Created by E. Nelson Bridwell & Ramona Fradon

Beatriz da Costa (nee Corvalho), Green Flame, Green Fury

Col. Ramon Corvalho aka Ramon da Costa (father)

Global Guardians, Justice League International, The "Superbuddies", Checkmate

Historical: Super Friends #25 (October 1979)
Infinity Inc. #32 (November 1986).

Beatriz DaCosta's background is certainly colorful. She was once a famous Brazilian entertainer, but later became a top secret agent for Brazil's Espiões Nacionais, the national cloak-and-dagger front. On one of her many cases for the ENB, Beatriz was trapped in a pyroplasmic explosion that endowed her with the unusual power of being able to exhale an eight-inch burst of fire. (Secret Origins #33)

With her newfound powers, Beatriz became a superheroine and began operating under the name Green Fury, although she rapidly changed her name to the less dramatic Green Flame. For a long time, Green Flame was a loyal member of the Global Guardians. She first met the American heroes Infinity, Inc. while on a mission to Canada. (Infinity, Inc. #32)

When the Guardians were disbanded, she joined her best friend, Tora (the second Icemaiden) in making a bid for Justice League membership. (Justice League International #14) Soon, the pair changed their names to simply "Fire" and "Ice." (#19) As a result of the Dominators' "gene bomb" that was released during the recent alien invasion, Fire's powers were dramatically increased, but were less reliable for a time. (Invasion! #3, Justice League America #28)

She reamained with the JLI for the rest of its existence — in fact she served the longest tenure of any JLI member! She also took up modelling and agreed to do a swimsuit calendar. (#67) She soon learned that Booster Gold had bankrolled the calendar, and she burned all the copies. (#71)

In the battle against Doomsday, Bea was so injured that she lost her powers. (Superman v.2 #74) She remained with the team until they returned with a vengeance. (JLA #88) But by then it was too late for Bea to help prevent her best friend's death. Ice was tragically killed by the Overmaster. (Justice League Task Force #14) As Beatriz tried to cope with this loss, she briefly considered inappropriate romantic relationships with Ice's former beau, Guy Gardner and with the first Icemaiden, Sigrid Nansen.

Since leaving the Justice League, she has remained a reserve member and is active in her native Brazil and abroad. (Martian Manhunter #10) Beatriz is a very clever, pushy, and charming young woman. What she lacks in power she more than makes up for in pure cunning. She's probably a little more self-interested than most heroes, and has a well-developed sense of vanity. But she uses this to her advantage. She has launched a successful web site featuring provocative pictures of herself.

Dark Fire

Before Maxwell Lord was killed by Wonder Woman, he made one last mysterious attempt to spearhead a super-hero group. Bea joined Lord in regrouping with her JLI comrades in the Superbuddies. (Formerly...) At this time, Lord was also secretly the Black King of Checkmate. It is not know if he was somehow involved in Bea's subsequent Checkmate activities as well.

During the great Crisis created by Alexander Luthor, Beatriz returned to her espionage roots by joining Amanda Waller, who took over Checkmate after Lord's death. One of Fire's first missions was to retrieve the notorious A.I., Brother Eye, which had crashed down in Southern Saudi Arabia. This plan was thwarted by Sasha Bordeaux, also formerly of Checkmate. (OMAC Project: Infinite Crisis Special) Afterwards, Checkmate was reformed under the supervision of the United Nations and Beatriz became the Black King's Knight. (Checkmate #1)

Though she no longer served under Waller (the White Queen), Waller blackmailed Bea with evidence from her past and forced Fire to serve on Waller's covert Suicide Squad. (#11)



Believe it or not, there's a pre- and post-Crisis Beatriz daCosta. With Infinity, Inc. #32 and Secret Origins #33, her origin (along with the Global Guardians') was completely changed. Infinity revealed that she did indeed change her name from Green "Fury." Before the Crisis, she first appeared as Green Fury in Super Friends #25 (origin in #47), and again in DC Comics Presents #46.

In the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe cross-over (1996), the heroine Firebird was really Beatriz Grey, a second generation JLA "New Blood."


Fire has the power to produce flames from her body. She can use this in a directional way, and to propel her to fly.

Appearances + References


Appearances as a member of the Justice League are not listed.

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Global Guardians