thanks to Tom Tomorrow

Barda Free

Scott Free (husband), Big Breeda (mother), Highfather (father-in-law, deceased)

Female Furie Battalion, Justice League of America, "Justice League of Amazons"

Original: Mister Miracle vol. 1 #4 (Oct. 1971)
New 52: Earth 2 #11 (June 2013)

Big Barda is the primary heroine from Jack Kirby's Fourth World saga. She was a breakout star, a scene-stealer from her first appearances in Mister Miracle. The character has become popular, apart from her husband, as a supporting character in DC's comics and animated universes. Jack Kirby once remarked that Big Barda "was just as important as anybody else" in his New Gods, "Women are important to my work."

Her origin story was never fully told within the setting of the mainstream DC universe, but it was told in great detail in Justice League Beyond #16 (2013). Those stories (and those of Batman Beyond) have been assigned to a parallel universe, Earth-12. The story of "Barda Beyond" was built upon original Kirby stories and two others. Elements from Granny Goodness' origin in Countdown #21 (2007) were combined with the origin of Barda's mother, from Mister Miracle vol. 2 #28 (1989).

Big Breeda explains how she was used to produce warriors for Darkseid. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #28 (1991); art by Joe Phillips and Bob Dvorak.
Big Barda splashes down on Earth, demonstrates the power of her Mega-Rod. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #4 (1971); art by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta.
Calisthenics time. This outfit inspires her look for Batman Beyond. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #5 (1971); art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.
Bathing Beauty Furies. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #12 (1973); art by Kirby and Royer.
Barda is also adept at aero-discs on the trail of Shilo Norman. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #15 (1973); art by Kirby and Royer.
With Shilo Norman, meeting the Tricky Trio and Barda's doppelgänger, Della the Dinosaur. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #17 (1974); art by Kirby and Royer.
The wedding of Scott and Barda. From Mister Miracle vol. 1 #18 (1974); art by Kirby and Royer.

Big Barda was born of the race of New Gods about 250 years ago, on the hell planet called Apokolips. (New Gods Secret Files) Her mother, Big Breeda was a fierce warrior for Darkseid, and was also chosen as breeding stock for his army. Breeda mothered many offspring who were brought to term in the Gestatron Labs but Barda was her first child. She was born naturally and conceived in love, from a secret liaison with an unnamed father. Regardless, Barda was taken from Breeda and raised with no knowledge of her parentage. (Mister Miracle vol. 2 #28)

Instead, Barda was raised like all others under the "care" of the planet's elite commander, Granny Goodness. A sadistic crone, Granny valued discipline, punishment, and total obedience as training methods. In Granny's Orphanage, children learned the mantra "Die for Darkseid" (the evil lord of Apokolips). Barda was one of Granny Goodness' most promising pupils and she eventually underwent "special powers training" to forge her into an even more powerful, obedient warrior.

As a young woman (by New God standards), Barda became lieutenant of the Female Furie Battalion. One day one of her young charges, a young girl named Auralie, escaped. The Furies found her in the hideout of Darkseid's enemy, Himon. They also met one of Granny's cadets, Scott Free, who stood up to Barda's posturing. She was forced to bargain with him; she agreed not to report Scott's activities if in turn, he would not report Auralie's escape.

Despite their pact, word of Himon's whereabouts spread, and his acolytes were rounded up. Scott and Barda were summoned to witness the children's lifeless bodies strung up — including Auralie. Barda was horrified by the girl's torture and things escalated, she decided to help Scott escape from Apokolips to Earth. Barda was not yet willing to make that leap, and remained on Apokolips. (#9)

Barda did not see Scott again for over a century, but he was clearly in her thoughts. She eventually became first among the Furies and was awarded the Mega-Rod. This weapon was outfitted with Boom Tube (teleportational) technology, which she used to find Scott on Earth. She arrived to find him dressed as Mister Miracle, and in time to help him fight off hordes of humans controlled by Granny's henchman, Doctor Bedlam. It was a happy reunion and she decided to take up residence with Scott and his manager, Oberon. They lived in the suburbs of Metropolis, in the home that belonged to the original Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown. (#4) This daughter of Apokolips quickly cultivated an appreciation for Earth's beauty and vowed never to return to her home. (#5)

The Female Furies under her command followed Barda to Earth, but not in pursuit of their leader. Mad Harriet, Stompa, Lashina, and Bernadeth were next to try to apprehend Scott Free for Granny Goodness. (#6) They failed and retreated to Apokolips just before Scott decided to square things with Granny in person. Barda joined Scott when he returned to Apokolips to win his freedom fairly. (#7) She returned to the barracks of the Furies to enlist backup, but found that they had descended into a brawl to replace her as leader! Barda's disappearance had gone otherwise unnoticed, but when she formally threw in with Scott Free, she was branded an enemy of Apokolips. When Barda arrived on the scene of Scott's challenge, she believed he had been killed. Her anger boiled over and she threatened to kill her mistress Granny. However Scott won his battle and Barda shed a tear of happiness to know he was alive. (#8)

When they returned to Earth, the Furies went with them and briefly joined Mister Miracle's act. They also seemed to take a liking to life on Earth. (#10) On Earth, Barda rarely donned her battle gear and enjoyed a more relaxing — even revealing — style of dress. Barda and Scott became mentors to young Shilo Norman after helping the boy solve the murder of his brother. Shilo was entrusted to their care and Barda offered to give him special powers training. (#15) In Peppi Lamoko's Murder Lodge, Barda met her criminal doppelgänger, the bizarre Della the Dinosaur. Shilo helped her escape from that trap, using the strength he had built in his special powers training. (#17)

Barda and Scott's affection for one another was always apparent, if not overt. During another attack from Apokolips, Scott fully admitted his love for Barda and asked her to marry him. She agreed but Granny's forces doubled down on the couple. They were liberated with intervention from New Genesis: Scott's father, Highfather, Orion, Lightray and Metron. The Source had prophesied their union to Highfather, who performed the marriage ceremony then and there, with just a few words. The newlyweds were whisked away to New Genesis just as Darkseid descended on Earth. (#18)

Earth-17 (1977)

Big Barda in the 1977 revival was little more than set dressing. From Mister Miracle #23 (1978); art by Michael Golden and Joe Giella.

The events from the 1977 revival of Mister Miracle are not considered part of pre- or post-Crisis continuity. Big Barda's role in the revival was nowhere near as prominent or interesting as before. She became more of a spectator of Scott's career and even described herself as a "normal person" (as Scott's "mortal wife").

Though this era was later retconned, the revival picked up from the end of the original Mister Miracle series. After their wedding, Granny Goodness, Virman Vundabar, Kanto and Doctor Bedlam kidnapped Barda from New Genesis. (#19) She fell under their control and fought her husband on Earth's moon (#20) before falling seriously ill. Scott fought to escape from Apokolips' clutches and his feats, when broadcast to New Genesis, caused Barda to wake from her coma. (#21)

Scott underwent a strange trial in which he claimed his god power but renounced his citizenship to New Genesis. (#22-23) Scott declared that they were returning to Earth, which was fine by Barda but she would not tolerate his "high and mighty" new attitude. They reconnected with Oberon and set off for Las Vegas. (#24)

» SEE: New Gods History: Earth-17


A painted house ad promoting the new series (1988); art by Ian Gibson.
Barda aids the Justice League in freeing Scott from Manga Khan and Apokolipstime. From Justice League International #21 (1988); art by Ty Templeton and Joe Rubenstein.
Barda succumbs to the punk who stole her mega-rod. From Justice League America #30 (1989); art by Bill Willingham and Joe Rubenstein.
Dreams of domestic bliss turn into nightmare. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #3 (1989); art by Ian Gibson.
Husband and wife in action. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #8 (1989); art by Joe Phillips and Bruce Patterson.

Justice League + Mister Miracle vol. 2

After Earth's heroes routed a major plot by Darkseid, a new Justice League was formed. Scott joined at Oberon's urging — without consulting Barda. She was unhappy about this commitment (Justice League #1) but she did not hesitate to suit up and take charge of a JLI rescue mission when Scott was kidnapped by the alien called Manga Khan. (#15-16) Barda used her Mega-Rod to retrofit their space ship to have a Boom Tube in the drive. (#17) Khan attempted to "trade" Scott to Apokolips and hired the alien hitman Lobo to stop the Justice League. Barda faced him and sent him through a Boom Tube back to Earth. (#18) Barda and the JLI followed Khan to Apokolips, where Scott had been reclaimed by Granny Goodness. Barda secured the help of allies and found a cannon and new Mega-Rod. The Martian Manhunter ordered her back to Earth and she returned with reinforcements. (#19-20) After all that, Darkseid personally released Mister Miracle, claiming that Scott was no prize. (#21)

During this time, Barda was kidnapped along with Superman by Sleez. Sleez mind-controlled them and nearly forced the two to perform in an adult film. They were rescued by Mister Miracle. (Action #592-593)

One day Oberon activated a device in their home that set off a huge fireworks display. It destroyed Thaddeus Brown's house and the Justice League offered to help rebuild. Scott and Barda were temporarily housed at the JLI embassy but Barda's housekeeping was disruptive, so they appealed to the Batman to finance the construction of a new home. Barda loved the result, but Guy Gardner had used nails generated by his Green Lantern ring, and it collapsed. (Justice League International #18)

Scott and Barda seized this opportunity to seek a more quiet location. They settled on Baily, New Hampshire. While Scott and Oberon busied themselves with JLI duty and a setting up a fixit shop, Barda embraced her new roles of wife and housekeeper. She hoped to emulate her neighbors Ed and Kathleen Ferbel but despite their best attempts, a normal life eluded them. Disaster struck immediately in the form of Doctor Bedlam. (Mister Miracle vol. 2 #1) Then Scott's father, Highfather, dropped in for an unexpected visit (#2) and brought the Forever People along for the ride. It was a blessing for Barda whose meal was a disaster, so Highfather created a feast from thin air. (#3)

When Barda was called to help train Fire to use her newly-increased powers, Barda noticed that it felt odd to act cruelly towards someone again. A petty thief stole her car, which had the Mega-Rod, and proceeded to have a crime and killing spree. (Justice League America #29) Over the years, Barda had trained herself to resist the evil influences inherent to her mega-rod, but the thief succumbed to them fully. The Huntress disabled the punk and a stray blast from the rod killed him. (#30)

Constant interruptions by family and the Justice League tested Barda's patience. A visit from Blue Beetle and Booster Gold nearly blew their cover in Bailey and Scott thought they would have to move again. Barda convinced him to try harder to make the life they wanted; they couldn't keep running away. She found part-time employment at nursery school, which was her first encounter with one of the strange animals being sighted around town. Kathy Ferbel introduced Barda to a group that suspected unethical research practices and Barda joined their protest. (#9-10) Barda was a formidable presence at the march against Serenity Fields company. (#11) She didn't buy their PR man's spiel and thrashed him for being circumspect. (#12)

Mister Miracle in Space

Barda's pure intentions are perverted by mobsters; she is arrested just as Ted Brown arrives to tell her Scott has died. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #16 (1990); art by Joe Phillips and Bob Dvorak.
In Manhattan, Barda takes to wrestling and inspires a new kind of Female Fury. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #25 (1991); art by Joe Phillips and Paulo Marcos.
Barda meets her mother, Big Breeda, for the first time. From Mister Miracle vol. 2 #28 (1991); art by Joe Phillips and Bob Dvorak.

Scott was goaded into a new Mister Miracle tour and called his wife before departing. What he failed to mention was that he, Oberon, and Funky Flashman were shanghaied by Manga Khan, who'd tricked them into a galactic tour. An android duplicate of Mister Miracle returned to Earth and was embedded with the JLA — but it never went back to Bailey. (Justice League International Special #1)

Barda struggled to keep their domestic life together. "Robot Scott" made half-hearted attempts to call Barda, but there was always an excuse why he could not come home. She was being watched by her enemies, Mr. Cutler and Mr. Gashe, who approached her with propostiion. (Mister Miracle vol. 2 #13-14) They fed her information about the alleged animal cruelty and convinced Barda to break into a warehouse and blow it up. (#15) She accepted but chose to use her own power to destroy it. As the police sirens neared, she realized she'd gone off the rails. Scott was always her moral compass. She was arrested wearing civilian garb just as Scott's robot duplicate was destroyed in a battle against Despero. Ted Brown delivered the news to Barda in her jail cell. (#16, Justice League America #39)

Barda was freed to attend Scott's funeral, which was attended by many heroes. (Mister Miracle vol. 2 #17) She punched the League's administrator, Maxwell Lord, whom she blamed for keeping them from a simple life. (Justice League America #40)

Just after the robot's destruction Manga Khan's Cluster ship returned to Earth. Khan escorted Scott and the others back to the JLI embassy and explained his absence to his friends. Scott was horrified to realize that Barda believed he was dead and called her immediately. (#42)

Scott and Oberon returned home to find two groups protesting outside their home: animal rights on Barda's behalf and property owners whose shops were destroyed along with Scott's fixit shop. Scott helped Barda and her group uncover the crimes by Serenity Fields, which was a subdivision of Inter-gang operating under the direction of Darkseid. The animals had been tainted by blood from Apokolips. They were restored to their normal selves using the Miracle Mister, one of Scott's lucrative inventions. (Mister Miracle vol. 2 #19)

The Mister helped solve their other problem as well. For some time, two neighborhood boys, Wally and Andy, had been blackmailing Barda because they had uncovered the Frees' secret identities. Barda agreed to let them sell the Miracle Misters for profit. (#13) They eventually earned over $6 million, which Barda wrung from them to help pay the aggrieved property owners. (#19)

Scott had some revelations in space and he decided they should move again, to Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Barda liked to go out in costume there. She found that no one in the city would look twice at its eccentricity. (#21) They reconnected with Shilo Norman whom Scott began training as Mister Miracle II. Barda found a new passion for TV's Bad and Beautiful Babes of Wrestling. She joined them as "Big Barda the Female Fury." Problem was, Barda refused to the uphold the convention of staging their matches for entertainment; she approached her matches as a warrior. (#24)

Her powers overwhelmed her mortal opponents but fans warmed to her. Her bosses didn't like her initiative and plotted to take her down. They outfitted the Amazon Angel with a power belt, but it was no match for Barda's strength. During the match a sniper targeted her and the other wrestlers rallied to catch the shooter. Barda organized a walk-out and inspired the women to train as warriors, the New Female Furies. (#25) They trained at Scott and Barda's place and Scott conceded to Barda's domestic demand to throw a housewarming party. (#26)

Just as guests (the JLA, Orion, and Lightray) arrived, an alien battle erupted from beneath their building. (#27) There was no time to catch their breath before a Boom Tube brought Big Breeda from Apokolips. She demanded that Barda return to her home but Breeda was overcome by her emotions and revealed that she was Barda's long-lost mother! Barda had been her only natural born child, conceived in love. Highfather dispelled Breeda's demonic companions and then turned to his own son. It was time for Scott to discover his own birthright, his "god power." Scott agreed with this wisdom. Breeda defected from Apokolips and joined the others in returning to New Genesis. (#28)

Barda pinups! Left: From Who's Who #2 (1986); art by Jack Kirby. Right: Big Barda card from 1988 set of Justice League postcards; art by Kevin Maguire.
Left: From Jack Kirby's Fourth World Gallery (1996); art by Eduardo Baretto. Right: From Who's Who in the DC Universe #11 (1991); art by Adam Hughes and Karl Story.

Post-Zero Hour + JLA

Barda attempts to train Furies on New Genesis. From Mister Miracle vol. 3 #1 (1996); art by Steve Crespo and Márcio Morais.
Scott reacts badly to Barda's suggestion of a temporary separation. From Mister Miracle vol. 3 #5 (1996); art by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin.
Barda spars with Wonder Woman on Themyscira. From Mister Miracle vol. 3 #6 (1996); art by Mike Collins and Barbara Kaalberg.
Barda delivers the final blow to the Queen Bee. From JLA #40 (2000); art by Howard Porter and Drew Geraci.
Scott and Barda find themselves with a mystery on Earth, with Metron. From New Gods vol. 4 #13 (1996); art by John Byrne.
Barda holds her own against the Old God, Thor. From Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2 (1997); art by John Byrne.

Mister Miracle vol. 3

Like all New Gods, Scott Free was meant to undergo the rite of ascension and claim his "god power," something he had long resisted. He and Barda were living on New Genesis where she had tried to train another band of Female Furies (she found their mettle lacking). Scott fled from the ceremony at the last moment and when he was gone, forces from Apokolips appeared and attacked Barda. Granny Goodness speared her through the back and chest and the Black Racer took her to the afterlife, to a realm called Hadis. (Mister Miracle vol. 3 #1) When Scott returned, his Mother Box guided him into Hadis where he clashed with the Racer. Barda seemed at home; she was invigorated by fighting an eternal battle and did not want to leave. (#2)

Scott needed his god power to free her. Once he underwent the rite, he returned to release Barda from Hadis. They emerged in the midst of a battle with Apokolips, during which Scott expended most of his power in restoring Barda and other warriors to life. Highfather banished Scott for acting so wrecklessly and the couple returned to Earth. (#3-4)

They made a temporary home in the headquarters of the Justice League, now in a ship called the Refuge. Barda had become increasingly bothered by Scott's impulsive decisions. She felt left behind, with no control of her own destiny. Scott raised the question of having children. Barda was receptive but skeptical of his commitment. When Scott accepted a job with Oberon's new company, she was so angered that she suggested they separate for a time. She wanted to reconnect with her warrior's spirit and asked Wonder Woman if she could visit Themyscira. (#5) On Paradise Island, Barda was happy sparring with Diana, but they argued over tactics and honor. Barda believed that one should do whatever is necessary to win, while the Amazons held themselves to higher standards. Barda agreed keep an open mind and study further. (#6)

New Gods vol. 4 + Jack Kirby's Fourth World + JLA

When Highfather and Darkseid plotted to merge Apokolips and New Genesis into one world, the New Gods were scattered to Earth with no memory of recent events. Metron found his way to Barda and Scott and they soon found their other friends. She and Scott created a contraption to try to teleport back to New Genesis but found only a white void. (New Gods vol. 4 #13) All soon discovered the truth about their home when they converged at the Source Wall. (#15)

With the planets merged, danger loomed for New Genesis and Barda was on guard. She sensed a disturbance from the Apokolips side and fought the invader toe-to-toe. It was the Old God Thor, who had been revived and brought over by Orion's mother, Tigra. (Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2) They learned that Thor was an ally and helped free his father, Odin, from the Source Wall. (#3) Barda's old pals, the Female Furies, dug an ambitious tunnel to New Genesis (#5) and Barda leapt to deter them. (#6)

After her father-in-law, Highfather, was killed by Ares, (#8) Scott was selected to succeed him as leader of New Genesis. He was crowned (#10) but immediately abdicated the position and appointed Takion as the new Highfather. (#11) He and Barda preferred a life on Earth so they returned again to reunite with their friends. They arrived in time to meet Oberon's long-lost daughter, Christine Little. (#12)

Barda took a personal interest in the fate of Sister Sunlight, another girl from Apokolips who escaped to Earth and used her powers to heal the sick. Sunlight reminded Barda of Auralie, the girl who'd been killed in front of her so long ago. Parademons attacked Sister Sunlight and Scott was mortally shot through the torso. Sunlight answered Barda's plea to restore him then returned to her mission. The healer chose to sacrifice her own life in order to carry a very sick boy into the Source. Barda reluctantly helped her do it. (#15)

Barda took her turn joining the Justice League on Takion's orders. He predicted a grave threat to Earth but revealed little else, save that the New Gods should be on hand to help. Barda and Orion would serve as agents of New Genesis in the JLA. (JLA #17)

Their time with the JLA was relatively uneventful until their true mission became evident. They were to help mobilize Earth's heroes against the coming of Mageddon, a celestial machine created by the Old Gods to foment chaos and war. Barda was key in defeating the Queen Bee, who was poised to help Mageddon enslave the populace. Mageddon was defeated only by fighting on multiple fronts. When the battle ended, Barda and Orion returned to New Genesis. (JLA #36–41)

Scott Free had known for centuries that he possessed the terrible power of the Anti-Life Equation, but he never spoke of it to his wife. He had tried unsuccessfully to rid himself of the burden, but it was required when Orion gained that same power and became mad. (Orion #15) When the matter was resolved, Scott invited Orion to his home, where Barda was making dinner. Unbeknown to Barda, Metron appeared unto the two brothers and tried to force Scott to admit that he had the Anti-Life power. Metron threatened to reveal his secret to Barda if Scott did not share his knowledge. Orion witnessed the blackmail and used the power of a Temporal Bender to change the past. Scott and Barda's lives went on as normal. (#25)

Final Crisis

Barda spars with another former Female Furie, Knockout, who is a member of the Secret Six. From Birds of Prey #106 (2009); art by Nicola Scott and Doug Hazelwood.
Scott discovers his wife's body moments after the god killer strikes. Death of the New Gods #1 (2007); art by Jim Starlin.
The Gods of New Genesis are reborn in the Earth-51 universe, which is also the home of Kamandi and refugees from Darkseid's experiments with Simyan and Mokkari. From Final Crisis #6 (2009); art by J. G. Jones.

Barda remained on-call for her Justice League friends, suiting up whenever her power and expertise were needed. She accompanied Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to Apokolips to rescue Supergirl from Darkseid's clutches. (Superman/Batman #11, 12)

After her tenure with the JLA, she accepted an invitation from Oracle to become the resident heavy-hitter in the Birds of Prey. (Birds of Prey #100) On a mission to Russia, they faced off against the Secret Six, whose number included another former Female Furie, Knockout. (#106-107)

Barda served with the Birds until her death at the hands of a mysterious "god killer." The culprit was the Source and its agent, the Infinity Man. The Source was culling its Fourth World creations, leaving gaping holes in the chests of the New Gods. It decided that its Fourth World "experiment" had failed and it planned to start over — to create the Fifth World. The souls of the New Gods would become the raw material for rebirth. (Death of the New Gods #5)

Barda was investigating the death of her friend Lightray (Countdown #48) while Knockout was also seeking Barda. Knockout stumbled upon the god killer trailing Barda, and he killed Knockout instead. (Birds of Prey #109) No god was spared and Barda soon became one of the Infinity Man's victims. She was murdered on Earth after returning home from a routine patrol with her husband. At home, Scott found Barda's body on the kitchen floor. The death of Big Barda was a turning point for Mister Miracle, who went nearly mad with grief. Scott was so angered that he called on his Anti-Life power. He barely restrained himself from the temptation to reanimate her, but whole-heartedly embraced his powers in the hunt for her killer. (Death of the New Gods #1)

Barda's funeral was held on New Genesis, where her body was sent on to the Source, per tradition. (#2) The Birds of Prey also held a memorial for their friend. (Birds of Prey #112)

The Source manipulated Scott Free into destroying the original Source Wall, which gave the entity access to the power it needed. (#6) Scott ultimately asked the Source for death, and it was granted. Metron followed thereafter, (#7) and only Darkseid and Orion remained (but not for long).

The Fourth World was destroyed and the New Gods could now exist only as spirits. On Earth, they found they were able to manifest themselves within human avatars, but they were weak. (Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #2) Darkseid found a way to make a stronger avatar, but his grab for power was thwarted by Superman. He used a special machine, a version of a Mother Box capable of a single operation, to calculate the Life Equation. It was powered by Metron's Mobius Chair, and the multiverse was corrected. Barda and the gods of New Genesis were reborn as the guardians of Earth-51. (Final Crisis #7)

Justice League Beyond

Goodness kills infant Barda's mother, Big Breeda. From Justice League Beyond #15 (2013); art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.
Barda returns home. From Justice League Beyond #9 (2012); art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.
Mister Miracle joins the Justice League. From Justice League Beyond #15 (2013); art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.

Batman Beyond was an animated series that presented the future of Gotham City. Decades from now, Terry McGinnis took the role of Batman and was mentored by Bruce Wayne. Beyond began in 1999 and it eventually introduced a future version of the Justice League. Instead of Wonder Woman, Barda was a cornerstone of this League alongside Superman, mentoring other next-generation heroes. The Barda in Beyond sported a slightly more modest version of her original "bathing suit" look. Note: The "Beyond" universe is considered Earth-12 in the New 52 DC multiverse.

The animated Barda and "Justice League Beyond" first appeared in Batman Beyond episode 51 ("The Call, Part 2," 18 November 2000). This was followed by a comic book appearance, Batman Beyond #21–22 (July–Aug. 2001). The Justice League Beyond was popular enough to warrant its own digital-first comic series in 2012. These were published weekly online and then collected for print in Batman Beyond Unlimited and Batman Beyond Universe.

Issue #16 of the weekly told Barda's origin for the first time. Her mother, Bree, was a Lowlie from Apokolips. She and her friend were selected for special service under Darkseid. Her friend became Granny Goodness, high among Darkseid's Elite, while Bree became the warrior called Big Breeda. Breeda was selected to serve as genetic breeding stock, but her daughter Barda was born outside the laboratory. Barda was the natural product of love between Breeda and a man. Barda was born on the battlefield — which gave the meaning of her name. Goodness killed Breeda when she found out about Barda's birth, and raised the girl to become lieutenant in the Female Fury Battalion. Barda later met the rebel Scott Free and followed him to Earth. After their marriage she became New Genesis' ambassador to the United Nations. A terrible war on Earth with Apokolips prompted a treaty between the UN and New Genesis. It outlawed the use of Mother Boxes, and Barda was selected to remain on Earth — an exile and a symbol of their commitment to peace. (Justice League Beyond #16)

Superman invited her to join the Justice League, which complemented her role as ambassador. (#5) When Kobra threatened to use a Mother Box to attack New Genesis, Barda led the League back to the planet and they found it in ruins. Orion greeted them with the sad news that Mister Miracle had sacrificed himself in battle against Kobra's giant serpent god. Even the united forces of Apokolips and New Genesis had been unsuccessful. (#6) Orion became ruler of Apokolips and he asked Barda to command the Furies once again. (#9) The serpent conquered Apokolips and returned to Earth, where the League finally stopped Kobra with the help of Etrigan the Demon. (#14)

No one expected what came next: Scott Free emerged from within the corpse of the serpent! Mister Miracle joined the Justice League and Orion was left in charge of Apokolips. New Genesis was abandoned, but with the hope that it would someday undergo rebirth. (#15)

Little Barda


Teen Titans Vol 3 38
Titans Vol 2 1
Titans East Special Vol 1 1
Titans Vol 2 21
Supergirl Vol 5 15
52 Vol 1 21

Natasha pleads for Luthor to let Eliza back on the team, and he agrees, but then he makes her a pawn. They've taken the name Infinity, Inc., whose copyright Lex bought from the Pemberton estate. Lex orchestrates a battle against a new Blockbuster in Vegas. Luthor also controls Blockbuster and orchestrates Trajectory's death. They meet Beast Boy's Teen Titans (Raven, Zachary Zatara, Hot Spot (Joto), Little Barda and Power Boy). Beast Boy had previously invited Natasha to join them. Steel attempts to talk to Natash at Eliza's funeral. Hot Spot, Barda and Power Boy leave the Titans. (52 #21)

Cyborg assembles Anima, Power Boy, Hawk & Dove, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, and Son of Vulcan to train in a new team. Flashback to the New Titans against Joker and Bizarro. Now Vic can't get any of them to join him. Hawk sleeps with Power Boy, dressed as Supergirl. Their training exercise is to take down Power Boy. In the middle of it, the New God killer strikes him down and then someone opens fire on the rest of them and brings a fireball down on Vic. (Titans East Special #1)

Teen Titans (Volume 3) #38


Being born of the Fourth World, Big Barda is naturally more resilient and strong than an average human. From an early age, she trained in martial and hand-to-hand combat, and underwent "special powers training" under Granny Goodness. The nature of this training is uncertain, but it granted Barda great strength, speed and invulnerability (comparable to Wonder Woman's).

Barda's primary weapon is the Mega-Rod, which draws energy from her will and is an extension of her spirit. It can shoot power blasts that can level a building. It has propulsion units that allow Barda to fly. And it contains technology that allows her to summon a Boom Tube for teleportation.

The Mega-Rod is comparable to the New Gods' Mother Box. It communicates with the user in intuitive ways, but channels dark energy and thoughts from Apokolips. Over time Barda has built the strength to resist its evil influences, but others with weaker wills have been corrupted by the Rod's broadcasts.

Barda is not known to have created her own Mother Box (or whether it is possible).

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